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Mm Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Mm

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201784248191001.Mehanichni devices for agriculture, drawn using a tractor without manual control: trailed sprayer model M952 - 1am. Serial numbers: 1WZ0952MCH0170408. Year: 2017. Fuel tank: 5200 l. Options under invoice №604089394: 0433 manual in Russian movi0501 a la kart1820 Without dyspleya2021 controlled axis to change the width of 180/210 cm 10 boltiv2121 With pidviskoyu2501 Control with ISOBUS dzhoystykom2631 sensor controls on the flow and fixed towing earring tysku3012 50 mm3211 Fixed Pull -zchipnyy device vazheliv3271 lower proportional control kolesamy3514 wheels 380/90 R46 10 bolts, rubber selected zavodom4023 spraying system with two piston dyafrahmoyu4232 mechanical control system preparation sumishy4311 M KamLock FTA with blank kryshkoyu4401 PTO drive shaft 1-3 / 8 with 6 shlitsamy5083 8 and 24 sectional bar / 12m5381 supply line solution with closed konturom5421 Assembling, adjustable heights and weights and naklon using selectively-control klapaniv5460 automatic height control BoomTrac6701 and tilt rod holder for several forsunok6811 hydraulic and parking halma7033 Without storage box hymikativ7211 Wings for wheels 5100 mm to 7851 Zhhut wiring for installation on GS2 8082 tractor Teejet XR-110.03-VP blue polymer - 24 sht.8084 Teejet XR-110.05 -VP brown polymer - 24 sht.8086 Te ejet XR-110.08-VP white Polimer - 24 sht.8420 self-cleaning filter Pressure relief valve 8425 8445 Coupling for external pumping system 1.5 inch 8465 shvykoho omyvochnoho tank filling system 8552 bar amortization for 8781 Set on the slopes of the field lighting replacement Product 9040 9791 Elektropovodka parts not belonging to military goods vykorystannya.Ne contains in its composition transmitters or transmitters and pryymachi.Torhovelna brand: JOHN DEERE. Company - Manufacturer: JOHN DEERE FABRIEK HORST BV.Krayina production: Netherlands (NL).NETHERLANDS1UA401010643067173.94035 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201773181581901.Vyroby of iron or steel, threaded to agricultural equipment markyGASPARDO, less than 800MPa. F01080032 Bolt-mm metal M4h0,7h10 25sht. F01020112Bolt metal M10h1,5h45 mm U5737 8.8 ZN-25sht. F01020236 Bolt metalevyyM14h2h220 8.8-50sht mm. Bolt F01020390 metal M20h2,5h250 mm 10.9-10sht.Krayina production - ITTorhovelna mark - MASCHIO GASPARDOVyrobnyk - MASCHIO GASPARDO SpA.ITALY0UA10011020.885266.5115917
30/Apr/201731023090001.Mineralni fertilizer ammonium nitrate (ammonium nitrate) .Marka B respectively doHOST 2-2013, granular, yellowish with magnesian additive vyschohohatunku.Masova proportion of nitrogen in terms of dry anhydrous product 34,7% - 92 996 kg, a diameter pellets no more than 6 mm. Mass fraction of water .Rozsypchastist -0.3% -100% .In buyer bags weighing 50 kg net. Used in agriculture as fertilizer. .UZBEKISTAN92996UA80701026800048989.85001
30/Apr/20178606920000"Gondola railways for cargo transportation tracks dumb opened with stationary sides height of over 60 cm., On their axes, empty, battered to use, load 69t., Trademark - no data producer OAO NPK Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), Country of origin RU. 1 sht.1.Napivvahon 67,497,248, year 1987, packaging 23,2t., inside body dimensions, mm: height 2060, width 2878, length 12118, model 12-532, TU 3-945-76.. "RUSSIA1UA807090232006799.999985
30/Apr/20173920300090"1.Ctrichky of polymers of styrene, non-porous, reinforced, nesharuvati, unlined, not combined with other materials: Edge raukanteks décor 23/2, 2608w, embossing 08 material ABS art.84026241001, count-100m, Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2mm, 3306W, stamping 147, ABS material 125 art.84033321001, count-100m; ABS Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2,0mm, dekor 2979W, without stamping material ABS 125 art.84022161001, count-400m .; ABS Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, Dekor 13285, embossed material 14 ABS 125 art.84014481001, count-600m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2mm, Germany 3306W, stamping 147, ABS material 125 art.84033321001 , count-400m .; Edge Color raukanteks 23/2, decor 3316W, 33 stamping, mate Rial ABS art.84033331001, count-400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, dekor 3046W, ABS material 125 art.84022491001, count-300m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 43 / 2,00mm, Color 78,880 , 14 stamping, material ABS 125 art.84012271001, count-200m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2,0mm, color 3120W, without stamping material ABS 125 art.84034461001 to-t- 400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 43 / 2,00mm, Decor 1629W, 33 stamping, material ABS 125 art.84005341001, count-400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2mm, Nimechchynakor 534E, stamping 08 125 ABS material, art.84034521001, count-400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23/2 mm, Dekor 1286W, 34 stamping, material ABS 125 art.84028131001, count-400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 43 / 2,00mm, dekor 1821E, without stamping material ABS 125 art.84002341001, count-200m .; Color Edge raukanteks 23 / 0.8, decor 3297W, 170 stamping, material ABS art.84030921001, count-600m .; Color Edge raukanteks 23/2, decor 3297W, 170 stamping, material ABS art.84030931001, count-400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, decor 3367E, without stamping, material ABS 125 art.84030151001, count-600m .; Color Edge raukanteks 23/2, decor 3367E, without stamping, material ABS art.84030161001, count-400m .; Edge decor raukanteks 22 / 0.4, 4226 decoration, embossing 06 material ABS 125 art.19591411113, count-1200m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23/2 mm, 6056 decor, without stamping, material ABS 125 art.84029721001, count-200m .; ABS Edge RAUKANTEX 43 / 2mm, color 94591, 14 stamping material ABS 125 art.84015171001, count-200m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 1,3mm, Color 62,693 without stamping material ABS 125 art.84017231001, count-200m .; Color Edge raukanteks 23/2, 140500, without stamping, material ABS art.84035171001, count-400m .; Edge raukanteks décor 23/2, 3323W, 131 stamping, material ABS art.84035241001, count-400m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, Dekor 2954W, stamping 142 ABS material 125 art.84030141001, count-150m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, Dekor 2980W, stamping 172, ABS material 125 art.84028931001, count-150m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, Dekor 3203W, stamping 142 ABS material 125 art.84027031001, count-150m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2mm, Dekor 3203W, stamping 142 ABS material 125 art.84031741001, count-100m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 0.8, Dekor 3376E, stamping 0.8 ABS material 125 art.84026601001, count-150m .; Edge RAUKANTEX 23 / 2mm, Dekor 3376E, etc. "GERMANY0UA100110686.4373843.770605
30/Apr/20178483502000"1. steel pulleys to c / d tractors: 240-1005131-V-pulleys KOLINCHASTOHOBALU 10sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for wholesale rozdribnoyita torhivli.Vyrobnyk OAO" "FM," "MMW". "Trademark BY MMZKrayina production."BELARUS0UA50417033329.8452254
30/Apr/20178421310000"1. Filters air intake for combustion dvyhunivvnutrishnoho to s / htraktoriv: 260-1109015-01 air cleaner-1sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for wholesale rozdribnoyita torhivli.Vyrobnyk OAO" "FM," "MMP" "Trademark BY MMZKrayina production."BELARUS0UA50417014.26104.3724424
30/Apr/20178421990000"1 of the filter of internal combustion engines, steel, dlyatsyvilnoho appointment to s / htraktoriv: 240-1117025-A1 filter housing, 6 pcs. 260-1017010-A-2sht.Rozfasovano filter housing and packaged for wholesale rozdribnoyita torhivli.Vyrobnyk OAO" "VHF" "MMW". "trademark BY MMZKrayina production."BELARUS0UA5041709.188106.6762712
30/Apr/201784821090001.Pidshypnyky roller assemblies motor transp rtnyh means outer diameter bilshe30 mm. Art.B39D3438XA - ball bearing f88mm, 2 pcs., Origin - FrantsiyaKrayina production - FRTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor Corporation.FRANCE0UA2050200.39830.31397189
30/Apr/201731052010001. Mineral fertilizer containing 3 nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. NPK fertilizer mixed powder brand 33: 1: 1, TU2189-104-00203815-2006, mass fate of nitrogen (N) -33.0% (P2O5) -1.0%, in terms of potassium (K2O) -1.0% -0.3 Water % rozsypchatist -100%, grain size less than 4 mm, packed in FIBC weighing 500 kg. .RUSSIA0UA10220025600052479.99987
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю""РДО Україна"""
Importer Address
"вул. Локомотивна 36, корпус ""Л""65013, Одеса"
Exporter Name John Deere International GmbH
Product Description
1.Mehanichni devices for agriculture, drawn using .........
HS Code 8424819100Value 67173.94035
Quantity 1Unit UA401010
Net Weight 6430
Origin Country NETHERLANDS

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