Ukraine Import Data of Mini Basket | Ukraine Import Statistics of Mini Basket

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of mini basket collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of mini basket imports.

Mini Basket Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Mini Basket

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of mini basket. Get Ukraine trade data of Mini Basket imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/20178703331900"1.Zapchastyny ​​to dytyachoy kolyasky.Artykula: - ISPV300062CV13CY13 seat to the stroller Pop-Up Completo 500 CV13CY13 (black texture) 5 pcs.; - ISPV300062BA53PL93 seat to the stroller Pop-Up Luxe Grey (refined gray) 1 pc.; - ISPV300062BA41PL31 The seat to stroller Pop-Up Bluenight (blue-black) 1 pc.; - ISPV290062EB39RO73 seat to the stroller Pop-Up Bloom pink (pink) 1 pc.; - IPMS990035EB39RO73 modular set XL Bloom pink (pink) 1 pc.; - IPMS170035CV13CY13 Module 500 Elite set CV13CY13 (impressive black) 5 pcs.; - IPMS170035BA73PL66 modular set ELITE Luxe Opal (gray and white) 5 pcs.; - IPMS170035BA36PL31 modular set ELITE Luxe beige (beige and blue) 5 pcs.; - INPE000062BA73PL66 cradle Navetta Pop- Up Luxe Opal (gray matter with lifes) 6 pcs.; - INPE000062BA36PL31 cradle Navetta Pop-Up Luxe Beige (beige and blue) 6 pcs.; - ICBO0600NL31 bed of Book Plus to the carriages (matt black) 12 pcs.; - ICBO05FINL31 bed of Book Plus 51S 500 carriages ( matt black) 5 pcs. - ICBO0200NL54 bed of Book Plus 51 to Kohl ski (white and black) 12 pcs. - ICBO0100NL77 bed of Book Plus S to the carriage 6 pcs. - IKTR0018NGR Bumper to strollers Pliko Mini 60 pcs. - SPST7477KN Bumper Switch to wheelchairs Si 6 pcs.; - SAPI6432KL50B frame to the stroller hood to Culla / Young 4 sht.- ERSHSI00-NY01RE01M to basket carriage Si, black 5 pcs.; - SAPI7475N Bumper carriages to Si Switch, black 7 sht.Vyrobnyk : "" Peg Perego SpA ""; trademark: "" Peg Perego ""; Country of origin: EU; "JAPAN1UA125160251065126.59065 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20173924100000"1.Posud electrical kitchen table or plastic, round container for the freezer art.2150-288sht 0.5., Bulk tank, art.2111-maxi-1L 180sht., Art.2112-copper 0,75l -60sht .; art.2113-mini-90sht 0,50l., stand for egg-plate 1shtuka art.1221-420sht., holder of beverages in cardboard packages art.1228-100sht., Breadbasket '' mini '' art.1114-408sht., dryer salad "" mini "" art.1331-12sht. Trade mark "" MTM "". "POLAND0UA110150382.351316.117971
19/Apr/201739259080001.TUALETNO-hygienic products PLASTYKOVIdlya Housewares nemedychnohopryznachennya (complete with elementamikriplennya for possible installation nastinu): A89601 A.896 liquid soap dispenser / l piny0.55, transparent / white, plastic-24shtA71401SAT A.714 liquid dispenser l myla0.55 transparent / satin, plastic-12shtA71411 A.714 liquid soap dispenser 0.55 lbilyy, plastyk- 96shtA70801 A.708 Holders of paper towels V-fold, shyr.128 mm, white, plastic-A75601 144sht A.756 Holder toilet paper Mini Jumbo, white, plastic-144shtA77511WIN A.775 liquid soap dispenser with a window 0.55 l, white plastic-120shtA61511WIN A.615 Liquid soap dispenser with a window 1 liter, white plastic, 96 pieces A72001A.720 Holders of paper towels Mini C, white plastyk- 10pcs A72100 A.721 Trymachpaperovyh towels Slim, transparent, plastic-A60101 10pcs A.601 holder paperovyhrushnykiv, white, plastic-72sht A69501 A.695 holder popes. towels in pachtsiMultipaper, w. 120 mm, white, plastic-60sht A59011SAT A.590 holder tualetnohopaperu satin sq astika-A59001 12p A.590 toilet paper holder, white plastic-A66201 108sht A.662 Holder sanitary pads Mini, white, plastic-120shtA74201 A.742 wall Basket 23 l, white plastic-A74101 24sht A.741 Korzynanastinna 43 liter white plastic-A58300 48sht A.583 liquid soap dispenser lhromovanyy 0.17 / transparent plastic, 12 pieces A60500 A.605 liquid soap dispenser lhromovanyy 0.25 / transparent , plastic, 12 pieces A60511WIN A.605 liquid soap dispenser zvikontsem 0.25 l, white plastic-A56200 36sht A.562 liquid soap dispenser 0.8 liters chrome / transparent plastic-12sh A63001 A.630 liquid soap dispenser Hospit al 0.8l, white / transparent, plastic-A56301 12p A563 liquid soap dispenser 1.1 liters, white / transparent, plastic-24sht A56311WIN A.563 liquid soap dispenser with a window 1.1l, white, plastyk- 24sht A73601SP A.736 liquid soap dispenser Hospital 1.2 liter white plastic -12sht A61801 A.618 toilet paper holder, white plastic-84shtA69301 A.693 toilet paper holder dia. 190 mm, white, plastic, 48 pieces A58401A.584 holder hygienic bags for bags, white, plastic-A55801 72sht A.558Trymach disposable cups Basso, white, plastic-9 unit A71401AR A.714Rozpodilnyk bat liquid soap, 0,55l, plastic , orange / transparent 12p A71401AZA.714 bat distributor of liquid soap, 0,55l, plastic, blue / transparent 12shtA71401MA A.714 liquid soap dispenser, 0.55 l, brown / transparent plastic-12shtA71401NE A.714 dispenser of liquid soap, 0.5 to 5 liters black / transparent, plastic-18shtA71601NE A.716 dispenser soap foam Foam 0.5 l, black / transparent, plastic-6shtA70610EAR A.706 toilet paper holder in the Z-fold 90 mm + hell apter Easy, orange / transparent plastic-12p A70610EAZ A.706 bat holder. paper in the Z-fold 90 mm + adapter Easy, blue / transparent, plastic-12p A70610EMA A.706Trymach toilet paper in the Z-fold 90 mm + adapter Easy, brown / transparent plastic, 12 pieces A70610EVE A.706 holder toilet paper in the Z-fold 90mm + adapter Easy, green / transparent, plastic-12p A61900NE A.619 Trymachtualetnoho paper, black / transparent, plastic-A6220 12pITALY0UA1000101094.76617608.51115
18/Apr/20178705908090"1-propelled sprayer Farm LASER 3228/14 HLE NOVATOP - 1 pc. Brand: LASER NOVATOP.Model: 3228/14 HLE. Number basket: no danyh.Nomer chassis: 16895 / PR32400789. Engine room: No danyh.Dvyhun DEUTZ 129.4 KW, diesel, volume 6000 sm3.Novyy in partially disassembled condition (for ease of transportation). The sprayer is equipped with: a tank of 3200 liters, bar 28 m HLE, mechanically variable gauge wheels from 2.50 to 3.05 m (143753M) , clearance of 1.80 m with wheels 300 / 95R52 (2,70 m minimum track) (144421M), DGPS Smart - 6 L receiver (accuracy +/- 10-15 cm). Updated to RTK GPRS (145591M), the system control NOVATOP (144140M), the automatic Troll sections (144142M), "" I-TOP "" "" touch screen "" console ILO NOVATOP (14539OM), 2 clutches ILO std (143373M), thrust (142675M, 143729M, 142678M, 144138M), 1 set of nozzles ADX ( 04), 1 set of nozzles ARX (015), 1 set of nozzles AFX (025), 1 set of nozzles AFX (06), 2016 version (a new cab, new transmission, new hood and side panels). The system DGPS Smart - 6 L receiver (accuracy +/- 10-15 cm), is used only for reception without further peredachy.Pryznachenyy spray liquid pesticides and agrochemicals s / d kultur.Torhovelna mark: Tecnoma. Manufacturer: Tecnoma Technologies SAS.Krayina production: FR. "FRANCE1UA9010109936152329.9904
11/Apr/20178481900000"1.Chastyna valve repair kit to print machine-136-1786-00 art.CS: Basket - 8 pieces. Dimensions: 2 x 1 cm. Saddle Valve - 8 pieces. Dimensions: 3 x 3cm. Ball - 8 pieces. Diameter 4sm.Krayina production - US.Vyrobnyk - "" NORDSON "". Trademark - "" RUSHSERVE "". It is not a product of military equipment. tovaromyadernoyi is not a weapon. It is used in the technological production line alyuminiyevoyibanky.. "UNITED STATES0UA1251900.2933.952583
10/Apr/20173924900090"1.Plastykovi household items, plastic -koshyk Victoria mini, bezhovyy (SAP 226 558) - 432 pieces, plastic -koshyk Victoria mini, mix (purple, green, cyan (SAP 226 556) - 432 pieces, plastic -koshyk Victoria mini, gray (SAP 226 557) - 432 pieces - a box of plastic with a lid Infinity 11l, white (SAP 229282) - 80 pieces - a box of plastic with a lid Infinity 11l, turquoise (SAP 229247) - 80 pieces - a box of plastic with a lid Infinity 11l , pink (SAP 229281) - 80 pieces - a box of plastic with a lid Infinity 11l, gray (SAP 229246) - 80 pieces - a box of plastic with a lid Infinity 11l, white delicate (SAP 229 167) - 160 pieces - a box of plastic with cover Infinity 11l, turquoise delicate (SAP 229166) - 80 pieces - a box of plastic with a lid Infinity 17l, white (SAP 229245) - 60 pieces - a box of plastic with a lid Infinity 17l, turquoise (SAP 229242) - 60 pieces - a box of plastic with cover Infinity 17l, white delicate (SAP 229 153) - 120 pieces - a box of plastic with a lid Infinity 17l, turquoise Ajoux rnyy (SAP 229 119) - 120 pieces - a box of plastic with a lid Infinity 17l, pink openwork (SAP 229 152) - 120 pieces - a plastic box with a lid Infinity 17l, delicate gray (SAP 229168) - 60 pieces - plastic box with a lid Infinity 4,5l, white (SAP 229 113) - 450 units - a plastic box with a lid Infinity 4,5l, pink ( SAP 229 389) - 225 units - co obka plastic lid 4,5l Infinity, delicate pink (SAP 229 156) - 450 units - plastic laundry basket Infinity 40l, delicate gray (SAP 231 009) - 144 pieces - plastic laundry basket Infinity 60l, white delicate (SAP 231007 ) - 144 units - basket plastic laundry Infinity 60l, gray openwork (SAP 231008) - 72 pieces - a box of plastic DECO STOCKHOLM S, FROZEN (SAP 225 943) - 400 pcs Manufacturer - "" CURVER POLAND "", trademark "" CURVER "", country of PL. "POLAND0UA1021601576.3068813.960261
10/Apr/20179503009500"Children 1.Ihrashky plastic :-( art.GC022174) PAPER FAN / fan -12yasch ;-( art.GC022492) PLAYING BORD / pinball game -7yasch ;-( art.HLC3343) FREE WHEEL JEEP / -7yasch machine; - (art.GC012434) FRUIT MAZE / game balls -5yasch ;-( art.GC006251) basketball game / mini-basketball game -10yasch ;-( art.404-123A) soccer game / soccer mini game -10yasch - (art.GC025903) MIN TOP / top -8yasch ;-( art.GC016412) camera / kaleidoscope -10yasch ;-( art.HXFJ079) helicopter / helicopter -6yasch ;-( art.GC019383) FREE WHEEL TRUCK / -6yasch machine; - (art.GC014308) FREE WHEEL JEEP / machine -8yasch ;-( art.GC028810) FREE WHEEL CAR / machine -8yasch ;-( art.GC028713) FREE WHEEL TRUCK / machine -8yasch ;-( art.GC002046) MINI PLANE / airplane -7yasch ;-( art.GC017729) helicopter / helicopter -7yasch ;-( art.GC003921) BUILDING MACHINERY / Construction - 6yasch ;-( art.442-0439) SLID WHEEL CAR / car -4yasch.Vyrobnyk: "" CHEN GUI CHU PAPER & PLASTIC PRODUCTS FIRM "". Trademark No.. "CHINA0UA4000302835.214232.70413
05/Apr/20173924900090"1.Rechi household items for prybyrannyaz no medical plastic, bucket - Grey Plastic Bucket 4 LTRS (21cm high) art. 0000SE0204U Total 22shtvidro plastic lid and pedal -Sirius White Plastic Container 30 L.With White Cover, Pedal andBag-Stretcher art. 0000CO3030D Vsoho12shtzazhym to handle - Flip handle Holder with Rubber Roll for Bagholderand Closing Profile for Central Basket Alpha art. 0000SM00155U Total 42shtkryshka the bag - Red square plastic cover for bag holder 120 ltrs art. 3639B Total 8shtvidro bins with lid - PICK- UP CONTAINER 45 LTRS., BLUE, W / cOVER art.3667A Total 4shtvidro bins with lid - PICK-UP CONTAINER 45 LTRS., RED, W / cOVER art. 3667B 4shtperehorodka Total vertical - Dark Grey Plastic Vertical Frame With Reinforcement 1 Side F / T-Plugs and 1 Smooth Side + Screws Art. P2031103U Total 14shthubka-pad for wet cleaning - Green pad 12x25 cm Art. 5222F Total 60shthubka-pad for wet cleaning - Black pad 12x25 cm Art . 5222H around th 60shtplatforma on wheels for cars - Small Supporting Plate, Dark Grey With wheels 100x22mm, Plugs and Covering With Hole art. P515010U Total 14shtpolytsya for horizontal buckets - Set of Two Dark Grey Plastic Shelves for Alpha Trolleys (37,5x21,5cm) art. P1229900U Total 22shtramka-holder mopiv - Blue Disinfection Plastic Mop Holder '' Uniko "" 40x11 cm With Special Clip To Hold The Mop art. 0000TD0020AB Total 40shtrukoyatka for mops - Plastic handle 145 cm italian thread with hole blue art.0000PM3000A Total 10shtsovok plastic handle with garbage - Black jobby dust pan with cover, aluminium handleand ergonomic grip Art. 000010105H Total 60shtramka-holder buckets - Dark Grey Plastic basket 54x27x12cm for Alpha Trolleys art. P1191100U Total 14shtramka-holder mopiv - Grey plastic mop-head holder 30cm with grip and velcro strips 2,5cm art. Total 20shtramka 5233U-holder mopiv - Fordable Speedy plasstic mop holder 40x11 cm blue art.00008116AB Total 150shtramka-holder mopiv - WINDOW WASHER PLASTIC SUPPORT 45 CM. Art. 9143 Total 25shtutrymuvach door - Door Stopper, Plastic and Rubber, With Handle 75cm - Anthracite Art. P230001Q Total 6shtchohol gray for trolley - Gray Plastic Covered Cloth Bag 79x98 cm, 150 LTRS art. 0000AT0190E Total 15shtTorhivelna Brand: FILMOPVyrobnyk: FILMOP SRLKrayina production IT Italy "ITALY0UA100010316.854382.087317
05/Apr/20179503007000"1. The toys intended for entertainment, made of plastic, in sets: a set of" "yachykiv 6 pieces of rubber art. 513 476 - 1920 Nab .; set to play in the sand: 40cm machine and kulichikah 6 units in assorted 2., Art . 513549 - 180 nab .; kit: game fishing (fishing rod and fish), art. 107 920 - 1296 nab .; set: submachine basket and the city "" yachyk, art. 108 135 - 864 nab .; set to play in the sand: shovel and rake 75cm, art. 379 075 - 540 nab .; toy set mini bats and the city "" yachyk, art. 378 954 - 1200 emb. Total: 6,000 sets. The manufacturer "" Uni-Regent Holdings LTD "" Country of CN. "CHINA0UA100120741.65685.484613
05/Apr/20179503007000"1. Toys intended for children's entertainment in sets or kits, toy basketball (net and m '' Ball) art.378953 / 843 313 - 360 sets; art.513443 / 873 332 - 108 sets, golf art.474064 / 862518 - 168 sets, sand set of machines (blades, molds) art.474031 / 862 565 - 396 sets, game of catch '' ball, art.513433 / 862764 - 1248 sets, sports a miniature art.513480 / 873,567 - 1056 sets, toy football art.427539 / 844 199 249 - 400 sets, set pasochok sand "" locks "" art.474028 / 853 724 249 - 858 sets, a set of molds for sand dinosaurs, 9sht, art.427523 / 853 953 249 - 288 sets .Vyrobnyk: SHANTOU DIHUA TRADING CO., LTDKrayina whirlpool bnytstva: CN. "CHINA0UA100120667.165294.622916
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Mini Basket Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Mini Basket Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Підприємство з іноземними інвестиціями ""ТОЙОТА-УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
04073 проспект Степана Бандери, 24-Б, м.Київ. Україна.
Exporter Name """MOSTVA SP.Z.O.O.""ul. Krakowska 10, Ciemno Gnojna"
Product Description
"1.Zapchastyny ​​to dytyachoy kolyasky.Artykul.........
HS Code 8703331900Value 65126.59065
Quantity 1Unit UA125160
Net Weight 2510
Origin Country JAPAN

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