Ukraine Import Data of Mild | Ukraine Import Statistics of Mild

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Mild Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Mild

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20172009899790"1. Juice tropical fruits without dodavannyatsukru, mild, with the number Briksa2,5-3h / cm3: Coconut milk fat konservovane17-18% w / w 400ml, art.1111111 -9504sht; Ingredients: Coconut milk is 75% water, stabilizers . contains dodanohospyrtu, nezbrodzhene. Shelf life 2 years. Manufacturer Thai Coconut Public Company Limited; trade mark Thai Coconut; Country of TH;. "THAILAND0UA1001203801.66367.680142 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173305900000"1. Spray for hair with spangles Cat Mango 50ml art 2345 -154pcs Spray for easy hair combing Cat Raspberry 100ml art 2346 -325pcs. Balsam-conditioner for dry and hard hair with an extract of Holarctica" Bio Arctic "series 250ml art 8473 -42pcs. Conditioner for giving the volume "3D VOLUME" "series" "Expert" "200ml art 8960 -675pcs Conditioner for ideal smoothness" "SHINE & GLOSS" "series" "Expert" "200ml art 8972 -630pcs. Balsamstrength from the roots to the tips of the series ETNOBotanica 200ml art 0867 -315шт.Маска against hair loss, warming up the series Expert Pharma 100мл art. 8349-840шт. IntensitiesCombined dandruff air conditioner for all types of hair extracts of mildew Bio Arctic series 250ml Art 8620-252pcs Curly and hair clippers ICONIC CURLS series EXPERT 200ml Art. 8361-180p. Nourishing balm for all types of hair SALONCARE series ( Probe) 10ml art 8295-350pcs Nutrition mask for all types of hair SALONCARE series (probe) 7ml art.8296 -350pcs .Three brand: FaberlicPrice of production: RU Producer: "Faberlik" "Not in aerosol packaging"RUSSIA0UA100110638.2812126.453117
28/Apr/201747071000001 waste paper is sorted MARK MC-5B, GOST 10700-97 (unbleached wastes of own production and consumption of corrugated board, paper and cardboard used in its production) KIPY tied mild steel wire. .RUSSIA0UA702010196004072.9948
28/Apr/201739019090901.Spivpolimery ethylene vinyl acetate Naturel Colour EVABased HFFR Granul Plastic art.FR4230 - 3000kg. Isa bezhalohenovyy fireproof cable kompaundvyhotovlenyy polymer containing vinyl acetate monomer and lankyetylenu, adding mineralnohonapovnyuvacha - calcium carbonate and other substances (spolukyalyuminiyu, zinc) in the form of granules (primary form) natural color with a mild ether odor. Masovachastka ash - (45.40 +/- 0.05) wt.%. Content: polimerpoliolefiny - a 20% mineral filler mensh80%. The range of density - 1.1-1.8 g / cm3. Inas raw materials used in the manufacture of cable products. Used in industries: automotive, production of household appliances and footwear, construction, healthcare and more. .TURKEY0UA11015030005534.392035
28/Apr/20173402209000"1.Zasoby laundry, dishwashing, chysche ting packaged for retail sale not in aerosol packaging: LG Conditioner d / laundry Saffron Fragrance Love Ac1,6l Zapaska- 200sht, LG Conditioner d / laundry Saffron Fragrance Sent City 1,6lZapask- 480sht, LG conditioner d / laundry Saffron Flower Lotus 1,3l Zapaska-480sht, Liquid deodorant for clothes "" Saffron Care Mild Scent "" 320 ml Zapaska-200sht, Liquid clothing des odorant "" Saffron Care Fresh Sc ent "" 320 ml Zapaska-300sht, LG Babience liquid vehicle d / 2L washing children's clothes with apaska- 864sht, liquid means for washing soda Tech Natural Baking soda 3 640sh l- t Ridkyyporoshok wool-cashmere wool for Delhi cat s tissues 1.3l Zapaska- 600sht, LG Over sibd / dishwashing Natural Pong 500ml- orange 600sht, Liquid cleaner bathroom "" Home star baking soda for bathroom "" 550 ml- 120sht paste dlyavydal spare and prevent mold " "Homesta r mold-proof" "120 d- 420sht, Zasibdlya toilets or forgiveness" "Home star chlorine bleac h" "1 l- 240sht, Liquid means forWhat yschennya surfaces Multi" "Home star for multi" "00 5 ml- 120sht , production for: LGHousehold and Health Care LTDKrayina production: KR Trading. Brand: LG Household and Health "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10011075349214.360133
28/Apr/20179001504100"1. Medical products: plastic lenses for glasses, vision schokoryhuyut: spherical and tsylyndrychna odnofokusna ophthalmic lens treated on both sides for korehuvannyazoru: SEIKO A-ZONE 1.74 MILD GRAY VL70-20% Kategorie 1 SCC / SEIKOSuperCleanCoat -2sht; SEIKO 1.60 ASSRC / SEIKO SuperResistantCoat -2sht; SEIKO A-ZONE 1.60 BC5 COOL GRAY VL 70-20% Kategorie 2 SCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat -4sht; SEIKO A-ZONE 1.74 SRC / SEIKO SuperResistantCoat -4sht; SEIKO A-ZONE 1.67COOL GRAY VL 25% Kategorie 1 SCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat -2sht; SEIKO A-ZONE 1.74GENTLE GRAY 25% Kategorie 1 SCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat -2sht; SEIKO A-ZONE 1.74SUN GREY VL 85-40% Kategorie 3 SRC / SEIKO SuperResistantCoat -2sht; SEIKO 1.60 AS GENTLE GRAY VL 50% Kategorie 1 SRC / SEIKO SuperResistantCoat -2sht; SEIKO 1.60 AS SUN BROWN VL 75-30% Kategorie 2 SCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat -1sht; SEIKO 1.60 AS SCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat -2sht; SEIKO 1.60 AS SCC / SEIKOSuperCleanCoat-2 pcs; SEIKO 1.60 AS SRC / SEIKO SuperResistantCoat -2sht; SEIKO 1.67 ASSCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat -4sht; -2sht; SEIKO 1.60 SCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat -2sht, present graphical labeling trademark SEIKO Supplier EHS LENS PHILIPPINES INC. (FAMILY: HOYA LENS MANUFACTURING PHILIPPINES) Country of PH "PHILIPPINES35UA1002900.6651003.228336
28/Apr/20173921909000"1. plates, film and strip of plastics: Double-layer insulation based on polyester film with a metal (aluminum) coating. Metallized layer on the inside is protected from oxidation coated. 70hr. / M. Size: 1,5m * 50m.p. (75 m2) purpose: vapor barrier material protects the building envelope from moisture and condensation in the baths and saunas, prevents freezing and moisture walls, the appearance of mildew on wooden surfaces and corrosion on metal. art.Ondutys Thermo R 50 - 100rul .Torhovelna mark OndulineVyrobn IK profile "" stroytelnыe materials Ondulin, "" Country of RU. "RUSSIA0UA1000205501400.118479
28/Apr/20173405400000"1. The cleaner the clay in the form of tiles, finishing work: art. CM2200Blue Clay (Fine) Blue clay" "mild," "200 grams (slaboyizhorstkosti Sanding tiles Clay Magic-Fine Grade) - 120 pieces . Packed in a plastic box. notcontains ozone-depleting rechovyn.Torhovelna mark - Auto MagicVyrobnyk - AWC An ITW CompanyKrayina production - JP.. "JAPAN0UA10013022.441382.256933
27/Apr/20172710199900"1.Avtomobilna chemistry. Highly-rich oil (lubricates, cleans, dissolves, protects against rust and corrosion and provides care chrome surfaces ensures reliable lubrication of the rubbing surfaces). Due to the very high penetrating power, dissolves solid layer of rust on bolts and screws very short time. Cleans very strong oil and grease contamination, pushing them to the surface. it is used in everyday life, services, industry, cars, free of drugs in aerosol packaging for 500 ml. Ref.: CMB 6619 05 / Multipurpose oil / - 1. As part contains: distillates (petroleum) serednho hidroochystky- level of 50-80%, (Xn R65, R66, Ace. Toxie. 1, H304), (CAS: 64742-46-7) . distillates (petroleum) mild hydrotreatment naftenovi- 5-15%, R66, (CAS: 64742-53-6). vuhletsyu- dioxide 2.5-5% Pres.haz L, H280, (CAS: 124-38- 9) Trademark CARAMBA. Country of origin DE. Manufacturer company CARAMBA CHEMIE GMBH & Co.KG. "GERMANY0UA1001100.52.81395874
27/Apr/20173808949000"1. Desinfectants from tertiary amines, packaged for retail trade: Product" "Wood Protector for structural wood imprehnant concentrate", "which is a solution containing concentrate under card features a manufacturer of components: N- (3- aminopropil) -N-dodetsylpropan-1,3-dyamin <2.5% (active ingredient - a tertiary amine, disinfection), lactic acid <2% (excipient), N-oxide kokoalkil-N, N-dimethylamine <1, 6% (excipient - South Africa), diethylene glycol <1.6% propikonazol (ISO) <1.6% (active ingredient - fungicide), (2 metoksimetyletoks ) Propanol <1.5% (diluent) etofenoproks <0.15% (active ingredient insecticide pyrethroid). The product "" Dekosin skl.A + B 20 kg '', which is ready to use two-component tool designed for disinfection of surface treatment of wood for its discoloration by removing the mildew blue, causing the appearance of stains on wood: component A - solution containing accordance card specification manufacturer hypochlorite Mr. atrium <15% (inorganic active substance - antiseptic, disinfectant) and component B - solution containing, according to the card manufacturer specifications Acetic acid <3% (organic active ingredient - antiseptic, preservative); components A and B always sold together as a single agent. Products do not come in aerosol packaging. "POLAND0UA2091806301039.880362
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Mild Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Метро Кеш Енд Кері Україна"""
Importer Address
02140, м. Київ, пр. Григоренко, 43, Україна.
Exporter Name Kroop & Co. Transport+Logistik GmbH
Product Description
"1. Juice tropical fruits without dodavannyatsukru.........
HS Code 2009899790Value 6367.680142
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 3801.6
Origin Country THAILAND

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