Ukraine Import Data of Micro Filter | Ukraine Import Statistics of Micro Filter

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of micro filter collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of micro filter imports.

Micro Filter Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Micro Filter

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of micro filter. Get Ukraine trade data of Micro Filter imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178421210000"1.Obladnannya filter or clean water: Membrane element atollTW40-1812-50-7sht., Manufacturer: OOO" "Rusfyltr" "Trademark: atoll cartridge El-ton carbon filter atoll EPM-10-25sht. Cartridge Эl- t carbon filter atoll GAC-10-25sht., Of soboyuplastykovyy filter housing is filled elementom.Torhivelna brand: pentekVyrobnyk: PENTAIR mechanical cartridge InLine atoll MK-5633S-1 micron (2.5 '' X12 '' - 1/4 '') - 10pc. , mechanical cartridge InLine atoll MK-5633 C-5 microns (2.5 '' X12 '' - 1/4 '') - 10pc., vuholniy cartridge Inline atoll CK-5633C (2.5 "" x12 "" - 1/4 "") -10sht., vuholniy Postfilter Inlain atoll IC-258 6C (2 "" x10 "" - 1/4) -50sht., vuholny Postfilter Inlain atoll and IC-258 6C (2 "" x10 "" - 3/8) -25sht., Manufacturer: ORGANIC FILTER COTorhivelna Brand: atollKrayina production: TW. "TAIWAN0UA80719056.26583.9800933 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178421392000"1.Filtry air to the a / m" "BMW" ": microfilter ventilation salons, art.64312218428-15sht; trademark -" "BMW", "Manufacturer - Concern" "BMW" "."CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1002106396.3185156
28/Apr/20178708999798"1.Chastyny ​​to the a / m" "BMW" ": hydraulic oil tank, art.32416851217 -8sht, sliding bearing shaft art.11247548795 -16sht; Panel fuel tubes art.11537853849 -1sht, duct microfilter, art.64318379621 -1sht, Air, art.11618515638 -1sht, frame radiator cooling art.17111436251-1sht, frame radiator art.17117507970 -1sht, tube tank washer fluid, art.61667144396-1sht, lubrication tube turbine art.11427808757 -1sht ; obihrivusalonu tube system, art.11531705210 -8sht, tube cooling system art.11537502525 -3sht, pipeline, air conditioning, art.64539151734 -1sht, bearing cover shock absorber art.33506850926 -5sht; orhovelna mark - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "". "GERMANY0UA1002108.886980.4512663
28/Apr/20178421290000"1. Equipment for filtering liquids: Variable-mounted mechanical filters chornyldo farbostrumenevoho printer Domino: Set replaceable filter №3 (10mk) art.29273 - 25 pcs .; filter 5 microns art. 14831 - 30sht .; Set filter 20mk art.29265 - 30sht. Filters are a team of design of a body and two nozzles dlyakriplennya filter. used in Domino printers on the labeling of products moving on production liniyiyi. Kits for preventive obsluhovuvannyaprynteriv Domino: Set for preventive maintenance base 2l art. 78533- 4 pcs. ( By Comme du Includes: filter paper in a plastic case -4sht., two-syllable plastic fitting - 1pc., threaded fitting plastic -1sht., rubber sealing ring - 6 pcs.) Used to profilaktychnohoobsluhovuvannya Domino printers on the labeling of products moving povyrobnychiy liniyiyi. For civil vykorystannya.Krayina production - GB.Torhivelna mark - Domino.Vyrobnyk - Domino UK Ltd.. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1250203.933830.982809
28/Apr/20173926909790"1. Plastic products, cast, for biological laboratories, tips for dispensers transparent with a barrier against the ingestion of dosing liquids into a dispenser and test tubes: - 4130075C, Expell 200 μl, yellow tips, 10x1000 pieces (1000 pieces in the package, 10 Boxes in boxes) -3 boxes (only 30,000 pieces) - 5030060C, ExpellPlus 10 μl, sterile filter tips, 5 x 10 x 96 pcs (96 pcs on a tripod, 10 tripods in the package, 5 packs in the box) -2 packs (9600 pcs.) - 5030062C, ExpellPlus 20 μl, sterile filter tips, 5 x 10 x 96 pcs (96 pcs on a tripod, 10 tripods in the package, 5 packs in 4 cartons (only 19200 pcs.) - 5030066C, ExpellPlus 100 μl, sterile filter tips, on a tripod 5x10x96 pcs (96 pcs on a tripod, 10 tripods in the package, 5 packs in the box) -10 boxes (total 48000 pcs.) - 5030090C, ExpellPlus 200 μl, sterile filter tips, 5 x 10 x 96 pcs (96 pcs per trip, 10 tripods in the package, 5 packs in the box) on the tripod, 6 packs (28800 pc each); - 5100500C, Microcentrifuge test tubes 0.5 ml, 10x1000 pcs (1000 pcs in package, 10 packs in a box) -1 pc (total 10,000 pcs) - 5101500C, Microcentrifuge tubes 1.5 ml, 20x500 pcs (500 pcs in Package, 20 packages in the box) -5 cc Work (only 50000 pieces); - 5130123S; Expell 1250 μl; sterile filter tips; 4 x 8 x 96 pc stands (96 pcs on a tripod; 8 packs in the package; 4 packs in the box); -20 packs (only 61440 pcs.). - 5131060C, ExpellPlus 10 μl, sterile filter tips, 20x1000 pcs (1000 pieces in the package, 20 packs in the box) -1 pc (total 20,000 pcs.) - 5131066C, ExpellPlus 100 μl, sterile filter pins, 10x1000 Pcs. (1000 pieces in the package, 10 packages in the box) -2 boxes (only 20,000 pieces) - 5131150C, Expell 1000 μl, sterile filter tips, 10x1000 pcs (1000 pcs in the package, 10 packs in the box) - 1 box (total 10,000 sh .). Total-55 cardboard boxes. Country of production: DK. Trademark: CAPP. Manufacturer: CAPP ApS, Landbrugsvej 10, 5260 Odense S, Denmark. "DENMARK0UA1001104288666.358485
28/Apr/20178421398090"1.Obladnannya for filtering or purifying other gases: Filter micron, with filter art.619-591-699-1sht; micron filter, zfiltruyuchym element art.619-591-699-3sht, trademark LECOVyrobnyk LECO production CorporationKrayina GB. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1251000.04860.42079882
27/Apr/20178421392000"1.OBLADNANNYA filter Air filters in assembly eq. 36 F PVR G.3 / 4 '' - 2 pcs., PART vacuum rotary plate pump OF A input filter (threaded mounting flange on G.3 / 4 '') to clear the air with paper cartridge and cap metal mesh, a metal case, ART. CF.PVR4002; AIR FILTER pAPER eq. PVR ROTANT 000 900 - 6 pcs., PART vacuum plate rotary pump OF A input filter (5/7 micron) air purification, with paper cartridge in a metal case (grid and cap), ART. AF.PVR1001; filter in Bor eq. 84 F PVR G.1''1 / 4 - 1., Parts for vacuum rotary plate pump OF A input filter (threaded mounting flange on G.1''1 / 4) air purification from paper metal mesh cartridge and cap, in the metal case, ART. CF.PVR4004; FILTER Polyester equivalents. 0532.121.861 BUSCH AIR 10 MIC - 4 pcs., parts for vacuum rotary plate pump OF A input and filters (10 micron) To clear the air with polyester cartridge in the metal case (grid and hood), ART. AF.BU1020; Manufacturing firms - FILTER-TECHNICS SRL, country of production - IT, TRADEMARK - FILTER-TECHNICS "ITALY0UA9020503.32136.0644203
27/Apr/20179019200000"1.Vyroby medical devices: Devices for oxygen, respiratory and aerosol therapy, artificial respiration tareanimatsiyi: art.1111065 (GUEDEL AIRWAY, SIZE 1, ISO 6.5) Hvedela ducts, size 1, ISO 6.5- 20sht.-art.1114100 ( GUEDEL aIRWAY, sIZE 4, ISO10) Hvedela duct size 4, ISO-10 -80sht. art.1115120 (GUEDEL aIRWAY, sIZE 5, ISO12) Hvedela ducts, size 5, ISO-12- 70sht. art.1135015 (ADULT ECO oXYGEN mASK WITH2.1M tUBE) ECO adult oxygen mask with tube length for ysnevoyu 2,1m.- 2000sht.-art.1181015 (aDULT ECO hIGH CONCENTRATI oN mASK AND tUBE) Eco oxygen mask dlyad oroslyh for Providing high concentra tion of oxygen with oxygen tube -216sht.-art.11960 15 (PAEDIATRIC ECO OXYGEN MASK WITH 1.8M TUBE) Children ECO Oxygen mask, oxygen tube 1.8 m - 40sht.-art.1441000 (CLEAR-THERM MICRO HMEF) Fil May teplovolohoobminnyy breathing, Clear- therm micro - 1000sht. art. 1453015 (CIRRUS2 aDULT ECO mASK kIT aND oXYGEN tUBE) nebulizer kit Cirrus2, ECO adult oxygen mask and tube-390sht. art. 1454015 (CIRRUS2 PAEDIATRIC ECO MAS K KIT AND TUBE) Set nebulayzerCirrus2, children's ECO oxygen mask and tube-216sht. art.1464000 (CIRRUS 2 UNIVERSAL MOUTHPIEC E T-KIT) Nebulayzernyy nabirCirrus 2 of the T-shaped mouthpiece, universal-160sht.-art.1507000 (INTERSURGICAL AQUAFLOW BUBB LE HUMIDIFIER WITH BOTTLE) Bulbashkovyyz volozhuvach Intersurgical Aquaflow, with yemk istyu - 240sht. -art.1663000 (STRAIGHT CONNECTOR 10F-10M- 7.6mm pORT fOR 10mm F / TUBE oNLY) "" Pryamyyz`yednuvach 10F-10M, the port 7,6mm only and for use with 10mm contours "" - 25sht. art .1873000 (HYDRO-TRACH II HME) filter e yhalnyy heat volohoobminnyyHydro-Trac h II, in patients with traheostomoyu-1000sht.-art.2223000 (HARNESS (sMALL) fOR CPAP FA CE MASK) fixation system for small SRARmasky - 12p. -art.2224000 (HARNESS (LARGE / MEDIUM) fOR CPAP FACE MASK) system for fixation of I / great CPAP masks - 156sht.-art.2316000 (MANAGEMENT CLIP SYSTEM FOR ANAESTHESIA) management system zazhymamydlya anesthesia - 12sht.-art.2330000 (LOW VOLUME MANUAL FILL HUMI ​​DIFICATION CHAMBER) Camera zvolozhuvacharu chnoho fill the volume of a small - 750sht. -art.4700000 (nFLOW INFANT nASAL CPAP SYS TEM hEATED WIRE) nFLOW zprovodom heating system for nasal CPAP newbo enyh length 1,6m - 408sht.-art.5007000 (SMOOTHBORE B / sYSTEM 1.6m, 1 WATER TRAP, PORTS) Hladkostovburnadyhal system to 1,6m 1 volohozbirnyk, porty- 10sht.-art.5015000 (sMOOTHBORE BREATHING sYSTEM LIMB 1.5M) smooth hose 1,5m- 60sht.-art.5120000 (sMOOTHBORE CATHETER MOUNT 1 20mm) connectors smooth smoothbore 120mm. - 50sht.-art.5508850 (10mm SMOOTHBORE B / SYSTEM 1. 6M WITH HEATED WIRE, TYPE MR850) 10mmhla dkostovburna respiratory ceiling, 1,6m, with about ihrivom such as MR850 - 150sht.-art.5510810 (SINGLE H / WIRE SYSTEM, CHAMB ER fOR MR850 / 730, 1.6M, 0.4M LIMB) 10mmh ladkostovburna respiratory ceiling, 1,6m, with one wire heating vidrizok0,4m, chamber for MR850 / 730 - 49sht.-art.5510850 (SMOOTHBORE B / SYSTEM 1.6M wITH HEATED WIRE, TYPE MR850) neonatal respiratory smooth contour with "LITHUANIA0UA100020715.9490765.815
27/Apr/201790192000001.Vyroby medical devices: Devices for oxygen, respiratory and aerosol therapy, artificial respiration, resuscitation: -art.1541000 (CLEAR-THERM 3 FILTER / HME) filter respiratory heat volohoobminnyy taVB Clear-therm 3 port Luer lock- 4200sht. -art.1544000 (CLEAR-GUARD 3 FILTER) Filtrdyhalnyy bacterial viruses Clear-guard 3 Luer lock port -39300sht.-art.1644000 (CLEAR-GUARD MIDI BREATHING FILTER, LUER LOCK PORT) dyhalnyyviruso-bacterial filter Clear-Guard midi port Luer lock - 10000sht.-art.3501000 (FLEXIBLE CATHETER MOUNT 22F- ELBOW 22M / 15F) Flexible corner z`yednuva part 22F-22M / 15F - 800sht.-art.3511000 (FLEXIBLE CATHETER MOUNT 22F- 22M / 15F) Flexible connectors straight 2-22F 2M / 15F - 50sht.-art.3521000 (S / SET CATHETER MNT 22F, PAT IENT CONNECTION 15F SWIVELELB) configuration tion articulated corner connectors Supers et 22F-22M / 15F, kovpachokFlip top of the Port th 7,6mm - 675sht.-art.3535000 (15F MICRO-MOUNT WITH SUPERS ET TUBE) From connectors neonatal 15M - 15F configured with a tube Superset- 45sht. g / n №13928 / 20 14 from 29.05.2014r. Manufactured at the plant Intersurgical Limited UK.Vyrobnyk: Intersurgical Limited. Trade mrka: Intersurgical.Krayina production: GB.UNITED KINGDOM0UA1000201800.21101090.8099
27/Apr/20174813901000"1.Obidkovyy paper for cigarette production in rolls, width 6,4sm. (64mm.X3000m.): Code 32.F964 BEH01, RED & WHITE CLASSIC- 90 bobbins. Code 32.F8GU BEH01, BOND STREET SILVER SELECTION - 21 bobbin . Kod32.F6ZU BEH01, CHESTERFIELD RED - 85 reels. Code 32.F6LM BEH03, L & M FINE CUTSILVER LABEL - 20 reels. Code 32.F756 BEH03, MARLBORO FIRM FILTER GOLD - 120bobin. Code 32.F8K0 BEH01, PHILIP MORRIS COMPACT BLACK - 270 bobbins. Code 32.F71HBEH01, MARLBORO MICRO - 80 reels. Code 32.F8H6 BEH01, BOND STREET RED SELECTION -50 bobbins. Code 32.F8K0 BEH01, PHILIP MORRIS COMPACT BLACK - 369 bobbins. Kod32.F8JZ BEH01, PHILIP MORRIS COMPACT BLUE - 352 reels. Code 32.F6LM BEH03, L & MFINE CUT SILVER LABEL - 20 bobbins. given the cost of printing tsylindriv.Vyrobnyk: "" DEUTSCHE BENKERT GmbH & Co.KG "". Country of manufacture tstva: DE.Torhivelna Brand: No data. ".GERMANY0UA80707010535.80862798.03704
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Micro Filter Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТРАК-ЕКСП"""
Importer Address
62489,Харківська обл.,с.Безлюдівка, в.Чайковського,б.56,Україна
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""АВАНТАЖ ЛОГИСТИК"""
Product Description
"1.Obladnannya filter or clean water: Membrane ele.........
HS Code 8421210000Value 583.9800933
Quantity 0Unit UA807190
Net Weight 56.26
Origin Country TAIWAN

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