Ukraine Import Data of Metal Scrap | Ukraine Import Statistics of Metal Scrap

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of metal scrap collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of metal scrap imports.

Metal Scrap Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Metal Scrap

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201748030031001.Kreptovanyy paper from cellulose fibers, raw (base) for the production of toilet paper (in rolls), unpainted, without images and other zoobrazhen (white) .Vmist fibers obtained by mechanical means, 54% of the basis for the production of toilet paper layer, scrap paper 19hr / m2, cellulose, roll diameter 130cm width 135sm 4.7% moisture, 90.80% linen - 19183kh-38mists Total: 19 183 kg / Marco 38rulonatorhovelna no data. Manufacturer: SC Metalicplas Impex SRL RO.ROMANIA0UA2050901918319153.72955 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201782019000001.Veterynarnyy hand tools, metal spiral scraper for cattle - 10 pcs. Art.1815Torhovelna mark vidsutnyaVyrobnyk Tom-Jeff ManufactureresKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1252701.8424.91765705
28/Apr/201782019000001.Veterynarnyy hand tools, metal scraper ADLUS, 8-row for cattle - 12 pcs. Art.1810Metalevyy ADLUS scraper, 8-row for cattle and horses - 12 pcs. Art.1811Torhovelna mark vidsutnyaVyrobnyk KerblKrayina production CZ.CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1252706.1889.83350177
28/Apr/20177210490000"1.1.Horyacheotsynkovana steel (flat-rolled carbon, alloy steel, nehafrovanyy, coating by hot dipping in zinc) Complies with EN 10143, EN 10346, in rolls, zinc-coated 275 g / m2: -Size 1,50x1250mm Z275g / m2 -7130 kg grade steel DX51DZ (not junk) - 1,50x1500mm size Z275g / m2 -28310 kg grade steel DX51DZ (not junk) - 3,00x1250mm size Z275g / m2 -98410 kg grade steel DX51DZ (not junk) - 3,00x1000mm size Z275g / m2 -44730 kg grade steel DX51DZ (not junk) .With zinc coating 350 g / m2: -Size 0,80x1250mm Z350g / m2 -101670 kg mark steel S320GD (not junk) - 0,80x1000mm size Z350g / m2 - 6760 kg mark and steel S320GD (not junk) - 1,00x990mm size Z350g / m2 - 95480 kg, grade steel S350GD (not junk) - 1,50x1250mm size Z350g / m2 -11620 kg grade steel S350GD (not scrap) .Torhivelna brand: no danyhVyrobnyk: MMK METALURJI SANAYI TICARET VE LIMAN ISLT. AS Country of origin: TurechchynaPakuvannya, in rolls, wrapped metal sheet and collected steel packaging tape. "TURKEY0UA500050394110314603.2501
28/Apr/201796039099001. brushes, scrapers Car: Brushes, metal, art.: NBAA0315-2 sht.Torhovelna mark TOPTULVyrobnyk ROTAR MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTDKrayina production TW.TAIWAN0UA4000300.287.421816049
27/Apr/201784879090001. Spare parts for construction equipment Volvo: - scraper ring loader Volvo, desks number: VOE 11005012 - 12 pieces. It is a duster - sealing compounds dinner movable unit - bracket for attachment loader Volvo. The product consists of a metal ring and a rubber sealing privulkanizirovannoy edge. Protects against dust on the work item node. .CHINA0UA7000400.24347.4753878
27/Apr/20179603500000"1.Schitky included as part of the equipment: 00278175 Chabert (metal scraper to remove the residues kleyu.Vykorystovuyetsya civilian industry, as parts for printing equipment) -1sht., 00278176 Chabert (metal scraper to remove the adhesive residues. Use civilian industry, as parts for printing equipment) -1sht., 00278174 Chabert (metal scraper to remove the adhesive residue. used in civil industries as parts for printing equipment) -1sht., Country of DETorh ovelna mark KolbusVyrobnyk Kolbus GmbH & Co.KG. "GERMANY0UA1002901.5174.6030934
26/Apr/20177326909890"1.Zapasni parts for combines: Production of ferrous metals: shield guides (grain harvesters) art.0007404601-1sht, weighed (threshing element kamerykombayna) art.0007414561-2sht, hose clamp (Systems oholodzhennyadvyhuna) C1-1-76X25art.0007542521 -4sht; leash (Item grain harvesters) D50X53art.0007848920-1sht, shield (elements combine threshing chamber) LW art.0007849603-1sht 1700; PLATE scraper (metal grain harvesters) 2 X 61X 921art.0009877700-8sht, brand: brand CLAASTorhovelna : CLAASKrayina production: CZ. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA12518029.553380.3681249
26/Apr/201771081200001.Povernennya finished products (productspetroleum) are extracted and removed from waste electronic scrap, dorohotsinnimetaly supplied by the National Bank of Ukraine: -zoloto metal wire, non-monetary, in the form of unprocessed grains, most of which do not pass through the cells sytoz size 0, 5mm, which is packed vplastmasovu bank marked and recognized manufacturer trademark: AurubisAG, purity, 99.99% weight of the gold-605,08h, lot №17 / 37 / AU5, according to the analysis certificate № ASTM B 562-95 from 20.04 .2017 and certificate of weight and purity of №80077942 20.04.2017.Vyro bnyk: Aurubis AG. It rhivelna Brand: Aurubis.Krayina product ment: DE. .GERMANY60508UA1251000.6050825441.7244
26/Apr/201773269098901. Spare parts for agricultural machinery Claas, new products from chornyhmetaliv: Cartridges art. 0006687621 -4sht. Bush art. 0007927020 -10sht. Cartridges art.0009071532 -3sht. Bush art. 0002358820-1sht. Bush art. 0006287621 -1sht. Cartridges RASPORNAYA art. 0006442370 -1sht.ZASUVKA art. 0009841090 -2sht. PROTECTION winding art. 0005201690 -1sht.ZAHYST OF winding art. 0005201680 -1sht. PROTECTION winding art.0005201680-1sht. RING art. 0006702060 -1sht. Rings the spring art. 0002351371 -10sht. KILTSEUSTANOVCHE art. 0006751290 -2sht. RING sealing art. 0002604120 -1sht. KULACHOKNOZHOVYY art. 0006267821 -20sht. Directing art. 0013031810 -5sht. Directing art.0013031810 -7sht. Covering metal art. 0009874351 -1sht. Covering METALEVEart. 0000681480 -1sht. Covering metal art. 0000762024 -2sht. OBSHYVANNYAMETALEVE art. 0000763933 -1sht. Covering metal art. 0000763943 -3sht.OBShYVANNYa metal art. 0000766463 -1sht. Covering metal art. 0000684310-2sht. POLE art. 0005450491 -1sht. Finger art. 0006949900-2sht. Finger art. 0009877810 -1sht. Finger art. 0013905570 -2sht. ZDVOYeNYYart finger. 0006262790 -60sht. Rods art. 0009847051 -4sht. Rods scrapers art.0000762473 -1sht. PLATE Supporting art. 0007519331 -1sht. Supporting PLATE art.0000766401 -2sht. PLATE PRYZHYMNA art. 0009846722 -12sht. PLATE STOPPING art.0000135360 -1sht. Adjusting plate art. 0013004830 -2sht. PLASTYNKAREHULYUVALNA art. 0013010270-20sht. PIPE anchors art. 0006509851-5sht. Clamp Art. 0002154762 -2sht. Pins art. 0000403470 -4sht. Trunnion ball art.0007825450 -1sht. TIRE shkribka art. 0006848590 -2sht. Scraper art. 0009961221-6sht. Sealing flap art. 0007569180-1sht. Sealing flap art. 0007569180-1sht. Beam trailed art. 0022384572-1sht.Torhovelna Brand: ClaasKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: CLAAS Service and Parts GmbHGERMANY0UA125250291.3456089.170659
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Metal Scrap Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""Промислова група ""ВОЛИНЬТРЕЙДИНГ"""
Importer Address
43018 м.Луцьк, вул Потебні 52В Україна
Product Description
1.Kreptovanyy paper from cellulose fibers, raw (ba.........
HS Code 4803003100Value 19153.72955
Quantity 0Unit UA205090
Net Weight 19183
Origin Country ROMANIA

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