Ukraine Import Data of Metal Oil | Ukraine Import Statistics of Metal Oil

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of metal oil collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of metal oil imports.

Metal Oil Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Metal Oil

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20176806100000"1.Mineralna fibrous mass" "mineral wool", "produced by pressing and using organic substances vyazhuchyh for heat - and sound insulation: Ingredients: basalt, diabase, limestone and dolomite. The chemical composition, the content of silica (SiO2) -35.3-41.67 % alumina (Al2O3) -14.22-19.9%, iron (Fe2O3) -4.13-8.06%, calcium and magnesium (Ca + MgO) -28.8-33.9%, oxides of alkali metals (Na2O3) + (K2O) -1.58-4.87 % boron oxide (B2O3) -vidsutniy. Model: FKD L 50h1000h600 4PC - density - 150 kg / m3, plates - 450 packs; FKD L 100h1000h600 3PC - density - 140 kg / m3 in plates - 200 packs; LMF AluR L 50h5000h1000 1PC UA - density - 41.8 kg / m3, in rolls - 48 rolls (roll coated on the outside with aluminum foil) .Torhivelna mark KnaufInsulation. Manufacturer Knauf Insulation, Ltd.Krayina production SK.. "SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA30510013461.65386.791073 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20172811220000"1.Neorhanichni oxygen compounds of non-metals - silicon dioxide (SiO2), synthetic amorphous silica in form of white granular silicate poroshku.Hel brand Trisyl 300 (SiO2), packed in 180 bags of 25kg polypropylene 10 pallets - 4 500kh.Vykorystovuyetsya in oil and fat vyrobnytstvi.Harakterystyky: - loss on drying (160 gr.S) - 59.2% -59.8% - the content of SiO2 (dry basis) - 99.8% - average particle size, counter Malvern 21,8- 22.9 mikron.Torhivelna brand: Trisyl.Vyrobnyk: Grace GmbH & Co.KG.Krayina production: DE.. "GERMANY0UA40101045007344.674885
29/Apr/201738140090901. universal commercial solvent called RS-500 is a homogeneous transparent liquid used in the paint industry as a solvent and pentaphthalic oil paints, bituminous substances, as well as a technical cleaner surfaces of fiberglass, awning fabrics, vinyl and metal surfaces from oil contamination. It can also be used as a component for the production of other mixed solvents. Ingredients: methanol -23.5 +/- 0,1mas.% Isobutyl alcohol -16.7 +/- 0,1mas.% C3 and higher hydrocarbons -59.8%. It does not contain ethanol, delivered in bulk tank - 63.746 tTorhovelna Brand: RS-500Vyrobnyk: NefteservysKrayina production company: Russian Federation Country of origin: Russian Federation.RUSSIA0UA3051606374634829.59106
29/Apr/20173815909090"1. Catalysts reactions (hardener), which is a solution of polymer vmistomvilnyh isocyanate groups in volatile organic solvents - in metal cans, art catalysts. C301-12,5U-750L, the composition of N-butyl acetate 30 - 32.5% ethyl acetate 21- 22.5% Isobutyl 12 - 13.5%, toluene 10 - 11,5%, ADDOTTO POLIURETANICOAROMATICO 6 - 7%, M TOLUYDYNA diisocyanates 0.15 - 0.2% - catalyst art. C301-5U -500L, N-butyl acetate composition of 30 - 32.5% 22.5% 21-acetate, Isobutyl 12 - 13.5%, toluene 10 - 11,5%, ADDOTTO POLIURETANICOAROMATICO 6 - 7%, M TOLUYDYNA diisocyanates 0 15 - 0.2% - catalyst art. C302-12,5U-1500L, composition toluene 30 - 50%, N-butyl acetate 10 -20%, ISOCIANURATO AROMATICO 1 0 - 30% Isobutyl 10 - 30% ethyl acetate 10 -20%, ADDOTTO POLIURETANICO AROMATICO 1 - 5% M TOLUYDYNA diisocyanates 0 - 0.25% - Catalyst art. C307-10U-100L, the composition of N-butyl acetate 20 - 30% Isobutyl 10- 30% ethyl acetate 10 - 20% poly (HEKSAMETIL DIIZOTSYANAT) 9 - 30%, 20% toluene 10, M-TOLUYDYNA diisocyanates 0 - 0.25% -ka talizator art. C312I-5U-200L, the composition of N-butyl acetate 30 - 50% Isobutyl 10- 30% ethyl acetate 10 - 20% poly (HEKSAMETIL DIIZOTSYANAT) 5 - 9% ATSETAT1-methyl-2-METOKSIETIL 1 - 5% N -TOLUYDYNA diisocyanates 0 - 0.25% - catalyst art. C316-12,5U-750L, composition Toluene 20 - 30% Ethyl acetate 20 - 30% Isobutyl 10 - 30%, ADDOTTO POLIURETANICO AROMATICO 10 - 30%, N-BUTYLATSETAT5 - 9%, ISOCIANURATO AROMATICO 5 - 9%, M -TOLUYDYNA diisocyanates 0 - 0.25% - catalyst art. C325-12,5U-200L, the composition of poly (HEKSAMETIL DIIZOTSYANAT) 30 - 50%, N-butyl acetate 30 - 50% acetate, 1-methyl-2-METOKSIETIL 5 - 9% xylene (SUMISHIZOMERIV) 5 - 9% HEKSAMETILEN -1,6-DIIZOTSYANAT 0 - 0.5% - catalyst art. C340-12,5U-750KG, the composition of N-butyl acetate 50 - 54% poly (HEKSAMETILDIIZOTSYANAT) 19.5 - 21% acetate, 1-methyl-2-METOKSIETIL 1 - 1.5% xylene (SUMISHIZOMERIV) 1 - 1 5% M TOLUYDYNA diisocyanates 0.15 - 0.2% - catalyst art. C366-12,5U-400L, the composition of n-butyl acetate 22.5 - 24% ethyl acetate 21do 22.5% Isobutyl 15 to 16.5%, toluene 10 to 11.5% dyyzotsyanat4-methyl-m-phenylene 0 1 to 0.15% - soil isolating art. ISV402-25U-400KG, talc composition of 21 to 22.5%, n-butyl atsetat13,5 to 15% Xylene (mixture of isomers) from 10.5 to 12%, calcium carbonate 7.8% Ethyl acetate 2.5 to 3%, 2 butanone to 2.5%; trade mark - KEMICHAL; Producer - KEMICHAL SRL "ITALY0UA205020541817375.2363
29/Apr/20173303009000"1. Dressing and perfumed water for men and women in riznoyiformy glass bottles in cardboard individual packages and their designs; Komplektyparfumerni gifts in indivisible cardboard packages for men and women (ukomplekt Eau part or toilet water in a glass bottle and spray the body in dezodorantdlya metalefomu bottle). Products packaged for retailtrade, produced by URODA POLSKA Sp. z oo. "POLAND0UA2091401057751860.32004
29/Apr/20173208909900"1. Varnishes, chemically modified natural polymers, dispersed in an aqueous medium aborozchyneni in metal cans, soil -Lak art. FNV703G30-25U-825L, composition: Acetate N-butyl 28.5-30% Toluol13.5-15% methyl acetate 10.5-12%, 7-8% acetone, methanol 3.3.5% ATSETAT1-methyl-2-METOKSIETIL 1-1.5% 2 BUTOKSIETANOL 0.7-0.8% Trademark - KEMICHALVyrobnyk - KEMICHAL SRL. "ITALY0UA205020800.251663.151542
29/Apr/201748030031001.Kreptovanyy paper from cellulose fibers, raw (base) for the production of toilet paper (in rolls), unpainted, without images and other zoobrazhen (white) .Vmist fibers obtained by mechanical means, 54% of the basis for the production of toilet paper layer, scrap paper 19hr / m2, cellulose, roll diameter 130cm width 135sm 4.7% moisture, 90.80% linen - 19183kh-38mists Total: 19 183 kg / Marco 38rulonatorhovelna no data. Manufacturer: SC Metalicplas Impex SRL RO.ROMANIA0UA2050901918319153.72955
29/Apr/201784198998001. The car industry of black metal for smazhennyakavy that runs on natural gas, black typTKM-SX 20 Q. 2017 release (new). Termalnyytransfert heating with natural gas, LPG or LNG110-220-230-380-415 V / 50-60 Hz. Produktyvnistobsmazhuvannya 80kg / h. Boiler Capacity 20kg. kavy.Chas roasting green: the light roasting 10 minutes for dark roast 12 minutes, 1 pc. .TURKEY0UA4081507506474.240035
29/Apr/201727101991001. Lubricants plastic containing oil and oil obtained from bituminous minerals (mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons, compounds of fatty acids), 70% by weight or more as a main component, free of silicones, polyglycol, graphite and disulfidu molibdena.Ne in aerosol packaging: Liquid lubricant ohlazhdayuschaya Rosneft Emultec 3175, 20L canister - 32sht., used for metal when turning, drilling and so on. .RUSSIA0UA1101106091276.87287
29/Apr/201784335100001. Agricultural combine harvester, used, brand JOHN DEERE 9880 STS, №H09880S705840 factory complete with header JD 630R, Z0630RX024630 serial number, year 2004, diesel engine, reaper width 9.1 m., Green color, 1 pc. Trademark JOHN DEERE. Country of the United States. Transported in a partially dismantled condition. Existing signs of heavy use, delamination of paint, vmyatyny on the outer surfaces of the metal corrosion on the body, wear working bodies, traces of oil in the engine. .UNITED STATES1UA2050201920052067.20099
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
03067, м. Київ, вул. Гарматна, 8 Україна
Exporter Name Knauf Insulation, Ltd.
Product Description
"1.Mineralna fibrous mass" "mineral wool", "produc.........
HS Code 6806100000Value 5386.791073
Quantity 0Unit UA305100
Net Weight 13461.6

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