Ukraine Import Data of Metal Mill | Ukraine Import Statistics of Metal Mill

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of metal mill collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of metal mill imports.

Metal Mill Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Metal Mill

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of metal mill. Get Ukraine trade data of Metal Mill imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201782077031001. Tools variables hand tools for milling for processing of precious and nonferrous metals, with working part of metal, milling hvostoviyuvelirni in the range, not containing precious metals and kaminnya.Vidriznyayutsya interconnected shapes, types, size of labor, grinding angles and the number of edges cutting surface diameter rods (shaft) .Vykorystovuyetsya in electric hand drill jewelry. Assignment for processing (milling and shaping) the purpose levyh seating surfaces mistskruhlyh jewelry inserts. Working part and shaft (shaft) making zstali. .SWITZERLAND0UA2091008.51597.36049 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201782077031001.Instrumenty for milling, for processing metal, with working part zinstrumentalnoyi steel for milling machine, milling tail: 2x west, end mills for aluminum (HRC 500) 3F 3x12xD6x75mm -10sht. 2x Western, kintsevafreza on aluminum (HRC 500) 3F 4x16xD6x75mm -10sht. 2x west, end mills poalyuminiyu (HRC 500) 2F 6x15xD6x75mm -10sht. 2x west, end mills for aluminum (HRC 500) 2F 8x20xD8x75mm -10sht. 2x west, end mills for aluminum (HRC 500) 2F 10x25xD10x75mm -5sht. 2x west, end mills for aluminum (HRC 500) 2F12x30xD12x75mm -5sht. 2-West, spherical mills for aluminum (HRC600) 2FR1.5x6xD4x50mm-10pc. 2-West, spherical mills for aluminum (HRC600) 2F R2x8xD4x50mm -10sht. 2hzahidna, spherical mills for aluminum (HRC600) 2F R3x12xD6x50mm -10sht. 2-West, spherical mills for aluminum (HRC600) 2F R4x16xD8x60mm -10sht. 2x Western, sferychnafreza on aluminum (HRC600) 2F R1.0x4xD4x50mm-10pc. 3 Western, end mills for aluminum (HRC600) 3F 8x20xD8x75mm -10sht.Odnozahidni, end mills mo (HRC600) 1F 4x8xD4x50mm -10sht. Odnozahidni, kintsevifrezy (HRC600) 1F 6x12xD6x50mm -10sht. Odnozahidni, end mills (HRC600) 1F3x7xD4x50mm -10sht. 3 Western, elongated, end mills for aluminum (HRC500) 3F4x16xD6x75mm -5sht. 4-west, end mills with radius (HRC450) 4F4R1.0x11xD4x50mm -3sht. 4-west, end mills with radius (HRC450) 4F6R1.0x15xD5x50mm -10sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F2.5 x7xD4x50mm -8sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F 3x8xD4x50mm -8sht. 4hzahidni, end mills (HRC450) 4F 4 x11xD4x50mm -8sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F 6x15xD6x50mm -5sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F8x20xD8x60mm -5sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F 10x25xD10x75mm -5sht. 4hzahidni, end mills (HRC450) 4F 12x30xD12x75mm -5sht. 4-west, kintsevifrezy (HRC450) 4F 14x40xD14x100mm -5sht. 3 western, black, aluminum mills on (HRC500) 3F 3x8xD4x50mm -5sht. 3 western, black, aluminum mills on (HRC500) 3F4 x11xD4x50mm -5sht. 3 western, black, aluminum mills on (HRC500) 3F6x15xD6x50mm -5sht. Mill final pravokutna 300R-16x160mm-1am. Ultimate Cutter 300R-12x130mm -2sht. Ultimate Cutter 300R-50-22mm -2sht. Frezatortsova 4Rx20x160 -2sht.Torhovelna Brand: NEW TRADING STARKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: New Trading Star Co., LTDCHINA0UA100110135777.397568
28/Apr/20178207701000"1. alternating milling tool torhovelnoyimarky" "CDBP" ", for metal with metal-working chastynoyuz, not containing natural or shtuchnyhalmaziv: solid end mills with spherical cutters and rizhuchoyukromkoyu 4 pen with tsylindrychnymhvostovykom for processing hardened steel tverdistyudo HRC56: -art.BFL-AD-015, -art.BFL-AR-030, -art.BFL-AR-040, -art.BFL-LAD-060. ".CHINA0UA1101800.35170.0400351
28/Apr/20178207703100"1.Instrumenty continuous variables dlyaobroblennya metal milling, ztverdosplavnoyu working part frezykintsevi tail: -art.D3T03012L050-I0.35ISOTMVTH-3pc. - art.D3T06015L062-I0.4ISOTMVTH-1pc. - art.D3T06040L154-I0.8ISOTMVTH -1sht.Vyrobnyk: "" Vargus Ltd "", country of production-IL. Trade mark - "" Vardex "".. "ISRAEL0UA1100300.05296.5999639
28/Apr/20178207703100"1.Instrumenty continuous variables dlyaobroblennya metal milling, ztverdosplavnoyu working part, non-electric, not electronic, without vmistupryrodnih or synthetic diamonds: tail cutters: 5620737 MRC120B25-4C12 MC98-1 pieces. 5,623,301 MRCD-S2 120 / 90C12-73 98- 3 pcs., 5,621,873 MRCU057E07-3W06R02L57 98-4 pieces. MRRF120A25-4W12 MC98-1 5,620,613 pieces. MRCU077E09-3W08R02L63 98-5 5,695,382 pieces. 2,618,508 MRCA-B 015-03C03-38-2 pieces. 5,699,461 MRCU048E06 -3W06R02L57 98-5 pieces. MRCS050E06-3W06-57 MC98-2 5,620,533 pieces. MRCU097E11-3W10R03L72 98-4 5,621,874 pieces. MRCCS080E09-3W08-63 MC98-1 5,620,536 pieces. MRCU038E05-3W06R01L57 98-5 5,621,872 items ., 5621875 MRCU117E12-3W12R03L83 98-5 pieces. 5,620,538 MRCCS100E11 3W10 MC98-1 72 pc. Manufacturer: "" Iscar Ltd "", IL-producing country. Trade mark: "" MORSE "".. "ISRAEL0UA1101802.34867.2757005
28/Apr/20178474200000"1.Vibromlyn disk TS 1000 (181370) - 2sht.Kozhnyy comes with: - grinding chamber, 100ml, tungsten carbide (112841) - 1pc - steel ring adapter (33,175) - 1sht.Vykorystovuyetsya for grinding minerals, organic ikeramichnyh materials, various metal brittle splavivdo necessary krupnosti.Osnovnyy working body - kamera.Rozmir grinding material loaded, depending vidobranoho preconceived milling blends volume chamber and type of material should not exceed 5-15mm. depending on the amount of preconceived milling blends in camera to process samples of up to 250ml. For use preconceived milling blends camera smaller capacity (100 ml) adaptera.Produkt steel ring used to be grinding, grinding fed into the chamber where the result mainly horizontal vibration test material using shock and friction, usually in the range of a few minutes, while crushed homohenizuyetsya.Maye management system with a timer and sound-proof enclosure, made of stali.Habarytni size: 600h1125h674mm.Dlya easy transport supplied disassembled disk vyhlyadi.Mlyn cast SBM 200 Steel (315225) - 1sht.Osnaschenyy with 2 wheels made from cast stali.Mlyn disk tungsten carbide SBM 200 (315 226) - 1sht.Osnaschenyy with 2 discs made of carbide volframu.Vykorystovuyetsya for grinding materials with hardness on the Mohs scale 8 (agglomerate ore) .Osnovnyy working body - rubbing dysky.Podribnennya made between two grinding discs with large teeth. One disc is stationary and the other rotates via gear motor, the material subjected to grinding action. The gap between the grinding discs determines the size of milled material. The size of the gap between grinding wheels can be adjusted using the regulator with built-in scale that changes the position of the real disk. The shredded material falls into a glass container below the grinding wheels. For convenience and safety of transport supplied unassembled - a glass container separate from mlyna.Habarytni size: 400h825h600mm.Diametr grinding discs - 200mm.Maksymalnyy amount of material that is loaded - 20mm.Vyrobnyk: Siebtechnik GmbH, Nimechchyna.Torhovelna mark: Siebtechnik. "GERMANY0UA70006088565872.48577
28/Apr/20178459699000"1.Verstaty cutting Drilling and milling without NC: verstatsverdlylno metal milling without NC, 0.5kVt, 220V, 50Hz model-BF16Vario 20pcs., Drilling, milling, metal, without CNC, 1.5kVt, 380, 50Hz model DM45-3sht., Drilling, milling, metal, without CNC, 0.6kVt, 220V, 50Hz model BF20 Vario-25sht., Drilling, milling pometalu without CNC, 0.6kVt, 220V, 50Hz model BF20L Vario-15sht.Torhovelna mark: "" FDB Maschinen "" brand: no danyh.Krayina production: CN.. "CHINA63UA807170636819549.75986
28/Apr/20178207701000"1.Zminnyy tool without mechanical drive for milling machine tools (Carbide, one-piece), designed for processing metals such as ledges and frezeruvannyapaziv: Mills: VHM Schruppfraser" "ALU" "Art. 10006712-1sht. VHM Schruppfraser" "ALU" " art. 10006713 -2sht. VHM Schruppfraser "" ALU "" art.10007527 -2sht. VHM Schruppfraser "" ALU "" art. -2sht.Torhovelna 10007706 brand: SIMETAKrayina production: NLVyrobnyk: SvBassewitz GmbH & Co. KG. "NETHERLANDS0UA1002901.05283.4108551
28/Apr/20178459691000"1.Verstaty for metalworking, tool milling without NC: Turning, milling OPTImill BF20L Vario, -2sht article 3338122, Drilling, milling OPTImill BF46Vario, article -1sht 3,338,453; Package: Guidance on the operation, maintenance tools, drilling cartridges, opravky.Torhivelna brand: Optimum; Producer: Sturmer Maschinen GmbH, Germany, Kriyina production: CN. "CHINA3UA110180738.54745.629175
28/Apr/20178708999798"1 TIMBER PRODUCTION liner ball fingers, requiring PODALSHOYIDOROBKY, cold extrusion, milling, heat treatment, DROBOOCHYSCHENNYA calibration: BP-67 - 4896 VT; BP-66 - 5814 VT; SU-66 - 1653 VT; BP-34 - 4417 SHT.VSOHO: 16,780 SHT.ZAHOTIVKA PRODUCTION ball fingers, requiring further refinement, calibration, polishing AND FINISHING cones fit geometric dimensions, vulcanizing OBHUMUVANNYA METHOD: AP.210-01 - 1146 VT; AP.210 - 3375 VT; AP .320 - SHT.VSOHO 2904: 7425 SHT.VSOHO by goods: 24205 SHT.VYHOTOVLENI with black METALIVVYKORYSTOVUYUTSYA as part REACTIVE rods for trucks AVTOMOBILIVPAKUVANNYA: cardboard boxes on pallets PRODUCTION WITH FANERYKRAYINA-CN (CHINA) Manufacturer ZHEJIANG TONGSHI AUTOMOBILE CO., LTDTORHIVELNA NOT MAKE POZNACHENOZNAKOM for goods and services POZNACHENONE NOT INTENDED OR MODIFIED FOR MILITARY USE. "CHINA0UA5080301478628412.07598
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""РУНДІСТ"""
Importer Address
81300, Україна, Львівська обл, м. Мостиська, вул. Полуботка,5
Exporter Name """NIQUA Sagen-und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH"""
Product Description
1. Tools variables hand tools for milling for proc.........
HS Code 8207703100Value 1597.36049
Quantity 0Unit UA209100
Net Weight 8.5
Origin Country SWITZERLAND

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