Ukraine Import Data of Metal Eyelet | Ukraine Import Statistics of Metal Eyelet

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of metal eyelet collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of metal eyelet imports.

Metal Eyelet Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Metal Eyelet

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of metal eyelet. Get Ukraine trade data of Metal Eyelet imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
18/Apr/20177326909890"1.Vyroby ferrous metals, steel, made a few transactions exclusively to automobile trailers and semitrailers SZAP brand: - drawbar bushing bracket 8350.2707090.0100 - 20pcs. - 9908-2912028 spring sleeve eyelet - 50sht.; Trademark: no. trademarks: vidsutniyVyrobnyk OJSC "" Trailer-KAMAZ "," m.Stavropil, Russian FederatsiyaKrayina production: RU. "RUSSIA0UA11016039704.0339835 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
14/Apr/201783081000001.Dekoratyvna base metal fittings for footwear (loops, eyelets, hooks) - 5,00kh.Krayina production - TRTorhovelna mark - no danyhVyrobnyk - Not available.TURKEY0UA80719059.50000054
10/Apr/201783024900901.Chastyny ​​to semi-servo diaper production line MB-300: Regulatory calipers, 2 pcs. Vykorystovuyetsya for knife holder and adjusting cutting intervals pidhuznykiv.Stupitsa flange ear-1am. Used to connect components in the module for cutting ferrous metal eyelets pidhuznykiv.Vyrobleni, with stali.Krayina production: ITVyrobnyk: AULONA MACHINERY SRL Trade mark: AULONA.ITALY0UA12502024231.2241846
06/Apr/201782057000001. Manual (does not contain precious and semi-precious stones, diamonds, precious stones organogenic, decorative stones, precious metals, non-electric, non-electronic): Manual press for eyelets, 20sht.Torhovelna Brand: ETENKrayina production: TRVyrobnyk: ETEN.TURKEY0UA12518048.45122.2001289
05/Apr/20179608101000"1. ballpoint pen with liquid ink: P1780-S metal handle with hanging eyelet blue -25 pcs., PROHACCP trademark, manufacturer Rainboo Ltd .; Country of CN."CHINA25UA1001200.2515.97738674
03/Apr/20178708809998"1.Zapasni of trucks, suspension system, products from ferrous metals, art.: -1 Barbell rehulovana9389-2919011 pieces. Rod rehulovana93865-2919010-1sht., Rod nerehulovana93865-2919012-1sht., Rod reactive 64221-2919014 -4sht., Rod reactive 6430-2919014-1sht., Finger eyelets rear springs 500A-2912478-6sht., Finger eyelets front spring 5432-2902478-12sht., lower shaft 5336-3444050- 11-7sht., Cardan nyzhniy5440-3444050 -6sht., Cardan shaft 104-3444050 - 2 pcs., Balka64301-1001016-2sht., front support beam 6422-1001018-2sht., spare set chastynULYH.64221-2919200-10sht., Rod and jet 64221-2919015-4sht. Manufacturer: OAO "" Baranovichskij AVT AHREHATNЫY FACTORY "" Trademark "" BAAZ "" Country of origin: BY. "BELARUS0UA100010417.382450.876996
03/Apr/201783081000001. Eyelets for tents of base metal, coated metal grommets №10 - packing 600. (1 package 1000 pcs.) Galvanized metal eyelets art.01.10 №12 - 20 packing. (1 package 1000 pcs.) Art.01.12Torhivelna Brand: BOZAMET.Vyrobnyk: BOZAMET Sp. z ooKrayina production: PL. .POLAND0UA1001101222.45398.955175
03/Apr/201773201011001.Resory plate steel sheet and leaves them with black metalivvyrobleni in hot conditions for trucks / m purpose: 53-2902012-02 resoraperednya (for GAZ) -103sht, spring back 53-2912012-03 (for GAZ) -13sht absorbers front 66-2902012-03 (for avtomobilyaHAZ) -13sht, spring GAZELLE 3302-2902010-01 s / w-11sht, reinforced rear spring zsharnirom 3302-2912010-10 (for GAZelle) -14sht, spring perednya4301- 2902012 (for GAZ) -3sht, spring hinge of the front and skorochenymlystom №2 RSH13.3302-2902010-12 (for GAZ) -5sht, letter resornyypidsylenyy without ears №2 3302-2902102 (for GAZelle) -57sht, letter resornyyz №2 RSH13.3302-2912050-02 clamps (for GAZelle) -211sht, letter resornyy№2 4301-2912076 (for GAZ) -3sht, leaf springs with reduced eye zhomutom №2 RSH13.3302-2902050-12 (for GAZelle) -24sht absorbers front zsharnirom RSH.13.33104-2902010 (for GAZ-Valdai) -1sht, spring zadnyaRSh13.3308-2912012-01 (for au tomobilya GAS SADC) -7sht, leaf springs №2RSH13.3308-2912016 (for GAZ SADC) -4sht, leaf springs 75h15 / P 13h1160HOST 51585-2000-43sht, leaf springs №1 24-2912101 (for GAZ) -18sht , leaf springs with clamp №3 3302-2912051 (f GAZelle) -17sht, lystresornyy malolystovoy the hinge №1 3302-2902015-02 (for avtomobilyaHAZel) -64sht, leaf springs malolystovoy the hinge №1 3302-2912015-02 (dlyaavtomobilya Gazelle) -80sht, leaf springs additional №1 3302- 2913101-20 (dlyaavtomobilya Gazelle) -59sht absorbers front 53-2902012-02 (for GAZ) -60sht, spring back 53-2912012-03 (for GAZ) -7sht, spring perednya66-2902012-03 (for GAZ ) -7sht, spring GAZELLE 3302-2902010-01 s / w-9sht, spring back with reinforced hinge 3302-2912010-10 (for GAZelle) -12sht absorbers front 4301-2902012 (for GAZ) -1sht, spring forward with w arniromta brief letter №2 RSH13.3302-2902010-12 (for GAZ) -5sht, lystresornyy reinforced eyelets without №2 3302-2902102 (for GAZelle) -42sht, lystresornyy with clamps №2 RSH13.3302-2912050-02 ( car Gazelle) -114sht, lystresornyy №2 4301-2912076 (for GAZ) -1sht absorbers front of sharniromRSh.13.33104-2902010 (for GAZ-Valdai) -1sht, spring zadnyaRSh13.3308-2912012-01 (for car GAS SADC) -3sht, leaf springs №2RSH13.3308-2912016 (for GAZ SADC) -2sht, leaf springs 75h15 / P 13h1160HOST 51585-2000-31sht, leaf springs №1 24-2912101 (for GAZ) -22sht, letter of clamp springs m №3 3302-2912051 (for GAZelle) -13sht, lystresornyy malolystovoy the hinge №1 3302-2902015-02 (for avtomobilyaHAZel) -64sht, leaf springs malolystovoy the hinge №1 3302-2912015-02 (dlyaavtomobilya Gazelle) -64sht , leaf springs additional №1 3302-2913101-20 (dlyaavtomobilya Gazelle) -58sht,RUSSIA0UA80720018755.628989.19518
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Metal Eyelet Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Metal Eyelet Importer Sample

Date 18/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""Автоприцеп-Камаз-Україна"""
Importer Address
49006, м. Дніпропетровськ, Кіровський район, пр.Пушкіна,11А, оф.66
Exporter Name "ТОВ""Рострейлер"""
Product Description
"1.Vyroby ferrous metals, steel, made a few transa.........
HS Code 7326909890Value 704.0339835
Quantity 0Unit UA110160
Net Weight 39
Origin Country RUSSIA

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