Ukraine Import Data of Membrane Plate | Ukraine Import Statistics of Membrane Plate

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of membrane plate collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of membrane plate imports.

Membrane Plate Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Membrane Plate

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of membrane plate. Get Ukraine trade data of Membrane Plate imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201785169000001.Zapchastyny ​​to elektronahrivalnoyipobutovoyi technology for civilian use tapobutovoho: panelikeruvannya membrane to microwave, art.5219100900, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi.Trubka adapter to knee-makers (hard), art. 5313217101, 4pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Dokavovarky decorative plate, art. 5313219711, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. The tube adapter-knee-fuser to Triple Junction coffee (hard), art. 5313227661, 2pcs, Torh.m arch DeLonghi. Connecting pipes to coffee, art. 5332107600, 2pcs, Torh.m arch DeLonghi. Cover to coffee, art. 5332145600, 2pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. K lapan piston fuser to coffee, art. 5332213000, 6 pieces, Torh.marka DeLong hi. Float level of water to coffee, art. 5332266300, 2pcs, Torh.marka DeLong hi. Capacity (boiler) to coffee, art. 5513214291, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. H Crane asadka to kapuchinatoru, art. 5513220091, 2pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. R Učka switch to couple with a spring coffee, art. 5513222441, 3pc, Torh.m arch DeLonghi. Handle switch to coffee, art. 5513222471, 6 pieces, Torh.m arch DeLonghi. Handle to coffee, art. 5513222501, 2pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. R Učka switch to coffee, art. 5513222511, 4pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. P erehidnyk to coffee, art. 5513227411, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Boiling house block to coffee, art. 5513227911, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Boiler to coffee, art. 5513227941, 16sht, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Used motor to coffee, art. 5513227971, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Reduction in the collection of motor, belt and control board to kovovarky, art. 5513228011, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Strainer filtering to coffee, art. 607604, 4sh t Torh.marka DeLonghi. Capacity to coffee, art. 7313212611, 3pc, Torh.m arch DeLonghi. The door assembly to coffee, art. 7313224941, 1pc, Torh.m arch DeLonghi. Valve to coffee, art. 7313229481, 2pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Mechanical valve to coffee, art. 7313243781, 4pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. , Art. 7313244171, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi.ITALY0UA12502011.11264.0999191 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20174016995790"1.Vyroby rubber to the a / m General purpose chennya.Z nezatverdiloyi vulkanizovanoyinep Oru wrong rubber, not for industrial warehouse ting motor vehicles: 864130-01R cuff rear hub-240sht; 864190R-cuff 150sht; 100-3519150Rmembrana type 20- 800sht; 52-2902432R front spring support lower-100sht; 5320-2707225R buffer towing device-225sht; 5320-3414036R plate zahysnatyahy 500sht-fry; 5320-5001099R-sleeve spring 500sht; 53205-5130030R cover vazhelyaperemykannya gear-40sht; 53212-2905486R shock-mounting sleeve 500sht, repair kits 35R to KAMAZ hol.tsylindra clutch (cuff protective cover s, kiltsyauschiln.) - 400sht, repair kits 38R to the KAMAZ-t divider without 15.1772050 (pylozapobizhnyk rod, diaphragm, plug, hum.klapan, ring seal.) - 100 pieces; repair kits to KAMAZ valve 40R 1st protection (ring membrane) -100sht, repair kits 46R to the KAMAZ-t KAMAZ suspension radiator (pillow buffer) -30sht, repair kits to KAMAZ 66R pneumatic cylinder off the fuel supply (plug, uschiln.kiltsya) -100sht, REM SET 6p crane KAMAZ braking dvuhsektsiynyy (rings, hum.klapan) -50sht; 864135-01R cuff front hub, 100 pieces; Producer: JSC "" Balakovohumotehnika "" trademark-BRT-Laden, krayinavyrobnytstva-RU "RUSSIA0UA807200383.473198.522286
20/Apr/201740169957901. Spare parts (parts) for cars: nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber nonporous, shock protection (Pylnyk) -2sht. Producer (brand): ZF Friedrichshafen AG (SACHS), rubber-membrane cylinder 6 pcs. Producer (brand): INTER CARS SA (SBP), rubber-cushion stabilizer 26sht. Producer (brand): INTER CARS SA (FORTUNE LINE), rubber-cushion stabilizer 1am. Producer (brand): INTER CARS SA (FORTUNE LINE), stabilizer rubber-cushion 2 pcs. Producer (brand): Hans Pries GmbH & Co. KG (Hans Pries), a plate-spring suspension rubber 2 pcs. Producer (brand): INTER CARS SA (MAGNUM).CHINA0UA4000303.3743.60646673
19/Apr/20174016999100"1. Declaration of the goods a significant number of names submitted by one party, in accordance with Article 267 of CCU. Parts of railway equipment, humovokordovyy 360h100 element (4 pieces) Item humovokordovyy 500h130 (8 pieces), of vulcanized rubber nonporous, with a steel cord reinforced polyamide fibers , form: toropodibna is highly elastic coupling detail drive compressor generator installation locomotive designed to transfer a given value of torque between the shaft nespivvisno located in the dynamic mechanisms and kick navantazhennyamy.Shlanh them TЭM2.45.01.023 (6 pieces), hose TЭM2.45.01.024 (6 pieces), hose TЭM2.45.01.195 (4 pieces), sleeves of vulcanised rubber nonporous reinforced with textile materials, with fittings (nut) designed to supply a mixture of air and sand from the sand nozzles system to the point of contact with the wheels of the locomotive rails to increase the ratio zcheplennya.Diafrahma 5TH456.013 (8 pieces) made of vulcanized rubber, solid round shape with the mounting holes are designed to control the diaphragm drive chambers cam switch reverser diesel by the energy of compressed povitrya.Diafrahma 5TH.456.049 (2 pieces) made of vulcanized rubber, solid round shape with the mounting holes designed for actuation air diaphragm mechanism locomotive reverser actuator by the energy of the compressed elastic povitrya.Shayba TЭM2.35.30 .020 (28sht) TЭ10.35.30.016 elastic washer (16sht), consisting of two layers of steel and rubber layer, round, used in spring hanging extinguishing teplovoza.Shayba elastic wave offerings cart rights TЭM1.40.60.138 (124sht) , steel, kiltsep odibna, with a slot (Grover washer), used in locomotive brake lever gear to prevent loosening screws adjusting joints with right-rizblennyam.Zamok door TЭM2.53.01.064 (12p), mechanical lock, steel is used as a locking device door cab locomotive. Flexible shaft B-124-2600 (20pcs) transmission, reversible, consists of a rope in a protective shell, designed to transmit torque from the worm gear for speed to teplovozu.Korpus bearing TЭM2.10.60.122 (1pc) case with iron with holes for ball bearings used as bearing shaft of the cooling fan traction motors teplovozu.Reduktor worm TЭM2.00.20.015 (1pc), with toothed worm gear, part of the drive for speed locomotive designed for transferring rotational Wheel th pair locomotive for speed to that set in the locomotive cab. Typhon 4U24.4.0014.02 membrane (1pc), a metal plate is circular, as part of Typhon (feeder loud sound) used for locomotives; when the compressed air membrane Typhon driven in oscillatory motion and provides hudok.Pult portable TЭM18.70.56.000 (2 pieces) team unit in a metal box with buttons and t "RUSSIA0UA112070457.616006.75866
19/Apr/20179018410000"1.Bormashyny combined with other dental equipment on a common osnovi.Vidhruzka by order of 2,165,875 on 14/12/2016. Poz.000010 Dental unit TENEO complete art.6364157 -1sht. Configuration Packages: Art.6253566 Package" "Clinic" " (motor BL ISO C) for TENEO; Art.6253574 SIVISION package for TENEO; Art.6444918 Package " 'Innovation' 'for TENEO; patient chair. pedal control: Art.6211390 wireless foot pedal patient chair. Headrest: Motorized Art.6203983 seat headrest patient. Upholstery set: Art.6203991 chairs lining the patient's Premium. Mounting plate: Art.6204965 fee Adapter Kit M1 / ​​C. Place your doctor. Position 1. Block Art.6329051 doctor: SPRAYVIT (Left of water). Position 2. Art.6354356 electric motor BL ISO C unit doctor. Position 3. Art.6354356 electric motor BL ISO C block physician. 4. Position Art.6216274 Turbine hose unit physician. 5. Position Art.6208081 ultrasonic scaler unit doctor SIROSONIC TL. Art.6205434 Position 6. Power to spare camera unit doctor. Camera Type. Art.6389212 camera unit doctor SiroCam AF +. Place assistenta. Position 1 / not busy. Position 2. Block Art.6541325 assistant SPRAYVIT L (Left water) .Shema smoktuyuvannya. Art.6206770 Automatic separator unit assistant. Spittoon. Glass Art.6203199 turning plyuvalnytsya.Osvitlyuvannya. Monitor. Art.6497452 SIVISION monitor as a second monitor. Placing the monitor. Art.6392125 tray complete with handle. Operating light. Art.6497239 light LEDview the installation. Colors. Obivky color. Upholstery patient chair color Platinum. Shemakoloru. Art.6204155 color scheme sidebar blocks doctor and assistant Neutral. Workplace. First job. Art.6204056Robochyy chair friendly 1.70-2.05m growth. Type first job. Art.6204072 working chair HUGO. Art.6404097 system "hands free" with a foot control. Second job. Art.6204064 working chair for users 1.50-1.80m growth. Art.6204072robochyy chair HUGO. Art.6404097 system "hands free" with a foot upravlinnyam.Poz.001090 Dental Unit INTEGO pro art.6427277-2sht complete. Configuration Packages. Block Block typu.Art.6454842 medical doctor with lower supply tools. Packets user. Art.6444967 Improved installation package integ. SIVISION packages. Art.6253889 SIVISION Start visualization system to monitor medical unit. Pedal control. Art.6443605 pedal electric C +. Armchair patient. Headrest. Art.6443647 Headrest flat. Upholstery type. Art.6444439 chairs lining the patient's Premium. Upholstery color. Upholstery patient chair color Platinum. Additional options. Art.6443753 network card. Installation options / missing. Mounting plate / No. Local doctors. Control Panel. Art.6443183 Membrane control panel to block doctor. Position 1. Block Art.6445873 doctor: SPRAYVIT E (Left of water). Position 2. Art.6216274 Turbine hose with lighting. 3. Position Art.6216274 Turbine hose with light. "GERMANY0UA1101502251.019164352.3389
18/Apr/201739235010001. HANDLING CARDS WITH WARRANTY MEMBRANE, BATTERY FROM PLASTICS FOR PETROLEUM CLEANING WITH OLIVE, TWO COMPONENT, ON YEMNITION 1 LITER. (HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE TOP, LOWER POLYETHYLENE LOWER DENSITY): - EV 21/20 yellow 1011 / white 1086 caps (6 yard) -1185600 sheets (NO LOGO) -EV 21/20 blue 1033 (ths. Premium) / yellow 1011 cups (6 yard) -91200 pcs.-EV 21/20 blue 1467 / white 1086 Shreddy Gift (6 tiers) -364800 pcs. POWER PLATES (POLYETHYLENE OF HIGH DENSITY) FOR PURCHASE OF PET FIBER WITH OLIVE, COMPONENT FOR YMNIS OF 5 LITERS: -3442 yellow 1011collections (6 tiers) -122400ШТ.-3442 blue 1467 caps (6 yard) -81600ШТ., (WITHOUT LOGO).RUSSIA0UA806020739020265.96765
12/Apr/20179031200000"1. Stand for testing INDICATORS FILTRATION MEMBRANES: Laboratory testing plant pervaporatsyi membranes in a disassembled state. It consists of: - Stand with magnetic level indicator permeate from the condenser, electric switches to permeate pump control valve with integrated pressure gauge capacitor product indiktor magnetic measurements of fumes - 1pc - temperature displays «GMH 3710" - 2 pcs - Vacuum pump «Ilmvac MP 301" - 1pc - magnetic stirrer with heating plate «Heidolph MR Hei Tec» - 1pc - Table magnetic stirrer and plate - 1pc - Computer ECT fasteners - 1kompl.Ne for trading for own production potreb.Krayina production: DE. Manufacturer: GFT Membrane Systems GmbH.Torhovelna Brand: No data. ".GERMANY0UA12525020016270.02447
11/Apr/20178413506900"1.Diafrahmovyy alyuminiyevymkorpusom pump liquids: DH40-FA-TTT 9631137157DN - alyuminiyevymkorpusom diaphragm pump, bolt version kriplennya.40 - incoming and outgoing patrubkydiametrom 40 mm (1.5 inch) 25 - incoming and outgoing patrubkydiametrom 25 mm (1 inch) 15 - incoming and outgoing patrubkydiametrom 15 mm (0.5 inches) FA - body material, plates and the central unit (aluminum) T - the first letter means of membrane material - Teflon (PTFE - polytetrafluoroethylene) T - the second letter means the material saddles - Teflon (PTFE) T - third letter means the material balls - Teflon (PTFE) -1 t; DH15-FA-TTT 9631137135DN - diaphragm pump with aluminum, bolt version kriplennya.15 - incoming and outgoing pipes with a diameter of 15 mm (0.5 inches) FA - body material, plates and the central unit (aluminum) T - the first letter means of membrane material - Teflon (PTFE - polytetrafluoroethylene) T - the second letter means saddles material - Teflon (PTFE) T - third letter means the material balls - Teflon (PTFE) -1sht; DH25-FA-TT T 9631137153DN - diaphragm pump with aluminum , bolted version kriplennya.25 - incoming and outgoing pipes with a diameter of 25 mm (1 inch) FA - building material Su, plates and the central unit (aluminum) T - the first letter means of membrane material - Teflon (PTFE - polytetrafluoroethylene) T - the second letter means saddles material - Teflon (PTFE) T - third letter means the material balls - Teflon (PTFE) -1sht; Trademark brand-Crane: Crane Country of origin: DE "GERMANY3UA10028026.52044.104532
11/Apr/20178413508000"1.Diafrahmovyy pump powders (particulate materials) DP40-FA-TTT 9631113231DP - diaphragm pump powders (particulate materials) 40 - incoming and outgoing patrubkydiametrom 40 mm (1.5 inches) FA - body material, plates tatsentralnoho block (aluminum ) T - the first letter means the material Teflon membrane (PTFE - polytetrafluoroethylene) T - the second letter means saddles material - Teflon (PTFE) T - third letter means the material balls - Teflon (PTFE) -1sht; Trademark brand-Crane: Crane Country production: DE. "GERMANY1UA100280141758.128923
05/Apr/20174016999790"1.Chastyny ​​devices splashing or spraying of vulcanized rubber: ADD80-3" "Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser Membrane / Membrane diffuser to disk - 10 pcs.; ADD230-9" "Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser Membrane / Membrane diffuser to disk - 10 pcs.; ADD300-12 "" Fine Bubble Disc diffuser membrane / membrane diffuser to disk - 10 pcs.; APD650 Fine Bubble Plate diffuser membrane / membrane diffuser to tarilchatoho - 10 pcs., trademark AQUAFLEXKrayina production TRVyrobnyk UCBEYLER ALTYAPI ARITMA SAN VE TIC AS. "TURKEY0UA12504027380.5449274
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Membrane Plate Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Membrane Plate Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""КРОК-ТТЦ"""
Importer Address
02217,м.Київ,просп. Маяковського,26Україна
Exporter Name DE LONGHI APPLIANCES s.r.l,
Product Description
1.Zapchastyny ​​to elektronahrivalnoyipobutovo.........
HS Code 8516900000Value 264.0999191
Quantity 0Unit UA125020
Net Weight 11.11
Origin Country ITALY

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