Ukraine Import Data of Medical Instrument | Ukraine Import Statistics of Medical Instrument

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of medical instrument collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of medical instrument imports.

Medical Instrument Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Medical Instrument

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30/Apr/201790192000001. Instruments and medical and surgical devices, apparatus for ozone therapy, oxygen therapy taaerozolnoyi, CPR, resuscitation and other equipment for breathing-term therapy, ventilator model VELA -2 sht.v disassembled for transportation condition. .UNITED STATES0UA12510079.639499.99987 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201790183900001.Vyroby registered medical Ministry of Health, catheters and similar instruments used in medicine, surgery, catheterization is designed to naskrizshkirnoho input device in human blood vessels and through him drugs, diagnostic contrast agents, stent systems and other health adaptation during treatment and / or diagnostic procedures and during surgery. Devices for surgical endovascular interventions: 534646T - Diagnostic 6F catheter tip shape INFINITI AL-II - 40 shtuk.534647T - Diagnostic 6F catheter tip shape INFINITI AL-III - 40 shtuk.67005700 - directing device VISTA BRITE TIP diameter 6F XLL tip shape XB- 4 with holes - 5 shtuk.67004100 - directing device VISTA BRITE tIP tip diameter 6F XLL AL-2 forms with holes - 24 shtuky.67008300 - directing device VISTA BRITE tIP 6F XLL tip diameter forms JR-4 with holes - 25 shtuk.77805700 - directing device VISTA BRITE tIP tip diameter 7F XB-4 form with holes - 5 shtuk.Na packaging products available coincidences ovidne labeling - Wed №14976 / 2015 30.06.2015. Manufacturer - Cordis catheters Corporation.Dylatatsiyni Empira: 75R15225N - dilatation catheter EMPIRA NC RX PTCA 15 mm x 2.25 MM - 3 shtuky.75R20200N - dilatation catheterUNITED STATES0UA12510016.4327139.677064
28/Apr/20173808949000"1. Preparations trademark" "ANIOS" "The packaging of aerosol: Means STERANIOS20% concentrate composition of the active substance: - 20% glutaraldehyde. Excipients - stabilizer, dye substances inshidopomizhni water to 100%. Zastosovuyetsya medychnyhinstrumentiv for disinfecting surgical and medical equipment. art. 182115 bottle on 500ml.h 12 -10up. 120sht.Vyrobnyk: "" Laboratoires ANIOS "" Country of origin: FR. "FRANCE0UA10011069.07790.4783968
28/Apr/201790181200001.Vyroby medical devices, equipment for ultrasound scan tion: -Acclarix LX8 Diagnostic Ultrasound System Acclarix LX8 complete set consists of: // digital ultrasonic diagnostic system Acclarix LX8 complete, 1 pc., Consists of a diagnostic system and: -art. 02.01.211814-Linear array transducer: L10-4D // Linear sensor: L10-4D-1sht.-art.02.01.212626-Convex array transducer: C5-2XD // convex probe: C5-2XD-1sht. art. 02.01.211399-Phased array transducer: P5-1XD // The phase detector: P5-1XD-1sht.-art.02.01.211398-Endocavity array transducer: E8-4D // sensor endoporozhnyny: E8-4D-1sht. art. 02.01.211475-3D / 4D Mechaical curved array transducer: C5-2MD // 3D / 4D curved mechanical sensor: C5-2MD-1sht.-U2 Diagnostic Ultraso und System U2 complete set consists of: // diagnostic ultrasound system U2, complete, consists of 1 pc., consists of a diagnostic system and: -art.02.01.210396-12-Convex array transducer: C352UB // convex probe: C352UB -1sht.-art.02.01.210398-11- Linear array transducer: L742UB // Linear sensor: L742UB-1sht.-art.02.01.210400-11-transvaginal array transducer: E612UB // transvaginal probe: E612UV-1sht.Torhovelna mark EdanVyrobnyk Edan Instruments Inc. (3 / FB, Nanshan Medical Equipments Park, 518067, PRChina) Country of CNCHINA0UA12522015247999.99985
28/Apr/201738220000001.Laboratorni reagents used in laboratories for dairy plants, not medical, does not contain the blood of people: Buffer solution for testing zprobirkamy art.FLA225 - 4nabor., Calibration solution art.FLA250 - 2nabor. Test solution art.FLA260 pasteurization - 3nabor., Daily perevirochnyyrozchyn art.FLA280 - 4nabor. test solution 110ml art.3LA027 530N - 30sht., 150 ml liquid calorific art.3DA811 - 10pc., standard gauge 422H -10ml art.3LA023 - 2 pcs., standard gauge 621H - 10 ml art.3LA033 - 2 pcs. test solution Lactrol 530 - 10ml art.3LA030 - 2 pcs., Trading struction mark: Advanced. mikrotabletky wide range (BCM). Upakovkayemnistyu 35,000 tablets of 954-BROAD SPECTRUM MICROTABS, TUB, 35K - 2upak.Pereshkodzhayut emergence of bacteria, yeast and mold used dlyatryvaloyi preservation of samples of milk when compliance can not be short chasumizh collection and analysis of milk in dairy laboratoriyah.Torhivelna Brand: D & F. Manufacturer: Advanced Instruments, production Ins.Krayina: US.UNITED STATES0UA10023029.493882.585258
28/Apr/201790184990001 medical devices. Instruments and dental instruments. Tools for the introduction of medical implant steel special shape: SKD01k - Hex Screwdriver with Ratchet Connection - short (short prosthetic screw) - 30sht.SKD01L - Hex Screwdriver with Ratchet Connection - long (long screwdriver orthopedic) - 20sht.AAA_K3Pro / 3 - Abutment Removal tool for K3Pro 3mm Well for Ratchet (vyymach abutment) - 5sht.AAA_K3Pro / 2.1 - abutment Removal tool for K3Pro 2mm Well for Ratchet (vyymach abutment) - 15sht.SK05.b_K3Pro K3Pro basic Kit UA (basic surgical set) - 7sht.Krayina origin: Germany (DE).GERMANY0UA3051600.5114541.807561
27/Apr/20179027801700"1.ELEKTRONNI MEASURING INSTRUMENTS FOR DIGITAL SOLUTIONS ABOSUSPENZIYAH acidity, pH meter 009 IA with the logo" "WUXAL" "in an amount of 60 units. MAYEVOLOHOZAHYSCHENYY BUILDING. IS radioactive materials. VIYSKOVOHOTA NOT FOR MEDICAL USE In rural HOSPODARSTVI.PRYZNACHENYYDLYA MEASUREMENT pH (pH) that characterize the acidity ABOLUZHNIST working solution. Not for sale. INTENDED FOR UREKLAMNYH event. company manufacturers "" AGLUKON Spezialdunger GmbH & Co KG "", Germany. WUXAL trademarks. edges POHODZHENNYA- IN GERMANY.. "GERMANY0UA5080107.8610.4436306
27/Apr/201790189060001.Vyroby medical devices, instruments and apparatus for anesthesia: -art.1514000 (CUSHION FLEX ANAESTHETIC MASK SIZE 3 WITH YELLOW HOOK RING) anesthesia mask with inflatable cuff size 3 with yellow ring - 50sht.-art.1515000 (CUSHION FLEXT ANAESTHETIC mASK sIZE 4 wITH gREEN HOOK rING) anesthesia mask with inflatable cuff, size 4, with a green ring - 80sht.-art.1516000 (CUSHION FLEX ANAESTHETIC mASK sIZE 5 wITH ORANGE HOOK rING) deep geological anesthesia mask with naduvnoyumanzhetoyu, posted IP 5, orange-ring -60sht. art.1517000 (CUSHION FLEX ANAESTHETIC MA SK sIZE 6 wITH rED HOOKRING) Anesteziolo tech mask with an inflatable cuff, size 6, with a red ring -25sht. R / P №13928 / 2014 from 29.05.2014r. Manufactured at the plant Foremount EnterpriseCo. Ltd Taiwan.Vyrobnyk: Intersurgical LTD. Trade mrka: Intersurgical.Krayina production: TW. .TAIWAN0UA10002013.141125.785836
27/Apr/201790189084001.Vyroby medical devices, instruments and devices used for administration of contrast inMedicine recho wines in the bloodstream without mistyatradioobladnannya: Art.P200-CU-230 control unit Primado2-1sht. Art.FC-73kontrol one pedal Primado2-1sht. Art.P200-HMH Motor Primado2 of vysokymobertovym -1sht point. Art.SH135001 handle kraniotomichna PD-CRA -1sht.Art.SH143002 short handle standard PD-2SS-1am. Art.SZ114032 Nasadkairyhatsiyna, korodka PD-IN-2S-1sht.Krayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - NSKVyrobnyk - Nakanishi Inc. .JAPAN0UA10029014.88254.898026
27/Apr/20179018908400"Surgical instruments made from medical-resistant steel and are designed for multiple plastykuta Use cation, namely: 1.Laparoscopic trocar with silicone valve, 12,5 x 95mm, with plain cannula, withpiramid obturator laparoscopic Trocar with silicone valve, 12.5 x 95 , zhladkoyu cannula with pyramidal obturator art. 801.008.01-1sht. laparoscopic trocar with flip-type valve, 5,5 x 95 / 120mm, with spiralcannula, with safety obturator laparoscopic Trocar with mechanical valve, 5.5 x 95/120 mm, with spiral cannula with pyramidal obturator art.801.003.111 -2sht. Laparoscopic trocar with magnetic valve, 5,5 x 95/120 mm, with spiral cannula, with pyramid obturator Troak he laparoscopic mahnitnymklapanom of 5.5 x 95/120 mm with spiral cannula with pyramidal obturatoromart. -3sht 801,003,311. Reducer for laparoscopic trocar with silicone orflip-type valve, 10,5 - 5,5mm Redyuser for a trocar abomehanichnym silicone valve 10.5 - 5.5 mm art. -1sh 801,146 tons. silicone caps for trocars, 10,5mm silicone cap trocar, 10.5 mm art. 810.086.B2 -100sht.Silicone valve for trocars, 10,5mm silicone valve for a trocar, 10.5 mmart. 810.086.A2 -20sht. Stitching-up forceps for trocar wounds and aponeuroses, 2,5mm, up-side clip troakarnyh suturing wounds and sheath, 2.5 mm, top art. -5sht 801,103. Laparoscopic puncture needle, 5 x 330mm, # 22 Holkalaparoskopichna, 5 x 330 mm, needle, number 22, art. 801.027.6 -1sht. Laparoscopicpuncture needle, 5 x 330mm, # 18 laparoscopic needle, 5 x 330 mm needle, №18 art. 801.027.4 -1sht. Laparoscopic needle holder, 5 x 330mm, straight, type BHolkotrymach laparoscopic, 5 x 330 mm, straight, type in the art. 801,023 -1sht.Laparoscopic forceps, 5x330mm, endograsper type, double action Zatyskachlaparoskopichnyy, 5 x 330 mm, type "" Endohrasper "" Two moving Branche art.808.045.1 -1sht. Laparoscopic forceps handle, 5x330mm handle laparoskopichnohozatyskacha 5 x 330 mm art. 801F.009 -1sht. Laparoscopic forceps, 5x330mm, cholecystic clamp laparoscopic, 5 x 330 mm, type "" Babcock "" Art. 801.047-1sht. 2 Laparoscopic curved scissors-action, 5x330mm laparoscopic scissors, 5 mm h330, curved, with two movable Branche art. 801.033.1-1sht. Laparoscopic hook scissors, 5x330mm laparoscopic scissors, 5 x 330 mm, beak-art. -1sht 801,034. Laparoscopic forceps handle, 5x330mm Ruchkalaparoskopichnoho clamp 5 x 330 mm art. 801F.003 -3sht. Laparoscopic forcepshandle, 5x330mm, with ratchet handle laparoscopic clamp 5 x 330 mm zkremalyeroyu art. 801F.004 -3sht. Laparoscopic clip applier, 10 x 330mm, fortitanium clips, action 2, M Klipator laparoscopic, 10 x 330 mm, tytanovyhklips with two mobile Branche, M art. -2sht 801,111. Laparoscopic clipapplier, 10 x 330mm, for titanium clips, M Klipator laparoscopic, 10 x 330mm, for titanium clip M art. 801.001.2 -1sht. Laparoscopic tube for suction andirrigation, 5 + 10 x 330mm, push-type handset for laparoscopic aspiration tairyhatsiyi 5 "CHINA0UA5002104.12046.321176
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Торгово-ПромисловаКомпанія ""Н.З.ТЕХНО"""
Importer Address
вул. Бережанська, 14 кв.7м. Київ / Україна
Exporter Name NZ Techno Handels GmbH
Product Description
1. Instruments and medical and surgical devices, a.........
HS Code 9019200000Value 39499.99987
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 79.6
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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