Ukraine Import Data of Mechanics | Ukraine Import Statistics of Mechanics

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of mechanics collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of mechanics imports.

Mechanics Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Mechanics

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201785322400001.Kondensatory electric current, ceramic multiple layers dielektrykadlya civil electronics industry: CL05C101JB5NNNC -2000sht.Torhovelna mark: SamsungElectro-MechanicsKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: SamsungElectro-Mechanics.CHINA0UA1250600.051.778810372 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201785322400001. Electric capacitors, fixed, ceramic, multiple layers dielektrykadlya civil electronics industry: CL31A476MPHNNNE -600sht. CL32B106KBJNNNE-300sht.Torhovelna mark: SamsungElectro-MechanicsKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: SamsungElectro-Mechanics.GERMANY0UA125060290.42480651
27/Apr/201787083099981.TROSOVA DRIVE VEHICLE MECHANIC BARABANNOHOHALMIVNOHO art.1987477116-1sht. art.1987477852-9sht.TROSOVA CAR MECHANICS DRUM HALMIVNOHOPRYVODU ROBERT BOSCH art.1987477698-6sht.Vyrobnyk GMBHTorhovelna mark BOSCHKrayina production TR.TURKEY0UA12511012.266104.1698792
27/Apr/201787083099981.HALMIVNYY CYLINDER drum ZADNIYA / M art.F026003070-1sht.HALMIVNYYBARABAN art.0986477152-2sht for cars. art.0986477152-2sht. art.0986477149-2sht.HALMIVNYY TSILINDRBARABANNYY CAR art.F026002578-1sht. art.F026002578-2sht.HALMIVNYY cylinder drum HALMIVNOYISYSTEMY CAR art.F026009143-2sht. art.F026009143-3sht.HALMIVNYY TSYLINDRBARABANNYY CAR art.F026009482-2sht. art.F026009433-2sht. art.F026009433-2sht. art.0986475795-2sht. art.0986475795-2sht. art.0986475795-3sht. art.F026009260-5sht. art.F026009433-10sht. art.0986475032-22sht. art.0986475032-28sht.HALMIVNYY CYLINDER drum ZADNIYA / M art.0986475836-1sht. art.F026009039-2sht. art.F026009039-2sht. art.F026002580-2sht. art.F026009039-4sht. art.0986475836-3sht. art.0986475836-3sht. art.0986475836-5sht. art.0986475836-6sht.ZMONTOVANI drum brake shoes DLYAAVTOMOBILYA art.0986487883-1sht IN THE BOX. art.0986487815-1sht. art.0986487263-1sht. .0986487263-1sht art. art.0986487572-1sht. art.0986487892-1sht. art.0986487892-1sht. art.0986487885-1sht. art.0986487885-1sht. art.0986487893-1sht. art.0986487667-1sht. art.0986487599-2sht. art.0986487892-2sht. art.0986487892-2sht. art.0986487281-2sht. art.0986487281-2sht. art.0986487281-2sht. art.0986487892-4sht.ROBOChYY the brake cylinder rear drum VEHICLE art.F026002480-2sht. art.F026002480-5sht.ROBOChYY brake cylinder drum REAR A / M art.F026009234-1sht. art.0986475889-4sht. art.0986475889-6sht. art.0986475889-8sht.TROSOVA MECHANICS drum brake system 1235MM art.1987477869-1sht.TROSOVA MECHANICS ON THE BRAKE DRUM A / M art.1987477047-2sht.TROSOVA MECHANIC BRAKE DRUM DRIVE VEHICLE art.1987477260-1sht. art.1987477634-1sht. art.1987477635-1sht. art.1987477114-1sht. art.1987482024-3sht. art.1987477046-2sht. art.1987477250-1sht. art.1987477920-2sht. ROBERT BOSCH art.1987477920-3sht.Vyrobnyk GMBHTorhovelna mark BOSCHKrayina production ITITALY0UA125110171.354997.0000236
27/Apr/201785322400001.Kondensatory multilayer ceramic permanent capacity, CHIP (2.2 uF 25 V): art. CL10A225KA8NNNC - 4000sht. For civil industrial electronics. Manufacturer - Samsung Electro-Mechanics, trademark - Samsung. .CHINA0UA1002900.276.64746716
27/Apr/201782041100001. Hand tools Metal mechanics to service stations avtomobilivKlyuch art.TRX31003-gear with two nozzles, two nozzles - Total 5sht.Torhovelna mark Torin Big RedVyrobnyk CHANGSHU TONGRUN AUTO ACCESSORY CO., CN China LTD.Krayina production.CHINA0UA10005040107.3798682
27/Apr/201785322400001.Kondensatory ceramic multilayer constant capacitance chip (68 PKF 50 V): art. CL31C680JBCNNNC - 1000pcs. For civil industrial electronics. Manufacturer - Samsung Electro-Mechanics, trademark - Samsung. .CANADA0UA1002000.056.090140854
27/Apr/20178205400000"1.Instrumenty manual, screwdriver working part ina contains natural and shtuchnyhalma mouth, does not contain precious stones. Screwdriver Fusion, SL6,0 x 38 mm, CrV, 3-component handle" "anti-slip" "Art. 114049 -288sht . VykrutkaFusion, SL8,0 x 150 mm, CrV, 3-component handle "" anti-slip "" art. 114259-144sht.Torhovelna brand: MTX combination screwdriver SL6,0 / RN2 art. 115875 -2000sht.Nabir screwdrivers for fine mechanics, 6 pcs. art. 133445 -500sht.Torhovelna brand: SPARTAKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: MATRIZE Handels-GmbH. "CHINA0UA100130201.3795.9956638
27/Apr/201787083099981.HALMIVNYY Winch CAR art.0986477100-2sht. art.0986477152-2sht.HALMIVNYY cylinder drum AVTOMOBILYaart.F026002578-2sht.HALMIVNYY TSYLINDRBARABANNYY CAR art.F026009482-1sht. art.0986475032-14sht.HALMIVNYY back for BARABANNYHHALMIVNYH CYLINDER SYSTEMS A / M art.0986475890-1sht. art.0986475890-1sht. art.F026009181-3sht.HOLOVNYY art.0986480870-1sht.ZMONTOVANIHALMIVNI brake cylinder drum pads for cars in art.0986487823-1sht BOX. art.0986487002-1sht. art.0986487272-1sht. art.0986487554-1sht. art.0986487554-1sht. art.0986487599-2sht. art.0986487781-1sht. art.0986487281-2sht. art.0986487667-2sht. art.0986487819-19sht.MEHANIKA BRAKE ON THE VEHICLE (tethered) art.1987477815-1sht.ROBOChYY the brake cylinder rear drum brake cylinders art.F026002480-1sht.ROBOChYY VEHICLE TO VEHICLE SYSTEMS art.F026009927-1sht drum. art.0986486091-5sht.ROBOChYY HALMIVNNYY cylinder BARABANNYHSYSTEM CAR art.0986475939-1sht. art.0986475939-4sht. art.098647 5939-8sht.TROSOVA MECHANIC BRAKE DRUM DRIVE VEHICLE art.1987477067-1sht.TROSOVA MECHANICS MECHANICS art.1987477959-1sht.TROSOVA BARABANNOHOHALMIVNOHOPRYVODU CAR CAR art.1987482521-1sht HALMIVNOYISYSTEMY drum. art.1987482520-1sht.TROSOVA MEHANIKABARABANNOHO BRAKE ON THE VEHICLE art.1987482145-1sht. art.1987477683-1sht. art.1987477707-1sht. art.1987477635-1sht. art.1987477595-1sht. art.1987477817-2sht. art.1987477803-1sht. ROBERT BOSCH art.1987477803-1sht.Vyrobnyk GMBHTorhovelna mark BOSCHKrayina production ITITALY0UA12511098.593715.6301003
27/Apr/201787083099981.TROSOVA BARABANNOHOHALMIVNOHO MECHANICS ON THE VEHICLE BRAKE art.1987477116-1sht.TROSOVA MEHANIKABARABANNOHO PRYVODUAVTOMOBILYA art.1987477698-1sht. art.1987477694-1sht. art.1987477694-1sht. art.1987477698-4sht. ROBERT BOSCH art.1987482032-4sht.Vyrobnyk GMBHTorhovelna mark BOSCHKrayina production TR.TURKEY0UA1251106.31259.53993693
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Mechanics Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Mechanics Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ВІАКОМ"""
Importer Address
02091,м.Київ,вул.Тростянецька,49 Україна
Exporter Name Transfer Multisort Elektronik Sp. z o.o
Product Description
1.Kondensatory electric current, ceramic multiple .........
HS Code 8532240000Value 1.778810372
Quantity 0Unit UA125060
Net Weight 0.05
Origin Country CHINA

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