Ukraine Import Data of Match Boxes | Ukraine Import Statistics of Match Boxes

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of match boxes collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of match boxes imports.

Match Boxes Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Match Boxes

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/201783099090001.Zahlushky threaded inner shestyh rannik turnkey hardened ner.stali Model: CPP1IS ExdIICGbU / ExeIIGbU, IP66, thread M 20x1.5, ner.stl -3sht.Model: CPP2IS ExdIICGbU / ExeIIGbU, IP66, thread M 20x1.5 , ner.stl -3sht.Model: CPP3IS ExdIICGbU / ExeIIGbU / ExiaIIS GaU -1sht. Designed for zakryvannyavvodnyh holes matches that are not used in junction boxes x. .RUSSIA0UA8051800.7181.6839828 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
18/Apr/20173605000000"Matches home safe four 2/3 size, TY BY 600012256.012-2011 (2700 cardboard boxes boxes spichechnyh 1000, the average content box 36 pcs., Packed in transparent film) -270000 general number of blocks (10 corr. in the block) .Vyrobnyk - OAO "" Borysovdrev. ' "Country of-BY."BELARUS0UA1000701890018448.91504
12/Apr/20172309909610"1. The previous mixture (premix). Products that maintain animal health schomistyat vitamins, mineral compounds not containing starch, glucose or syropuhlyukozy ma ltodekstrynu syrup or maltodextrin or dairy products: -Kalfostonik in powder form for plowing tion application. pryznachenyydlya drug use pigs, cattle due to lack of macro and micronutrients, anorexia, eliminating nasledkiv poor nutrition, rickets, during recovery, and also to prevent hypo- and beriberi. Preparation apply ne orally with food. 100g preparatumistyt: active ingredients: Vitamin A-600000; Vitamin D3-200000MO; VitaminV1-100,0mh, Vitamin V2-200,0mh; V6-10,0mh Vitamin, Vitamin V12-1,1mh, alpha-tocopherol -75.0 mg Vitamin K3-25,0mh, nicotinic acid, 1.25 g; Kaltsiyupantotenat - 500 mg, choline chloride, 25,0h, DL-metionin- 10.0 g; L-lysine, 2.5 g; root hentsianu- 5,0h, L-carnitine, 3,0h, 7.5 g of sodium hlyutamat-; 25,0h-sodium, magnesium carbonate 5,0h; manganese carbonate 1.0 g, Zin Ku 1.0 g sulfate, iron sulfate 2.0 g; Copper sulfate 500,0mh; Carbonate sulfate 500,0mh; Kaliyuyodyt-180,0mh; Calcium carbonate 443,856h; Calcium phosphate 300,0h; Natriyuselenit-80,0mh; Auxiliary proprietary yny: aromatic filler. Razfasovan dlyarozdribnoyi trade. Product: Aluminum bags with ext ishnimpolietylenovym surface: -on 1kg, art.PA2748 / UA0000- 195sht (13kart.kor) - to 25kg, art.PA2747 / UA0000- 10pcs (10kart. Boxes) - Chyktonik in the form of a solution for oral administration. The drug is intended dlyazastosuvannya reproductive birds, young birds, broylerov, laying hens dlyanormalizatsiyi metabolism in the body of an positive impact on productivity, survival and reproductive functions sviy- tion birds. The drug zastosuyutperoralno drinking water. 1000 mL preparation contains: active ingredients: Vitamin-2500000; Vitamin D3-500000MO; Alpha tokoferol- 3,75h; V1-3,5h Vitamin, Vitamin V2-4,0h; Vitamin V6-2,0mh; Vitamin V12-10,0mh; Vitamin K3-250,0mh, sodium pantothenate - 15,0h; choline chloride, 400,0mh; DL-methionine, 5,0h, L-lysine, 2.5 g; L-triptych fan 75,0mh; L-threonine-500,0mh; inozytol- 2.5 mg; 490,0mh-arginine; valine, 1.1 g; serine-680,0mh; aspartic acid, 1.45 g glutamic acid-1,16h; proline - 510,0mh; glycine-575,0mh; 975,0mh alanine, cystine-150,0mh; leucine, 1.5 g; isoleucine - 125,0mh; 810,0mh-phenylalanine; tyrosine 340,0mh; histidine-900,0mh; biotin-2,0mh; Excipients: polysorbate 80, methyl parahidroksybenzoat, propilparahidroksy- benzoate, propylene glycol, vodaochyschena. Razfasovan for retailers. Product: Plastic bottles: -on 1L, art.PA2263 / UA0000 -300sht (30kart. Boxes); - by 25l, art.PA2616 / UA0000 -24sht (24kart.korobok) - B complex in the form of a solution for perora lnoho zastosuvannya.Preparat pryznachenyydlya use of agricultural animals and poultry for nervous disorders, myopathies, insufficient amounts of vitamin B group matches, chaslikuvannya during maintenance therapy with antibiotics and koktsydiostaty kami, increase productivity tvarynta birds. Drug apply paragraph "SPAIN0UA8071701422.455490.690879
07/Apr/20173605000000"1.Sirnyky home safe four 2/3 size, GOST 1820-2001: 2794sht.karton.yaschykiv (1000 Closed boxes of matches in each box.) For hospodarskohopryznachennya.Torhivelna Brand: No data. Logos: Hvozdyka.Vyrobnyk: OAO" "Cherepovetskaya spychechnaya FAB Rica" "FЭSKO. '" Country of RU.. "RUSSIA0UA8071201955818091.20709
04/Apr/20173605000000"1.Sirnyky home safe four 2/3 size, GOST 1820-2001: 2794sht.karton.yaschykiv (1000 Closed boxes of matches in each box.) For hospodarskohopryznachennya.Torhivelna Brand: No data. Logos: Hvozdyka.Vyrobnyk: OAO" "Cherepovetskaya spychechnaya FAB Rica" "FЭSKO. '" Country of RU.. "RUSSIA0UA8071201955818684.09676
03/Apr/20173004320000"1.Liky for people matched containing hormones of the adrenal gland and put up for retail torhivli.Seriyi 41637637/41639617: POLKORTOLON® tablets 4 mg, 25 tablets in a blister, 2 blisters in cardboard boxes - 1,296 packs. (Active substance - triamcinolone) Manufacturer: Pab'yanitskyy pharmaceutical plant Polfa SA, PL.. "POLAND0UA125030467361.279962
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Match Boxes Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Match Boxes Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПАТ ""Сумське НВО """
Importer Address
40004, м.Суми, вул.Горького, 58
Exporter Name "ТОВ Фірма""МОТТУ Ко Лтд"""
Product Description
1.Zahlushky threaded inner shestyh rannik turnkey .........
HS Code 8309909000Value 181.6839828
Quantity 0Unit UA805180
Net Weight 0.7
Origin Country RUSSIA

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