Ukraine Import Data of Master Clip | Ukraine Import Statistics of Master Clip

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of master clip collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of master clip imports.

Master Clip Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Master Clip

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20179102210000"1. The mechanical watches with automatic pidzavedennyam with zobrazhennyamlohotypu TM" "LONGINES" ", in the range: -Bez precious stones: -Art. L27594518 -Clock Collection The Longines Master Collection-4 pieces: -chornyy dial, Roman numerals 12, chronograph, calendar, steel casing, net weight (in grams): 412.700; (L600119963, black alligator strap leather, zistalevoyu zipper clip, elongated 21/18) - Ref. L27734785 -Clock collection The Longines Master collection -2sht: -sriblyastyy dial, Arabic numerals 9, chronograph, calendar, building steel, vahanetto (in grams): 207.060; (L600110310, korychnovyy strap b with shkiryalihatora, with steel buckle extended 21/18) - Ref. L27844533 -Clock Collection The Longines Saint-Imier Collection-3pc: -chornyy dial, Arabic numerals 9, Chronograph, calendar, steel casing, net weight (in grams) : 292.200; (L600119962, black alligator strap of leather, zipper zistalevoyu -klipsoyu 21/18) - Ref. L36764996 -Clock collection Conguest -5sht: -syniy tsyferb Latin, Arabic 2, 10 indices calendar; steel body; net weight (vhramah): 849,400; -Art. L49602122 Lyre -Clock collection -2sht: -bilyy dial 12 indexes calendar; steel body; net weight (in grams): 90,600; -Art. L49602322 Lyre -Clock collection -2sht: -yellow dial 12 indexes calendar; steel body; net weight (in grams): 90,600; -Clock supplied with boxes for watches, instructions, tag, warranty cards and other accessories included in the cost vartisthodynnykiv. watches contain some kind of transmitters and receivers or transmitters. "SWITZERLAND18UA11003023.32718662.07849 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20178708409998"1. Parts Transmission, steel, cast followed by treatment, industrial assembly nedlya, dlyatsyvilnoho appointment to s / htraktoriv: 80-1701384 DISC master-5pcs. 70-1721113-A-shaft 6 pcs. 74-1721113 shaft 1pc . 72-1802020-box distributing 46sht. 52-1802067 clip-5sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for retail and wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk OAO "" BZTDyA. ' "trademark BY BZTDyAKrayina production."BELARUS0UA5041701306.0254812.249853
11/Apr/201739263000901. Spare parts made of plastic, decorative to passenger cars, new, art.009331221A - PLASTIC MILLING-1 pc. Art 0128101371 - CLIPSPPLASTIC-1 pc. Art.0155305233 - PLASTIC CLIPS-4pcs. Art. 0155305933 - KLIPSAPPLASTIKOVA-16 pcs. Art. 0155305933 - PLASTIC CLIMATE-14pcs.Art. 0155305933-CLIPS PLASTIKOVA-5pcs. Art. 0155305933 - PLASTIC CLIENT-4pcs. Art.0155305933-CLIPS PLASTICOVA-2pcs. Art 0155305933 - PLASTIC CLIMATE-10pcs. Art. 0155305933-CLIPS PLASTIKOVA-5pcs.Art.0155309611 - PLASTIC CLIPS-5pcs.Art.0155309611-PLASTIC CLIPS-3pcs.Art.0155310501 - PLASTIC CLIPS-7pcs.Art.0155310501-PLASTIC CLIPS - 4pcs.Art.0155310501 - PLASTIC CLIPS-2pcs.Art.0155310501-PLASTIC CLIPS-10pcs.Art.0155330001 - PLASTIC CLIPS-4pcs.Art.165544BE0A -PRODUCTION PLASTIC-1 pc. Art.165544BE0D - AIR-PLASTIC-1 str. ART.175715L30A - PLASTIC PLATES-8pcs. Art.175748H300 - PLASTIC PLATES-2pcs. 2.14401LA0A - RADIATOR-PLASTIC-1pc. Art.214401LA0A - ZAGLUSHKARADIATOR-1 pc. Ar t.243824BA0D - PLASTIC CRUSHER OF THE COMBINING UNIT-1pc. 2443824BA1B - CHAIN ​​OF STOPPING UNIT-1 pc. Art.243824BE0A - PLASTIC CRUSHER OF THE STOPPING UNIT-1pc.Art.2438351E00 - PLASTIC CORROSION BLOCAREL-1 pc. Art.27276JN20A - PLASTIC CORPUS FILTER-1pc.Art.286584CD4A -FEATER MASTER PHAR-1 pc. Art.321031MG0B - PLASTIC CUTTING-1pcs. Art.331414N20A- SETTING UP ROOF-1 pc. Art.403431CJ4A - PLASTIC KOVPACKOLESA-4pcs.Art.62319AU000 - PLASTIC CLIPS-2pcs.Art.628223UC0A - PLASTIC MANAGER AIR-1pc. Art.638241CJ0A - SET OF PLASTIC BRUSHERS-1pc. Arth. 638424CB0A - FRONT RIDGE BUTTON-1pc. Art.63843EL05B - ​​PIRTS-1 - PLASTIC CLIPS-2pcs.Art.6384835F00 - PLASTIC CLIPS - 2pcs. Art.638544CE0A - FRONT PLASTIC BROKEN K-T-1sht. Art.638601CB0B -TLEARING OF ARKY CRYLA-1 pc.Art.638601CB0B- SILICON ARKY CRYLA-1 pc. Art.638604CE0A - ACCESSORIES OF THE FRONT PATTERN-1 6.38604CE0A - Lining of the front wing-1pc. Art.638614CE0A - Arkaiklya-1 str.Art.638614CE0A- SILICON ARKY CRYLA-1 pc. Art.684114BA1A - PLASTIC LABELING-1 - PLASTIC CLIPS-2pcs. Art.727511LA0A - MOLDING-1 st.arts.727524CC0B - MOLDING OF LOB SHOW-1pc. Art.739104CD5A - CARD STELI-1 - BALL (PLAS) -8pcs. Art.76848JG00A - PLASTIC CLIPS - 4pcs. Art.76848JG00B - PLASTIC CLIPS - 4pcs. Art.768501CJ5A - WRAP CLEANING-1pcs. 7.768501CJ5A - 1-piece paste.Art.76881JG00A - PLASTIC CLIPS-12p. Art.768820M000 - PLASTIC CLIPS-8pcs.Art.768820M060 - PLASTIC PLATES-2pcs. 7.788124CE0A - PLASTIC BACK-1 PLASTIC BLOCK. Art.788601CB0B - PLASTIC IMOLINDINGS-1pc.Art.788604CE0A - LINING OF ARKY CRYLA-1 pc. Art.788611CB0B - MOLDINGS WHEELS-1 pc.Art.788614CE0A - MOLDING ARKY WHEEL-1 st. Art.808701CJ1A- PLASTIC MOLDINGS-1pcs. Art.828764CE0A - MOLDING OF REAR DOORS-1 - PLASTIC LABEL-1 pc.Art.88989JG00C - Lining on top of 1 pc.Art.84920JN20A - PLASTIC LABEL-1pc.Art.84966JN90JAPAN0UA12519016.9891425.835086
03/Apr/20177326909890"1.Zapasni car parts" "yernoyi technology: ferrous metals: Ring / O-RING art.4399100-4sht; Seals / PACKING art.4655039-1sht, Finger / PIN art.4689796-12sht, lock / RETAINER art .718002-7sht, plug / BUSHING art.4193394-4sht, clip / CLAMP art.3056090-2sht, Finger / PIN art.KC4000039440-3sht; Seals / PACKING art.4655040-2sht, plate / pLATE art.4437051-1sht; Ring / O-RING art.4153531-2sht, plug / BUSHING art.4271800-6sht; Seals / PACKING art.4655040-2sht, Finger / PIN art.KC4000039440-29sht, clamp / cLAMP; PIPE art.4402720-1sht, housing valve / COVER; vALVE art.XB00005225-1sht; Seals / PACKING art.4655041-2sht, Ring / O-RING art.4138928-8sht, plug / BUSHING art.4271801-2sht; Seals / PACKING art.46 55041-2sht; Pump housing / CASING; PUMP art.XB00005223-2sht, clip / CLIP art.4475352-1sht, Construction / GASKET art.8981815400-4sht, gearbox housing / CARRIER; PLANETA art.YB00000305-2sht, the valve casing / COVER ; art.XB00005226-1sht VALVE, Construction / GASKET art.9095661110-4sht; Bushing gear / COUPL ING; gEAR art.2055802-1sht, clip / CLAMP art.4302749-1sht; Bracket / BRACKET art.4366627-1sht; Cap / PLUG art.XB00000799-16sht, clip / CLIP art.952358560-2sht, Construction / SPACER art.4302747-7sht, clip / CLIP art.1097003291-2sht; Bracket / BRACKET art.8104656-4sht, clip / CLIP art.1097008600- 3pc, clip / CLAMP; PIPE art.4053595-6sht, plug / BUSHING; TRACK art.4640126-1sht, plug / COLLAR art.4366137-4sht, guard / COVER art.9755087-1sht, Finger / PIN art.3075265- 1pc, Ring / O-RING art.4510169-100sht, Ring / O-RING art.4510170-100sht, guard / COVER art.4409163-1sht; Seals / PACKING art.4655039-3sht, Finger / PIN; MASTER art.4640127 -1sht, Finger / PIN art.8072108-1sht, guard / COVER; VALVE art.XB00005225-1sht, Finger / PIN art.3121026-2sht, plug / COLLAR art.4366137-2sht, lock / STOPPER art.4631726-2sht; pump housing / cASING; pUMP art.XB00005223-2sht, plug / BUSHING; MASTER art.3073869-1sht, clamp / cLAMP; PIPE art.4402720-1sht, Ring / O-RING art.4153531-4sht, guard / COVER; VALVE art.XB00005226-1sht, clamp / cLAMP; PIPE art.8067535-32sht, plug / COLLAR art.4379310-4sht, clip / cLAMP art.4302748-6sht, Finger / PIN; MASTER art.3077929-4sht, plug / BUSHING art .3077928-2sht, Finger springs / PIN; SPRING art.488680-3sht, Proclus adka / SPACER art.4177244-9sht; The base plate / PLATE; THRUST art.4239868-9sht, Ring / O-RING art.4605034-5sht, lock / RETAINER art.4177246-1sht, Finger / PIN art.4263903-5sht; The base plate / pLATE; THRUST art.3101066-2sht, Finger / PIN art.4609818-12sht; Cap / pLUG art.94-2026-3sht, Repair kit (metal tube filler for the engine oil) / KIT; REPAIR art. YA60039198-2sht, trademark HitachiVyrobnyk Plants concern Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.Krayina production JP "JAPAN0UA1001103082.6530450.95015
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Master Clip Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Master Clip Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""МОНТРЕ ТРЕЙД"""
Importer Address
87515, м.Маріуполь, вул.Енгельса,буд.54
Exporter Name Longines Watch Co. Francillon Ltd (Compagnie des Montres Longines Francillon S.A.)
Product Description
"1. The mechanical watches with automatic pidzaved.........
HS Code 9102210000Value 18662.07849
Quantity 18Unit UA110030
Net Weight 23.327
Origin Country SWITZERLAND

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