Ukraine Import Data of Mantle | Ukraine Import Statistics of Mantle

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of mantle collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of mantle imports.

Mantle Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Mantle

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784749010001.Zapasni of metallic, cone crushers Sandvik H4800: armor plate fixed cone EC (TG) M18% art. 4 52-3027-002 -2sht, nakladkaruho my armor cone, Mantle B, M18% art. 442-723 0-02 -2sht. .MALAYSIA0UA20918027167063.641301 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20173925908000"1. Products made of plastic: RYNZA BRYZA 125mm / 3m, red art.62-013-220p; Angle internal 90 BRYZA 125mm, corrugated art 62-052 -50pcs; Inner inner and 90 BRYZA 125mm, brick art. 62-056 - 10pcs; External angle 90 BRYZA125mm; Black art 62-063 -10; Bracket rinv and BRYZA 125mm; White art.62-071 -65p; Armature bracket BRYZA 125mm; Green art 62-075 -845p.; The stopper of the right bank of the B RYZA 125mm, the red art 62-083 -80p; the plunger BRYZA 125mm, the crimson art 62-092-320p; the stub of the left wing BRYZA125mm, the brick art 62-096 - 80pcs BRYZA Rinva 125mm / 3m, white art 62-011-45; Rinva BRYZA 125mm / 3m, green art 62-015 -445pcs; Ku External 90BRYZA 125mm, brown art 62-062 - 50pcs; external angle 90 BRYZA 125mm, green art 62-065 -10; BRYZA 125mm ridge bracket, red art 62-073-195pcs; BRYZA right crown 125mm , White art 62-081 -10; Zaglushkarinvi priava BRYZA 125mm; green art 62-085 -12 0pcs; plumb line for levibrisaBRYZA 1 25mm, g raffit art. 62-094 -50; Clamp of pipe B RYZA 90мм, коричневаяарт. 62-152 -1100s tons; Clamp of BRYZA pipe 90mm, brick art. 62-156 -150pcs; Rynva BRYZA 125mm / 3m, brown art. 62-012 -840s .; Rinva BR YZA 125mm / 3m, brick art. 62-016 -195s t .; Angle internal 90 BRYZA 125mm, green art art.62-055 -10;The angle is 90 BRYZA 125 mm, brick art.62-066 -20p. ; Armature bracket BRYZA 125mm, graphite ar. 62-074-260; The stroke of the right mantleBRYZA 125mm, brown art. 62-082-320 pcs .; BRYZA plugs of 125mm, right now. 62-086 -60; Blind rin you left BRYZA 125mm, white art.62-091 - 10pcs .; Ribbon plunger left BRYZA 125mm, green art. 62-095 -120pcs; BRYZA pipe clamp 90mm, red art. 62-153 -150 pcs. ; Clamp of BRYZA pipe 90mm, graphite art. 62-154 -100pcs .; Rynva BRYZA 125mm / 3m, graph of art. 62-014 -70s .; Angle internal90 BRYZA 125mm, red art. 62-053 -10pcs ; Bracket BRYZA 125mm, brown and art. 62-072 -1625;Bracket BRYZA girdle 125mm, brick art.62-076-325pcs; BRYZA 125mm Mine Right Bracket, Fiat Art Game. 62-084 -50pcs; BRYZA 125mm red ribbon, red art. 62-093 -8 0pcs .; Clamp tube BRIZA 90mm, white art. 62-151 -50; Clamp of BRYZA pipe 90mm, green art.62-155 -650pcs. "POLAND0UA2091804375.5512268.24613
19/Apr/201784836020001. Products from carbon steel with further processing to combine harvesters: couplings and devices for connecting the shafts: the cam of the hub of the drive of the rotor, art.87436839-3 pcs, the clutch of the slot of the mantle of the rotor variator pulley, art.411410A1-1 pcs, split sleeve Rotor drive, art.87406731-2 piece, Trade mark-CNH. Production line-US. Producer-CNHI International. .UNITED STATES0UA11019037.8841343.052154
11/Apr/20176214300000"1. Clothing with testylnyh of clothing materials for rystanya performed in religious services and rituals: All products koloru.Mantiya white, polyester, r.18 mod. 432 161 918 - 3 pcs .; composition - 100% polyester, Mantle, polyester , r.19 mod. 432 161 919 - 3 pcs .; composition - 100% polyester, Mantle, polyester, r.20 mod. 432 161 920 - 5 pcs .; composition - 100% polyester, Mantle, polyester, r.23 mod. 432 161 923 - 3 pcs .; composition - 100% polyester;. "UNITED STATES14UA1251002.866123.0798774
10/Apr/20178708803598"1.Chastyny ​​and devices for cars. Part suspension system, not for the industrial assembly of motor vehicles for the a / m purpose: BJST-113 kit front suspension ball sharnyriv VAZ 2123" "Champion" "- 20pcs, BJST-109 kit sharnyriv ball VAZ 2101trs finger Universal layer (top / bottom) with a cover (MT01-2904082-04) -5sht, BJST-104 kit sharovyhsharnyriv VAZ-2108 Champion incl .: MT08-2904192-02 - finger layer of zahystnymchohlom - 2-sht. 30sht, BJST-ball 105 set sharnyriv 2101-2107 Master Champion: MT01-2904082-03 - Universal finger layer (lower / Top) with chohlom- 2 pcs., MT01-2904192-03 - finger upper layer of the mantle - 2sht.-55sht, 2101 WB70-111rychah front suspension lower right in the Classics collection (WB70-111) -2sht, Lever front WB70-108 VAZ-2101 suspension upper left 2101-2904101 (WB70-108) -6sht, WB70-110 Lever front suspension in 2101 in the upper right sboreKlassyka (WB70-110) -2sht, WB70-105 Lever front suspension VAZ-2101 nyzhniypravyy 2101-2904020- 01 (WB70-105) -10sht, BJ70-103 sharnyr layer for a / m Champion VAZ-2101 (MT01-2904192-03) -40sht, BJ70-108 sharnyr bottom layer VAZ-2101 (MT01-2904082) -40sht, BJ70-102 sharnyr layer for a / m VAZ- bottom Champion 2101 (MT01-2904082-03) -20sht, BJ70-106 sharnyr w Arov VAZ- 2123 Champion (MT23-2904192) -20sht, BJST-113 kit front suspension ball sharnyriv VAZ 2123 "" Champion "" - 20pcs, BJST-ball 109 set sharnyriv VAZ 2101trs finger sharovoyiunyversalnыy (top / bottom) with a cover (MT01 -2904082-04) -5sht, BJST-104komplekt ball sharnyriv VAZ-2108 Champion incl .: MT08-2904192-02 - Protective cover with paletssharovoyi - 2-sht. 20pcs, BJST-ball 105 set sharnyriv Master 2101-2107 Champion: MT01-2904082-03 - Universal finger layer (top / bottom) with chohlom- 2 pcs., MT01-2904192-03 - finger upper layer of the mantle - 2sht.-45sht, 2101 WB70-111rychah front suspension lower right in Classics collection (WB70-111) -1sht, WB70-108 Lever front suspension VAZ-2101 top left 2101-2904101 (WB70-108) -6sht, WB70-110 Lever front suspension in 2101 in the upper right sboreKlassyka (WB70-110) - 1pc, WB70-106 Lever front suspension VAZ-2101 nyzhniylivyy 2101-2904021-01 (WB70-106) -5sht, WB70-105 Lever front pidviskyVAZ-2101 bottom right 2101-2904020-01 (WB70-105) -15sht, BJ70- 103 sharnyr sharovoyidlya a / m VAZ 2101 Champion (MT01-2904192-03) -40sht, BJ70-108 sharnyr layer VAZ-2101 bottom (MT01-2904082) -40sht, BJ70-102 sharnyr layer for a / m VAZ- 2101nyzhniy Champion ( MT01-2904082-03) -20sht, BJ70-106 sharnyr layer VAZ- 2123Chempyon (MT23-2904192) -20sht, BJST-set layer 113 ovyh sharnyriv front suspension VAZ 2123 "" Champion "" - 30sht, BJST-ball 114 set sharnyriv VAZ-2108 without tubes including: MT08-2904192 - finger Protective cover layer of VAZ 2108 - 2 pcs. -20sht, BJST-ball 104 set sharnyriv VAZ-2108 Champion incl .: MT08-2904192-02- layer of finger Protective cover - 2 pcs. -90sht, BJST-116 sharovyhsharnyriv kit for a / m VAZ-2121 without tubes, incl .: MT01-2904192 finger zzahystnym layer Cho "RUSSIA0UA8072001830.5912674.56489
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Mantle Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Mantle Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""КРАСТ 54"""
Importer Address
49055, м. Дніпропетровськ, вул. Шинна, 11, Україна
Exporter Name Crusher Manganese Steels Ltd.
Product Description
1.Zapasni of metallic, cone crushers Sandvik H4800.........
HS Code 8474901000Value 7063.641301
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 2716
Origin Country MALAYSIA

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