Ukraine Import Data of Magnet Valve | Ukraine Import Statistics of Magnet Valve

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of magnet valve collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of magnet valve imports.

Magnet Valve Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Magnet Valve

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201785059020101.Solenoyid (magnet), an electromagnetic coil for valve switching functions art.24282582-1sht. Parts for hydraulic cranes. Trademark: TVH. Brand: No data. Country of origin: JP. .JAPAN0UA5002000.367158.0463412 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201785365019901.Vymykachi Electric voltage to 24V, electromagnetic, used in refrigeration, mounted on trailer trucks: art.3504879-solenoid valve valve 12V-3pc. .UNITED STATES0UA1251801.17294.733776
28/Apr/201785059020901.Kotushky electromagnetic solenoid valves to control pneumatic systems tehnolohychnohoobladnannya.VACF-B-B2-3W 50sht. .CHINA0UA1251002.63975.61770725
28/Apr/201784812090001.Klapany control of pneumatic power transmission (pnevmorozpodilyuvachy Electromagnetic Valve Islands - block solenoid valves) dlyatehnolohychnoho obladnannya.VTUG 10-SK6-S1T-Q6L-UL-M5S-GJ-14 1sht.VTUG-MSDR-B1T-25V20-Q10BA- UB-Q8SU-7M + M1SC 5sht.VUVG-L14-P53C-ZT-G18-1P3 2sht.VUVG-L18-M52-RT-G14-1P3 2sht.MHE3-M1H-3 / 2G-1/8-K 4 pieces. CPV10-VI10P-10-8A-D2-RY-8C + GEGQCZNC 50sht.CPE14-M1BH-5J-1/8 1am. MEH-5 / 2-1 / 8-PB 5sht.CPE14-M1BH-5L-1/8 10sht.MHE2-MS1H-5/2-M7-K 2 pcs. .GERMANY0UA125100107.32515076.43329
28/Apr/201785059020901.Kotushky electromagnetic solenoid valves to control pneumatic systems tehnolohychnohoobladnannya.MSFG-24 / 42-50 / 60-OD 2sht.MSFG-24 / 42-50 / 60-OD 2 pcs. .GERMANY0UA1251000.2029.48159033
28/Apr/201784814010001. Electromagnetic valve 13mm in diameter art. 14735 - 2 pcs. Serves dlyaostanovky fluid flow through the orifice nozzles in the print holovtsikaplestrumenevoho A-Series printer Domino. Are used in printers Dominopry labeling of products moving on production liniyiyi. For tsyvilnohovykorystannya.Krayina production - CH.Torhivelna mark - Domino.Vyrobnyk - Domino UK Ltd. .SWITZERLAND0UA1250200.032527.0084466
27/Apr/201785059020101. Spare parts for construction equipment Volvo: - a magnet for loaders Volvo, desks number: VOE 11708930 - 2 shtuky.Yavlyaye an electromagnet (solenoid) - part of the electromagnetic valve designed to control the flow of hydraulic fluid to the lock device of loader attachments Volvo. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA7000400.79568.1996486
27/Apr/201784229010001.Chastyny ​​dishwasher, dishwasher electromagnetic valve (materials: steel, plastic, copper 230V) art. 00166874 -4sht.Torhovelna grade: B / S / HKrayina production: PLVyrobnyk: BSH Hausgerate GmbH.POLAND0UA1251900.3219.54050258
27/Apr/201784814010001. Spare parts for trucks, cranes, valves and similar fittings, klapanyzapobizhni or final, of iron or steel: art. 14-04-05-0001 Pneumatic 43410012506,0ATM = 1 14-04-05-0077 VALVE PRESSURE LIMITATION 0481009047 ogr.cis.7,5 BAR M22 RAP = 1 14-04-05-0149 valve (exhaust) 352045001 luzujacy nacz RAP = 1 14-04-05-0453 CRANE PNEUMATIC 9710021500 = 1 pc. Art. 14-04-05-0476 CRANE PNEUMATIC 9730060010 ster.MAN, MB Act.1 96r- RAP = 1 pc. Art. 14-04-05-0820 CRANE POSITION SV1395 poz.VO.FM12 RAP = 1 pc. Art. 14-04-05-1016 accelerating VALVE 9730060030 przek.MAN, MB, SC M22 RAP = 1 pc. Brand trademark RAP RAP art. 14-04-05-0032 accelerating VALVE 4730170000 przek.IV.E-Tech = -98r. RAP = 1 pc. Art. 14-04-05-0245 PNEUMATIC VALVE ELECTRICALLY 4721726260 elektr. DAF, IV. RAP = 1 pc. Art. 14-04-05-0275 valves (pressure limiting) 4750150630 ogr.cis.8,5BAR M16 RAP = 1 pc. Art. 14-04-05-0481 CRANE PNEVMATYCH ny 9730093000 ster.MAN, DAF CF / LF45 RAP = 1 pc. Art. 14-04-05-0490 accelerating VALVE 9730112000 przek.MAN TGA RAP = 1 pc. Art. 14-04-05-0577 pneumatic valve 4 contour AE4610 zab.4-obw.DAF CF / XF RAP = 1 pc. Trademark Brand RVIAN HITECH Hitech art. 14-04-05-0241 CRANE ELECTROMAGNETIC 4720174800 elektr. IV, MAN, MB = 1 pc. Trademark AG Brand AG art. 14-04-05-0147 CRANE 352018001 Haldex luzujacy RAP = 1 pc. Art. 14-04-05-0217 CRANE 3/2 Contour 4630360000 MB, RVI AE M10 = 1 pc. Art. 14-04-05-0601 VALVE halves DAF, MAN, IV, RVI, ZF 16s = 1 pc. SORL trademark manufacturer SORL Auto Parts, Inc Country of CNCHINA0UA1001209.72246.9871235
27/Apr/201785059020101. Spare parts for construction equipment Volvo: - electromagnet loader to Volvo, the number of desks: VOE 15092682 - 1 shtuka.Yavlyaye a solenoid - part of the electromagnetic valve designed to control the flow of fluid in the cooling water pump Truck Volvo. .GERMANY0UA7000400.24281.531645
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Magnet Valve Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Універсал Сервіс Україна"""
Importer Address
65009, Україна, Одеська обл., м. Одеса, вул. Сонячна, буд. 5
Exporter Name TVH PARTS NV
Product Description
1.Solenoyid (magnet), an electromagnetic coil for .........
HS Code 8505902010Value 158.0463412
Quantity 0Unit UA500200
Net Weight 0.367
Origin Country JAPAN

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