Ukraine Import Data of Magnet Ring | Ukraine Import Statistics of Magnet Ring

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of magnet ring collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of magnet ring imports.

Magnet Ring Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Magnet Ring

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of magnet ring. Get Ukraine trade data of Magnet Ring imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178505200000"1.Chastyny ​​to copiers Konica Minolta: Art.A02E561100-Muftamahnitna-1am; Art.A1UDM20100-magnetic clutch, 2 pcs; trade mark - Konica MinoltaVyrobnyk - Konica Minolta Business Technologies Manufacturing Ltd., CN."CHINA0UA1002000.068.987832041 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201790318091001.Prystroyi for measuring or checking geometrical parameters of contact free sensor used to monitor POSITION objects by changing the parameters of the magnetic field generated inside the inductor in the sensor. For their production needs. Inductive sensor.ROMANIA0UA3052000.14256.3799427
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Partners of copiers: Clearing scraper of a magnetic shaft art.30004-50; Clearing scraper of a drum art.30026-20; Clearing scraper of a magnetic shaft art.32007-10; Clearing shchebok of a magnetic shaft art.330037-300; Clearing scraper of a drum art. 30038-350pcs; Cleaning drum scraper art.30046-20s; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30049-40p; Clearing scraper drum art.30050-20s; Clearing scraper drum art.30052-80p; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30059-50pcs; ; Cleansing drum scraper art.30073-10; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art .20084-20; Cleanser Scrubber of magnetic shaft art.30109-10s; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30128-10p; Clearing scraper drum art.30203-10p; Cleaning shaver of magnetic shaft art.30241-130p; Clearing scraper drum art.30321-40p; Cleansing scraper Magnetic shaft art.30361-150pcs; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30371-80pcs; Clearing scraper drum art.30421-80p; Clearing scraper drum art.30501-40pcs; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaft art.30511-20s; Clearing scraper of magnetic Shaft art.30671-10p; Clearing drum scraper art.30761-70p; Clearing scraper of magnetic shaftArt.30781-1050pcs; Clearing scraper of a magnetic shaft art.30841-30; Clearing scraper of a drum art.31161-50pcs; Shell of a magnetic shaft art.60125-50pcs; Sealing scraper of a magnetic shaft 0.05 mm art.60180-100; Shaft of the primary Charge of art: 60354-10pcs; 60375-400pcs; 60407-500pcs; Sheath of a magnetic shaft art.61841-20p; Magnetic shaft bush (2pcs) Art .: 62003-50pcs; 62022-20pcs; Magnetic shaft sealing shaft 0075 mm art. 62043-500s; Cleaning drum scraper art.130001-14 pieces; DC Select brand DC Select manufacturerCare produced by CN "CHINA0UA100010199.1832628.720168
27/Apr/201790299000901.Pryladdya for measuring wheel speed for motor vehicles ZAZ type bus A10: Sensor wheel rpm 0486000128100-22sht.Yavlyaye a contactless inductive electromagnetic sensor actions designed to determine the speed of rotation of the wheel, installed on the fixed element matochynnyh units front and rear wheels constructively combining sensitive and setting items. The sensor element includes inductor asking element is a gear. The sensitive element of the sensor creates a constant magnetic pole.Zubchaste wheel, passing through the field, leading to his zminy.Mahnitne field induces a voltage in the circuit of the sensor. Number of voltage pulses to the number of teeth passed over a certain length of time and frequency proportional to the rotation of the wheel. Signals rotation frequency transmitted by cable in the ABS control unit that controls the braking force of each wheel. Manufacturer no data. Country of origin DE. .GERMANY0UA1120801.65218.3326591
27/Apr/201790178010001.Ruchni tools for measuring linear dimensions. The level of aluminum, 1800mm, 3 points, line art. 331385 -30sht.Torhovelna mark: SPARTA Roulette Status magnet, 7,5 mx 25 mm prohumovanyykorpus, hitch magnet art. 310319 -300sht. The level of aluminum, 600 mm, 3 points, hearts tion, art.332239 -420sht line. The level of aluminum, 1500mm, 3 points, red line art.332359 -90sht.Torhovelna Brand: MTXKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: MATRIZE Handels-GmbH.CHINA0UA100130274.031256.10951
27/Apr/20179017801000"1.Instrumenty Measuring and trade names: budivelna100sm-line 38-314-840sht, measuring instruments, trade name: budivelna50sm-line 38-313-900sht, measuring instruments, trade name: roulette, 3m * 16mm" "Magnetic" " -39-010-1800sht, measuring instruments, trade name: roulette, 5m * 19mm "" Magnetic "" - 39-011-2400sht, like Ents resides tools for measuring, trade name: roulette, 8m * 25mm "" Magnetic "" - 39- 012-480sht, John strumenty measurement, trade name: p uletka, 10m * 25mm "" Magnetic "" - 39-013-900 pieces, Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - htTOOLSVyrobnyk - NINGBO E-STAR INTERNATIONAL C O., LTD. "CHINA0UA8071901598.52077.619979
27/Apr/201784361000001.Obladnannya feeding animal agriculture: -Equipment for the production of food kombinovanoh production capacity of 5 tons / hod- 1 set. Is a set that is designed to feed at vyrobnytstvakombinovanoh tvaryn.Novyy. Supplied disassembled motor transp rtnyh on three vehicles. The principle of operation of the complex: Components kombinovanohokormu (raw materials) are loaded into the hopper, from which a magnet for cleaning vidmetalevyh Turn Hb napralyayutsya to drag container py type ZK velevator-Nori type EL with a second, depending on the type of raw materials through vyntovikonveyery Type S through pneumatic and valves type OR-HPS enters the holding tank. From containers to screw conveyor materials submitted vmakrodoza torus type OR-DK, which, depending on the REC eptury through pnevmatychnizadvyzhky submit the required number through winding Conway premieres served voperatyvnyy hopper with a th Shredder and aspiration clearing air forgiveness withthrough filter the type of OR-FSK with ir ovyna molotkvu fed into the mill through typuCD.Mikrodobavky mikrodozator for additive components are mixed in the mixer horyzotalnomu lopastnomu type KR T.Ridki components are loaded in baktypu OR-TNK and after weighing in just a ohoyu pump type OR-PY because komplekttr UB lopastnyy fed into the mixer at which loose feed through konveyerta Mr. oriyu uchastok fed to granulation, where by means of press-hranulyatoravyrobl yayetsya granular feed. No cooling type coolers OR-SGThranuly to additionally cleaned in the cyclone pylevomu you pu TOS and when requested based on the need to krambleri crushed formulation. Compressed air robotypnevmotsylind pit equipment provided prvitryanym screw kompresorom.Keruannya complex set of systems carried ohm au atyzatsiyi PLC, yakyyvhodyt set in an electrical power system. For installation in complex komplektpostavky included ontazhni of materials and sets iv.Torhovelna mark: OR YEMVyrobnyk: OR YEM MAKINA SANAYI VE TICARET ASKrayina production: TRTURKEY0UA80717029076264087.553
27/Apr/201790261081001. Electromagnetic flowmeters for measuring yuvannya costs (flow rate) ektroprovidnyh e-liquids with high accuracy over a wide range of measurement, use stovuyutsya in chemical, food, pulp and paper industry but, andthe water fo era of network and sensor 7ME6140-1VA10-1AA3 -2shtVyrobnyk: SiemensKrayina production: FRTorhivelna brand: Siemens.FRANCE2UA11208051495.204987
27/Apr/20179018908400"Surgical instruments made from medical-resistant steel and are designed for multiple plastykuta Use cation, namely: 1.Laparoscopic trocar with silicone valve, 12,5 x 95mm, with plain cannula, withpiramid obturator laparoscopic Trocar with silicone valve, 12.5 x 95 , zhladkoyu cannula with pyramidal obturator art. 801.008.01-1sht. laparoscopic trocar with flip-type valve, 5,5 x 95 / 120mm, with spiralcannula, with safety obturator laparoscopic Trocar with mechanical valve, 5.5 x 95/120 mm, with spiral cannula with pyramidal obturator art.801.003.111 -2sht. Laparoscopic trocar with magnetic valve, 5,5 x 95/120 mm, with spiral cannula, with pyramid obturator Troak he laparoscopic mahnitnymklapanom of 5.5 x 95/120 mm with spiral cannula with pyramidal obturatoromart. -3sht 801,003,311. Reducer for laparoscopic trocar with silicone orflip-type valve, 10,5 - 5,5mm Redyuser for a trocar abomehanichnym silicone valve 10.5 - 5.5 mm art. -1sh 801,146 tons. silicone caps for trocars, 10,5mm silicone cap trocar, 10.5 mm art. 810.086.B2 -100sht.Silicone valve for trocars, 10,5mm silicone valve for a trocar, 10.5 mmart. 810.086.A2 -20sht. Stitching-up forceps for trocar wounds and aponeuroses, 2,5mm, up-side clip troakarnyh suturing wounds and sheath, 2.5 mm, top art. -5sht 801,103. Laparoscopic puncture needle, 5 x 330mm, # 22 Holkalaparoskopichna, 5 x 330 mm, needle, number 22, art. 801.027.6 -1sht. Laparoscopicpuncture needle, 5 x 330mm, # 18 laparoscopic needle, 5 x 330 mm needle, №18 art. 801.027.4 -1sht. Laparoscopic needle holder, 5 x 330mm, straight, type BHolkotrymach laparoscopic, 5 x 330 mm, straight, type in the art. 801,023 -1sht.Laparoscopic forceps, 5x330mm, endograsper type, double action Zatyskachlaparoskopichnyy, 5 x 330 mm, type "" Endohrasper "" Two moving Branche art.808.045.1 -1sht. Laparoscopic forceps handle, 5x330mm handle laparoskopichnohozatyskacha 5 x 330 mm art. 801F.009 -1sht. Laparoscopic forceps, 5x330mm, cholecystic clamp laparoscopic, 5 x 330 mm, type "" Babcock "" Art. 801.047-1sht. 2 Laparoscopic curved scissors-action, 5x330mm laparoscopic scissors, 5 mm h330, curved, with two movable Branche art. 801.033.1-1sht. Laparoscopic hook scissors, 5x330mm laparoscopic scissors, 5 x 330 mm, beak-art. -1sht 801,034. Laparoscopic forceps handle, 5x330mm Ruchkalaparoskopichnoho clamp 5 x 330 mm art. 801F.003 -3sht. Laparoscopic forcepshandle, 5x330mm, with ratchet handle laparoscopic clamp 5 x 330 mm zkremalyeroyu art. 801F.004 -3sht. Laparoscopic clip applier, 10 x 330mm, fortitanium clips, action 2, M Klipator laparoscopic, 10 x 330 mm, tytanovyhklips with two mobile Branche, M art. -2sht 801,111. Laparoscopic clipapplier, 10 x 330mm, for titanium clips, M Klipator laparoscopic, 10 x 330mm, for titanium clip M art. 801.001.2 -1sht. Laparoscopic tube for suction andirrigation, 5 + 10 x 330mm, push-type handset for laparoscopic aspiration tairyhatsiyi 5 "CHINA0UA5002104.12046.321176
27/Apr/20178483308090"1.Pidshypnyky for sliding shafts, shaft Vtulkarozpodilnoho 1, ME051187 -1sht, camshaft bushing 2, ME051188 -1sht; Bushing camshaft 3,4, ME051189 -2sht; Bushing camshaft 5,6 ME051190 -2sht, camshaft bushing 7 ME051191 -1sht, bearing sharykovyy MH040033 (MH040026) -1sht, plug 3090402200 -12sht crank, bearings sharykovi- -1sht MS556185, MS556065 -1sht. Designed for six-cylinder diesel engine 6D220 MITSUBISHI crane KATO NK200. Civil purpose (to have a magnetic suspension). Firm-vyrobnyk- Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. Trademark-Mitsubishi. Country of-JP.. "JAPAN0UA1250601.79193.3665793
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Magnet Ring Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП ""Коніка Мінолта Україна"""
Importer Address
03680, м.Київ, вул.Смольна, 9, Україна.
Exporter Name NYK Logistics
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​to copiers Konica Minolta: Art.A.........
HS Code 8505200000Value 8.987832041
Quantity 0Unit UA100200
Net Weight 0.06
Origin Country CHINA

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