Ukraine Import Data of Macadamia Nut | Ukraine Import Statistics of Macadamia Nut

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of macadamia nut collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of macadamia nut imports.

Macadamia Nut Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Macadamia Nut

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of macadamia nut. Get Ukraine trade data of Macadamia Nut imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni care products zashkiroyu faces and bodies not aerozolniyupakovtsi: Aquolina Exfoliating BodyPolish Sugar Cane and Coconut Milk 200ml (Dr. Aquolina Scrub / Body Tsukrovyytrosnyk and KokosoveMolochko) art.9951622441-36sht; Aquolina Bath Body milk Verbena 250 ml (Aquolina Milk d / tilaVerbena) art.9953521870-156sht; Aquolina Exfoliating body Polish Vanilla and Macadamia Nut 200 ml (Aquolina Scrub d / body and Vanilla Macadamia nuts) art.9951612440-12sht; Aquolina Ultra-Supple cream Vanilla and Macadamia Nut 200 ml (Aquolina Ultra-moisturizing cream d / body Vanilla and Cherry Makadami) art.9951372420-108sht; Aquolina Fluid cream Sugar Cane and Coconut Milk 250 ml (Aquolina fluid cream d / body trosnyk Sugar and Coconut M olochko /) art.9951012410-95sht, trademark AquolinaVyrobnyk Selectiva SpA. "ITALY0UA100070118.231451.783825 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173401300000"1.Reklamni detergent package body does not vaerozolniy: Aquolina Body washVanilla and Macadamia Nut sample 10 ml (Aquolina Gel d / Vanilla and HorihMakadamiyi per sample) art.9940012400-660sht; Aquolina Body wash Rice Milk and CherryFlowers sample 10 ml (Aquolina Held / capita rice milk and flowers Vyshnizrazok) art.9940012403-660sht; Aquolina Body wash White tea and Vervainsample 10 ml (Aquolina Gel d / capita White tea with verbena sample) art.9940012402-660sht, trademark AquolinaVyrobnyk Selectiva SpA. "ITALY0UA10007025.74215.4439533
24/Apr/20173926200000"1.KOSMETYCHNI care products for skin care, lip AGENT" "Macadamia nuts" "4.8, AGENT Lip" "Cherry," "GR 4.8. Art.00599-300sht, AGENT for foot care 50 ml. art.01496-400sht, AGENT lip "" raspberry "" 4,8 GR. art.01881-300sht, facial scrub, "" hydro VEZHETAL "" 75 ml. art.01907-330sht; AGENT lip "" vanilla "" 4,8 GR. art.02092-300sht, Foot cream "" SVS "" deodorized 50 ml. art.03099-160sht; Nutritive Cream Foot "" SVS "" 50 ml. art .03677-1040sht, body milk "" vanilla "" 200 ml. art.04759-560sht, facials "" SERUM VEZHETAL "" 40 ml. art.05436-66sht; AGENT FOR SKIN "" AGAINST age spots "" SPF30 50 ml. and t.05624-70sht; SYROVOTKA Pore SKIN "" Shobo VEZHETAL "" 30 ml. art.07280-320sht, creams, "" zero defect "" Pink 100 30 ml. art.07661-80sht; NIGHT SKIN CARE " "anti-wrinkle and elasticity," "30 ml. art.08864-720sht, day cream AGAINST ZMOSHOK" "dec" "30 ml. art.09986-80sht, Makeup remover milk 200 ml. art.11895-96sht, CARE Eye "" Hydra VEZHETAL "" 15 ml. art.13158- 1296sht, body milk "" GREEN TEA "" 200 ml. art.18727-48sht, body milk "" Lily "" 200 ml. art.19739-48sht, creams, FLYUID "" haze "" Pink Vanilla 200 30 ml. art.22613-90sht; SYROVOTKA Body "" Global Anti AJ "" 30 ml. art.25227-560sht, creams, "" zero defect "" 40 ml. art.27581-80sht, creams "" ZERO ERROR "" №1 40 ml. art.28052-200sht, Makeup remover milk 2 in 1 200 ml. art.28383-192sht, oil-body cream "" Mono "" 100 ml. art.30824-104sht, creams "" ZERO ERROR "" №4 40 ml. art.30856-440sht, body milk "" How patency "" 200 ml. art.31832-720sht; AGENT FOR LEATHER '' TONIC wetting "" 200 ml. art.33247-288sht, Body Lotion "" SERUM VEZHETAL "" 200 ml. art.34205-240sht, and water micellar "" moisturizing "" 200 ml. art.35184-768sht, Facial skin pores CLEANING "" Pure Systems' "150 ml. art.35539-336sht, face creams and body "" Tenderness, "" 125 ml. art.36420-216sht, Makeup remover milk 200 ml. art.37163-192sht, cream gel skin "" gently cleanse and comfort "" 125 ml. art.38287-180sht; micellar cleansing water "" Shobo 2in1 "" 200 ml. art.38601-480sht; GEL FACE "" Hydra VEZHETAL "" 125 ml. art.44236-540sht, facials "" VEZHETAL "" 75 ml. art.45294-960sht; SYROVOTKA FACE "" SERUM VEZHETAL 2015 "" 30 ml. art.47018-240sht; RATE OF LOSS FOR 1 MONTH 60 ml. art.50198-448sht, moisturizer gel body "" Apricot Rosemary, "" 200 ml. art.50489-48sht, a cleansing mask "" SEBOVEZHETAL "" 75 ml. art.50510-240sht, cream gel cleanser AND gommazh 2 in 1 "" Pure Systems' "125 ml. art.52324-756sht, Sera "" perfection of form and elasticity of the skin, "" 150 ml. art.53919-228sht; ZVOLOZHUYUYY CREAM FOR HANDS "" Prolonged exposure "" 75 ml. art.54532-1100sht, body milk "" Lavender "" 200 ml. art.54879-210sht; scrub for face cleaning "" Shobo VEZHETAL "" 75 ml. art.54989-240sht, body milk "" Almonds Orange "" 200 ml. art.55066-105sht, body milk "" Oliva PETYHREN "" 200 ml. art.55287-350sht, body milk "" mango coriander "" 200 ml. art.55561-735sht, body milk "" Lemon BAZYLYK "" 200 ml. art.55737-35sht, serum Body "CHINA0UA1000100.664.950102458
24/Apr/20177326909890"1. Ice cream packaged in packaging for roses small trade of 500 ml. / 430 gr., Vanilla ice cream with crunchy macadamia nuts, milk fat content 14,66%" "macadamia nut brittle" ", Ref. 519520- 1344 pieces. 03/20/17 date of manufacture g., expiration date was 3/20/18 .; Ice cream with hazelnuts and hazelnut karamelizovanymyshmatochkamy content s dairy fats 18,1% "" hazelnut crunch "" art.519502- 2688sht., production date 28/02 / 17r., expiration date 28/02 / 18rMorozyvo chocolate cream, fat content of dairy s 18.93% "" dark chocolate & almond s "", art.519503-2688sht., production date 15/03 / 17r, the term prydatnosti15 / 03 / 18r. Moreau yvo mango and raspberry puree milk fat content of 14% "" mango & raspberry "" art.519523-2688sht., production date 22 / 03/17 g., the term prydatnosti22 / 03 / '18 cream packaged in packaging for roses small trade 80 ml. / 70hr .; cream with vanilla flavor of roasted nuts and macadamia nuts, hlazurovaneshoko systems, milk fat content of 26% "" macadamia nut brittle stick "" and rt.519580-6720sht., date of manufacture, the 19/12/16 ., expiration date 18/02/18 p .; Morozyvokaramelne of hlazuryu do with chocolate, milk fat content of 26% "" salted caramelstick "", art. 519583- 6720sht., Production date 09/12/16 g., The term prydatnosti08 / 02/18 p .; Chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce, chocolate glazed almonds tasmazhenym eat, milk fat content of 26% "" shocolate choc almond stick "" art.519582-6720sht., Production date 12/08/16 g., Expiration date was 7/2/18 .; Zahalnachysta net weight 5456.64 kh.Vyrobnyk Haagen-Dazs (FR 62.817.030 CE) .Torhivelna brand Haagen-production Dazs.Krayina FR. "CHINA0UA1250200.4451.35455422
13/Apr/20173401300000"1.Kosmetychni means not aerozolniyupakovtsi. Gel for washing 200ml art.87434-2052sht; art.87516-918sht, Held / SOUL Lily 200ml art.19268-768sht, shampoo Shower Gel 200ml mono art.24452-48sht ; GEL Bath and DUSHULOTUS-sage 200ml art.41604-700sht; HELDLYA bath and shower FLOWER tiara -ILANH ylang 400ml art.42308-672sht, bath and shower HELDLYA Mandarin CEDAR 400MLart.43023-72sht, shampoo Shower Gel 20 0 ML HOHHAR art.60665-624sht; SHOWER GEL 200 ML Macadamia nuts 5pcs art.79592-73, CONCENTRATED SHOWER GEL mango - coriander 100ml art.82334-2448sht, the concentration of Old SHOWER GEL 100 ml Bourbon vanilla art .86864-72sht, not containing narcotic, psychotropic and precursors SAG obiv. Ozonoruy not contain destructive substances. The weight of the goods on the basis of primary packing ovky- 1980.508 kg. Trademark Yves Rocher Brand GROUPE ROCHER OPERATIONS Country of FR. "FRANCE0UA1001201757.4486529.848067
08/Apr/20173401300000"1.Kosmetychni means not aerozolniyupakovtsi. Gel for washing 200ml art.26379-665sht; SHOWER OIL 200 ml art.69438-96sht, Shower Gel AROMAT200 The Cherry ML art.15511-48sht; GEL B / SOUL LILIYA200 ML art. 19268-96sht; GEL B / sOUL CHORNAVUAL 200 ml art.23456-48sht; DLYADUSHU AS patency GEL 200ml art.32454-384sht; And Bath Gel 200ml sOUL mango coriander art.35583-35sht; trad.hammam oil per 200 ml art.45289-48sht, VA NNY GEL FOR SHOWER AND APRICOT - rosemary 400ml art.48097-240sht; GEL Bath and shower BRYKOS A - rosemary 200ml art.48756-210sht, shampoo Shower Gel 200ml HOHHAR art .60665- 72sht, mahi-SHOWER gEL 500 ML art. 78027 -275sht, moisturize. SHOWER GEL 2 IN 1 300 ML art.78939-288sht witch hazel, GEL B / SOUL freshness 200ml art.79466-385sht d EL SHOWER 200 ML Macadamia nuts art. 79592-805sht; SHOWER GEL NATYUREL Relief T art.80123-240sht 200ml; GEL B / SOUL freshness of mint 200 ml art.81008-630sht, KOH centered SHOWER GEL mango - coriander 100ml art.82334-288sht, the concentration tion SHOWER GEL oils - P ETYHREN 100ml art .84371-2736sht, CONCENTRATED ET L'SHOWER Bourbon vanilla 100ml art. 86864-2664sht; SHOWER GEL DLU Vervins 200 M L art.87854-48sht; Does not contain narcotic and psychotropic SAG obiv and precursors. Contains ozonoruy destructive substances. The weight of the goods on the basis of primary packing ovky- 1914.968 kg. Trademark Yves Rocher Brand GROUPE ROCHER OPERATIONS Country of FR "FRANCE0UA1001201689.3438284.632892
07/Apr/20173304100000"1.Zasoby makeup lips not vaerozolniy package. HRANRUZH Lipstick, shade 111 3,7H art.30307-500sht, Grand Rouge Lipstick, shade 113 3,7Hart.30667-500sht, lipstick ROUGEVERTIGE, ATLAS 47 3,7H art.36478-250sht, lipstick ROUGE VERTIGE, ATLAS 523,7H art.37820-250sht; RUZHVERTIZH lipstick, lip 18 3,7H art.40938-250sht, lip-balm CINNAMON 7MLart.46531-200sht; BLYSK- lip balm 7 ml art.48416-200sht Bordeaux, BLYSK- lip balm 7 ml CHERRY art. 48857-200sht, lip-balm art.48928-200sht 7 ml mango, lip-balm Marsala art.49381-200sht 7 ml; lip-gloss BA LZAM juicy 7 ml STRAWBERRY art. 49551-200sht, Lip-balm King VSKYY RED 7 ml art.50161-200sht, Lip-balm shimmering Christi L 7 ml art.51097-200sht, Lip Balm 4.8 g art.174-300sht Macadamia nuts, balms AM vanilla lip 4.8 g art.2092-300sht, not containing narcotic, psychotropic and precursors SAG obiv. ozonoruy not contain destructive substances. The weight of the goods on the basis of primary ac yn ovky- 67.367 kg. Trademark Yves Rocher Brand GROUPE ROCHER OPERATIONS Country of FR "FRANCE0UA10012019.6473127.805704
06/Apr/20172008199500"1.YADRA tropical nuts roasted and added salt Walnut cache" "Y fried, salted - Cashewkerme geroestet ges., 150g. Pack, Art .: 0383901, the number - 600upakovok (50 boxes to 12up.). Net vaha90 khYaDRA Macadamia Nuts roasted, salted - Macadamias geroestet, gesalzen, 125hr. pack, art .: 0467607, the number - 585upakovok (45 boxes to 13up.). Net vaha73,13 khVyrobnyk -Seeberger; trademark -Seeberger; Country of origin DE;. "GERMANY0UA100120163.1254050.175776
03/Apr/201719059060001. flour confectionery containing cocoa, with added sweetening agents, the original plastic packaging, frozen: Green Tea rice cake stuffed (green tea), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.1-36 - Rice Pudding 7560sht.Caramel pie filling (caramel pudding), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.37-76 - 8400sht.Sakura rice pie filling (cherry), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.77-113 - 7770sht.White Chocolate rice cake with fillings (white chocolate), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.114-125 - 2520sht.Chocolate Banana rice cake with filling (chocolate banana), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.126-144 - 3990sht.Bluberry Yoghurt rice cake stuffed (blueberry yogurt), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.145-164 - 4200sht.Mango rice cake stuffed (double mango), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.165-222 - 12180sht. Raspberry Mille Feuille rice cake stuffed (crimson milli-branch), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.223-296 - 15540sht.Peach Yoghurt rice cake with filling (peach yogurt), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.297-322 - 5460sht.Honey Cranberry rice cake with filling (honey cranberry), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.323-340 - 3780sht.Orange Rice Cheese pie filling (orange cheesecake), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.341-362 - 4620sht.Apple Pie rice cake with filling (apple pie), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.363-388 - 5460sht.Green Tea Tiramisu rice cake stuffed (green tea tiramisu), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.389-412 - 5040sht.Caramel & Macadamia rice cake with filling (caramel and nut makadamskiy), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.413-459 - 9870sht.Mango & Cocjnut rice cake stuffed (mango and coconut), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.460-506 - 9870sht.Tiramisu rice cake stuffed (tiramisu), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.507-522 - 3360sht.Lemon rice cake with filling (lemon), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.523-562 - 8400sht.Chocolate Mousse rice cake with filling (chocolate mousse), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.563-601 - 8190sht.Premium Melon rice cake stuffed (premium melon), art. MCJ (IN DIA) NO.602-647 - 9660sht. Storage temperature to -16 ° C. Does not contain GMOs. Date production - 14.12.2016-10.02.2017. Shelf life - 1 year (13.12.2017-09.02.2018) .Torhivelna mark CREAM.Vyrobnyk MOCHI MOCHI CREAM JAPAN Co., LTD. Country of JP.JAPAN0UA5000307317.2425610.34012
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Macadamia Nut Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Macadamia Nut Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Егзагон"""
Importer Address
04073, м.Київ, вул.Фрунзе, 134-А, Україна.
Exporter Name Selectiva S.p.A.
Product Description
"1.Kosmetychni care products zashkiroyu faces and .........
HS Code 3304990000Value 1451.783825
Quantity 0Unit UA100070
Net Weight 118.23
Origin Country ITALY

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