Ukraine Import Data of Maca | Ukraine Import Statistics of Maca

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of maca collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of maca imports.

Maca Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Maca

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20174408908500"1.Vyroby of wood veneer non-planed, brushed thickness of 0.5 mm., Has end connections designed for facing: LAMINWOODS-ALPINE WALNUT 2500x640-PS-O517.kilk.-20sht.LAMINWOODS-CARPATHIAN BEECH 2500x640- PW-380.kilk.-20sht.LAMINWOODS-WENGE 14L 2500x640-PS-W519.kilk.-250sht.LAMINWOODS-WENGE AZZURRO 2500x640-PW-308.kilk.-120sht.LAMINWOODS-WENGE LOANGO 2500x640-PW-W330.kilk .-20sht.LAMINWOODS-WENGE CHOCO 2800x640-PW-W307.kilk.-100sht.LAMINWOODS-CHERRY ROYAL 2500x640 3F-C196M.kilk.-50sht.LAMINWOODS-DAB BIELONY PREMIUM 2500x640-PS-D523.kilk.-200sht.LAMINWOODS -DAB ROYAL 2500x640-PS-D65.kilk.-80sht.LAMINWOODS-DAB NATURAL F 2500x640-3F-D137.kilk.-50sht.LAMINWOODS-ZEBRA SERENGETI 2500x640-FA-831.kilk.-30sht.LAMINWOODS-KLON F 2800x640 -2F-K121.kilk.-100sht.LAMINWOODS-MACASSAR MARRONE 2800x640-PS-M535.kilk .-20sht.LAMINWOODS-MULTICO ZAMBEZI 2500x640-PW-MC365.kilk.-60sht.LAMINWOODS-ORZECH AMERYKANSKI 2500x640-2F-O190M.kilk.-50sht.LAMINWOODS-ORZECH AMERYKANSKI 2800x640-2F-O190M.kil K-150sht. LAMINWOODS-CANALETTO 2500x640-PS-O513.kilk.-120sht.LAMINWOODS-PALISANDER 2500x640-PS-P525.kilk.-80sht.LAMINWOODS-SREBRNE SANDALOWE 2500x640-PW-S304.kilk.-100sht.LAMINWOODS-TEAK 29L 2500x640 PW- T380.kilk.-80sht.LAMINWOODS-JESION 2800x640-PW-J311.kilk.-20sht.LAMINWOODS-JESION 2500x640-PW-J311.kilk.-20sht.LAMINWOODS-WENGE 14L 2500x640-PS-W519.kilk.-150sht. Total: 1.68 m3.Vyrobnyk LAMINWOODS; Trademark LAMINWOODS; Country of origin CN; "CHINA168UA12522015148188.869739 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20171902110000"1.Vyroby of pasta dough - Way or not, dried, and nevareni nepryhotovleni otherwise, contains wheat flour and eggs, trademark" "Makarony Babuni" ", intended for human consumption: Macaroni Krayanka grandmother (02) 250g \ 40- 5376up, Ron Mack Leon brick (183) 250g \ 20-1200up; Makaronperepilka-countryman (49) 250g \ 20- 1792up, quail Macaroni-spiral (34) 250g \ 18-1620up, Macaroni nest egg thin ribbon (199) 500 g / 20-448up, Makar chicken egg on the thread (190) 500 g / 8-448up;. "POLAND0UA20920029453326.128329
28/Apr/20171902191000"1.Vyroby of pasta dough - Way or not, nevareni made of pshenytsitver breath varieties without added egg brand" "Makarony Babuni" ", designedto human consumption: pasta bows (93) 500 g \ 20-840up, Macaroni bows TryKol ori (233) 400 g / 20-2400up, Macaroni braid (168) 500g \ 20 -200up;. "POLAND0UA20920014801468.945221
28/Apr/20171902199000"1.Vyroby of pasta dough - Way or not, nevareni made of pshenytsim'yak s varieties without added egg brand" "Makarony Babuni" ", designedto human consumption: Spaghetti Pasta Della Nonna (150) 400g \ 24 (m yakapshenytsya) - 3840up, Macaroni Baranchik (14) 500g / 20- 700up, Macaroni Baranchik (26) 500g / 20- 700up, Macaroni Falbanka (141) 500 g / 20- 700up, Macaroni Nest thread (203) 500 g / 20-560up ; Yellow Ribbon Pasta Nest (217) 500 g / 20-560up, Macaroni Cole NCO (133) 500 g / 20-800up, Macaroni ring (72) 500 g / 20-800up, Pasta Shell (63) 500 g / 20-800up, Macaroni snail coarse (43) 500 g / 20-700up, Macaroni ravly K (41) 500 g / 20-700up, Macaroni Baranchik (54) 1000 g / 10-400up, Macaroni Top (56) 1000 g / 10-400up, Macaroni Falbanka (142) 1000 g / 10-400up, Macaroni nest thread (229) 1000 g / 10-840up, Macaroni Kolinko (134) 1000 g / 10-400up, Macaroni circle (91) 1000 g / 10-400up, Macaroni tube (58) 1000g / 10- 400up, Pasta spirals (45) 1000g / 10- 400up; Macaroni asterisk (20) 250g \ 30-2160 pack, Makar us tube (28) 500 g / 20-800up; Macaroni thin strip (17) 500g / 20-200 pack, Macaroni thin thread (03) 500 g / yn 20-400; Macaroni nest strichkashyroka (212) 400 g / 12-360up; Macaroni thin thread (37) 400 g / 12-360up; "POLAND0UA209200102145983.674038
28/Apr/20178422110000"1.Mashyny dishwashers, household: dishwasher, household, with capacity for 10 place settings, energy class A, 20% type WQP8-GDFI1 GV55111-30sht model, trade mark, GorenjeVyrobnyk: CALPORE MACAO COMMERCIALKrayina production: CN."CHINA30UA1251809906128.529011
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni care products zashkiroyu faces and bodies not aerozolniyupakovtsi: Aquolina Exfoliating BodyPolish Sugar Cane and Coconut Milk 200ml (Dr. Aquolina Scrub / Body Tsukrovyytrosnyk and KokosoveMolochko) art.9951622441-36sht; Aquolina Bath Body milk Verbena 250 ml (Aquolina Milk d / tilaVerbena) art.9953521870-156sht; Aquolina Exfoliating body Polish Vanilla and Macadamia Nut 200 ml (Aquolina Scrub d / body and Vanilla Macadamia nuts) art.9951612440-12sht; Aquolina Ultra-Supple cream Vanilla and Macadamia Nut 200 ml (Aquolina Ultra-moisturizing cream d / body Vanilla and Cherry Makadami) art.9951372420-108sht; Aquolina Fluid cream Sugar Cane and Coconut Milk 250 ml (Aquolina fluid cream d / body trosnyk Sugar and Coconut M olochko /) art.9951012410-95sht, trademark AquolinaVyrobnyk Selectiva SpA. "ITALY0UA100070118.231451.783825
28/Apr/20173401300000"1.Reklamni detergent package body does not vaerozolniy: Aquolina Body washVanilla and Macadamia Nut sample 10 ml (Aquolina Gel d / Vanilla and HorihMakadamiyi per sample) art.9940012400-660sht; Aquolina Body wash Rice Milk and CherryFlowers sample 10 ml (Aquolina Held / capita rice milk and flowers Vyshnizrazok) art.9940012403-660sht; Aquolina Body wash White tea and Vervainsample 10 ml (Aquolina Gel d / capita White tea with verbena sample) art.9940012402-660sht, trademark AquolinaVyrobnyk Selectiva SpA. "ITALY0UA10007025.74215.4439533
28/Apr/20173902100000"1.Polimer propylene (polypropylene homopo limeyrat), in primary forms (in vyhlyadihra nul), brand PP H030 GP / 3-20ton. (According TU2211-001-93911504-2012 poznachennyamark and PP H030 GP / 3 means: PP-polypropylene, H homopolymer, 030 turnover rate Crucifixion bench, GP -General pryznachennyapolipropi Lena, / 3 - the producer company "" Sibur Tobolsk. ' "lanokpolipropilenu monomer content is at least 99 wt.% of the content of zahalnoh polimeru.Bezdodatkovyh compon ntiv.Schilnist - 900-910 kg / white granules m3.V koloru.Pryznachenyy for the product Twa products by maca Reference injection, extrusion AI (for the production of p / n Chalk formation for making p / packaging Misch cies.) Trademark: Sibur.Vyrobnyk: OOO "" Sibur Tobolsk "" Rosiya.Krayina production: RU.. "RUSSIA0UA8071702000024702.8383
28/Apr/201738089490001. Means for treatment of water basin: -352,700, disinfection agent for water processing ybaseynovoyi BWT BENAMIN SPOREX, liquid, container, canister 33 kg (Composition: Sodium hypochlorite 10-25%) -240sht.-351227, disinfection agent for water treatment basin BWT BENAMIN SPOREX, liquid, container, canister 20 kg (Composition: sodium hypochlorite 10-25%) -10sht.-087379, disinfection agent for water treatment basin BWT BENAMIN Freshflussig, liquid, container, canister 22 kg (composition: aqueous peroxide solution vodnyu25-50%) - 10sht.-096803, disinfectants and means for processing water basin Benamin Pur, liquid, etc. macaw, 1 liter canister (composition, but the fourth compound Ammonites chloride at 10-25%) - 40sht.-351220, disinfection agent for water treatment basin BWT BENAMIN Algicidsuper, liquid, container, canister 25 l (Content: Quarter polymer compound ammoniyu2,5- 10%) - 24sht.-352700, disinfection agent for water treatment basin BWT BENAMINSPOREX, liquid, container, canister 33 kg (Composition: sodium hypochlorite 10-25%) -80sht.-087379, sow disinfectants used for the treatment basin water BWT BENAMIN Freshflussig, liquid packaging: 22 kg canister (Ingredients: aqueous peroxide solution vodnyu25-50%) - 24sht.Krayina production - ATTorhovelna mark - BWTVyrobnyk - BWTAUSTRIA0UA10011012161.67608.45028
27/Apr/201718050000101. cocoa powder as fine brown powder without sugar or other sweeteners, the level of 10-12% fat, not the primary package, for use in the food industry, packed in paper bags of 25 kg net weight without GMOs - Cocoa powder M75 MACAO Alkalised 10-12% fat, kilk.-17000 kg (680 bags of 25 kg). - Cocoa Powder Natural MACAO N55 10-12% fat, kilk. 8000-kg (320 bags of 25 kg). Net vaha- 25,000 kh.Krayina production: ESTorhovelna mark: Olam CocoaVyrobnyk: OLAM FOOD INGREDIENTS SPAIN SL.SPAIN0UA1251802500062972.43366
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Maca Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЛАМІНАРТ УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
03061, м.Київ, вул. Патріотів, 103
Exporter Name Laminart Sp.z o.o
Product Description
"1.Vyroby of wood veneer non-planed, brushed thick.........
HS Code 4408908500Value 8188.869739
Quantity 168Unit UA125220
Net Weight 1514
Origin Country CHINA

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