Ukraine Import Data of M82 | Ukraine Import Statistics of M82

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of m82 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of m82 imports.

M82 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of M82

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173821000010Cultural 1.Seredovyscha for growing microorganisms: nutritional seredovyschazahalnoho purpose: (M028) Peptone Water Peptonna water 500g art. M028-500G-2 pcs. (M044) Dextrose Broth soup 500g sugar art. M044-500G -1sht. (M065) Deoxycholate Citrate Agar deoxycholate-citrate agar 100g art. M065-100G -1sht. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple Broth McConkie of bromocresol purple 500hart. M083-500G -10sht. (M099) Simmons Citrate Agar agar Simmons citrate 500hart. M099-500G -8sht. (M104) Candida Medium Medium with bismuth for hrybivCandida 500g art. M104-500G -1sht. (M1418) HiCrome UTI Agar, Modified 500g art.M1418-500G -1sht. (M202) Cary - Blair Medium Base (Transport Medium w / o Charcoal) 500g art. M202-500G -2sht. (M204) Buffered Glycerol Saline Base, OsnovaFosfatnoho buffer with glycerol 500g art. M204-500G -1sht. (M314) Tinsdale AgarBase basis Tinsdalya agar 500g art. M314-500G -4sht. (M352) CLED Medium (with Andrade Indicator) Lactose-tsystyyovyy agar (indicator Andrede ibromt ymolovym blue) 500g art. M352-500G -1sht. (M450) Tryptose Blood Agar Basewith Yeast Extract basis tryptoznoho blood agar with yeast ekstraktom500h art. M450-500G -1sht. (M882) Diphtheria Virulence Agar Base 500g art.M882-500G -2sht. (M972) Bile Esculin Agar agar gall-eskulynovyy 500g art.M972-500G -2sht. FD006) Campylobacter Supplement-I (Blaser-Wang) dlyakampilobakteriy additive, and art. FD006-5VL -1sht. (FD018) Middlebrook OADC GrowthSupplement art. FD018-1VL -6sht. (FD019) Middlebrook ADC Growth SupplementRostova additive for ADC Mycobacterium art. FD019-1VL -2sht. (M081) MacConkey Agarwith CV, NaCl and 0,15% Bile Salts AharMakKonki with Crystal and 0.15% of bile salts 500g art. M081-500G -4sht. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple BulyonMakKonki 500g of bromocresol purple art. M083-500G -6sht. (M130) Rogosa SLAgar, Agar Rogoza SL 500 grams art. M130-500G -20sht. (M198) Middlebrook 7H9 BrothBase basis Midlbruka 7H9 broth 500g art. M198-500G -1sht. (M199) Middlebrook7H10 Agar Base 500g art. M199-500G -1sht. (M770) Mannitol Motility Test MediumNapivridke medium with mannitol 500g art. M770-500G -1sht. (M826) Hugh LeifsonMedium Hugh medium-Leyfsona 500g art. M826-500G -1sht. (OD001) GI-plusupakovka 10 pieces of art. OD001-1PK -5sht. (RM002) Beef Extract Powder M'yasnyyekstrakt dry 500g art. RM002-500G-1am. (RM1049) Meat Peptone P Tire Meat peptone, Type R 500g art. RM1049-500G-1am. (FD014) Supplement (Perfringens TSC Supplement) Addition of tsykloserynomT.SC art. FD014-5VL -3sht. (FD068) Sulpha Supplement Selektyvnaya additive forallocation salmonellas art. FD068-5VL -5sht. (M103) Chocolate Agar Base 500g Osnovashokoladnoho agar art. M103-500G-1am. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple Broth McConkie of bromocresol purpurnym500h art. M083-500G -16sht. (M103) Chocolate Agar Base Base aharu500h chocolate art. M103-500G-1am. (M144) Columbia Blood Agar Base Base kolumbiyskoho blood agar 500hart. M144-500G -10sht. M463) Tryptone Broth (Tryptone Water) 500g art. M463-500G-1shINDIA0UA125100156.9048551.590001 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/201784312000001. Spare parts for forklifts Komatsu, Toyota, Kalmar, Still, Mitsubishi: Tip Rulevoyi Drawbars (sleeve) art.2590450232 / M9804-6sht. Tip Rulevoyi Drawbars (sleeve) art.271A450301 / M3368-4sht. Tie-Rod / Tip Rulevoy Drawbars (sleeve) art.2423430561 / M8236-6sht. Tie-Rod / Tip Rulevoy Drawbars (sleeve) art.3582711602 / M2896-22sht. Tie-Rod / Tip Rulevoy Drawbars (sleeve) art.9124315700 / M7020-6sht. Joint Ball / tip Rulevoy Drawbars (sleeve) art.91243-15301 / M6221-4sht.Pin / That art.3EB2432240 / M1594-4sht. Pin, RH / Here art.3EB2451271 / M7067-8sht. Pin / Here art.2445432232 / M5324-16sht. King Pin / Here art.432312660071 / M0595-4sht. Pin Mast Support / Here art.612552660071 / M0784-4sht. King Pin / Here art.91E4320400 / M9256-6sht. King Pin / Here art.91E4310400 / M9256-2sht. Pin / Here art.48513FJ10B / M1279-8sht. Steering Linkage Bolt / Here art.22B5432171 / M0441-16sht. Pin, Bellcrank / Here art.9124305400 / M5590-4sht. Pin Centre / Here art.2423432131 / M8297-8sht. Pin, Bellcrank / Here art.2445432161 / M3163-8sht. Pin / Here art.22N5432151 / M0565 -40sht. Pin / Here art.22N5432451 / M1236-20sht. Pin / Here art.91B4300700 / M5238-30sht. Pin, Steering Knuckle King Rh / Here art.91E4323200 / M8287-2sht. Tilt Cylinder Pin / Here art.655692332071 / M5780-2sht. Steering Link Pin / Here art.91B4300700 / M1298-20sht. Axle / Here art.3024CHINA0UA500200153.91992.863948
14/Apr/20178701209000"1. Semi-trailer that was in use - weight in the case of maximum load - 18,000t - load capacity - 10,7t - brand - DAF - model - 85CF460 - the identification number (VIN): XLRTE85MC0E827558; - calendar year: 2008 - model year: 2008 - first registration date: 08.07.2008 - engine type: diesel - engine capacity: 12902cm3 - power output: 340kW - engine number - M82577 - wheel formula - 4x2 - sitting under the certificate of registration - 2 - for use on public roads purpose - vehicle contains in its composition Pryyma chi and transmitters - brand: DAF - manufacturer: DAF NV; - Country of origin: NL.. "NETHERLANDS1UA40101073005014.171085
12/Apr/201783021000901.Petli steel containing no part in radioobladnannya.Vykorystovuyutsya own way in life. Art. M8049-2-B curtain symmetrical with koroziynostiykoyistali A2 40 x 40 x 1 5 mm -25sht. Art. M8150-2-D curtain symmetrical zkoroziynostiykoyi steel A2 40 x 40 x 8 mm 0 -12sht. Art. M8233-4-B steel A4 curtain znerzhaviyuchoy summer, polished 50 x 50 x 4 mm, 10 pieces. Art. M8233-4-B curtain of steel A4 nerzhaviyuchoy summer, polished 50 x 50 x 4mm-40sht.Torhovelna Brand: WASIKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH Co. .CHINA0UA1000705.5133.3899263
12/Apr/201783024900901.Armatura fastening of steel, which does not contain svoyem consisting of radio equipment (transmitters and receivers or transmitters). Used in the home. art.M8155-4-1,5X30 key ring of steel nerzhaviyuchoy A4 turnover on 2 May 1 X 30 mmA4 -100sht. Art. M8247-4-3 Thimble with nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 3 mm A4 -150sht. art.M8247-4-5 Thimble with nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 5 mm A4 -50sht. Art. M8247-4-6 Thimble znerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 6 mm A4 -20sht. Art. M8254-4-5 swivel loop / loop iznerzhaviyuchoy 5mm steel A4 -10sht. Art. M8246-4-6C Talrep RING / hook TIP C M6-10sht steel A4. Art. M8248-4-10 cable with clamp nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 10 mm -10sht. art.M8248-4-3 cable with clamp nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 3 mm -500sht. Art. M8248-4-6Zatyskach rope with steel A4 nerzhaviyuchoy D = 6 mm -100sht. Art. M8248-4-8 Zatyskachtrosu of nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 8 mm -50sht. Art. M8331-4-4 clip sidelnyyDUPLEX of nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 4mm -20sht. Art. M8266-2-A Staple stationary type, with rounded nerzhaviyuchoy steel A2 45 h15mm -10sht.Torhovelna Mar Country: WASIKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH Co.CHINA0UA10007014.8263.8077905
12/Apr/201773269098901.Vyroby lifting of ferrous metals. Used in the home, not dlyamedychnoho application. Art. M8249-4-5X50 rifle fire steel A4 5 X 50 mm A4-100sht. Art. M8253-4-4 rifle with quick-coupling stainless steel A4D = 4 mm -50sht. Art. M8258-4-4 Carbine D - shaped with nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 4mm -50sht.Torhovelna Brand: WASIKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH Co. .CHINA0UA1000702.665.05480727
03/Apr/20178515900000"1.Komplektuyuchi to welding equipment: Protective sleeve art.002.0050-50sht, Burner 3.00 MB EVO 15 m. KZ-2 art.002.0709.1-50sht, Gus bend 50 MB 25AK hradart.004.0012-2sht, Box M14 / M6 / 51 art.004.D624.5-150sht, Gus burner RF GRAD art.004.D801.1-10sht 2545, Gus welding AT 255 T 45G X160 Y85 M6art.004.D831.1-5sht, Box M12 / M6 / 35 art.006.D719.5-200sht, Gus zvaryuvalnyyAT 155 T 45G X125 Y70 ST0,8-1,0 diam.12 art.006.D820.1-1sht; Hazorozpodilyuvach white art.012.0183-200sht, Torch MB EVO PRO 24 5.00 m. art.012.0373.1-5sht; Hazorozpodilyuvach art.013.0030-60sht; Hazorozpodilyuvach white art.014.0261-1000sht, Burner 3.00 MB EVO 36 m. art.014.0526.1-7sht; burner 5.00 MB EVO 36 3pc, Torch MB EVO PRO 36 4.00 m. Art.014.0530.1-10sht; PalnykMB EVO PRO 36 5.00 m. Art.014.0531.1-10sht, Box M16 / M8 / 52art.014.D745.5- 100 pieces, Box M16 / M6 / 52 art.014.D870-200sht; burner zvaryuvalnyyRF 36 3.00 m GRIP art.014.H221.1-20sht, Gus welding torch AT 305 / 355KTM 45G X185 Y95 M8 art.014.H363 .1-6sht; Goose welding torch AT 305 / 355KTM 45G X185 Y95 M8 art.014.H363.1-2sht; Insert Tr18x4 / M8 / 55 threaded in livustoronu art.016.D114-10sht; Insert Tr18x4 / M10 / 50L threaded into the left storonuart.016.D125-50sht; The transition piece diam.14,2 / 16.5 art.016.D141-20sht; Vstavkadlya trailer Tr18x / M10 / 60 art.016.D156.5-10sht; Goose welding torch RF45 45hr. H200 Y109 M8 art.017.D047.1-4sht; Insert the trailer for M16 M8 L45 M12x1RH MS under the trailer type Bintselya art.018.D139-100sht; Insert the M16 / M6 / 45 dlyakintsevyka art.018.D145-50sht; Clamping piece 3.8 M10h1 art.139.D005-4sht, trailer M6 / 0,8 / D = 6,0 / 25,0 E-CU art.140.0061-300sht; Box for nakin. M8 / M828mm art.142.0020-100sht; Box for nakin. M8 / M10x1 25mm art.142.0022-150sht; connectors for nakin. M10 / M10 / 40 art.142.0032-150sht; Nozzle konich.Vnutr.Diam.12,563,5 art.145.0080-200sht mm; M14 nozzle diameter. 16 art.145.D011-200sht; M14tsylindr nozzle. Dыam. 18 art.145.D014-10sht; M16 art.145.D021-200sht nozzle; M16Kart.145.D022-10sht nozzle; M16 cylindrical nozzle art.145.D024-10sht; M16tsylindrychne art.145.D024-10sht nozzle; M16K nozzle without poryttya art.145.D036-100sht; SoploTR 18x4 / diam.13 art.145.D243-10sht; Nozzle TR 18x4 / diam.19 art.145.D245-100sht, Cable trailer art.175.0022-60sht; MB GRIP handle art.180.0127-5sht; Rychazhokruchky 2-burner floor. The burner MB GRIP art.185.0101-15sht; Palnykzvaryuvalnyy ABITIG-26 4m BIS-52 BCS-00 BLS-000 BHC-01 art.396.6167-30sht, Welding Torch ABITIG-9 4m BIS-52 BCS-22 BLS-000 BHC-01 art.396.6217-1sht, Welding Torch ABITIG -26 12m BIS-52 BCS-00 BLS-000 BHC-01art.396.6222-1sht; Welding Torch ABITIG 450W 4m BIS-52 BCS-01 BLS-000BHC-11 art.396.6226-2sht; Welding Torch ABITIG 450W 8m BIS-52 BCS-01BLS-000 BHC-11 art.396.6227-2sht; Welding Torch ABITIG 450W 12m BIS-52BCS-01 BLS-000 BHC-11 art.396.6228-1sht; The plug during opresovki d15,8 / D17,3 / D18,7L = 30 art.400.0102-50sht; Strohach art.516.D001-6sht 10 K; Strohach K 12art.516.D002-5sht; Strohach T K16 3m art.516.D150-1sht; Corps"GERMANY0UA125180606.0816852.14149
01/Apr/201740139000001.Kamery rubber, new, for use in agriculture and spets.tehnitsi, CH (M802) 20.8 + 520/85 + 620/70 + 6, Art. 158373 - 4sht.CH (M822) 16.9 + 19.5LR + 480/70 + 5, Art. 428 511 - 4 pieces. CH (M754) 16.9 + 420/85 + 480 / + 70, art. 743325 - 5sht.Krayina origin - UhorschynaKrayina production - HUTorhovelna mark - MichelinVyrobnyk - MFP Michelin.HUNGARY13UA205020111429.0052312
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M82 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

M82 Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПП""Глансфарма"""
Importer Address
Голосіївський проспект, буд. 118, корп. 1, кв. 1, м. Київ, 03127
Product Description
Cultural 1.Seredovyscha for growing microorganisms.........
HS Code 3821000010Value 8551.590001
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 156.904
Origin Country INDIA

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