Ukraine Import Data of M66 | Ukraine Import Statistics of M66

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M66 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of M66

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/20178542319000"1. Electronic integrated circuits combined or not combined izzapam'yatovuvalnymy devices: - M66591GP - 2 units, Controller, Voltage: 3.3V, current: 1.5 A; Case: LQFP-80. Used in vyrobnytstvitelekomunikatsiynoho equipment for civil use. It is not abozahysnymy systems equipment for use in potentially explosive environments. mistyatv not composed of transmitters and receivers or transmitters. It is not zasobomspetspryznachennya.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - Renesas Technology CorpVyrobnyk - Renesas Technology Corp. "CHINA0UA1002000.0110.1142122 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/201784818099001.Vyroby designed for installation on truck with steel for tsyvilnohovykorystannya: 459 / M6678 unit valve - 1pc., Country of origin - GBTorhovelna mark - JCBVyrobnyk - JCB.UNITED KINGDOM0UA1002005.05498.7223931
24/Apr/20178708705090"1.Tros control boat twisted carbon steel (with attached device, cylindrical, stainless steel), a shell of polymer material, which is available in stainless steel nut: - steering cable M66 13 feet for outboard motors boat - 25sht - steering cable M66 14 feet for outboard motor boats - 32sht, Country of origin: IT. Trade mark: Ultraflex. brand: Ultraflex SPA. "GERMANY0UA10011010.97174.23994063
23/Apr/201785443000981.Vyroby designed for installation on truck with steel for tsyvilnohovykorystannya: 459 / M6678 unit valve - 1pc., Country of origin - GBTorhovelna mark - JCBVyrobnyk - JCB.PHILIPPINES0UA2050200.04918.30380345
20/Apr/201787083099981.chastyny ​​for disc brakes to avtonavantazhuvachiv.Brake Plate / spare parts braking system art.3EC3011170 / M6576-6sht. Gap Adjuster Rh / Brake Adjustment Mechanism art.3EB3051450 / M2301-1sht. Gap Adjuster Lh / Brake Adjustment Mechanism art.3EB3051430 / M6696-1sht. Liner, Lower / Fryktsyonnaya plate art.821522508071 / M7839-23sht. Clutch Disc / disc frictional art.3EB1041220 / M7934-4sht. Clutch Disc / disc frictional art.9132111100 / M2953-2sht. Clutch Disc / disc frictional art.134A310211 / M2285-3sht. Clutch Disc / disc frictional art.3EB1032320 / M9143-3sht. Clutch Disc / disc frictional art.31280-23600-71 / M8322-2sht. .CHINA0UA50020030742.8367898
20/Apr/201787083099981.Chastyny ​​braking system to avtonavantazhuvachiv.Cylinder Assy, Clutch Release / Brake cyl. art.214A532312 / C3889-4sht. Master Cylinder / Brake cyl. art.2559540302 / C4000-10sht. Master Cylinder / Brake cyl. art.3EB3651180 / C9644-12sht. Clutch Master Cylinder / Brake / C4910-4sht. Master Cylinder / Brake / C7359-5sht. Clutch Master Cylinder / Brake / C2784-2sht. Brake Master Cylinder / Brake cyl. art.2704540302 / C8291-4sht. Master Brake / Brake / C4672-6sht. Master Brake / Brake / C3131-6sht. Master Brake / Brake / 314102360071 / C2603-4sht. Master Brake / Brake / C9054-4sht. Master Brake / Brake / 472102332171 / C3993-6sht. Master Brake / Brake cyl. art. / 472102360071 / C9760-7sht. Brake Shoe / Set Tormoznыh pads art.5102 5992 / M1333-12sht. Steer Knuckle / steering knuckle art.91E4310200 / M1112-2sht. Steer Knuckle / rotary fist art.91E4313300 / M5868-2sht. Steer Knuckle / steering knuckle art.91B4313300 / M3113-2sht. Steer Knuckle / steering knuckle art.91B4310200 / M0873-2sht. Steer Knuckle / steering knuckle art.3EB2451221 / M0717-1sht. Steer Knuckle / steering knuckle art.3EB2451211 / M1000-1sht. Steering Knuckle / brake steering knuckle art.432122332171 / M0696-1sht. Steering Knuckle / brake steering knuckle art.432112332171 / M1347-2sht. Steering Knuckle / brake steering knuckle art.22N5432501 / M5842-2sht. Knuckle Lh / brake steering knuckle art.22N5432511 / M6685-2sht. Knuckle Rh / brake steering knuckle art.4321113312 71 / M2798-1sht. Knuckle Lh / rotary fist art.43212 1331271 / M2716-1sht. Wheel Cylinder / Brake cylinder art.2267372041 Call Work / C3258-12sht. Wheel Cylinder / Brake cylinder art.474202054071 Call Work / C6016-4sht. Wheel Cylinder / Brake cylinder art.C521124652001 Call Work / C0697-12sht. Wheel Cylinder / Brake cylinder art.2267372031 Call Work / C6899-12sht. Wheel Cylinder / Brake cylinder art.3EA3025111 Call Work / C0740-60sht. Wheel Brake / Brake cylinder Rabochy art. / 474102342071 / C8505-30sht. Wheel Brake / Brake cylinder Rabochy art. / 475203298071 / C0519-5sht. Master Brake / Brake cylinder Rabochy art. / 475103298071 / C8398-4sht. Brake Adjust Lever / Lever Adjustment brakes art.3EB3041540 / M0569-6sht. Brake Adjust Lever / Lever Adjustment brakes art.3EB3041550 / M2676-6sht. Maser Back Assy / C Servotormoz the air master cylinder art.3FD3821171 / C8639-1sht. Brake Shoe / brake pads art.3EB3041360 / M3684-9sht. Brake Shoe / brake pads art.3EB3041370 / M1104-9sht. Brake Shoe / brake pads art.3EB3041380 / M4334-18sht. Brake Shoe / brake pads art.NF9184617400 / M7737-10sht. Brake Shoe / brake pads art.NF9184617300 / M9864-10sht. Brake Drum / drum brake art.3EB2152320 / M8413-2sht. Brake Drum / drum brake art.3EA2142170 / M6319-4sht.Cylinder / Brake / C1663-3sht.TorhivCHINA0UA5002005018294.325601
12/Apr/201782090020001.Povorotni plate, variable, cutting with metal ceramics, metalworking, cutting 2ERA60 K15 (VK2) art.2007391-10sht.rizhucha M660 XNKT1205AZER11 THM art.2015246-30sht.rizhucha KS A = January 4-N TPC35 123569140 art.2021851 -5sht.rizhucha KS A = 6 1-N TN35 123569160 art.2021916-5sht.rizhucha M660 SNKT1205AZR21 THM art.2022375-30sht.rizhucha SCMT150512 TTR art.2028307-10sht.HM cutting D6x14x6 THM 11010306036 art.2066927-20sht. .GERMANY0UA1101801.1673.1618476
11/Apr/20178542319000"1. Electronic integrated circuits combined or not combined izzapam'yatovuvalnymy devices: - M66291GP - 10 pieces; microcontroller. 3-3,6V voltage. The size of memory 8bit memory. Memory Type RAM. Used in the manufacture of telecommunications equipment, civil use. It is no equipment or protective systems dlyazastosuvannya in potentially explosive environments. do not contain skladiperedavachiv or transmitters and receivers. spetspryznachennya.Krayina not a means of production - CNTorhovelna mark - Renesas Technology CorpVyrobnyk - Renesas Technology Corp. "CHINA0UA1250200.00736.82512624
05/Apr/201796033090001. Brushes for the application of cosmetics: cosmetic brush # 196, art. MY5R010001- 9sht, cosmetic brush # 233, art. MYXJ010001 - 9sht, cosmetic brush # 182 Buffer Brush (Avant Gold) 7 cm, art. M661010002 - 6 pieces, cosmetic brush # 182 Buffer Brush (Avant Gold) 7 cm, art. M661010002 - 3pc, brush KOSMETYChNYYLinear 1, art. ML71010001 - 6 pieces, brush cosmetic Oval 3, art. ML6Y010001 -6sht, Brush cosmetic Oval 6, Art. ML6W010002 - 20pcs, brush KOSMETYChNYYOval 6, Art. ML6W010002 - 6 pieces, Country of production - CNTorhovelna mark - MACVyrobnyk - ESTEE LAUDER HK LTD.CHINA65UA1001104.903592.5114439
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M66 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

M66 Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Address
бул. Чоколівський, 42-А, оф. 134-1 03087, м. Київ, Україна
Exporter Name YMN2N WO CO., Ltd
Product Description
"1. Electronic integrated circuits combined or not.........
HS Code 8542319000Value 10.1142122
Quantity 0Unit UA100200
Net Weight 0.01
Origin Country CHINA

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