Ukraine Import Data of Lub Oil | Ukraine Import Statistics of Lub Oil

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of lub oil collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of lub oil imports.

Lub Oil Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Lub Oil

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201727101225001. The product containing 70 wt.% Or more of petroleum or petroleum products. Light distillates, gasoline-solvent Nephras-S2-80 / 120 first grade, produced by TU RB 100006485.148-2002. Fractional composition: initial boiling point 86 ° C, 93% distilled at 94 ° C, 98% distilled at 97 Celsius degrees Density at + 20hrad.S is 690kh / m3. Density at + 15hrad.S is 695,0kh / m3. 0.01 g bromine bromine number in 100sm3. Weight fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons 1.8%. Sulfur weight fraction 0.00002%. Water-soluble acids, alkalis, solids and water does not. Ob`em load at + 15hrad.S is 83,837tys.l. Bulk. .BELARUS0UA9030305826745697.6863 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201727101981001.Motor oils, with a total content of a mixture of petroleum or petroleum products (carbohydrates), obtained from bituminous minerals, more than 70% as the main component, without the content of molybdenum disulphide: -Trident Longlife 5w30 motor oil 1000l euro cube art.5999AH-1sht.-Truckmaster LD 10w40 motor oil 1000l euro cube art.5772AH-5pcs. -Multifleet 15w40 engine lubricant 25l canister art.5752XI-32pcs. Not in aerosol packaging Does not contain ozone-depleting substances Producer: Millers Oils Limited. Trademark: Millers Oils. Production line: GB. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA205090612013314.86529
29/Apr/201727101991001. Lubricants plastic containing oil and oil obtained from bituminous minerals (mixture of aliphatic hydrocarbons, compounds of fatty acids), 70% by weight or more as a main component, free of silicones, polyglycol, graphite and disulfidu molibdena.Ne in aerosol packaging: Liquid lubricant ohlazhdayuschaya Rosneft Emultec 3175, 20L canister - 32sht., used for metal when turning, drilling and so on. .RUSSIA0UA1101106091276.87287
28/Apr/20173403199010"1. Means for lubricating machines, mechanisms i transport.zasobiv .: Motor oil, containing <70% of petroleum or petroleum products (hydrocarbons) obtained from bituminous minerals, as bases. Component not containing molybdenum disulphide. Lubricants : MOL Dynamic Gold Longlife 5W-30: 47kh. / 1bochk. 4l.-16sht. Dynamic Synt Diesel 10W-40: 50 kg. / 1am.-stroke motor oil: Dynamic Moto 2T: 1l.-200sht. compressor oil containing < 70% of petroleum or petroleum products (hydrocarbons) obtained from bituminous minerals, as osnov.komponentu, not containing molybdenum disulphide. lubricants: Compressol RS 68: 10l.-2 pcs. Load is situated not in aerosol packaging. Trade mark "" MOL "". Prospect for: "" MOL-LUB Ltd "". Vir Island Country: HU.. "HUNGARY0UA100010339.581040.13479
28/Apr/20172936280000"1. Vitamin E and its derivatives:" "Tocoblend L50 IP" is a food antioxidant containing natural mixed tocopherols (D-alpha-Tocopherol 9 - 20%, D-beta-tocopherol 1-4%, D-gamma- Tocopherol 50 - 65%, D-delta-Tocopherol 20 - 35%) on sunflower oil carrier. It has high efficiency. It is dissolved in oils and fats at 20 C. It is insoluble in water, significantly slows the oxidation of fats, increases the shelf life of the products, It ensures the stability of organoleptic parameters. It is used in the food industry. Not for use in veterinary medicine and livestock. Trademark: VItablendProducer: Vitablend Nederland BVCrea Production: NL. "NETHERLANDS0UA10011020439.2151345
28/Apr/20171516209813"1.Oliyi plant and fractions thereof for the manufacture of food products: The product" "cocoa butter substitute" "-stearyn palm kernel (palm kernel oil solids), refined, bleached, deodorized, subject to chemical modification (hydrogenation) of fat mass and fat-soluble substances volatile is 99.98 + -0.01%, has the following characteristics: free fatty acid content of 0.1% max: 0.02, moisture and impurities max 0.1%, 0.04%, melting point 33.5-35.5 degrees Celsius: 33.6 Iodine number 1 max : 0.18 color 1R / 10Y max: 0.3R / 1.2Y. A production date of March 2017, the number of pro ment 16RK2091. Looks like a solid mass of creamy white color used in food (confectionery) industry. Marked masla.Syrovyna cocoa substitute for the food industry, date of manufacture and packaging of March 2017, terminprytadnosti 12 months, the melting point of 33.5-35.5 ° C without GMOs. Ingredients: refined bleached deodorized palm kernel stearin hydrohenizovanyy. packaged in 20 kg net onni card in the box. Producer PT. WILMAR NABATI INDONESIA. Country of ID. Trademark SANIA. "INDONESIA0UA902040110000209000.0001
28/Apr/201784212300901.Zapchastyny ​​for trucks. Equipment for filtering lubricants or fuel in internal combustion engines, Art.5801415504 oil filter insert - 10 sht.Art.5801516883 fuel filter - fuel filter 10 sht.Art.2992300 - 1 sht.Ne for military and dual vykorystannyaTorhovelna mark IVECOVyrobnyk IVECOKrayina production IT .ITALY0UA12506010.85601.9003932
28/Apr/20178421230090"1.Obladnannya filtering lubricants or fuel in internal combustion engines and / m.Art.: 30944176 / oil filter / - 5 pcs, trademark SWAG. Country of NL. Manufacturer company SWAG Autoteile GmbH.."NETHERLANDS0UA1001100.4231.91313108
28/Apr/20178421230090"1.Obladnannya filtering lubricants or fuel in internal combustion engines and / m- 2 sht.Art.: 99908888 / oil filter / - 1 unit; Ref.: 10902177 / Oil filters / - 1 unit; trademark SWAG. Country of origin DE. The manufacturer firm SWAG Autoteile GmbH.. "GERMANY0UA1001101.03716.28084158
28/Apr/20172710198100"1. Motor oil, containing> 70% naftyabo oil (hydrocarbons) obtained from bituminous minerals, as osnov.komponentu, not containing molybdenum disulphide. Lubricants: MOL Turbo Diesel 15W-40: 180kg-10pc. 50kg -2sht. Super Diesel 15W-40: 180kg-13sht. 50kg, 2 pcs. Turbo Plus 15W-40: 50kg-3pc. Dynamic Max 10W-40: 1l.-40sht. 4l.-60sht. 50kg-3pc. 170kh-3pc . Dynamic Mistral 10W-40: 170kh-3pc. 47kh-2 pcs. 10l.-5pcs. Dynamic Transit 10W-40: 180kg-8 pieces. 9sht-50kg. 10l.-20pcs. 4l.-8 pieces. Dynamic Transit 15W-40: 180kg-9sht. 50kg-5pcs. 10l.-5pcs. Dynamic Star 5W-30: 1l.-16sht. Dynamic Gold 5W-30: 170kh-1am. 47kh-2 pcs. 1l.-24sht. 4l.-40sht. Dynamic Prima 5W-40: 170kh-3pc. 47kh-5pcs. 1l.-80sht. 4l.-32sht. Farm STOU 10W-40: 170kh-1am. Aero 22: 180kg-1am. O lyva-stroke: MOL Dynamic Garden 2T: 0,6l.-24sht. Dynamic Sprint 2T: 1l.-40sht. Dynamic Sprint 2T Red: 1l. 1000sht.Outboard-2T: 1l.-16sht. Oliva four-: MOL Dynamic Moto 4T Street 10W-40: 1l.-24sht. Dynamic Moto 4T Racing 10W-50: 1l.-24sht. Dynamic Moto 4T Racing P ro 5W-60: 1l.-24sht. Dynamic Garden 4T 10W-30: 0,6l.-1440sht. Dynamic Moto 4T Scooter 10W-40: 1l.-mark 104sht.Torhivelna "" MOL "". Whirlpool-to: "" MOL-LUB Ltd "". Whirlpool Island Country: HU. "HUNGARY0UA10001013575.5621494.67074
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АВІА ОІЛ"""
Importer Address
Україна, 01004, м.Київ, вул.Басейна, 9, к.3
Exporter Name "ВАТ ""НАФТАН"""
Product Description
1. The product containing 70 wt.% Or more of petro.........
HS Code 2710122500Value 45697.6863
Quantity 0Unit UA903030
Net Weight 58267
Origin Country BELARUS

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