Ukraine Import Data of Lock Bush | Ukraine Import Statistics of Lock Bush

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of lock bush collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of lock bush imports.

Lock Bush Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Lock Bush

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of lock bush. Get Ukraine trade data of Lock Bush imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20176029049001.Zhyvi plants, trees, shrubs and bushes, including their roots, to vidkrytohohruntu for decorative purposes, with torfohruntom in stock: Abies concolorCompacta k C25 80-100 cm Fir-color -6sht. Abies concolor Compacta k C25100-125 cm Fir-color -1sht. Abies concolor Violacea k C32 150-175 smYalytsya -5sht one color. Abies koreana Silberlocke k C32 100-125 cm Yalytsyakoreyska -9sht. Abies koreana Silberlocke k C32 125-150 cm Fir Korean -6sht.Abies lasiocarpa Compacta C10 30-40 cm Fir puhnastonasinna -10sht. Abieslasiocarpa Compacta C10 40-60 cm Fir puhnastonasinna -20sht. Abies lasiocarpaCompacta C32 60-80 cm Fir puhnastonasinna -2sht. Abies lasiocarpa Compacta C3280-100 cm Fir puhnastonasinna -12sht. Abies lasiocarpa Compacta C32 100-125 smYalytsya puhnastonasinna -10sht. Chamaecyparis nootkatensis Pendula k C100 350 / 400sm Chamaecyparis -5sht. Juniperus chinensis Blue Alps C60 f.bonsai cm Yalivetskytayskyy -2sht. Juniperus horizontalis Prince of Wales C7,5 30-40 cm YalivetsH oryzontalnyy -100sht. Juniperus pfitzeriana Compacta C3 20-30 cm Juniper-50sht. Juniperus pfitzeriana Pfitzeriana Aurea C3 20-30 cm Juniper -100sht. Larixkaempferi Blue Dwarf C15 Pa80-125 cm Larix kaempferi -4sht. Larix kaempferiDiana C15 150-175 cm Larix kaempferi -4sht. Larix kaempferi Mazanek C15Pa100-125 cm Larix kaempferi -4sht. Larix laricina Arethusa Bog C15 Pa80-125sm Larix kaempferi -10sht. Picea abies Camon C25 100-125 cm Yalynayevropeyska -2sht. Picea abies Cranstonii k C46 250-300 cm Picea Abies, 2 pcs. Picea glauca C10 40-60 cm Canadian Spruce -30sht. Picea glauca Sanders BlueC10 100-125 cm Canadian Spruce -10sht. Picea orientalis Aureospicata k C32100-125 cm Picea orientalis -1sht. Picea orientalis Aureospicata k C32 150-175 smYalyna east -4sht. Picea pungens Bialobok k C32 100-125 cm Blue Spruce -1sht.Picea pungens Bialobok k C32 125-150 cm Blue Spruce -1sht. Picea pungensGlauca Pendula C10 40-60 cm Blue Spruce -10sht. Picea pungens Koster C15100-125 cm Blue Spruce -1sht. Picea pungens Retroflexa C15 60-80 cm Yalynablakytna -1sht. Picea pungens Retroflexa C15 80-100 cm Blue Spruce -1sht. Piceapungens Retroflexa k C32 125-150 cm Blue Spruce -1sht. Picea pungensRetroflexa k C32 150-175 cm Blue Spruce -1sht. Pinus cembra Glauca C7,5 40-60sm pine-European 20pcs. Pinus cembra Glauca k C32 80-100 cm Pinus cembra -4sht. Pinuscembra Glauca k C32 100-125 cm Pinus cembra -1sht. Pinus densifloraJane Kluis C32 80-100 cm Pine hustokvitna -4sht. Pinus densiflora Jane Kluis C32100-125 cm Pine hustokvitna -2sht. Pinus densiflora Tomoyosho Compacta k C46100-125 cm Pine hustokvitna -4sht. Pinus heldreichii Compact Gem C10 20-30 smSosna Heldreyha -10sht. Pinus mugo C15 30-40 cm Pine Mountain -50sht. Pinus mugoC15 40-60 cm Pine Mountain -50sht. Pinus mugo Mops C25 40-60 cm Alpine pine-34sht. Pinus mugo Carsten's C10 40-60 cm Pine Mountain -10sht. Pinus mugoCarsten's k C32 60-80 cm Pine Mountain, 6 pcs. Pinus mugo Gnom C10POLAND0UA2091401923512860.96396 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201787089997981. Spare parts (parts) for cars: KT repair. saddle (+ metal.zahvat lock bushing, metal. Horseshoe, rubber pads, screws) -1sht. Producer (brand): INTER CARS SA (S-TR), KT repair. saddle (metal.zahvat, metal.vtulka, springs, bolts) -2sht. Producer (brand): INTER CARS SA (S-TR).SPAIN0UA40003013.092131.9773347
28/Apr/20174016995290"1.Zapchastyny-metal cuffs for use in cars, bearing shock absorber humometaleva., Engine bearing humometaleva., PPC support humometaleva., Clutch lever (silent blocks, bushings) .; silent blocks.; Silentblocks lever., Trademark: LEMFORDER.Vyrobnyk" "ZF Friedrichshafen AG" ". Country of origin: Germany.."GERMANY0UA100110385.9818542.638326
28/Apr/20178708949998"1.Zapchastyny ​​motovsyudyhidiv to Polaris, part of the steering mechanism, steering wheel bushing COLLAR-LOCKINGart.0454407, -4sht, Brand Polaris Industries Inc.; trade mark Polaris, Country of TW."TAIWAN0UA1001200.27.786014573
28/Apr/201740169952901 Vulcanite not solid, non-porous rubber - part-metal cuffs designed for cars, not for industrial assembly of motor vehicles: Model EG90189050 BUSH-DMP Silent-block rear beam-1375shtartykul EG90235040 BUSH RR CONT AR Silent block lower front lever-4000shtartykul EG90250437 bLOCK-PWR uNIT cushion (support) engine front left-200shtartykul EG96227422 bLOCK A-RR PWR cushion (support) engine rear-1210shtartykul EG96308002 BUSH DAMPING silent blocks of front wishbone rear-10shtartykul EG96308002 BUSH DAMPING silent blocks of front lever rear-20shtartyk UL EG96312156 STRUT MOUNT AF upper bearing shock absorber front-10shtartykul EG96312548 STRUT MOUNT AR upper bearing shock absorber front-20shtartykul EG96355069 Mounting, Axle Beam silent blocks of front beam-50shtartykul EG96391856 BUSH-LOWER ARM silent blocks of front lever 50shtartykul EG96445043 BUSH-DAMPING FR Silent block lower front lever 3000shtartykul EG96535066 Moun ting silent blocks of front suspension-20shtartykul EG96535066 Mounting silent blocks of front suspension-100shtartykul EG96535087 BUSH-CONTROL AR Silent-block, the front lever 600shtartykul EG96535088 BUSH-CONTROL AR silent blocks front vazhilya- 300shtTorhovelna brand: MAN DO + Manufacturer: HALLA HOLDINGS CORPORATION LTDKrayina production: Korea (South). Origin: Korea (South).KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA3051602543.0819486.74975
27/Apr/20177318190090"1.Vyroby thread of ferrous metals: FE03544 Bushing silent blocks Seat Cordoba / Seat Ibiza / VW Golf-100sht.Vyrobnyk:" "Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG" "Trade mark: Febi.Krayina production: CN.."CHINA0UA1002100.9799.902261382
27/Apr/20178708299000"1.Zapasni parts for cars and trucks / m: Bracket mounting enclosures, mounting bracket art.030.072-1sht .; cabin, art.080.109-5sht .; Kronshteynkriplennya spring, art.070.342-2sht .; Clutch cab mounts to the frame (bolt -2sht, silent blocks - 2 pcs, metal ring - 6 pieces, nut - 2 pcs, washer - 2 pcs) art.010.581-1sht .; Clutch cab mounts to the frame (silent blocks - 2 pcs, bolt- 4 pieces, nut - 4 pieces, Locking ring - 2 pcs, rubber sleeve - 2 pcs, washer - 8 pieces, gaskets - 4 pieces) art.020.544-1sht .; Clutch cab mounts to the frame (bearing - 2 pcs, rubber bushing - 6 pieces, bolt - 2 pcs, washer - 6 pieces), art. 020.591-7sh T .; Clutch cab mounts to the frame (bearing - 2 pcs, vtulkahumova - 6 pieces, bolt - 2 pcs, washer - 6 pieces) art.020.591-2sht .; Clutch kriplennyakabiny to the frame (metal sleeve - 2 pcs, plastic sleeve - 4 pieces) Art .040.536-8sht .; Clutch cab mounts to the frame (metal sleeve - 2 pcs, plastic sleeve - 4 pieces) art.040.536-20sht .; Clutch cab mounting (mounting metvleve, seal - 2 pcs) and rt.040.567-5sht .; Clutch kriplennyakabiny (metvleve attachment, omentum - 2 pcs) art.040.567-5sht .; Remkomplektkriplennya cab to the frame (silent blocks, washer - 2 pcs) art.040.568-6sht., Clutch cab mounts to the frame (finger - 2 pcs, metal sleeve - 4 pieces, 2 pcs bolt- rings Stop - 2 pcs, plastic washer - 4pcs, a metal cap - 2 pcs) art.050.511 / A-8 pieces .; Clutch cab mount (Seal - 4 pieces, shaft - 2 pcs, metal sleeve - 4 pieces, bolt - 2 pcs, Nut - 2 pcs) art.050.513 / A-6 pcs .; Remkomplektkriplennya cab (seal - 4 pieces, shaft - 2 pcs, metal sleeve - 4 pieces, bolt - 2 pcs, Nut - 2 pcs) art.050.513 / A-36sht .; Clutch cab mounts to the frame (silent blocks, washer - 2 pcs rings Stop - 2 pcs) art.060.515-6sht., Country of origin - TRTorhovelna mark - SampaVyrobnyk - Sampa Otomotiv San. ve Tic.AS "TURKEY0UA100110122.471088.940728
27/Apr/20174016995290"1.Zapasni parts designed for cars-metal cuffs: FE01837 SaylentblokOPEL Astra F / Calibra A / Vectra A" "F" "88 -" "01-12sht; FE03373 Reliance shock OpelCorsa / Opel Astra / Opel Vectra-6 pieces; FE07606 Pillow Mercedes 190 / Mercedes230 / Mercedes 200-8sht; FE12050 engine pillow Renault Clio / R enault Kangoo / Renault 19-3sht; FE12066 stabilizer bushing Fiat Scudo / Fiat Ulysse / Peugeot806-4sht; FE14599 Pillow PPC Opel Vectra-1am; FE18239 engine pillow FiatDucato Unsp ec. / Peugeot J5 Unspec. / Citroen C25-S eries-1am; FE19713 Podushkadvyhuna Peugeot 406 / Pe ugeot 405 / Peugeot 605-1sht; FE22151 Pillow dvyhunaRenault Kangoo-1am; FE22239 Silentblocks VOLVO S60 / S80 / V70 "" F "" 00 - "" 09-2sht; FE23777 SaylentblokRenault Kangoo-2 pcs; FE29940 silent blocks AUDI / VW A6 / Passat "" 9 7-4sht; FE32280Podushka engine CITROEN / FIAT / PEU GEOT Jumper / Ducato / Boxer "" 06-2sht; FE39681Vtulka stabilizer CITROEN / PEU GEOT C3 Picasso / 207 "" FD = 23mm "" 07-2sht; FE39682Vtulka stabilizer CITROEN / PEU GEOT C4 / 308 "" FD = 22,5 mm "" 06-6sht; FE42780 Vtulkastabilizatora CITROEN / PEU GEOT Berlingo / C4 / DS4 / Partner "" F "" D = 24mm "" 08-2sht.Vyrobnyk: "" Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG "" Trade mark: Febi.Krayina production: IN. "INDIA0UA10021015.16218.7982674
27/Apr/201783023000901.Armatura fasteners and hardware to new vehicles, metals znedorohotsinnyh., Art.054000001R - Krepizh steel, 20pcs. art.7711429876 -krepizh-2 pcs. art.7701069759 - plug-5pcs. art.8200018943 - - lock-10pc. art.215081131R - bush-pedal - plug-1am. art.7700274026 - Plug-steel - Clip-1am. art.620108107V - arm-1am. art.8200694013 -dros.zaslonky-1am. art.620920671R - krepizh-1am. art.8200475940 - KRIPLENNYAZAPASNOHO-1sht.Krayina origin - FrantsiyaKrayina production - FRTorhovelna mark - RenaultVyrobnyk - Renault SAS.FRANCE0UA1251904.39124.3978873
27/Apr/20174016995290"1. Parts designed for auto biliv,-metal cuffs: 35 458 01 Vtulkastabilizatora FORD Fiesta" "F 08 - 2 pieces, 02 17682 stabilizer bushing VWTransporter IV" "F" "92 -" "03 - 200 pieces; 26043 01 silent blocks MERCEDES W211 "" F "" 01 - "" 12 - 2 pcs; 31938 01 silent blocks FORD / MAZDA // VOLVO Focus / C-Max / 3/5 / C30 / S40 / V50 / C70 "" R "" 04-11 - 30 pc; 01 31 940 silent blocks FORD / MAZDA / VOLVOFocus / C-Max / 3/5 / S40 / V50 "" R "" 04- "" 12 - 40, 33265 01 silent blocks balkyMERCEDES W221 "" R "" 05- "" 13 - 10 pieces, 01 33731 Silentblocks LANDROVER Range RoverIII (LM) "" F "" 02 - "" 10 - 6 sht.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna mark - LEMFORDERVyrobnyk - ZF Friedrichshafen AG. "POLAND0UA10021022.48674.1623828
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Lock Bush Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Lock Bush Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""ГАЛСАД"""
Importer Address
79495,м.Львів-Винники,вул.Котермака 1-а Україна
Exporter Name Bogdan Piech Gospodarstwo Szkolkarskie
Product Description
1.Zhyvi plants, trees, shrubs and bushes, includin.........
HS Code 602904900Value 12860.96396
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 19235
Origin Country POLAND

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