Ukraine Import Data of Lm Guide | Ukraine Import Statistics of Lm Guide

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of lm guide collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of lm guide imports.

Lm Guide Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Lm Guide

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201740169991001. Part-metal cuffs, long guide tab Y0081004 -3sht. Mehanichnaprokladka for GP75 H068.SLMS.012 - 2 pcs. Mechanical seal for GP75H068.SLMS.009 - 2 sht.Torhovelna mark: EYS .Vyrobnyk: EYS Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd Sti.Krayina production: TR. .TURKEY0UA1001107314.1398702 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20177604299000"1.Profili aluminum alloy (grade AlMgO, 7Si 6063, aluminum alloy for the production of sectional doors and shutters, tovsch.do2mm used as components for the production of sectional doors and shutters): extruded aluminum profile aluminum art.AYPC.150.0102-1728 mProfil extruded L = 3,3 m art.AYPC.150.0101 / 01-3362,7 mProfil aluminum extruded L = 4,5 m art.AYPC.150.0101 / 01-891 mprofil portal art.PRD125-56 mprofil auxiliary art.AYPC.F50 .0721-34 mprofil leveling art.AYPC.C48.0614-104 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0601-744 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0603-446,4 mprofil guide art.AYPC.1 15.0011-12 mprofil threshold art.AYPC.C48.0805-104 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0605-223,2 mprofil clip clip art.AYPC.110.0605-1711,2 mProfil clamping plates art.AYPC.F50.0601-3128 clamping mProfil mprofil lattice strips art.AYPC.F50.1612-13,6 art.AEG56-119 mprofil lattice art.AEG56-1400 mProfil Rolling extruded art.AER44F 20 mprofil thrust art.AYPC.C48.0612 -156 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC .VC65.0604-45,5 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0603-1053 mkutochok final art.AES30x20-240 mTorhovelna mark Alumin TechnoVyrobnyk SOOO "" aluminum Techno "" Country of BY "BELARUS0UA1252207100.32522304.70329
27/Apr/201787083091981.ZMONTOVANI brake pads DYSKOVIDLYA VEHICLE IN THE BOX FOR art.1987474137-4sht.KOMPLEKT VSTANOVLENNYAHALMIVNYH pads (springs, pins, washers) art.1987475257-1sht.KOMPLEKT forestablish disk brake pads (springs, pins, washers) art.1987474175-2sht. art.1987474241-2sht. art.1987474253-4sht. art.1987475204-2sht.KOMPLEKT FOR SETTING disk brake pads (springs, pins, washers) art.1987475077-1sht. art.1987475077-5sht. art.1987475077-5sht. art.1987475077-5sht.KOMPLEKT MOUNTING DISK pads art.1987474154-1sht. art.1987474179-3sht. art.1987474179-5sht. art.1987474490-2sht. art.1987474179-8sht. art.1987474179-8sht. art.1987474490-2sht.REMKOMPLEKT Brake CIRCULAR SYSTEMYAVTOMOBILYA front wheels (guides, sleeves, clamps) art.1987474213-2sht.Vyrobnyk ROBERT BOSCH brand GMBHTorhovelna BOSCHKrayina production DK.DENMARK0UA1251104.399145.1501748
27/Apr/20177604210000"1.Profili hollow aluminum were owed driving (brand AlMgO, 7Si 6063, aluminum alloy for the production of sectional doors and shutters, tovsch.do2mm): extruded aluminum profile art.AYPC.150.0110-360 mprofil castle art.KPU45 / R-60 mprofil end art.ES9x45 / eco-90 mprofil turning art.AYPC.110.0807-18,6 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62.0102-208 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62.0104-286 mprofil pins art.AYPC.F50.0204 -353.6 mProfil Rolling extruded art.AER44m / S-3360 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0204-338 mprofil sash casement sash art.AYPC.W62.0205-286 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0205-143 mprofil rack art .AYPC.110.0301-409,2 mprofil rack art.AYPC.F50 .0101-27,2 mprofil art.AYPC.F50.0102-340 mprofil rack rack art.AYPC.F50.0104-326,4 mprofil amplifier art.AYPC.C48.0706-13 mshyna guide art.GR53x22I / eco-792 mshyna guide art.GR53x22I / eco-guide 540 mshyna art.GR53x22I / eco-mark mTorhovelna 360 Alumin TechnoVyrobnyk SOOO "" aluminum Techno "" Country of BY. "BELARUS0UA1252206401.15922823.41683
27/Apr/20173811210000"1.Hotovi additive for technical oils containing mineral oil (hydrocarbons) obtained from bituminous minerals, not containing molybdenum disulphide and ozone-depleting substances: VISCOPLEX 4-677 - 3500kh. (20 yr. Barrels), is a rozchynpolialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) in mineral oil bit uminoznoho origin oil content of 7%, is a thickening and depression etc. ysadkoyu for motornyhmastyl; VISCOPLEX 0-409 - 1400kh. (8 met.bochok) is a rozchynpolialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) in mineral oil bit uminoznoho origin, contents oil 30%, is zahu uvalnoyu additive for oils ansmisiynyh May; VISCOPLEX 1-810 - 2100kh. (12 yr. barrels), is a rozchynpolialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) in mineral oil bit uminoznoho origin oil content of 40%, is a thickening and depression etc. ysadkoyu for motornyhmastyl, hydraulic s transmission fluids and lubricating ma Steel; VISCOPLEX7-610 -700kh. (4 yr. barrels), is a solution polialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) in Saints eral oil bituminous origin, oil content 30% yavlyayetsyazahuschuvalnoyu additive for hydraulic oils. VISCOPLEX 8-450 - 1400kh. (6met. Barrels), is a solution polialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) in mineralnomumasli bit uminoznoho origin oil content of 30% is to guide zahuschuvalnyuprysadkoyu ravlichnyh oils; VISCOPLEX 1-393 - 2800kh. (16 met.bochok) is a solution polialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) in mineralnomumasli bit uminoznoho origin oil content of 40% is depresiynoyuprysadkoyu gns for motorcycle, hydraulic and transmission perfumer l; VISCOPLEX 12-709- 1400kh. (8 met.bochok) is a solution polialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) vmineralnomu bituminous oil source, oil content 30% yavlyayetsyazahuschuvalnoyu liquid additive to automatic transmissions, Producer - Evonik Oil Additives GmbH.Torhivelna mark - Evonik.Krayina production - DE. "GERMANY0UA1001101330059473.89841
27/Apr/201776042100001.Profili hollow aluminum were owed driving (brand AlMgO, 7Si 6063, aluminum alloy for the production of sectional doors and shutters, tovsch.do2mm): Rolled, extruded profile art.AER44 / S-384 mprofil reinforcing art.AEG30 / S-70 reinforcing mprofil art.AEG30 / S-70 mprofil lattice art.AEG84-245 mProfil lattice L = 5,5 m art.AEG84-495 mProfil lattice L = 4,6 m art.AEG84-506 mshyna guide art.GR70x26-36 mprofil leaf art .AYPC.100.0202-48 mprofil frame art.AYPC.100.0105-72 mprofil shtulpa art.AYPC.110.0501-6,2 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0806-24,8 mprofil swivel rotary frame art.AYPC.110.0807-37,2 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0102-49,6 m art.AYPC.110.0102-223,2 mprofil frame profile sash casement art.AYPC.110.0202-24,8 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0202-347,2 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0307-6,2 mprofil impost impost art.AYPC. 110.0307-80,6 mprofil turning art.AYPC.110.0809-12,4 mprofil turning art.AYPC.110.0810-24,8 mprofil frame art.AYPC.110.0104-74,4 mprofil top art.AYPC.118.0005-144 mpro fil frames art.AYPC.C48.0101-156 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0102-819 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0103-156 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0103-39 mprofil art.AYPC.C48 frame. 0104-13 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0104-13 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0105-104 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0105-182 mprofil impost art.AYPC.C48.0301-39 them mprofil Final art.AYPC.C48.0302-117 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0302-39 mprofil impost impost impost art.AYPC.C48.0302-39 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0303-78 mprofil leaf art.AYPC.C48 .0201-104 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0201-26 mprofil sash casement sash art.AYPC.C48.0202-26 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0202-416 mprofil casement sash art.AYPC.C48.0203-546 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0203-26 mprofil leaf art.AYPC.C48.0203-78 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0618-312 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0618-117 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC .C48.0619-39 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0619-39 mprofil rotary expander art.AYPC.C48.0801-39 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0802 -26 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0110-39 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C43.0102-39 mprofil leaf art.AYPC.C43.0202-52 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.111.0101-111,6 mProfil art.AYPC.111.0102-111,6 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.111.0103-372 mProfil art.AYPC.111.0104-37,2 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.111.0105-24,8 mProfil art.AYPC. 111.0105-24,8 mProfil extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.111.0107-99,2 mProfil art.AYPC.120.0401-24 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62.0102-52 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62.0102-39 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62.0104-78 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0202-52 mprofil sash casement sash art.AYPC.W62.0204-26 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0204-26 mprofil leaf art.AYPC. W62.0204-136,5 mprofil casement sash art.AYPC.W62.0205-130 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0205-26 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0301-52 mprofil impost impost art.AYPC.W62.0301- 26 mprofil impostBELARUS0UA12522015331.26760467.39245
27/Apr/20178431390000"1.Chastyny ​​boot equipment installed on grain and forage harvester RSM-COVER -2sht, (screw cap vyvantazhuyuchoho) body RSM-10B.01.50.460 {3} -3sht, RSM-BUILDING ELEVATOR {4} In -4sht, augers -2sht BUILDING, BUILDING -1sht, bottom hinged -1sht; -2sht augers, augers VERTICAL -4sht, BUILDING ELEVATOR 142.50 .02.010 -1sht; CORPS -1sht, directing 3518060-18110V -32sht, (elevator chain guides) Shells RSM- {4} -4sht, RSM-neck {4} -4sht; augers RSM- {3} -6sht; Producer: Ltd. "" combine plant "" Rost elmash "". "RUSSIA0UA1100401110.1094815.76205
27/Apr/20178708309198"1.Halma and brake parts for disc brakes for use in cars and / m" "Great Wall" ": Rip front brake pads Ref. 3501105-K00 - 10 pcs., Front brake pads directing art. 3501111-M00 - 6 pcs., caliper brake rear left art. 3502100XS54XB - 1 pc., plate brake pads Ref. 3502109-K00 - 10 pcs., plate rear brake pads inside Ref. 3502111-K00 - 10 pcs., caliper brake rear right art. 3502200XS54XB - 1 pc., guide carriage art. 3502330-G08 - 20 pcs., the parking brake cable art. 3508300XS56XB - 1 pc., parking brake cable art. 3508400 XS56XB - 1 sht.Torhivelna mark: GREAT WALL. Manufacturer: "" GREAT WALL MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED "". Country of origin: China, CN.. "CHINA0UA5000309.78273.8712987
27/Apr/201787083091981.Chastyny ​​and devices of motor transport vehicles are: parts for disk halmlehkovyh cars: plug guide carriage to art. 58164-1H000 -10sht.Vtulka front caliper guide art. 58164-4D500-30sht. The guide bushing front calipers art. 58164-33000 -10sht. Vtulkanapryamnoyi front calipers art. 58168-M2000 -2sht. The guide bushing suportaperednoho art. 58164-4D500-40sht. Bushing caliper guide (to top) Art. 58168-4D500 -20sht. Vtulkasupporta guide (to top) Art. 58168-4D500 -20sht. Brake kolodkyzadni art. 58302-2EA31 -10sht. Rear ABS sensor levыy art. 95681-3E300 -1sht.Datchyk ABS rear left art. 95680-2E400-2sht. ABS sensor rear left art. 95680-2E400 -2sht. ABS sensor front left art.95670-2F000 -1sht. ABS sensor front left art. 95670-2F000 -4sht. ABS sensor peredpravыy art. 95670-2F100 -1sht. ABS sensor front levыy art. 95671-3E300 -3sht.Datchyk ABS front levыy art. 95620-4A350 -1sht. ABS sensor front levыy art.95620-4A350 -2sht. ABS sensor front levыy art. 95671-3E300 -2sht. Kolodkyhalmivni back art. 58305-2PA00 -2sht. Brake pads rear Art. 58305-2PA10-2sht. Brake pads rear Art. 58305-2PA00-6sht. Brake pads rear Art. 58305-2PA10 -10sht. Brake pads peredniart. 58101-3SA20 -2sht. Brake shoes Kt art. 58302-3JA00-1sht. Brake shoes Kt art. 58302-3SA20 -1sht. Brake-t Zadniki art. 58302-3SA20 -2sht. Brake shoes Kt art. 58101-2BA00-2sht. Brake shoes Kt art. 58101-3SA26 -2sht. Connector halmoviperedni Kt art. 58101-2BA00 -2sht. Brake pads. zadnye (CD) art.58302-3XA30 -2sht. Brake pads. perednye art. 58101-3XA00 -5sht. Kolodkytormoznыe zadnye (CD) art. 58302-1RA30-4sht. Tormoznыe zadnye pads (disc) art. 58302-1RA30 -1sht. Connector kit tormoznыeperednye art. 58101-3XA20 -6sht. Connector tormoznыe perednye komplektart. 58101-3XA20 -6sht. Napravlyucha slide art. 58161-2F300 -20sht. Napravlyuchasuporta art. 58162-32300 -6sht. Napravlyucha slide art. 58161-2F300-5sht. Rip lower front calipers art. 58162-2F300 -10sht. Napravlyayuchaperednoho slide lower art. 58162-4H000 -2sht. Rip front suportanyzhnya art. 58162-2F300 -40sht. Rip Front Caliper lower art.58162-4H000 -2sht. Rip upper slide art. 58221-4D500 -20sht. Napravlyayuchasuporta upper art. 58221-4D500 -20sht. Rip slide lower art.58222-4D500 -10sht. Rip slide lower art. 58222-4D500 -10sht. Napravlyayuchasupporta art. 58162-33000 -4sht. Rip caliper art. 58162-33000 -4sht.Napravlyayuschaya zadneho caliper Lower art. 58222-37000 -4sht. Upper caliper Napravlyayuschayaperedneho art. 58161-2E000 -2sht. Rip rear suportaverhnya art. 58221-37000 -14sht. Guide caliper front / LO. / Art.58162-2E000 -10sht. The piston calipers art. 58235-37000 -4sht. Piston suportahalmovoho art. 58112-2E000 -4sht. The piston brake calipers art. 58112-2E000-2sht. The piston caliper peredneho art. 58112-24000 -4sht. piston supportaperedneKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125250111.11701.2571724
27/Apr/201787083091981.Chastyny ​​and devices are motor transport vehicles: brakes and brake system zpidsylyuvachamy and parts for disc brakes Car: Vtulkanapravlyayuchoyi slide to art. 581641H000 -20sht. Bushing caliper guide (to top) Art. 581684D500 -20sht. ABS sensor rear left art. 956802E400-2sht. ABS sensor front left art. 956702F000 -4sht. ABS sensor front pravыy art.956702F100 -1sht. ABS sensor front levыy art. 956204A350 -2sht. Sensor ABSperednyy levыy art. 956713E300 -2sht. Disc Brake rear Art. 584113S000-2sht. Disc Brake front art. 517123K160-2sht. Disc Brake front art. 517121R000 -2sht. Disc brake peredniyart. 517122D310 -2sht. Disc Brake front art. 517122H000-2sht. Disc Brake front art. 517123K160 -2sht. Rear Disc tormoznoy art.584113A300 -2sht. Tormoznoy front disc art. 517123X000 -2sht. Connector halmivniperedni art. 581013SA20 -1sht. Brake pads handbrake art. 583504DA00-1sht. Brake shoes art. 583023C A20 -1sht. Brake shoes to-Tartu. 583023SA20 -2sht. Brake shoes Kt art. 581012BA00-1sht. Brake hand brake art. 583503JA00 -2sht. Connector ruchnohohalma art. 583502EA00 -1sht. Brake pads. zadnye (drum) art. 5830517A00-1sht. Brake pads. perednye art. 581013XA00 -2sht. Tormoznыebarabannыe Pads, kit art. 583053SA30-2sht. Tormoznыe zadnye pads (disc) art. 583021RA30 -1sht. Connector kit tormoznыeperednye art. 581013XA20 -3sht. Connector tormoznыe hand AUTOPARTS art.583501DA00 -1sht. Napravlyucha slide art. 581612F300 -5sht. Rip lower perednohosuporta art. 581622F300 -40sht. Rip Front Caliper lower art.581624H000 -2sht. Rip upper slide art. 582214D500 -20sht. Napravlyayuchasuporta lower art. 582224D500 -9sht. Rip caliper art. 5816233000 -4sht.Napravlyayuschaya zadneho caliper Lower art. 5822237000-4sht. The piston caliper peredneho art. 5811224000 -4sht. Piston supportaperedneho art. 5811233000 -4sht. The piston caliper peredneho art. 5811237500 -5sht.Rem. complex. Trans. caliper (on 2supp.) Art. 5810225A00 -2sht. Rem. complex. per.supporta (on 2supp.) Art. 581022EA00-2sht. Rem. complex. Trans. caliper (on 2supp.) Art. 58102M3A10 -2sht. Suporthalmivnyy art. 581901GA00 -1sht. Tormoznыy disc art. 584111H300 -2sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125250222.37838.3347984
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Lm Guide Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Lm Guide Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "НІТС ТОВ ""НТЦ ЕКОЛОГІЯ"""
Importer Address
01133, м. Київ, вул. Щорса 29
Exporter Name """EYS Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti."""
Product Description
1. Part-metal cuffs, long guide tab Y0081004 -3sht.........
HS Code 4016999100Value 314.1398702
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 7
Origin Country TURKEY

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