Ukraine Import Data of Leucospermum | Ukraine Import Statistics of Leucospermum

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of leucospermum collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of leucospermum imports.

Leucospermum Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Leucospermum

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of leucospermum. Get Ukraine trade data of Leucospermum imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/2017603198090"1. Cut flowers fresh from 01.11 to 31.05-cut other colors: Leukaspermum / Leucospermum Scarlet Ribbon A1 (ZA) - 30sht., Proteus / Protea: Cynaroides A2 (ZA) -10sht.; Protea pink ice A1 (ZA) - 20pcs ., Total - Net 60sht .; weight: 3kg, Country of origin: ZA; Producer: DE GOOIJER INTERNATIONAL BV; trade mark: no data. ".SOUTH AFRICA0UA100010324.98137478 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
17/Apr/20176031980901.Zrizani fresh flowers for bouquets assembly (from 1 November to 31 May): Alstroemeria Alstroemeria -90sht. alium Allium -30sht. Amarilis Amaryllis Anemone -72sht.anemon -50sht. Anthurium Anthurium-26sht. astilbe Astilba -25sht. buvardiya Bouvardia -50sht. bruniya Brunia -30sht.klematis Clematis -50sht. kraspediya Craspedia -50sht. eustoma Eustoma -940sht.freziya Freesia mix -500sht. gerbera Gerbera -170sht. gypsophila Gypsophila-25sht. heleborus Helleborus -60sht. heliantus Helianthus -50sht. hiatsyntHyacinthus -125sht. hydrangea Hydrangea-200sht. hiperikum Hypericum -275sht. Iris Iris -500sht. latirus Lathyrus -300sht.leukodendron Leucadendron -50sht. leukospermum Leucospermum -40sht. limoniumLimonium -150sht. matiola Matthiola -150sht. daffodil Narcissus-100 pieces. ornitohalum Ornithogalum -25sht. peony Paeonia -410sht. Protea Protea-20pcs. Ranunkulusy Ranunculus -860sht. skimiya Skimmia -55sht. solidaho Solidago-75sht. statitsa Statice -25sht. Strelitz Strelitzia -16sht. lilac Syringa -50sht.tanatsetum Tanacetum -50sht. trahelium Tr achelium -30sht. tulip Tulipa-2900sht. Veronica Veronica -150sht. viburnum Viburnum -60sht. vaksflaverWaxflowers -225sht. zantedehiya Zantedeschia -50sht. cut flowers mix Cutflowermix -150sht.Torhovelna Brand: No dannyhKrayina production: NLVyrobnyk: No dataNETHERLANDS0UA125220404415.7159438
09/Apr/20176031980901.Zrizani fresh flowers for bouquets assembly (from 1 November to 31 May): Alstroemeria Alstroemeria -150sht. alium Allium -100sht. Amaranthus Amaranthus-980sht. Amarilis Amaryllis-194sht. Anemone Anemone -50sht. Anthurium Anthurium -32sht. antirinum Antirrhinum-150sht. astilbe Astilba -75sht. buvardiya Bouvardia -70sht. bruniya Brunia -30sht.klematis Clematis -70sht. kraspediya Craspedia -50sht. eustoma Eustoma-1560sht. Freesia Freesia mix -550sht. gerbera Gerbera -2160sht. hipsofilaGypsophila -175sht. heleborus Helleborus-130sht. heliantus Helianthus -80sht. Hyacinth Hyacinthus -250sht. hortenziyaHydrangea -315sht. hiperikum Hypericum-400sht. Iris Iris -1200sht. latirus Lathyrus -110sht. leukodendron Leucadendron-70sht. leukospermum Leucospermum -30sht. limonium Limonium-200sht. matiola Matthiola -120sht. daffodil Narcissus -300sht. ornitohalumOrnithogalum -220sht. peony Paeonia-430sht. Protea Protea -20sht. Ranunkulusy Ranunculus -1530sht. skimiya Skimmia-55sht. solidaho Solidago -75sht. statitsa Statice -25sht. Strelitz Strelitzia -8sht. lilac Syringa -20sht. tanatsetum Tanacetum -300sht. trahelium Trachelium-70sht. tulip Tulipa -18570sht. Veronica Veronica -200sht. viburnum Viburnum-130sht. vaksflaver Waxflowers -350sht. zantedehiya Zantedeschia -160sht. zrizanikvity mix Cutflower mix -15NETHERLANDS0UA12522013591398.410853
06/Apr/2017603198090"1. Cut flowers fresh from 01.11 to 31.05-cut other colors: Banksia / Banksia Prionotes (ZA) - 10pc., Leukaspermum / Leucospermum High Gold A1 (ZA) - 20pcs., Proteus / Protea: carnival (ZA) - 10pc. ; Protea Cy Madiba (ZA) - 10pc.; Protea White Pride (ZA) - 20pcs.; Protea Telopea Speciosissima 'waratah' (ZA) - 20pcs., Total - Net 90sht .; weight: 4,2kh, Country of origin: ZA ; Producer: DE GOOIJER INTERNATIONAL BV; trade mark: no data. ".SOUTH AFRICA0UA1000104.263.72424887
01/Apr/20176042090001. Leaves, branches and other parts of plants suitable for drawing bouquets or for ornamental purposes, fresh, without flowers or buds, Latin / Ukrainian name length in cm: ASPARAGUS / asparagus-70 cm 151sht, ARALIA / ARALIYA- 55 cm 40sht, CYNEREA / spirea-70 cm 50sht, CHAMELAUCEIUM / HAMELATSIUM-70cm-250sht, CRASPEDIA / KRASPEDIYA-60 cm 70sht, CONVALLARIA / KONVALARIYA 20 cm 625sht, DRAC BAMBOO SPIRAAL / Dracena, 80cm-60sht, EUCALIPT / eucalyptus-70 cm 313sht, ERYNDIUM / ERINDIUM-70 cm 60sht, GAULTHERIA / HAULTERIYA-45 cm 85sht, HEDERA / Hedera 100 cm-10pc, HYPPERICUM / hiperikum-70 cm 525sht, LEUCADENDRON / LEUKADENDRON-60 cm 50sht, LEUCOSPERMUM / LEUKOSPERMUM 70-cm-30sht, LOTUS / Lotus-7 0 cm 20pcs, PHILODENDRON / philodendron 65-cm-10pc, RUSCUS HYPOPHYLLUM / ruscus-70 cm 78sht, SALIX / SALIKS 100 cm 200sht, SCABIOSA / scabious 55-cm-265sht, SKIMMIA GREEN / SKIMIYA 45-sm 65sht, SOLIDAGO / SOLIDAHO-70 cm 425sht, SYMPHORICARPUS / SIMFORIKARPUS-70 cm 240sht, TANACETUM / TANATSETUM-70 with m-210sht, aSPIDISTRA BLAD / aspidistra-60 cm 183sht, BEARGRASS / BERHRAS-60 cm 83sht, CHICO JUMBO ORCA / Chico-55 cm 470sht, CORD.GREEN TEE 80CM / KORDELINA-85 cm 35 pcs, LEDERVAREN / Fern-60 cm 151sht, PHOENIX ROEBELEN. BL / PHOENIX-80 cm 460sht, SALAL / Salalah 90-cm-82sht, Total 5296sht. Net weight is 477,72kh Country of manufacturer NL No dataNETHERLANDS0UA401010477.72716.579865
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Leucospermum Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ СП з іі ""Украфлора"""
Importer Address
01042, м.Київ, вул. Академіка Філатова, буд. 22/8
Product Description
"1. Cut flowers fresh from 01.11 to 31.05-cut othe.........
HS Code 603198090Value 24.98137478
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 3
Origin Country SOUTH AFRICA

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