Ukraine Import Data of Lens Block | Ukraine Import Statistics of Lens Block

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of lens block collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of lens block imports.

Lens Block Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Lens Block

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of lens block. Get Ukraine trade data of Lens Block imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178512200090"Electrical 1.Obladnannya to May nsportnyh zasobiv.Prylady elektrychniosv itlyuvalni and visual alarms, not for industrial assembly motornyhtran interchange means to a / m purpose: 60120371100000-12sht headlight, headlight block 21080371101001-2sht right, rear left lamp 21080371601100- 6 pieces, faraprotytumanna 21010371100001-15sht, headlight 60020371100000-12sht, fara60120371100000-5sht, 34200371101000-8sht headlight, rear lights 98020371600001-36sht, 11800371601000-4sht back lantern, torch lighting nom.znaku21050371701000-26sht, rear right 21040371601000-1sht lamp, lantern zadniylivyy 21040371601100-30sht, rear lights 21040371601100-15sht left, lihtarzadniy 21040371601100-7sht left, rear lights External zuschiln.prokladkoy 21100371601101-2sht left, right taillight lens (zkorpusom) 11190371603000-1sht shell with lens 21040371603000-25sht, zrozsiyuvachem 21040371603000-5sht housing, housing with lens 21040371603000 -22sht, korpusz 21040371603100-75sht lens, lens case with 21040371603100-15sht manufacturers - JSC "" AVTOVAZ "," Trade mark - LADA, Country of origin - RU. "RUSSIA0UA807200249.032439.115102 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20178525801900"1.Videokamery: FCB-IX47CP-color camera-5pcs (Sony zoom camera blocks FCB-IX47CP, August iynyy number 3000482, 3,000,488.3000487, 3,000,486.3000481, Matrix 1/4" "CCD, st art PAL, Resolution, TVL 460, lens, f mm4.1-73.8, sensitivity, lux 1 operating temperature, ° C -5 to + 60Zhyvlennya, C 6-12, Dimensions 48.2 x 56 mm .6 x 92.3), FCB-EX48EP -color camera-5pcs. (Sony zoom camera blocks FCB-EX48EP, serial number 3143368,3143367,3143366,3143365 (Matrix 1/4 "" CCD standard PAL, colour- islands are, day / night Yes, Resolution, 550 TVL Rev. lenses, f 4.1-73.8 mm, sensitivity, lux 0.4 operating temperature, ° C mo e -5 to + 60 Power supply, V 12 Dimensions mm50.0 x 57.5 x 88.5). The camera lens is not equipped removed haulage input zin Tsei type "" Pinhole "". Cameras are not decorated radioperedavachem (including mini komplektamyy: camera-lane edavach) bag does not have hidrostabilizatsiyi Images TION and I mozhlyvistireyestratsiyi image. Cameras do not contain radio transmitting, receiving Having emitters, zvukozapysuvayu ing and reproducing by sobiv, non-military, not the way I f secret information, are intended for internal use - namely, to ensure the video surveillance process robo you vyrobnytstv.Vyrobnyk Sony product CorporatedKrayina Nye CN "CHINA10UA11208023150.335658
23/Apr/20176107110000"1.Chastyny ​​to cameras not mistytREZ and IP (for civilian use): Notched -10sht; -2sht zoom ring, lens cap -1sht; -1sht cover button, the shutter unit -5sht, drum pad on the mode selection - 1pc, avtovokusu block from train -1sht, plastic window to flash -2sht, plastic ring lens -2sht; barrel of the lens tube -2sht, the upper part of the body with switches -1sht, focus drive -1sht.Torhovelna brand: CanonVyrobnyk: Canon. "PORTUGAL44UA2050203.23693.53122096
19/Apr/20178529909200"1.Chastyny ​​television cameras, are not I WTS does not contain radioelektronnyhkompon entiv: art.EPD-21A-A02 Control unit focus lenses in cameras -1sht; art.ERD-20A-A02 block management masshatabuvannyam of lenses Camera 1 pc; Country of production - JPTorhovelna mark - FujinonVyrobnyk - Fujifilm Corporation. "JAPAN0UA1251000.71021.911041
18/Apr/20178512200090"1.Prylady visual signaling a / m Lada: headlight fog, art.21010371100004 - 10pc. Block left headlight, headlight art.21100371101100- 12sht.Blok-law art.211003711010 00 - 16sht.Blok-right headlight, art .211003711 01000 - 16sht.Blok lamp-law art.211003 71101000 - 16sht.Blok-faraprava, art.211 00371101000 - 16sht.Blok lamp-law, art. 21100371101000 -16sht.Blok lamp-law and rt.21100371101000 - I 4sht.Plafon lighting showroom, art.21050371401000 - 40sht.Fara protytumana, art.21100374301001 - 54sht. Faraprotytumanna, art.21100374301003 - 13sht. headlight fog, art.21100374301 003- 55sht. headlight domestic law art.21 030371101610 - 5pcs .Fara domestic law art.21030371101610 - 10sht.Roz iyuvach co rpusom assemblies art.21140371602700-8sht. Block lamp, art.21080371101103 - 18sht. Block lamp, art.21080371101103 -18sht. The case of the left lens, art.21080371 602100 - 8sht.Korpus of rozsiyuvachemlivyy, art .21080371602100 - 2sht.Korpus of sow Telem left, art.21080371602100- 14sht. Lantern back, art.2107037160100 0 -12sht. Lantern rear right, rear right art.21060371601002- 16sht.Lihtar, art.2106037 1,601,002 - 4sht.Fara inside left, art.2 1030371102210 - 30sht.Element optical and rt.21030371119901 - 120sht.Elementoptychn s, art.21030371119901 - 120sht . Optical element, art.21030371119901 -48sht.Krayina production - RU trademarks and - LADAVyrobnyk - "" OSVAR "" PAO g Vyazny ki "RUSSIA0UA125180600.7325109.266137
18/Apr/20171806321000"1. Chocolate and other food products from vmistomkakao: Other, in blocks, slabs or baguettes, beznachynky, with added grain cereals, nuts aboplodiv: Lindt milk chocolate with hazelnuts tarodzynkamy BLO GO TRAUBE NUSS 10X 300G E1 (10 pcs x 300 gr.) Ref. 418108 - 200 pack, milk chocolate Lindt zfundukom BLO GO NUSS 10X 300G E1 (10 pieces x 300 gr.) art.418122 - 200 pack, Excellence Dark chocolate with chili ekstraktompertsyu TAF EX CHILI 20X 100G E1 IC / NE (20 x 100g pcs.) Ref. 427042 - 208 pack, Dark chocolate Excellence zzhuravlynoyu and almond slices TAF EX CRANBERRY INTENSE 20X 100G E1 (20 pieces x 100 gr.) Ref. 427121 - 160 pack, Dark chocolate E kselens with black currant and slices of almonds EXCEL. CASSIS INTENSE 20 X 100G (20 pieces x 100 gr.) Ref. 427132 - 160 pack, Dark Chocolate Excellence tasteful orange EXCEL. DARK ORANGE 20X 100G CZE E1 (20 pieces x 100 gr. ) Ref. 427303 - 267 pack, Lindt dark chocolate flavored slices of orange and almond BLO DARK ORANGE aLMOND 10X 300G E1 (10 pieces x 300 gr.) art. 460165 - 200 pack, Brand: Lindt & Sprungli (Schweiz) AG; Tohrivelna brand: Lindt; Country of origin: CH; "SWITZERLAND0UA1000803403.9527447.30449
18/Apr/20179018902000"1.Vyroby medical devices. System for endoscopic urology, gynecology, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, orthopedics, hirurhiyi- 1 set. 85261,501 RIWO lens with a blocking mechanism and c-mount connector, soak and avtoklavuyetsya - 1. 8061.453 Fibrovolokonnyy fiber hnuchkyydiametr 4.5 mm, 2300 mm - 1 pc. 4171.121 Hygiene filter for aspiration - 5pcs. 8170.401 Vacuum tube from the pump to trap secretions for 2215 - 1 sht.8170,981 container harvesting 3 l avtoklavuyetsya - 1 pcs. 2233.001 Insuflyator, laparo CO2 pneu- 1 pc. 8170.101 for insufflation tube diameter of 5 mm, m dovzhyna2,5 - 1 sht.4171,111 Hygienic filters, sterile, 10 pieces in a package - 1 pkg. 74021,03Naporna tube CO2, 2.5 m 1 pc. 8,302.12 cannula Veresha, calibrated, with 120mmskladayetsya 886.00 - 1. 8934.432 The endoscope, Panoview Plus, telescope vilnevykryvlennya 30 hrad.- 1 pc. 8921,023 RIWO-ARTtubus trocar, RD diam5,5 mm 100 mm - 2 pcs. 8921,113Troakar with tapered tip diameter of 5.5 mm, 100 mm RD - 2 pc. 8923, 013RIWO-ARTtubus trocar, metallic - 1. 8923.113 Trocar with tapered, diameter 10 mm, 100 mm RD - 1. 8924,016 RIWO-ARTtubus trocar, RD 150 mm, diam12,5mm - 1. 8924.125 Trocar tip of the pyramid, dia. 12.5 mm RD214 mm - 1 pc. 89.02 spare sealing caps for telescopes, 10 pcs in packing for telescopes diameter of 4.0 mm - 2 pack. 89.08 Rubber seals (spare caps) - 10pc. in packing., red, diameter 10 mm - 2 pack. 8385.50 Instrumentalnatrubka and extractor - 1. 8923,802 VARIO-PORT gear for zmenshennyadiametru hole from 12.5 mm to 5.5 mm, aba diameter 10 mm to 5.5 mm or 7.0 mm to 5,5mm - 1 pkg. 8383.732 suction-irrihatsiyna, RD 290 mm, 5 mm - 1 pc. 8395,2042Rozbirnyy clip, 2/3 wave, diameter 10 mm - 1 pc. 8393.2922 Atravmatychnyyzatyskach -1 units. 8393.1814 atraumatic clip, perforated, unipolar, 5 mm, with horizontal cutting, RD 310 mm- 1 pc. 8393.2814 Dyssektor / clip "" Mary land dissector "", curved, horizontal cutting ztonkymy on the work surface, 5 mm unipolar, RD310 mm- 1 pc. 8393.487 Box clamp monopolyarna- 1 pc. 8393.0413 scissors, monopolar, folding, curved left, both lezadiyut, "" Metzenbaum "", 5 mm - 1 pc. 8383.423 Hachkopodibnyy electrode RD 340mm, 5mm, monopolar - 1. 8383.428 Shpatelepodibnyy electrode 5mm, 340mm RD, monopolar - 1. 8389.911 Clip applicator for open laparoskopiyiholetsystektomiyi, RD 340 mm, diameter 10 mm - 1 pc. 8389.915 Lihuyuchi klipsyEthicon, sterile - 1 pack. 8383.65 John yektsiyna cannula 5 mm diameter nakonechnyka1.8 mm, 345 mm RD - 1. 8393.512 Holkoutrymuvach, curved left - 1 sht.8393,501 Holkoutrymuvach direct, direct needle diameter. 5 mm - 1 pc. 8106.033 VChmonopolyarnyy of yednuvalnyy cable from Wolf-tools to aparativBovie / Valleylab / Erbe Int. - 1 sht.Torhovelna Brand: RichardKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Richard Wolf GmbH "GERMANY0UA10001062.624385.22026
14/Apr/20179021391000"Intraocular 1.Linzy hydrophobic and hydrophilic folding of aspherical koyusterylni optimistic, and the cartridge injector: Intraocular lenses hydrophobic folding optics zaferychnoyu sterile in those complexes and cartridge injector" "SupraPhob" ", catalog number SPNT 200- 982sht. Hydrophobic Intraocular Lenses skladaniz aferychnoyu optics sterile in those complexes and cartridge injector "" SupraPhob-BBY "" (yellow lenses that block blue light), catalog number SPNT 200Y- 950sht. Intraocular lenses with aspheric foldable hydrophilic optykoyusterylni in those complexes cartridge m and injector "" Naspro "", catalog number NAS207- 1000pcs. Intraocular lenses with aspheric foldable hydrophilic optykoyusterylni in those complexes and cartridge injector "" Naspro-BBY "" (yellow lens schoblokuyut blue light), catalog number 207 NASY - 187sht.Krayina vyrobnytstva- INTorhovelna marka- Supra Phob, NasproVyrobnyk-APPASAMY OCULAR DEVICES (P) LTD.. "INDIA0UA125020156106954.9999
14/Apr/20178512200090"Electrical 1.Obladnannya to May nsportnyh zasobiv.Prylady elektrychniosv itlyuvalni and visual alarms, not for industrial assembly motornyhtran interchange means to a / m purpose: 12100371700005 lihtarosvitlennya plate-16sht, 21100371101100 block headlight left-96sht, 21140372601000 blinkers side-248sht, 21100371101000 block faraprava-12p, 21080371530000 lamp hood-9sht, 21060371701000 lihtarosvitlennya plate-48sht, 21060371701000 lamp lighting nomernohoznaka-24sht, fog-lamp 21083374301001 24sht, 21140371602700 diffuser in the collection zkorpusom ri-16sht, 21080371602000 body with a lens assembly right-8pcs, 21080371602100 body with a lens assembly 8pcs-left, 21030371120601 elementoptychnyy-152sht, Country of production - RUTorhovelna mark - LADAVyrobnyk - JSC "" AVTOVAZ ".". "RUSSIA0UA807200374.8023595.45483
14/Apr/20178512200090"Electrical 1.Obladnannya to May nsportnyh zasobiv.Prylady elektrychniosv itlyuvalni and visual alarms, not for industrial assembly motornyhtran interchange means to a / m purpose: 21213371101000 lamp - 20pcs, fog lamp 21010371100006 - 10 pieces, lantern zadniyprotytumannyy 24400371600000 - 10 pieces, 98020371600000 rear lights - 42sht, lihtar- 15sht 96000371601000, 14000372601000 pointer side repeater turn - 180sht, 53020372601000 pointer rotation side - 6 pieces, turn 21050372601000 bokovyyvkazivnyk - 112sht, 11180371601000 right rear lamp - 4 pieces, 21100374301002 headlight protyt Mann - 7sht, 21050371701000 lantern osvitlennyanomernoho sign - 170sht, 21050371601101 lamp rear left - 24sht, 11180371601100 lamp rear left - 5pcs, 21100371611000 lantern zadniyvnutrishniy right of gaskets - 5pcs, 21230371601110 lihtarzadniy left - 5pcs, 21080371101103 block headlight - 18sht, 21080371117103 vkazivnykpovorotu front - 9sht, 21110371601100 lih tar left rear outer lining zuschilnyuvalnoyu - 5pcs, 21060371201003 lights front - 5pcs, front lamp 21060371201103 - 8 pieces, reflectors 30120373100000 - 10 pieces, 21710371602000 body with lens - 5pcs, 11180371603100 case with rozsiyuvachemlivyy - 10pc manufacturers - PA "" AVTOVAZ "". Country of origin - RU.Torhivelna mark - LADA. "RUSSIA0UA807200186.2362426.162259
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Lens Block Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Lens Block Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Україна,62495,Харк.обл,Харк.р-н, смт.Васищеве,вул.Промислова,1
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""ЕВРОЦЕНТР-ГАРАНТ"""
Product Description
"Electrical 1.Obladnannya to May nsportnyh zasobiv.........
HS Code 8512200090Value 2439.115102
Quantity 0Unit UA807200
Net Weight 249.03
Origin Country RUSSIA

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