Ukraine Import Data of Ld | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ld

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ld collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ld imports.

Ld Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ld

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201738220000001. Medical products for diahnostykyin vitro. For studies of blood samples to detect and diagnose diseases. Diagnostic Reagents (ready) used in clinical laborotoriyah.1100005 acid phosphatase 4x10 ml -1 pieces. 1,101,010 Albumin 4x100 mL -5 pcs. 1103010 Alkaline phosphatase BM 3x100 ml 7sht, 1,105,010 ALT / ATG BR wholesale. 3x100 ml -20sht., 1,107,005 Amylase MR 5x20 ml -2 pieces. 1,109,010 AST / HRT BR wholesale. 3x100 ml -17 pieces. 1,110,005 Direct Bilirubin 2x50 ml -15 pieces. 1,111,010 Total Bilirubin 2x100 ml -15 pcs., 1112005 total and direct bilirubin 2x100 mL -5 pieces. 1,118,010 Cholesterol MR 4x100 ml -10 pcs. 1120005 Creatine BR 2x50 ml -2 pieces. 1,121,005 Creatine Kinase MB 1x25 ml -2 pieces. 1,123,020 Creatinine 4x250 ml -10 units., BR 1126005 GGT wholesale. 2x50 -7 ml pieces. 1,129,010 Glucose MP 4x100 ml -15 pieces. 1,133,505 HDL-Cholesterol Direct ml -1 40 pcs. 1135005 Iron Ferozin 2x50 ml -1 pcs. 1135105 Iron Hramazurol 2x50 ml -1 pcs. 1141010 LDH BR 2x50 -5 ml pieces. 1,142,005 LDL-Cholesterol Direct ml -1 40 pcs. 1144005 Magnesium 2x50 ml -1 pieces. 1,149,005 Phosphorus UV 2x50 ml -1 pieces. 1,153,020 Total protein 4x250 ml -10 pieces. Triglycerides 1155005 MR 2x50 ml -3 pieces. 1,158,010 Urea / BUN BR 3x100 ml -15 pieces. 1,161,005 uric acid MR 2x50 ml of -2 units.SPAIN0UA12510059.33340.194979 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201727101981001.Motor oils, with a total content of a mixture of petroleum or petroleum products (carbohydrates), obtained from bituminous minerals, more than 70% as the main component, without the content of molybdenum disulphide: -Trident Longlife 5w30 motor oil 1000l euro cube art.5999AH-1sht.-Truckmaster LD 10w40 motor oil 1000l euro cube art.5772AH-5pcs. -Multifleet 15w40 engine lubricant 25l canister art.5752XI-32pcs. Not in aerosol packaging Does not contain ozone-depleting substances Producer: Millers Oils Limited. Trademark: Millers Oils. Production line: GB. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA205090612013314.86529
29/Apr/201739151000001. Waste polyethylene HDPE / LDPE: colorful, natural, transparent, dirty, torn, twisted scraps of plastic, musorni Packages are used, subjected to deformation in compressed links to recycling for their own production needs. To remove paper labels and unnecessary pollution must apply additional manufacturing processes ochyschennya.Sklad waste LDPE: 35%, HDPE: 60% .Volohist - .Zabrudnenist 2.5% - 2.5%. Manufacturer - GLOBAL VERPACKUNGEN UG.Krayina production SK Slovakia. .SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA110150206409544.813235
28/Apr/20173909400000"1.Smola phenol-formaldehyde in primary forms PREFERE 726446M-mark 24080kh (liquid condensation product of phenol and ldehida form for use in the manufacture yakostizv'yaz uyuchoho wool) Producer:" "Prefere Resins Poland Sp. Z oo" "Country of origin: PLTorhivelna mark: "" Prefere Resins "". "POLAND0UA8071702408023004.87133
28/Apr/201727101981001. Olive engine for diesel engines of trucks DAF, (packed in metal barrels by 208l.): Motor oil DAF Xtreme LD 10W-40 - 40 barrels. .BELGIUM0UA209180785416476.44556
28/Apr/20174901990000"1. Printed materials, stitched or as a separate sheet of religious content: - art.36812173 book: Guide" "Belief in God" "(for boys) n. Language - 30 pieces - art.36813192 book: Guide" " Belief in God ' "(girls) ukr.movoyu - 30 pieces - art.36617192 curriculum," "Preach my gospel" "- 9 sht.Krayina production - DEVyrobnyk - Corp.of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, Trademark - LDS. "GERMANY0UA10020010.01185.2825154
28/Apr/20173923900000"1.Vyroby Plastic (Foamed polystyrene) for packaging and products transportuvannyaharchovyh: -Piddony of the rim and flat bottom rectangular, no cover / Foamed EPS 1) 1014979Lotok BP 3S Black 300 pack. 600sht in. Only 180000sht. 2) 1,019,972 Tray AT 3Sbilyy 52 pack. 600sht in. Only 31200sht. 3) Tray 12,522 LD 39-16 150 black pack. po600sht. 90000sht.Krayina total production - BYTorhovelna mark - LINPAKVyrobnyk - IOOO "" LYNPAK Pekedzhynh East "." "BELARUS0UA1000202348.286369.051818
28/Apr/20174901990000"1. Printed materials, arranged or in the form of separate sheets, of religious content: - art.36793173 book:" Preparation for visiting the holy temple "- 50 pcs. Production Country - IT Producer - Corp.of the Presiding Bishop of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS, Trademark - LDS. "ITALY0UA1002003.2168.65236339
28/Apr/20173402209000"1. The household goods: -4L YPLON FABCON WHITE - conditioning rinse fabrics" "white" "- packaged in plastic cans for 4l, packed in cardboard boxes of 4 pcs. - 440 pcs. Of 110 cartons; -4L YPLON FABCON PINK - conditioning rinse fabrics "" Pink "" - packaged in plastic cans for 4l, packed in cardboard boxes of 4 units. - 1848 pcs. in 462 cardboard boxes; -4L YPLON FABCON BLUE - conditioning rinse fabrics "" Blue "" - packaged in plastic cans for 4l, packed in cardboard boxes of 4 pcs. - 440 pcs. of 110 cartons; -1,5L YPLON LDL COLOUR - maker etc. ting colored things - packaged in plastic jars 1.5 liter - 240 pcs. of 40 cardboard boxes; -1L YPLON THICK BLEACH 5IN1 OCEAN - toilet cleaner "" Ocean "" - packaged in plastic cans of 1 liter packed in cartons of 12 units. - 2880 pcs. 240 cartons; -1L YPLON THICK BLEACH 5IN1 CITRUS - toilet cleaner "" Citrus "" - packaged in plastic cans of 1 liter packed in cartons of 12 pieces. - 2880 pcs. 240 cartons korobkah.Sklad: nonionic surfactants (5-15%), citric acid monohydrate <1% Perfume - 30%, limonene - 0.5%. In packing for retailers. Aerosol packaging available. The content of ozone-depleting substances available. The content of abrasives available. Does not apply to cleaning agents used in dentistry and pinomyynyh means for making boxes vann.Vsoho: 1202Vyrobnyk: Intersilesia McBride Polska Sp. z ooTorhovelna Brand: YplonKrayina production: PL "POLAND0UA40303018343.5125637.984471
28/Apr/201739011090001. high density polyethylene in primary forms SABIC LDPE HP0323NN 00900, the specific density of less than 0.94 in the granules neliniynyy.Himichni modification or impurities vidsutni.Polietylen SABIC LDPE HP0323NN 00900 in number 20625kh. .SAUDI ARABIA0UA1251302062529321.79267
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЛАБ-УНІВЕРСУМ"""
Importer Address
вул. Іоанна Павла ІІ, 4/6, кор. А. к.50101042 м. Київ / Україна
Product Description
1. Medical products for diahnostykyin vitro. For .........
HS Code 3822000000Value 3340.194979
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 59.3
Origin Country SPAIN

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