Ukraine Import Data of Laser Shaft | Ukraine Import Statistics of Laser Shaft

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of laser shaft collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of laser shaft imports.

Laser Shaft Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Laser Shaft

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of laser shaft. Get Ukraine trade data of Laser Shaft imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​and supplies for printers, printer Repair kit (fixing unit image transfer roller charge roller 7 Paper Supply, 2 video capture paper) art.C9153A-1pc., Clutch printer (includes unit fixing the image set of rollers and shaft ) art.C9153-67907-1sht., feed rollers for laser printer art.RF5-3340-000-2sht., shaft sleeve pryzhymnoho printer art.JC66-10901A-1sht.Torhovelna brand Hewlett-Packard, Country of JP , manufacturer-Hewlett-Packard,. "JAPAN0UA10029010.2839.7498999 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​to laser printers and laser multifunctional devices Kyocera, do not contain in their there prystoyiv rad" "connection: Cartridge TK-895K printer FS-C8020MFP, FS-C8025MFP, FS-C8520MFP, FS-C8525MFP art. 1T02K00NL0-10sht . cartridge LC-895M printer FS-C8020MFP, FS-C8025MFP, FS-C8520MFP, FS-C8525MFP art. 1T02K0BNL0-2sht. MK-360 repair kit for printer FS-4020DN, 300 thousand. p. (includes: separation roller ; supply unit assembly, DC brush assembly, transfer shaft assembly; FK-350E fixing unit; electrostatic units DK-320 and DV-360E) art. 1702J28EU0-2sht. MK-340 repair kit for printer FS-2020D, 300 thousand. hundred g. (includes: unit supply assembly, roller feeding assembly, DC brush assembly, shaft transfer assembly, electrostatic blocks DK-320 and DV-340E, FK-340E unit consolidation) MK-340 / MAINTENANCE KIT Art. 1702J08EU0-1sht. MK-410 repair kit for MFP KM-1620/1635/1650 / 2020/2035/2050 150 thousand. p. (is the electrostatic unit assembly) SE T MK-410 art. 2C982010-2sht. Cartridge TK-3130 printer FS-4200DN art. 1T02LV0NL0-15sht. Cartridge TK-4105 printer TASKALFA 1800 art. 1T02NG0NL0-15sht. Cartridge TK-475 to MFP FS-6025MFP art. 1T02K30NL0-8sht. Cartridge TK-590C printer FS-C5250DN art. 1T02KVCNL0-2sht. Cartridge TK-3100 for printers FS-4100DN, FS-4200DN, FS-4300DN, FS-2100D, FS-2100DN art. 1T02MS0NL0-30sht. Block fixing FK-350 (E) art. 302J193056-7sht. Duplex Socket art. 302F944040-3sht. The electrostatic unit DK-5140 art. 302NR93012-1sht. Electrostatic block 170 DK-art. 302LZ93061-6sht. Lock clip art. 3V2LV09310-2sht. Manufacturer KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.Krayina production CNTorhovelna brand Kyocera "CHINA0UA100080105.9737119.742562
28/Apr/201784439990901.Chastyny ​​to laser printers and fax machines are not connected with blokamyzhyvlennya: Lever to model ML-3050 kat.№JC66-01190A -5sht., Zakriplennyazobrazhennya unit in case the model SCX-6122FN / XET kat.№JC91-00966A-1pc ., unit fixing the toner to the model SCX-5133F kat.№JC91-00925E -3sht., brake pad assembly to model ML-2570 / XEV kat.№JC97-02669A -4sht., Datchykpolozhenyya the model SCX-4500W / XAA cat .№0609-001305 -1sht., to clamp modeliML-3050 / XEV kat.№JC66-10901A -25sht., hinge assembly to the model CLX-6260FRkat.№JC97-04197A -15sht., Pryzhymnyy shaft assembly to model ML -1510 / SEEkat.№JC66-00600A -2sht., part of the body to model ML-2955ND cat. №JC93-00405A-2 pcs., Cover the model SCX-3400, kat.№JC97-04050B -1sht. .CHINA0UA1251106.884180.0437145
28/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​to laser printers and laser multifunctional devices Kyocera, do not contain in their there prystoyiv rad" "connection: Cartridge TK-5140K printer P6130cdn art. 1T02NR0NL0-4sht. Cartridge TK-5140C printer P6130cdn art. 1T02NRCNL0-1sht. cartridge TK-5140M printer P6130cdn art. 1T02NRBNL0-5sht. cartridge TK-5140C printer P6130cdn art. 1T02NRCNL0-6sht. cartridge TK-5140K printer P6130cdn art. 1T02NR0NL0-8sht. MK-1110 repair kit for FS-1040, FS -1060DN, FS-1020BFP, FS-1120BFP, FS-1025BFP, FS-1125BFP 100 thousand. p. (includes: electrostatic units DK-1110, WT-1110 and DV-1110, transfer shaft assembly, paper feed shaft , Lower Frame plystyny ​​paper feed) Art. 1702M75NXV-2 pcs. cartridge TK-1110 for the FS-1040DN, 1020MFP, 1120MFP TK-1110 art. 1T02M50NXV-2 pcs. cartridge TK-1120 for the FS-1060DN, 1025MFP, 1125MFP art. 1T02M70NXV-24sht. cartridge TK-1150 MFP for M2135dn, M2635dn, M2735dw, P2235dn, P2235dw art. 1T02RV0NL0-5sht. cartridge TK-1160 printer ECOSYS P204 0dn, P2040dw art. 1T02RY0NL0-5sht. Cartridge TK-1170 for ECOSYS M2040dn, ECOSYS M2540dn, ECOSYS M2640idw art. 1T02S50NL0-10sht. Cartridge TK-3160 Printer P3045dn, P3050dn, P3055dn, P3060dn TK-3160 art. 1T02T90NL0-10sht. Cartridge TK-3190 Printer P3055dn, P3060dn art. 1T02T60NL0-5sht. TK-5140Y ink cartridge for the printer P6130cdn art. 1T02NRANL0-5sht. The electrostatic unit DK-1110 art. 302M293012-2sht. The electrostatic unit DK-3130 (E) art. 302LV93044-3sht. Manufacturer KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc.Krayina production VNTorhovelna brand Kyocera "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA10008045.3025817.213092
28/Apr/20178443999090"1. Parts Printer: -Vtulky rubber shaft for HP LJP2035 / P2055 / Pro401- 20 pc; -Vtulky rubber shaft for HP LJP3015 / M521 / 525- 1 pc; -Humovyy shaft for LaserJet P2035 / P2055-25 pieces; -Dozuyuche blade (LP48M / LP53M) for HPLJ2100 / 2200- 5 pc; -Dozuyuche blade (LP168M) for HP P4014 / 4015 / 4515- 1 unit; -Dozuyuche blade for Samsung (MLT-D101) ML2160 / 2165- 10 pieces; -Lezo ochysky (LP104) for HP LJ1010 / 1012/1015 / 1020- 20 pc; -Lezo ochysky for Samsung ML1910 / 1915/1916 / 2525- 2 units; -Lezo ochysky for Samsung ML2160 / 2165 / SCX3400- 2 pieces - Rubber shaft for HP 1010/1015 / 1020- 5 pieces, brand: Foshan Ascend Precise Accessories Ltd; trade mark: Patron; Country of origin: CN;. "CHINA0UA10012038.603596.6212094
19/Apr/20178443999090"1.Chastyny ​​and supplies for printers: C7769-60374 parking printing unit holovokdlya inkjet printer DesignJet 500 -2sht .; RA0-1095 (RA0-1095) dlyaprytysnoho shaft sleeve for laser printer LaserJet1200 -100sht .; RC1-2079 (RC1-2079 ) for clamping the shaft bushing for laser printer LaserJet 1010-100sht .; RC1-3610 (RC1-3610 / RC2-0298) W ulka for clamping to the shaft lazernohopryntera LaserJet 1320 -100sht .; RC1-3609 (RC1-3609) for clamping sleeve valud a laser printer LaserJet 1320 -100sht.Torhovelna mark - has dannyh.Vyrobnyk - no data. ".JAPAN0UA1250206.1788.0663927
18/Apr/201784439990901.Chastyny ​​to laser printers and fax machines are not connected with blokamyzhyvlennya: lever-flazhok the model ML-1510 / SEE kat.№JC72-00987A -15sht., Valnahrivalnyy assembly to model ML-2570 kat.№JC66-01256A - 2 pcs., nahrivalnyyv shaft assembly to model SCX-6555N, kat.№JC91-00973B -1sht., Val heating assembly domodeli SCX-4828FN / XIP kat.№JC91-01004A -10sht., unit fixing the image vkorpusi the model SCX- 4521F / TSC-kat.№JC96-03415G 1pc., unit fixing the image in case the model SCX-4521F / TSCkat.№JC96-03415G -1sht., unit fixing the toner to the model SCX-5133Fkat.№JC91-00925E -2sht. , toner fixing unit to fashion Eli SCX-5133Fkat.№JC91-00925E -1sht., the paper feed mechanism to model SCX-4720FN / XEVkat.№JC97-01962A -2sht., the paper feed mechanism to model CLX-6200ND / XEVkat.№JC97-03070A -4sht. , Rыchah plastic to model SCX-4521F / XEU kat.№JC66-00906A-1pc., part of the body to model SCX-4100 kat.№JC90-01143A -1sht., Chastynakorpusa the model ML-2955ND kat.№JC93-00405A - 1pc. .CHINA0UA12511020.087504.581931
13/Apr/20178443919990"1.Chastyny ​​to fleksodrukovalnoyi machines" "Alptrinta 52" "- anyloksovi lnym shaft with center hole having laser hraviru tion (steel sleeve zkeramichnym wit tyam): (340-10-40-04298) New manufaktur ing of CeramicAnilox-Roller. Diam. 80,85 1mm x 286mm (304mm). Drawing: FS2H0300 (340l / cm60grad. 2,5cm3 / m2.) -4sht .; (310-10-40-04299) New manufakturing of CeramicAnilox-Roller.Diam. 80,851 mm x 286mm (304mm.) Drawing: FS2H0300 (220l / cm 60grad.5,5cm3 / m2.) -2sht .; (310-10-40-04300) New manufakturing of CeramicAnilox-Roller.Diam. 80,851mm x 286mm ( 304mm.) Drawing: FS2H0300 (80l / cm 60grad.18cm3 / m2.) -1sht. used as intermediate shafts in amplifying topic zyemkosti supply ink to the printing cylinders drukuv cial and do not represent elementyperenos in print and on crop razhen material.Vyrobnyk: Kurt Zeche r GmbH.Torhivelna mark: Zecher. Countries and production: DE.. "GERMANY0UA125060358067.772522
10/Apr/20178442502000"1.Drukarski metal elements (shafts) for gravure printing wallpaper, coated image: -val for applying glitter volume of 642mm, width 1060mm hradyrovka: Des.I-04-08-16 / 05 Imperial - 1am; Des. I-04-08-16 / 06 Stripes Imperial - 1am; Des.I-04-08-16 / 07 Small Imperial - 1am; Des.I-04-08-16 / 08 Sorrento - 1am; -val gravure printing, volume of 642mm, width 1060mm hradyrovka: Des.I-05-12-16 / 11 UNI Perseo - 2 pcs; Des.I-04-08-16 / 05 Imperial - 5pcs; Des.I-04-08-16 / 06 Stripes Imperial - 5pcs; Des.I-04-08-16 / 07 Small Imperial - 5pcs; Des.I-04-08-16 / 08 Sorrento - 5pcs, according to the technical description made of steel, cut robochiypoverhni picture (laser engraving). used in the print wallpaper .To own production potreb.Torhova mark: "" Nuova Incis "". Producer: "" Nuova Incis "". Country of origin: IT.. "ITALY0UA110110364064687.29678
08/Apr/20178442508000"1. Aniloksovi shafts with keramichnympokryttyam, laser engraving machine print dlyafleksohhrafichnoyi F & K Flexpress 16S / 10z internal diameter 172.004 mm, an outer diameter of 200.54 mm dovzhynoyupoverhni 1530 mm - 360 l / cm, 60 deg., Volume 3.5 cm3 / m2 - 8 pcs .; - 240 l / cm, 60 deg., volume 5.0 cm3 / m2 - 10 pcs. - 180 l / cm, 60 deg., volume 7.5 cm3 / m2 - 16 sht.Vsoho 34 sht.Vyrobnyk - "" APEX Europe BV "". Country of origin - NL.Torhovelna mark - APEX.. "NETHERLANDS0UA100070578128608.9086
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Laser Shaft Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Laser Shaft Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
02090 м.Київ,вул.Сновська 20
Exporter Name Group Logistic
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​and supplies for printers, print.........
HS Code 8443999090Value 839.7498999
Quantity 0Unit UA100290
Net Weight 10.2
Origin Country JAPAN

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