Ukraine Import Data of Laser Marking System | Ukraine Import Statistics of Laser Marking System

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of laser marking system collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of laser marking system imports.

Laser Marking System Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Laser Marking System

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/20178414808000"1.Vytyazhni systems used in promyslovyhtsilyah: Hood ES30 220V for laser (serial # 1385) art.56317-1sht, trademark TECHNIFORVyrobnyk GRAVOTECH MARKING SASKrayina production GB."UNITED KINGDOM1UA125020491489.516005 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20178414808000"1.Air compressor for LS100 art.49191-1; (designed for exhaust system to remove smoke from a laser marker) Trademark TECHNIFOR Producer GRAVOTECH MARKING SAS Made by FR."FRANCE1UA1250208418.9422643
24/Apr/20174009320000"1.Vytyazhni systems used in promyslovyhtsilyah: Hood ES30 220V for laser (serial # 1385) art.56317-1sht, trademark TECHNIFORVyrobnyk GRAVOTECH MARKING SASKrayina production GB."HUNGARY0UA8072002.548102.0241815
20/Apr/20179013200000"1. tagging a laser printer," "Printer Domino D320i" "(ser.№S2184847-0317-S10-L) art. L015200ATO - 1 pc. Transportnuyuyetsya in chastkovorozibrannomu able to save from damage in transit and zruchnostipakuvannya and transportation. The system consists of the laser unit (lazernoyiholivky) and controller. Z`yednannaya components performed dopomohoyuholovnoho cable. used for fully automatic markuvannyapakuvalnyh materials and products for Assisted lezernoho vyprominyuvannya.Harakterystyky: 30W laser head, 10mm, scanning head with oholo Jenny, a fan, a standard controller BCP7, second-generation controller, roz`yemyUSB1.1, Ethernet, RS232 COM1, 12-pin cable to connect the laser andothers. Components 1 Printer: Warning labels-5pcs, L015032ATO Konduyit4,5m DI - 1am; EPT015389ATO Instructions operating (ros.mova, paperovakopiya + CD) For ease of transportation and storage of poshkodzhenpostavlyayetsya in partially disassembled condition and all parts are nevid`yemnymychastynamy kit. Bezkontaktnohonanesennya used for automated marking on packaging and products moving povyrobnychiy liniyiyi. Contains in its composition tapryymalnyh transmitting devices. For civil vykorystannya.Vyrobnyk Domino UK Ltd.Torhivelna brand production Domino.Krayina DE. "GERMANY0UA1250205211996.21277
18/Apr/201784561000001.Verstat for processing various materials by removing material that works by using laser optovolokonnaya 20w laser marking machine - 1 sht.Robocha area: 110 * 110 mmVzhyvanyy material: metal and nemetallRobochyy table Aluminum splavChervona point: Clear working way when he pratsyuyeSystema cooling: Air oholodzhennyaMarkuyucha head, focusing lens and halvanometrVyvantazheno container CSLU2350968Torhivelna mark - no danyhFirma manufacturer - JINAN UNICH MACHINERY CO., LTD.Krayina production - CN. .CHINA1UA5000601754650.000011
18/Apr/20178456100000"1-machines for sheet material removal with a laser beam -system laser cutting CNC TRULASER 3030 (L20) = 1 SHT.SERIYNYY NUMBER A1220A2288TRULASER 3030 - Mark; -type L20 2017. ISSUE. NOVA.POSTAVLYAYETSYA disassembled. COMPOSITION: MACHINE bed, automatic shuttle desktop, PORTAL LM, exhaust fans, cooling devices; high-frequency electrical, control cabinet (CNC) hydraulic device, LASER DEVICE, a set of adaptations to change PALET.TRANSPORTER Cleaning Milk FRAGMENTS AND WASTE In the bunker. SYSTEM laser cutting CNC Series TRULASER 3030 (L20) does not apply to turning, milling, grinding and wireless Machine for ELECTRO-spark TREATMENT BECAUSE intended for thermal sharply with a laser beam of sheet metal billets and pipes. SPEED AND ACCURACY PROCESSING achieved by rolling IS THE PORTAL LMYAKYY multi-welded construction that moves on direction VLYAYUCHYM roller and ball bearings and has BEZZAZORNYY DRIVE "" Reiki-pinion "" On both BOKIV.POTUZHNIST LASER - 3200 Vt., Network - 400 V / 50 Hz., Installed capacity - 73.0 kVA., The control voltage - 24 volts, AIR inlet pressure (MAX.) -12 BAR.; NITROGEN inlet pressure (MAX.) -33 BAR .; inlet pressure of oxygen (MAX.) -21 BAR.; NUMBER gas used l / hour (CO2 / N2 / HE): 1/6 / 13TOCHNIST positioning LASER + _ 0.05 mm Maximum speed positioning (PO axes X; Y) (mm / min.): 140MAKSYMALNA manufacturing WEIGHT LETTER - 900 kg .; The maximum thickness of the workpiece of carbon steel (MM) - 20MAKSYMALNA THICKNESS workpiece NERZHAVIBCHOYI STEEL (MM) - 12MAKSYMALNA THICKNESS billet aluminum alloy (MM) - 8MAKSYMALNYY diameter of the machined tube (mm) - 370 minimum diameter of the treated tube (mm) - 15 markings on A PRODUCT: TRUMPF; TRULASER 3030; TYPE L20; Serial number, year; Laser power; CHAIN; Inlet pressure; TRUMPF MASCHINEN GRUSCH AG; SHVEYTSARIYABUDE used for cutting (cutting out) the details to the C / D technicians with metal sheets with thickness up to 20 MM.VYROBNYK - firm TRUMPF MASCHINEN GRUSCH AG; Country of origin - SHVEYTSARIYA.TORHIVELNA MARK - TRUMPF "SWITZERLAND1UA90101012767683413.3381
14/Apr/201790132000001. Laser Marking System: Laser Marker Printers VJ3320 (30W) - 1pcs., VJ3430 (50W), - 2 pc., Are devices for automated marking on alcoholic beverages using laser radiation, complete with extractors of combustion products AD-ACCESS - 1 pc., ADORACLE - 2 pcs., Used for filtering, air purification. Component parts partially disassembled for ease of transport. .UNITED STATES0UA40105033522925.28434
14/Apr/201790132000001. 1. Laser Marking System: Laser marker printer Linx SL301-CO2 laser with a power output of 30 W - 1 pc., Is a device for automated labeling of alcoholic beverages using laser radiation, which was used in the use. Current speeds up to 300 m / min. In a partially disassembled form for ease of transportation. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA401050955972.14234
11/Apr/20179013200000"1.Lazerna labeling system Videojet 3020 model (50-60 Hz., 100-240V., 0.4kVt, print speeds - up to 500symv. / Sec., The linear velocity of 60 m / sec) -2sht, p. n.17086001L06ZH, 17086002L06ZH, completeness 1 pcs.: - System modullazernoho Markerator type 3020, art.AL-74065 - touch control panel markeratoromanhlomovna, art.AL-75600, -module focus the beam (lens), F = 150 mm. type 3010, art. AL-73056; -vmontovane software series 30h0, russified, art. -AL-74200, -kronshteyn mount laser markyrato ra type 30h0, art. AL-marking surface 73237Vykorystovuyetsya sTI products (term Storage tion, nomerpart AI, serial numbers, etc.) with a laser beam through it vydalennyaverh materialu.Postachayetsya layer deterioration in the corner of Bran state for convenience during gear sportuvannya. (Do not designed to secretly obtain information first). "CHINA0UA1251002913770.93384
03/Apr/201790182000001. The equipment is based on the use of ultraviolet or infrachervonohovyprominyuvannya for medical vykorystannya.- 6314087 Dental Laser FONALaser, 1 set. The kit includes: blokkeruvannya laser FONALaser straight tip and integrated manual switch 1pc., A set of optical fibers 200 mm 1 pc. 320 mm 4 pcs., Cutter fiber 1 pcs. Disposable tips 50 pcs., Including from hynayuchyy tool 1 pcs. zahysniokulyary operator and assistant 2 pcs., goggles for patient 1 pc., power supply 1 pc., transport packaging 1 pc. set documents on the operation, power cord. Certificate of state reyestratsiyu11880 / 2012 11.10.2012r.Krayina of production - DE.Vyrobnyk - Sirona Dental Systems GmbH.Torhovelna mark - FONA. Marking corresponds graphic images: SR11880 / 2012 11.10.2012. .GERMANY0UA10013062523.335188
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Laser Marking System Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Laser Marking System Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Ароніс Кодінг-Системи"""
Importer Address
Product Description
"1.Vytyazhni systems used in promyslovyhtsilyah: H.........
HS Code 8414808000Value 1489.516005
Quantity 1Unit UA125020
Net Weight 49

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