Ukraine Import Data of Laptop Screen | Ukraine Import Statistics of Laptop Screen

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of laptop screen collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of laptop screen imports.

Laptop Screen Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Laptop Screen

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of laptop screen. Get Ukraine trade data of Laptop Screen imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178471300000"1.Mashyny automatic data processing, portable, weighing no more than 10kg with at least a central processing unit information tadyspley keyboard, complete with battery, power supply, and installation CD drives, laptop (10.1 inch diagonal) (Intel Atom ) HP x2 210 x5-Z8350 10.1 2GB / 32 PCart.L5H40EA -1500sht .; laptop (14 inches diagonal) (Intel Core i5) HP ProBook440 G4 i7-7500U 14 8GB / 256 PC art.Z3A11ES -72sht .; laptop (diagonal 15,6dyuymiv) (Intel Core i5) HP ProBook 450 G4 15 i5-7200U 8GB / 128 PC-art.Y7Z89EA 72sht .; laptop (15.6 inch diagonal) (Intel Core i5) HP ProBook 450 G4i5-7200U 15 8GB / 500 PC laptop art.Z2Z17ES -72sht .; (diagonal 15.6 dyuy s) (Intel Core i7) HP ProBook 450 G4 15 i7-7500U 8GB / 1T PC-art.Y7Z97EA 72sht .; laptop (17.3 inch diagonal) (Intel Core i5) (accessories: operating system Win 10 Pro 64 # W7V53AV -1sht .; webcam Integrated HD 720pDM Webcam # W6R76AV -1sht screen .; 17.3 HD + AG LED SVA fHDC flat 2Ant # W6R50AV-1pc .; memory 8GB (1x8GB) DDR4 2133 # W6R62AV -1sht .; Hard Drive 500GB 7200RPMSATA # W6R46AV -1sht .; no options No Optical Disc Drive # W6R53AV-1pc .; Intel 7265 wireless communication ac 2x2 nvP + BT 4.2 WW # X5N85AV -1sht., the lack of options No Fingerprint Reader # W6R51AV -1sht .; PSU 65 WattSmart nPFC AC Adapter # W6R40AV -1sht .; power cable C5 1.0m Power Cord # W6V54AV -1sht .; warranty 1/1/0 Warranty # Y0Q25AV -1sht., Localization Country Localization # W6V56AV -1sht .; klikpad Clickpad # W6R83AV-1pc .; sticker eStar Enable IOPT # X7B24AV -1sht .; sticker Core i5 G7 Label # Y0R09AV -1sht .; warranty HP 3y Return to Depot Notebook Only SVC # UK735AV -1sht .; shipping HP standard delivery (Door / Dock) notebook # ZD021A -1sht .;) HP IDS DSC 2GB i5-7200U 470 G4 art.W6R38AV -6sht., Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - HPVyrobnyk - HP Inc. "CHINA1794UA1251203111.92579623.1799 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20179030310000"1. Profibus module Ultra Plus 37021 - 1 pc. Universal Module is a diagnostic device for controlling and measuring signals parmetriv PROFIBUS network. It is also possible diagnose industrial or other device of the network - with or without PLC. The module consists of a diagnostic and measurement, which measures the electrical parameters of the network and compares them with reference values. The measurement results are displayed on the screen. it is also possible to connect the printer module for printing scorecards measurement. This module has n recording ystroyiv. To store the measurement results is possible to connect the module for module PK.Osnovni tasks: • Universal testing: -Poyednannya signal tester, oscilloscope, the protocol analyzer in a single diagnostic tools, together with the offline diagnostics on a PC; -pidhodyt to install, configure and commissioning, network optimization, troubleshooting and also suitable for laboratory testing. • Compact mo dul test network without using a laptop; -complex network without the use of tests I have a laptop; -Easy-to-understand test results • Enhanced diagnostics using software-generation of test reports, describing the actual state of the network PROFIBUS.Haluz application: - troubleshooting and maintenance of PROFIBUS networks: - commissioning networks PROFIBUS- testing and verification PROFIBUS products - passive test kabelivKomplekt delivery: 1. USB kabel2. module PROFIBUS3. connector to PK4. Blue chohol5. vykorystannya6 instruction. installation disk (if any) .Krayina production - Netherlands. Trade mark - Procentec. Vyrobnyk- Procentec BV. "NETHERLANDS0UA1120801.72992.275037
23/Apr/20176214900000"1.Monitory for automatic data processing machines used exclusively for heading 8471: - LCD monitor to the laptop screen diagonal of 14" "ASSY, LCD, FHD, WIGI, TCH, E7440: art.PMJMX- 1am. Contains adapters wireless data transmission and internal power supply. does not belong to WTS and ZZI Vyrobnyk- COMPALTorhovelna marka- DELLKrayina vyrobnytstva- CN. "ITALY4UA2050200.4142.2506723
21/Apr/201790138020001. Device for liquid crystal with active matrix for electronic devices of the firm ASUS (laptops, tablets or smartphones): Liquid crystal device LCD17.3 'FHD GL EWV EDP (LED), 18010-17300200 1920 * 1080 - 1 pc., Device on liquid crystals OLED TOUCH SCREEN 5.7 'FHD, 18210-05700100 1920 * 1080 - 1pc., Country of manufacture - CNTormal brand - ASUS manufacturer - SAMSUNG.CHINA0UA1002300.66151.1899771
14/Apr/20178471300000"1.Personalna electronic computer (laptop) with radio equipment, packaged for retail sale, weighing up to 10kg, which has a central processing unit information keyboard and display screen sizes 15.6" "(39.62sm): The laptop processor intel Core I5-7200U: Ideapad 310-15IKB (80TV02CMRA) (15.6 "") - 29sht; Ideapad 310-15IKB (80TV02CNRA) (15.6 "") - 29sht; Ideapad 510-15IKB (80SV00BURA) (15.6 "") - 29sht , Notebook, processor Intel Celeron N3060: Ideapad 300-15IBR (80M300PKRA) (15.6 "") - 101sht, Notebook, processor Intel Core I3-6100: Ideapad 310-15ISK (80SM016PRA) (15.6 "") - 261sht, Notebook, processor intel Pentium N4200: Ideapad 310-15IAP (80TT001VRA) (15.6 "") - 87sht; Ideapad 310-15IAP (80TT004NRA) (15.6 "") - 29sht; lapto Processor Intel Celeron N3350 Ideapad 310-15IAP (80TT00AYRA) (15.6 "") - 29sht, Laptop processor Intel Pentium N4200: Ideapad 310-15IAP (80TT00B0RA) (15.6 "") - 29sht, Notebook, Processor Intel Core I3-6006U : Ideapad 310-15ISK (80SM020XRA) (15.6 "") - 29sht, Notebook, processor Intel Core I5-7200U: Ideapad 510-15IKB (80SV0119RA) (15.6 "") - 29sht; Ideapad 510-15IKB (80SV011ARA) (15.6 " ") - 29sht; Ideapad 510-15IKB (80SV011BRA) (15.6 "") - 29sht; Ideapad 510-15IKB (80SV011CRA) (15.6 "") - 29sht, trade mark: LENOVOVyrobnyk: Lenovo PC HK LimitedNa plant: Lenovo (Shanghai) ElectronicsTechnology Co., Ltd.Krayina production: CN "CHINA768UA1251301762.14269499
11/Apr/20178471300000"1. Cat. № Z-PCL-01.02 / 01 977 Computer marker L Verion 15,6" "- 1 pc, computer marker L Verion 15,6" "Z-PCL-01.02, based on a personal computer ' s memory, not to be used separately from the system Verion, has the following characteristics: 15.6 '' touch screen PC with 1366 x 768 250 cd / 15.6 in. 346 x 48 x 245 mm, 2.0 GHz Processor, RAM 4 GB storage on magnetic disks 250 HB.Vykorystovuyetsya Verion with the system for planning operations in the laser Lensx.Kat. № W1419 / DSDP050307 WaveNet Fujitsu notebook for planning operations - 1 pc; WaveNet laptop for planning operations W1419, based on Fujitsu laptop, which non browsing ristaniya separately from the EX500 system, has the following characteristics: a laptop with a screen 1366 x 768, 200 cd / 15.6 in. 374 x 250 x 19.7 mm, 2.4 GHz Processor, 4 GB RAM, magnetic disk drive to 320 GB. Laptop Wavenet used in the network, including server and Wavenet laser EH500. used for refractive operations planning. Planned and operations are transferred to the server and used during planning for laser surgery. "GERMANY2UA12510013.9254691.342939
07/Apr/20178471300000"1.Portatyvna electronic machine (laptop), for automatic data processing with the central processing unit of information keyboard with backlight and rarely -krystalichnym display, complete with charger, supplied for their own production needs: Technical Specifications: -diahonal screen 14 '' ( 35,56sm) zdatnist- 1366h768 resolution, screen coating, matte, operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Pro; processor-LBL Core i5 vPro G6 an; chipset graphics card HD Graphics-4400 RAM, 8 GB, DDR4-2133, SDRAM , type drive-128GB SATA-3 Solid State Drive; built-in microphone; K ardrider, Web camera (resolution Webcam: 720p HD); Network Communications: Ethernet 1000 Mbit / s, WiFi 802.11g, WiFi 802.11n, Bluetooth Ports: USB 3.0, USB-C ™, DisplayPort, VGA, combo stereo headphone / mic jack, RJ45 (LAN), docking conector: model Z2H82PC model HP Elitebook 840 G3 (G3 i5-6300U 14.0 8GB / 128) - 1sht.Torhovelna brand: HP. brand: Hewlett-Packard Country of origin: tai Ki. Origin: China. "CHINA1UA3051802.2876.5001572
06/Apr/20173920999000"1.Plyty, sheets, film, strip and plate of plastic, non-porous, reinforced, nesharuvati, unlined and is not connected in this way with other materialamy.Zahysna film for laptop screens, protective film for the display FILTER Lenovo22.0W Monitor PF art. 0B95656 -1 pcs., Country of origin - USTorhovelna mark - LenovoVyrobnyk - Lenovo PC HK Limited. "UNITED STATES0UA1251200.454112.093714
05/Apr/20178473302000"1. Electronic memory modules designedto use mainly with automatic data processing machines: -Materynska fee Tablet Main PCBA MB1019Q5_A33_V1_2 for PMT3111 / PMT3121, art.PMT3111_MB-3pc, -Materynska fee Tablet PCBAMain for PMT3137 / PMT3237, art .PMT3137_C_3G_MB-5pcs, -Dynamik tablet Speaker for PMT3027_WI, art. PMT3027_WI_SPK-3pc; -LCD screen 10.1 "" tablet LCD Panel 10.1 1024 * 600 TN for PMT3111 / PMT3121, art. PMT3111_LCD-3pc, -Klaviatura for assembly laptop Keyboard for PMP1012, art.PMP1012TDRD_KB_USRU-1am; -Shleyf, 5V FPC LCD for PMT33313G / PMT33413G / PMT33513G, art.PMT33313G_C_FPC_LCD-3pc; -LCD screen 10.1 tablet LCD Panel 10.1 800x1280 IPS forPMT33313G / PMT33413G / PMT33513G, art. PMT333 13G_C_LCD-5pcs; -LCD screen 10.1 Tablet LCD Panel 10.1 1024 * 600 TN for PMT3131_3G, art. PMT3131_3G_LCD-10pc; -Materynska fee Tablet Main PCBA M107TG for PMT3131_3G, art.PMT3131_3G_MB-10pc; -Materynska fee Tablet PCBA Main M707TG-A for PMT 3147_3G_C / PGPS7797, art. PMT3147_3G_C_MB-10pcs, trade mark: Prestigio; Manufacturer: Shenzhen Yifang Digital Technologies Co. Ltd, CN. "CHINA0UA2050200.54859.2201181
04/Apr/20178471300000"1. automatic data processing machines, digital, portable weighing 10 kg bilshyak not for use in clinical trials. Klinichnohodoslidzhennya Protocol GA29102-Lenovo laptop computer personal events. Thinkpad E450 Edge, zuniversalnym included power adapter, power cable and Video cable -1sht . C / nPF0E7YE4. besprovodovyh equipment for radio data networks (WLAN), Operating system Win 7 Professional 64 / DOS / Win 8, 64; protsesoraCorei3 Type / Core i5 / Core i7; RAM size 4 ... 8 GB; DDR3L memory type, memory frequency of 1600 MHz Maximum memory 1 6Hb, Screen Size 14 '' screen resolution 1366x768 / 1920x 1080). Programmed only klinichnyhdoslidzhen.Torhovelna mark LenovoVyrobnyk LenovoKrayina production of CN. "CHINA1UA1250201618.095213
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Laptop Screen Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Laptop Screen Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""МТІ"""
Importer Address
01023,м.Київ,бул.Лесі Українки,4
Exporter Name Gebruder Weiss GMBH
Product Description
"1.Mashyny automatic data processing, portable, we.........
HS Code 8471300000Value 579623.1799
Quantity 1794Unit UA125120
Net Weight 3111.92
Origin Country CHINA

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