Ukraine Import Data of Laparoscopic Instrument | Ukraine Import Statistics of Laparoscopic Instrument

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of laparoscopic instrument collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of laparoscopic instrument imports.

Laparoscopic Instrument Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Laparoscopic Instrument

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20179018908400"Surgical instruments made from medical-resistant steel and are designed for multiple plastykuta Use cation, namely: 1.Laparoscopic trocar with silicone valve, 12,5 x 95mm, with plain cannula, withpiramid obturator laparoscopic Trocar with silicone valve, 12.5 x 95 , zhladkoyu cannula with pyramidal obturator art. 801.008.01-1sht. laparoscopic trocar with flip-type valve, 5,5 x 95 / 120mm, with spiralcannula, with safety obturator laparoscopic Trocar with mechanical valve, 5.5 x 95/120 mm, with spiral cannula with pyramidal obturator art.801.003.111 -2sht. Laparoscopic trocar with magnetic valve, 5,5 x 95/120 mm, with spiral cannula, with pyramid obturator Troak he laparoscopic mahnitnymklapanom of 5.5 x 95/120 mm with spiral cannula with pyramidal obturatoromart. -3sht 801,003,311. Reducer for laparoscopic trocar with silicone orflip-type valve, 10,5 - 5,5mm Redyuser for a trocar abomehanichnym silicone valve 10.5 - 5.5 mm art. -1sh 801,146 tons. silicone caps for trocars, 10,5mm silicone cap trocar, 10.5 mm art. 810.086.B2 -100sht.Silicone valve for trocars, 10,5mm silicone valve for a trocar, 10.5 mmart. 810.086.A2 -20sht. Stitching-up forceps for trocar wounds and aponeuroses, 2,5mm, up-side clip troakarnyh suturing wounds and sheath, 2.5 mm, top art. -5sht 801,103. Laparoscopic puncture needle, 5 x 330mm, # 22 Holkalaparoskopichna, 5 x 330 mm, needle, number 22, art. 801.027.6 -1sht. Laparoscopicpuncture needle, 5 x 330mm, # 18 laparoscopic needle, 5 x 330 mm needle, №18 art. 801.027.4 -1sht. Laparoscopic needle holder, 5 x 330mm, straight, type BHolkotrymach laparoscopic, 5 x 330 mm, straight, type in the art. 801,023 -1sht.Laparoscopic forceps, 5x330mm, endograsper type, double action Zatyskachlaparoskopichnyy, 5 x 330 mm, type "" Endohrasper "" Two moving Branche art.808.045.1 -1sht. Laparoscopic forceps handle, 5x330mm handle laparoskopichnohozatyskacha 5 x 330 mm art. 801F.009 -1sht. Laparoscopic forceps, 5x330mm, cholecystic clamp laparoscopic, 5 x 330 mm, type "" Babcock "" Art. 801.047-1sht. 2 Laparoscopic curved scissors-action, 5x330mm laparoscopic scissors, 5 mm h330, curved, with two movable Branche art. 801.033.1-1sht. Laparoscopic hook scissors, 5x330mm laparoscopic scissors, 5 x 330 mm, beak-art. -1sht 801,034. Laparoscopic forceps handle, 5x330mm Ruchkalaparoskopichnoho clamp 5 x 330 mm art. 801F.003 -3sht. Laparoscopic forcepshandle, 5x330mm, with ratchet handle laparoscopic clamp 5 x 330 mm zkremalyeroyu art. 801F.004 -3sht. Laparoscopic clip applier, 10 x 330mm, fortitanium clips, action 2, M Klipator laparoscopic, 10 x 330 mm, tytanovyhklips with two mobile Branche, M art. -2sht 801,111. Laparoscopic clipapplier, 10 x 330mm, for titanium clips, M Klipator laparoscopic, 10 x 330mm, for titanium clip M art. 801.001.2 -1sht. Laparoscopic tube for suction andirrigation, 5 + 10 x 330mm, push-type handset for laparoscopic aspiration tairyhatsiyi 5 "CHINA0UA5002104.12046.321176 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/201790189084001.Vyroby medical devices. Devices and tools used in medicine and surgery. Gas reducers that are part of the medical insuflyatoriv used in laparoscopic surgery and used to redutsiyuvannya pressure carbon dioxide supplied from the cylinder into the abdominal cavity of the patient during surgery: -CO2 gear -30sht.Krayina dioxide production CN.Torhovelna mark - Ningbo Fenghong Instrument Manufacturing.Vyrobnyk - Ningbo Fenghong Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.CHINA0UA10025028.46752.2947307
10/Apr/20179018908400"1 medical devices and instruments in the range, NEW TOTAL -48 pcs., Production date -24 / 03/2017. Producers of goods Ltd." "FOTEK. '" Production of goods Country RUSSIAN FEDERATION RU, trademark "" FOTEK "" Machine electro-high frequency (FOR CUTTING TISSUE (ELEKTRORIZANNYA) AND BLOOD electrocoagulation (stop bleeding): - High-frequency Machine electro EHVCH -80-03 - "" FOTEK "" (CAT. NUMBER E81M) -5 compl. (SER.NOM. -173780 -4, 173781-4, 173782-4, 173783-4, 173784-4), in the working configuration, broadband radio wave APPARATUS INTENDED FOR USE IN AMBU Thorne GYNECOLOGY -to work with small objects "" YEMAMY tissue using 2 modes: four monopolar and one bipolar TU 9444-012-41747567-2005. (Complete according to passport and packaging sheet) .- APPARATUS FOR SMOKE aspiration ASD - "" FOTEK "" -5 compl. (SER.NOM.161431-2, 161432-2, 161433-2, 161434-2, 161435-2) (working equipment) TU -015 9444 - 41747567 -2010. ( EQUIPMENT UNDER passport and packaging sheet). DEVICE used to remove germs, viruses and combustion products KONTSYROHENNYH FROM OPERATING AREA (smoke, fumes and odors) that occur during radio wave and laser surgery. Provide effective air purification and excellent visibility surgical field., Set of equipment for laparoscopic interventions (TU 9444-010-41747567-2005.) -BIPOLYARNI AND TOOLS FOR monopolar electrosurgical high frequency DEVICES -38 pcs., In th: -EM275E bipolar TOOL ENT practice, electrodes for KAUTERYZATSIYI turbinate by dipping, "" European standard "" -2 units. -EM252SSE bipolar forceps DIRECT nonstick CLEANTips, LENGTH 190 MM SIZE MM Areas 8 X2, "" European standard "" -3 pieces. -EM156 monopolar tools, electrodes -PETLYA 5 H0,3MM, elongated rod -5-SHT. EM156-1 monopolar tools, electrodes -PETLYA 5 H0,2MM, elongated rod -10 pieces. -EM151S monopolar tools, electrodes nonstick -KULKA CLEANTips 4 MM, elongated rod -15 pc. - EN341 Holder monopolar electrodes. INSTRUMENTAL PART WITH -PIDKLYUCHENNYA to the electrode tips 4 mm. The hardware of -SHTEKER 4 mm. LEADS TO SHT.MARKUVANNYA -3 3M products meet the certificate of state REYESTRATSIYU.DLYA AMENITIES packaging and transport of goods shipped in a partially disassembled state. "RUSSIA0UA90205087.520225.95578
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Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЛАПОМЕД"""
Importer Address
65031, м. Одеса, вул. Михайла Грушевського 39/2, корп. 3, оф. 1
Exporter Name Zhejiang Geyi Medical Instrument Co., Ltd
Product Description
"Surgical instruments made from medical-resistant .........
HS Code 9018908400Value 2046.321176
Quantity 0Unit UA500210
Net Weight 4.1
Origin Country CHINA

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