Ukraine Import Data of Lady Coat | Ukraine Import Statistics of Lady Coat

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of lady coat collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of lady coat imports.

Lady Coat Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Lady Coat

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/20178483402300"1.Prylady to measure resistance and sylystrumu without recording device: Ammeter EQ96-x (90 °) range izm.0-300Ax2 300 / 5A Scale 0-300Ax2 300 / 5ALohotyp: DEIF Antyblykovepokr.- -1sht 1961110920, 1961110920 -1sht; Ammeter EQ96-x (90 °) range izm.0-800Ax2 800 / 5A Scale 0-800Ax2 800 / 5ALohotyp: DEIF Antyblykovepokr.--1sht 1961110920, 1961110920 -2sht; Ammeter EQ96-x (90 °) range ism. 0- 800Ax2 800 / 5A Scale 0-800Ax2 800 / 5A logo: DEIF anti-reflective coatings., Red line: 630A, 1961110920 -1sht; Wattmeter type WQ96-x Connection: 2W4 range: -60..0 ... 400 kW Voltage: 400V AC currents: 800 / 5a, 2961610930 -2sht; Ammeter EQ96-x (90 °) diapazon amended. 0-300Ax2 300 / 5A Scale 0-300Ax2 300 / 5A logo: DEI F anti-reflective coatings., Krasnaya Linia: 200A, 1961110920 -1sht; Ammeter EQ96-x (90 °) range ism. 0-800Ax2 800 / 5A Scale 0-800Ax2 800 / 5A logo: DEIF anti-reflective coatings., 1961110920 -1sht; Ammeter EQ96-x (90 °) range ism. 0-250Ax2 250 / 5A Scale 0-250Ax2 250 / 5A logo: DEIF anti-reflective coatings. red line 1 95A, 1961110920 -1sht; Wattmeter type WQ96-x Connection: 2W4 Range: 0 ... 140 kW Voltage: 400V current: 250 / 5A Red Line: 108 kW, 2961610930 -1sht; Megommetr AAL-2 Scale: 10 ... 0MOm red areas:, Voltage: 115/230/400 V AC 20% anti-reflective coatings., Logo, DEIF, 2961750030 -1sht; Ammeter EQ96-x (90 °) range ism. 0-800Ax2 800 / 5A Scale 0-800Ax2 800 / 5A logo: DEIF anti-reflective coatings.: ----- Red Line: 562 A1961110920 -2sht; Ammeter EQ96-x (90 °) range ism. 0-100Ax2 100 / 5A Scale 0-100Ax2 100 / 5A logo: DEIF anti-reflective coatings., 1961110920 -1sht; Megommetr AAL-2 Scale: 0 ... 10 MW site :, Red Voltage: 115/230/400 VAC 20% anti-reflective coatings, logo, DEIF, 2961750030 -1sht; Ammeter EQ72-x (90 °) range ism. 0-100A 100 / 5A Scale 0-100Ax2 100 / 5A logo: DEIF anti-reflective coatings., 1961110720 -2sht; Ammeter EQ72-x (90 °) range ism. 0-75A 75 / 5A Scale 0-75Ax2 75 / 5A logo: DEIF anti-reflective coatings., 1961110720 -1sht; Ammeter EQ72-x (90 °) range ism. 0-150A 150 / 5A Scale, 0-150Ax2 150 / 5A logo: DEIF anti-reflective coatings., 1961110720 -4sht. Designed for use in its own production eletrorozpodilnyh boards for industrial enterprises. Civil destination. Do not include in its composition of radioactive materials. The manufacturer - "" DEIF A / S "". DEIF.Krayina trademark-production-DK. "SPAIN0UA100120451205.312354 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/201769089091001.Plytka coated with ceramic stone, interior finish, wall tapidlohy. Art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES PANELS-13,25m2. Art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES-10,37m2.Torhovelna Brand: Nueva AlaplanaKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Nueva Alaplana SL art. TRENTO BIANCO 22,3x22,3 -19m2. Art. TRENTONERO 22,3x22,3 -4m2. Art. TRENTO ARLECCHINO 22,3x22,3 -4m2. Art. FATIMA GREIGE30x90 -3,24m2. Art. CIRCLE WHITE MATT 20x20 -4m2.Torhovelna Brand: AzuviKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Azuvi Ceramics SL art. COR.BOISERIE STARIY ARBAT RED 12,5x20-0,03m2. Art. DECOR BOISERIE STARIY ARBAT GOLD 21,5x38 -0,16m2. Art. CORNISASTARIY ARBAT RED 7,5x25 -0,45m2. Art. BORDURA STARIY ARBAT RED 5x25 -0, CE LUSSO 8x25 -4m2. Art. CE STARIY ARBAT MIX GOLD 10x25 -2m2. Art. DECORANG.LOUVRE CREMA MARFIL 60,7x60,7-2,95m2. Art. CORNISA LOUVRE GOLD 8x25-0,8m2. Art. T-LUSSO 9x13 -0,05m2. Art. TACO STARIY ARBAT GOLD 15x19 -0, ZOCALO LUSSO 14x25 -4,2m2. Art. CORNISA LUSSO 4x25 -0,96m2. Art. MATITABOIS ERIE ARBAT GOLD 3,8x25 -0,17m2. Art. DEC.ANG.CARRARA GREY 59x59 -0,35m2.Torhovelna mark: Mapisa CeramicaKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Hatz Spain, SA Art. MOLDURA PURITY AQUA 5x25 -0,44m2. Art. ZOCALOPURITY AQUA 19x25 -1,71m2. Art. MOLDURA PURITY AQUA 5x25 -0,33m2. Art. TIVOLIWATER 25x50 -25,5m2. Art. TIVOLI WATER 30x30 -9,45m2. Art. AURA BLACK 20x60-4,32m2. Art. SENSATION NIGHT 31,6x31,6-3,2m2. Art. FAYETTE MARFIL 20x20 -1m2. Art. WIMBLEDON MIX 20x20 -0,32m2. art.LADY VERDE BOTELLA 20x20 -16m2. Art. BALOON MIX 10x20 -1,4m2. Art. TIVOLI WHITE25x50 -10,5m2. Art. TIVOLI WATER 25x50 -10,5m2. Art. COMO MIX WHITE 25x50-6m2. Art. DECOR VITIS CREMA 10x30-0,06m2. Art. DECOR LULO CREMA 10x30-0,06m2. Art. DECOR CITRUS CREMA 10x30-0,03m2. Art. DECOR BAYAS CREMA 10x30-0,09m2. Art. DECOR NUCULA CREMA 10x30-0,03m2. Art. DECOR FRAGA CREMA 10x30-0,06m2. Art. CLUB NAUTICO AZUL RECT. 29,5x90 -1,06m2. Art. DOLMEN CREAM RECT.60x60 -28,8m2. Art. ROSETON DOLMEN CREAM 60x60 -1,44m2. Art. TACO DOLMEN CREAM7x7 -0,02m2. Art. CENEFA DOLMEN CREAM 7x60 -0,76m2. Art. ZOCALO LE MARAIS AQUA19x25 -0,58m2. Art. CENEFA NEAL SNOW 20x20 -2m2. Art. SIMAT SNOW 20x20 SISAL SNOW 20x20 -2m2. Art. SONEJA SNOW 20x20 -2m2. Art. CENEFA REGINA19x60 -1,14m2. Art. LISTELO ZAI GREY 7x50 -0,84m2. Art. VINTAGE BEIGE 15x15-4,5m2. Art. TORELLO VINTAGE BEIGE 2x15-0,17m2. Art. DECOR POESIA BEIGE 17,8x15-0,8m2. Art. CENEFA NARON 7x60 -3,02m2. Art. DECOR ALIUM BLANCO 10x20 -0, DECOR KAREM 25x50 -10m2. Art. DECOR SET (2) MOIRA SNOW 20x60 -3,84m2. art.DECOR SET (2) SENSAZIONE MALVA 31x60-2,98m2. Art. DECOR TOPAZ PEARL 20x50-4m2. Art. GIZA ZINC 30x30 -0,45m2. Art. LISTELO JORDAN NATURAL 4,5x50 -0, LONDON BLANCO 5x20 -4m2. Art. LONDON COBALTO 5x20 -4m2. Art. MAJESTYCOBALTO 20x20 -1,92m2. Art. ROSETON NARON 60x60 -23,04m2. Art. TORELLO COBALTO2x20 -2,4m2. Art. TORELLO VERDE BOTELLA 2x20 -0,48m2. Art. TORELLO VINTAGE IVORY2x30 -0,34m2. Art. ZOCALO CANDES VISON 19x25 -2m2. Art. ZOCALO BLANCO 15x2SPAIN93378UA100020178477372.595726
13/Apr/201748101900001.Karton chystotselyuloznyy, single layer, coated on both sides and colored throughout the mass, not containing fibers obtained by mechanical or chemical-mechanical means, without watermarks, printing and other hrafichnyhtsiley in sheets, Cocktail Curacao, weight 120g / m2, formatom70h100sm ., (21,0kh.) -250ark., Cocktail White Lady, weighing 290h / m2 70h100sm format. (60,90kh.) -300ark., Ispira NeroMistero, mass 360h / m2 72h102sm format. (118,973kh .) -450ark., Ispira Rosso Passione, weight 250g / m2, format 72h102sm. (55,080kh.) -300ark., Sirio Pearl Merida White, mass 290h / m2 72h102sm format. (21,298kh.) -100ark. Producer: Fedrigoni SpATorhovelna mark: FEDRIGONI manufacture Country ers: IT. .ITALY0UA100110277.2511461.109938
13/Apr/20177308909800"1.Inshi ferrous metals for use umetalokonstruktsiyah: -cameras aging of concrete products for system ROTHO-Stabil 12 passes = 1kompl.V disassembled into: Bearing profile stabilizyucha support, corners, mounting materials, pozdovzhniyrihel, lower Rigel , bar, rozpornyy profile, profile connector, a steel belt, pulling the profile guides, support the main guide, bar, side-2017r.u napravlyayuchi.Data manufacturing a rack, pallet 1400h1100h50mm dimensions, load on the floor at the presentation at each floor 500 kg / pallet max. incl. pallet load on top of each presentation at the second floor of 714 kg / pallet max. incl. piddonTehnichni: Total number of pallets: 5280sht.aktyvne number of pallets: 4840sht.hlybyna downloads: 23 000 mm depth cameras: 23,060 mm, width of passage in the lumen, 1470mm, overall width of chambers: 20240mm, number of floors 22, the distance between floors: 300 mmnyzhniy floor above the upper edge of the rails in the progress: 700 mmverhniy top to the bottom of the main bar: 465 mmvysota light cameras above the upper edge slats in the aisle: 7465 m width supports 200 mm, the average height of the shop max .: 9000 mmOpory performed from sheet metal with a coating of zinc 275 g / m2 on both sides according to DIN EN 10346, in the form of C-profile, top connections are performed from sheet metal coated zinc 275 g / m2 on both sides according to DIN EN 10346, as a U-profile upper guide vykladyuyuchoyi trolleys U 100Kamery aging of concrete products for system ROTHO-Stabil 12 passes without a case and installed permanently at the existing plant by concreting in pidlohu.Ne refers to: design with metallic or non-metallic materials or combinations thereof specially designed to provide ballistic protection of military systems, and specially designed components; c) Fittings, coatings and processing to suppress demaskuvalnyh features, specially designed for military use. "GERMANY0UA11005071265201000.628
10/Apr/20173307200000"1.Dezodoranty body in aerozolniyupakovtsi not contain ozonoruynivnyhrechovyn coated markuvannyamvyrobnyka (product name, torhovelnamarka volume product, the name and adresavyrobnyka): 10005514 art.№ female seriyiJEAN MARC volume of 75 mL Mohito, art.№10005516 Women series JEAN MARC ob'yemom75ml X Red, art.№ 10005518 female seriyiJEAN MARC volume of 75ml Green Tea, Women art.№10004251 series JEAN MARC volume of 75 mL Amelie V1, art.№ female 10,003,717 series JEAN MARC volume of 75ml La belle, art.№ 10003782 female series JEAN MARC volume of 75 mL Pretty Lady, Ladies Series 10004268 art.№ JEAN MARC volume of 75 ml Blame, Women art.№ 10,004,267 series JEAN MARC 75ml beat Wild Secret, Women art.№ 10,004,706 series JEAN MARC volume of 75ml Long Avenue, art.№ 10004408 Man series JEAN MARC volume of 150 ml Billioner V1, art.№ female 10,005,513 series JEAN MARC volume of 75 mL Brilliants , art.№ 10003723 female series JEAN MARC volume of 75 mL Miami Hills. Trademark JEAN MARC Supplier "" DRAMERS "" SA, Poland K Raina production PL "POLAND0UA209180501.121677.414117
07/Apr/20173004320000"1.FARMATSEVTYCHNA SALE IN BULK for the manufacture of finished products: - Eplerenone, tablets, film-coated shell to 25mg in bulk (Eplerenone film coated tablets 25 mg, in bulk): over 42 000 tablets in double p / e 84 paketah- 000 sht.Vyrobnyk: "" Pabianickie Zaklady Farmaceutyczne Polfa SA "", Poland.Farmproduktsiya not included in the list of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors.. "POLAND0UA1251008.68411001.29644
04/Apr/201784198910001. Property investment in the authorized capital: OHLADYTEL water. No freon, and contains no ozone-depleting substances. Designed for cooling water that will enter in a mixer for mixing chocolate. It has a wide power range: 50-3.029kW. Provides maximum heat exchange in the mixer by contact with pipelines. Capacity have coated (galvanized - 725gr / m2). Without packaging. The serial number is missing. .TURKEY0UA408150255018997.49998
04/Apr/201769089091001.Plytka coated with ceramic stone, interior finish, wall tapidlohy. Art. CF PELD.CURVO N.GRANA 30x33,4-6,61m2. Art. ZANQUIN N.GRANA P.IZD. 9x30 -0,27m2. Art. ZANQUIN N.GRANA P.DCH.9x30 -0,27m2. Art. N NOBLEZA GRANA 30x30 -8m2. Art. ZOCALO N.GRANA PORC. 9x30-1,08m2.Torhovelna Brand: NatucerKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Natucer, SL art. ANDORRA BEIGE 26,3x47,5 -5,58m2. Art. MASIA BEIGE26,3x47,5 -5,58m2. Art. NIMES CREMA 60x60 -36,72m2. Art. NIMES MARFIL 60x60-1,08m2. Art. AL-ANDALUS AZUL 28x50 -3,36m2. Art. ALBAICIN AZUL 28x50-3,36m2.Torhovelna mark: Azulejos El MijaresKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Azulejos El Mijares, SL art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES -3,38m2.Torhovelna mark: Jose Oset Y CiaKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Jose Oset Y Cia, SL art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES -2,21m2.Torhovelna Brand: AtrivmKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Elite Detalles Ceramica, SL Atrivm art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES-9,18m2. Art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES PANELS -18m2. Art. SA MPLES DECS -0,1m2. art.LOFT SOL 10X30 10x30 -3,06m2. Art. ZOCALO LE MARAIS IVORY GOLD 19x25-2,52m2. Art. DECOR SET (2) KIEM GRAFITO 20x50 -2,2m2. Art. HOME TORTOLA RECT.60x60 -14,04m2. Art. URBAN STONE BONE NATURAL RE 58,5x58,5 -17,1m2. Art. LISTELOJORDAN BEIGE 4,5x50 -0,45m2. Art. CENEFA KAREM 4,5x50 -0,5m2. Art. DECORTRAVIS / JORDAN BEIGE 25x50 -3m2. Art. CHEROKEE WHITE RECT 20x114-147,06m2. Art. KINGDOM MARFIL 20x20-9m2. Art. DECOR HANOI GRAFITO 20x50-4m2. Art. DECOR ACCORD I MIEL 20x50-2m2. Art. CENEFA JORDAN NATURAL 12,5x50-2,5m2. Art. CENEFA LE MARAIS IVORY GOLD 10x25 -1,5m2. Art. CENEFA LE MARAISIVORY 10x25 -2,25m2. Art. CENEFA VILLANDRY 10x25 -4,8m2. Art. MOLDURA LOIRE 3x25-0,81m2. Art. ZOCALO CANDES IVORY 19x25 -3,71m2. Art. TORELLO NEGRO 2x20-0,72m2. Art. LONDON MARFIL 5x20-1,2m2. Art. TORELLO MARFIL 2x20 -1,2m2. Art. ZOCALO MARFIL 15x20 -3,9m2. art.DECOR SET (3) EDDY AQUA 25x75 -6,75m2. Art. MOLDURA LE MARAIS IVORY GOLD 5x25-0,25m2. Art. LADY VERDE BOTELLA 20x20-5m2. Art. ZOCALO BURDEOS 15x20 -1,44m2. Art. COTTAGE CREAM 9,2x20 -0,88m2. art.LOFT ROJO 10x30 -1,02m2. Art. INCISION HOME EARTH 20x60 -2,16m2. Art. TRATTOPEARL 20x60 -14,04m2. Art. DECOR SET (2) TRATTO PEARL 20x60 -0,72m2. Art. DECORALYCE PEARL 20x60 -1,44m2. Art. TRATTO GREY 20x60 -6,48m2. Art. TRATTO GREY45x45 -4,26m2. Art. VINTAGE VISON 7,5x15-3m2. Art. DECOR CONSTELATION GREY 20x50-2m2. Art. CANADA BORNEO 15x90 -74,66m2. Art. ANTI-SLIP CANADA BORNEO 15x90-1,89m2. Art. SAWAN DIAMOND RECT. 45x90-29,28m2. Art. M-STICK BALI MIX COLD 30x30 -0,81m2. Art. MOLDURA FUSTA WHITE5x45 -0,27m2. Art. ZOCALO FUSTA WHITE 14x45 -0,81m2. Art. FAYETTE ARENA 20x20-1m2. Art. DECOR SET (3) KUMHARAS 20x50-0,3m2. Art. BALOON MIX 10x20 -0,16m2. Art. DECOR SET (2) MOIRA SNOW 20x60-2,4m2.Torhovelna Brand: APEKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: APE Ceramica SLU art. OLD CARAVISTA RUSTIC 32x48 -27,51m2. art.TOSCANA TRIDI AMARILLO 25,8x29 -12m2. Art. SAMPLES CERAMIC TILES -40,39m2.Torhovelna Brand: BestileKrayina productionSPAIN57322UA100020119284927.457125
04/Apr/20179033000000"1.Prylady and measuring devices: -zamok from the safety valve = 3sht.№kreslennya 17-125-06 / 00Parametry 2-chain, 63MPa, 150h130h200mm Material: stal45.Chastyna hydraulic system kombayna.Pryznachena protection hidrodomkrativkombayna to the maximum pressure bag does not apply to: Special auxiliary components for optical sensors, as follows: 1) cryogenic coolers "are suitable for use in space"; 3) sensitive optical fiber, specially manufactured or composite structural or modified using the coating sensitivity of acoustic, thermal, inertia, electromagnetic or nuclear radiation c) unmanned aerial vehicles and related equipment, specially designed for military use c) motion simulators / rotary tables.. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA11005019.57020.26843
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Lady Coat Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Lady Coat Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АГРІСТАР"""
Importer Address
61124, м. Харків, проспект Гагаріна, буд. 127-А
Exporter Name John Deere Gmbh & Co.KG EPDC
Product Description
"1.Prylady to measure resistance and sylystrumu wi.........
HS Code 8483402300Value 1205.312354
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 45
Origin Country SPAIN

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