Ukraine Import Data of Kraft Paper Sheets | Ukraine Import Statistics of Kraft Paper Sheets

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of kraft paper sheets collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of kraft paper sheets imports.

Kraft Paper Sheets Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Kraft Paper Sheets

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20173921904100"1.Plastykovi multilayer sheets" "Print" ", laminated under high pressure, zdekoratyvnym layer consisting of a layer of plastic and a layer of 35-40% paperu30-35% impregnated with melamine resin, without drawing, stamping, polishing the outside, covered with a protective film: Plastic HPL 1389 Walnut Alley Yzeo (rozm.305h130sm; tovsch.5,0mm 2 surface), grade 1, art. 6K-D 1389 30 V - 19,80 m2; Plastic HPLChornыy Polaris POLARIS chornыy kraft (rozm.305h130sm; tovsch.12 mm 2 surface), grade 1, art. 6WXD 2902 30 85 - 3.96 m2; Plastic HPL chornыy Polaris POLARISbalansyr morbydo 2 chornыy kraft (rozm.305h130sm; tovsch.12 mm 2 surface) sort1, art . 6WXD 2902 30 85 2900 M2 - 3,96 m2; Plastic HPL 406 belыyprymavera magnet (rozm.305h125sm; tovsch.1,0mm; lucido), grade 1, Art. 406 M1 30 January - 38,10m2; Plastic HPL 478 Gray Svetliy (rozm.305h130sm ; tovsch.0,9mm; sei), grade 1, art. 09478 June 30 - 316.80 m2; 128 plastic HPL white balance (rozm.305h130sm; tovsch.0,6mm; morbido), grade 1, art. 06 128 30 8 - 831.60 m2; 494Buhenvyl plastic HPL (rozm.30 5h130sm; tovsch.0,9mm; sei), grade 1, art. 09,494 June 30 - 59,40m2; Plastic HPL 1821 Lylovaya mystyka (rozm.305h130sm; tovsch.0,9mm; plenkastandart; sei), grade 1, art. September 1821 30 June - 59.40 m2. No medical pryznachennya.Krayina production - ITTorhovelna mark - AVETVyrobnyk - ABET LAMINATI Spa "ITALY0UA10013016736524.405921 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/201742029298001. Semi self-adhesive paper: RAFLACOAT PLUS PEFC RP51 HONEY GLASSINE 65v rolls (density 80g / m2) on the ground floor dtsi (density 65 g / m2). Method obrobkymehanichnyy 100% fiber derived hardware ichnym way single layer type-namotkyout weight of 1 m2 -154h length roll of 1000 meters, art.8072554 -58108m2.RAFLACOAT PLUS PEFC RH9X HONEY GLASSINE 65 rolls (density 80g / m2) to substrate (density 65 g / m2). Mechanical processing method, 100% of fibers obtained by mechanical means, single layer type winding-out, the mass of 1 m2 -154h length rulonu1000 meters art.8163597 -3998m2. THERMAL ECO 200-FSC RP51 HONEY GLASSINE 65 vrulonah (density 80 g / m2) for laying under (density 65 g / m2) .Sposib obrobkymehanichnyy 100% mechanic fibers obtained nocturnal way single layer type-namotkyout weight of 1 m2 -145h length 1000 meters roll, art. 8190708 -48311m2.JETLASER RPA4 KRAFT SPECIAL 55 sheets 210mm. X 297 mm. (Density 70 g / m2) napidkladtsi (density 51h / m2). Treat ing mechanical method, 100% fiber DATA Receive night ha way, single layer type and unwinding de Weave out, the mass of 1 m2 -129h, art.7135892 n of 500 sheets per carton. Total: 40000 AR kushiv 80 korobah.Krayina production -PL.Torhovelna mark -UPM.Vyrobnyk -UPM Raflatac.CHINA0UA1000105.0185.36111845
19/Apr/20173921904100"1. Sheets (panel) laminated, high pressure" "HPL" "- layered polymer composite material consisting of layers of kraft paper impregnated with resin and pressed aminoaldehidnymy pressure greater than 5 MPa with a decorative surface, not self-adhesive, non-porous, suitable for interior and exterior spaces and buildings, letter size: 1300h2800h10 mm - 3.64 meters, 1300h3050h4 mm - 47.58 meters, 1300h3050h6 mm - 194.29 meters, 1300h3050h6 mm - 15 86 sqm, 1300h3050h6 mm - 39.65 meters, 1300h3050h6 mm - 3.97 meters, 1300h3050h6 mm - 11.9 meters, 1300h3050h6 mm - 146.71 sq.m. , 1300h3050h6 mm - 7.85 meters, 1300h 3050h6 mm - 150.67 meters, 1300h3050h6 mm - 3.93 meters, 1300h3050h6 mm - 39.65 meters, 1300h3050h6 mm - 198.25 meters, 1300h3050h6 mm - 178.43 meters, 1300h3050h6 mm - 3.65 meters, 1300h3050h6 mm - 3.97 meters, 1300h3050h6 mm - 43.62 meters, 1300h3050h12 mm - 31.72 meters, 1300h3050h6 mm - 15.88 meters, 1300h2800h6 mm - 36.4 meters, 1300h2800h6 mm - 14.56 meters, Producer: "" Gentash Genel Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret AS "". Trademark " "Gentash" ". Country of origin: TR."TURKEY0UA1251801090025614.99982
13/Apr/201748042110001.Kraft paper sheets made of unbleached softwood fibers timber containing the total mass of fiber 100% cellulose fibers derived sulfate method, single layer, without water opti Akiva, uncoated, unpainted in masikorychnevoho color neprosyaknutyy Special lnymy substances without drawing , nekreydov anyy, nehofrovanyy, punch weight: 70g / m2. .POLAND0UA2091401874.98211988.416215
12/Apr/20174804510000"1.Nekreydovanyy kalandrovanyy layer kraft paperboard mark" "Ev" "consisting of unbleached pulp formed from coniferous (50 +/- 5 wt%) talystyanyh (49 +/- 5 wt%), wood, fibers obtained by chemical cooking sulfatnymsposobom (100%) of the total masyvolokna with 1m2 weighing 225 grams or more, without perforations, without corrugation and drawing, designed for electric, in rolls: Insulating Ev size - 0,3h1000 mm, weighing 270 g / m2 (+ / -5%), natural color, quantity - 326.0 kg, 1207.0 square meters; Insulating Ev size - 0,5h1000 mm, weighing 550 g / m2 (+/- 5%), natural color, k ilkist - 806.0 kg, 1465.0 square meters, in sheets: Insulating Ev size - 1,0h1000h2000mm, with a mass of 1100 g / m2 (+/- 5%), natural color, quantity - 2000.0 kg; 1818.0 square meters; Insulating Ev size - 2,0h1000h2000mm, with a mass of 2250 g / m2 (+/- 5%), natural color, quantity - 300.0 kg, 133.0 square meters, Insulating eV, size - 3,0h1000h2000mm, with a mass of 3300 g / m2 (+/- 5%), natural color, quantity - 200.0 kg; 61.0 square meters; Trademark ODSN HAODESHENGVyrobnyk ZHEJIANG HAODESHENG INSULATION MATERIAL CO., LTDKrayina production CN "CHINA0UA12511036325367.469473
11/Apr/201748114190001.Etyketka adhesive paper in sheets, single layer, coated, coated on one side with a layer of glue, acrylic-based polymers, white bezdrukovanyy, superkalandrovanyy machine coated paper with medium gloss: UNICOAT PLUS PERMANENT KRAFT SPECIAL 80, UN / 250 format 50h70sm - 70,000 sheets, UNICOAT PLUS PERMANENT KRAFT SPECIAL 80, BULK format 50h70sm - 65,000 sheets, UNICOAT PLUS PERMANENT KRAFT SPECIAL 80, BULK format 50h70sm - 30,000 sheets, UNICOAT PLUS PERMANENT KRAFT SPECIAL 80, UN / 250 format 64h45sm - 150,000 sheets , UNICOAT PLUS PERMANENT KRAFT SPECIAL 80, BULK format 64h45sm - 40,000 sheets, UNICOAT PLUS PERMANENT KRAFT SPECIAL 80, UN / 250 format 43h61sm - 20,000 sheets of Trading Arch: RAFLATACVyrobnyk: UPM RAFLATAC Oy. .POLAND0UA8070102049342376.31938
10/Apr/20174804318000"1. Kraft paper" "Sonnet", "received 100% mechanically unbleached cellulose fibers, weighing 78h / m2, single layer, uncoated, without pictures (type of processing, calendaring), in rectangular sheets: A1 - art. 8092481 - (100l / up) - 10 packages A3 - art.8092483 - (100l / up) - 12 packages.. "RUSSIA0UA20514050.65139.2874878
07/Apr/20174811419000"1.Papir mark" "EUROTAK GLOSS" "SELF-ADHESIVE PAPER A-251 PERM / WHITE KRAFT 90 SLIT coated, glossy with cellulose, samoskleyuvalnyy layer for the production of labels, etc., in sheets, weight: 80g / m2, format 43h61sm. 6palet 12852.7m2; weight: 80g / m2, format 45h64sm. 14palet 32400m2; weight: 80g / m2, format: 50h70sm. 7palet 19600m2; 89masoyu: 80g / m2, format 70h100sm. 12palet 33425m2; "" EUROTAK GLOSS "" SELF-ADHESIVE PAPER a-251 PERM / WHITE KRAFT 90 SOLID weight: 80g / m2, format: 50h70sm. 4palety 11200m2, packaging, pallets and shrink plivtsi.Torhivelna brand: EUROTAKVyrobnyk: TORRAS PAPEL SA country of origin: Spain ES.. "SPAIN0UA10011016784.9331615.80565
07/Apr/20174823908500"1.Armuyucha paper tape for construction BANDE JOINT" "US" "150ML - high-quality paper reinforcing tape used to reinforce the joints of gypsum sheets, rolls of -150m / n, width - 50 mm. Made of kraft paper reinforced cellulose microfiber without adhesive coating. The tape is supplied in rolls packed in boxes.. "FRANCE0UA209180392968.5167625
05/Apr/20174804398000"1. Kraft paper in sheets, not coated, without contents fibers otrymanyhmehanichnym, chemically, weight 1 m2 - 50 g layer: BILYYDLYA wrapping paper thin samples with LOGO MAC art. S24L600001- 6 pieces, Country of production - USTorhovelna mark - MACVyrobnyk - Estee Lauder INC. "UNITED STATES0UA1001101.18833.33314527
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Kraft Paper Sheets Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Kraft Paper Sheets Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Барви Швидкості"""
Importer Address
04176, м.Київ, вул.Електриків, 26
Exporter Name ABET laminati S.p.a.
Product Description
"1.Plastykovi multilayer sheets" "Print" ", lamina.........
HS Code 3921904100Value 6524.405921
Quantity 0Unit UA100130
Net Weight 1673
Origin Country ITALY

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