Ukraine Import Data of Knock | Ukraine Import Statistics of Knock

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of knock collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of knock imports.

Knock Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Knock

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201773269098901.ruchnyy punch skin, designed to knock some malyunkuVyrobnyk not known trademark absent, Country of origin: TR.TURKEY0UA8051807.810.13993471 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201790330000001.Chastyny ​​instrumentation for monitoring and diahnostuvannyasystem car, 12V, art.GS1D4373XA - ABS sensor front (L) -1sht., Art.PE01188G1A - MIXTURE sensor, 2 pcs., Art.ZJ0118921 - knock sensor, 4pcs., origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor Corporation.JAPAN0UA2050200.694443.9048967
29/Apr/20172710122500"1. A light distillate, gasoline special n-Hexane, density at 15 hr.Tselsiya - 0.6717 g / cm3; initial boiling point - 65.4 hr.Tselsiya; final boiling point - hr.Tselsiya 68.4; H hexane - 62.83% cyclohexane - 0.10% n-heptane - 0% C6-alkanes and -26.89% methyl-cyclo-pentane -10.06% Total aromatic - 0.0005% benzene - 5 mg / kg, color (Hazen) - 10; appearance - clear without sediment, sulfur content - 0.5 mg / kg Content rubber - <0.6 mg / 100sm3; bromine content - 0,002 GbR / 100g, water - free ; Doctor test - negative; free of anti-knock additives. Bulk. 19800kh.1000 number of liters in liters, reduced to temp atury hr.Tselsiya 15 - 29.477. "HUNGARY0UA9031001980017499.14289
28/Apr/20179031809800"1.Vymiryuvalni devices for use in cars are designed, knock sensor., Throttle position sensor., Trademark: RAON.Vyrobnyk:" "PARTS-MALL CORPORATION" ". Country of origin: China.."CHINA0UA10011025.249343.3985327
28/Apr/20173926909790"1. Plastic, cast for biological laboratories tips for dispensing with transparent barrier against penetration dozuyemoyi liquid in the dispenser and the tubes: - 5030060S, ExpellPlus 10 ml, sterile tips filtered on a tripod 5h10h96 pcs. (96 pcs on a tripod, 10 tripods in the package, 5 packages in a box) -2 boxes (of 9600 pcs.) - 5030062S, ExpellPlus 20 ml, sterile tips filtered on a tripod 5h10h96 pcs. (96 pcs on a tripod, the package of supports 10 5 packages in a box) -3 boxes (of 14400 pcs.) - 5030066S, ExpellPlus 100 ml, sterile tips filtered on a tripod 5h10h96 pcs. (96 w knock on a tripod, 10 tripods in the package, 5 packages in a box) -24 boxes (of 115200 pcs.) - 5130123S, Expell 1250 ml, sterile tips filtered on a tripod 4h8h96 pcs. (96 pcs on a tripod, tripods at 8 package 4 package box) -18 boxes (total 55 296 pcs.) - 5130190S, Expell 10 ml, sterile tips, 5h200 pcs. (200 pieces per package 5 packages in a box) -1 box (only 1000 pieces. ) - 5131150S, Expell 1000 ml, sterile tips filtered 10h1000 pieces. (1000 pieces in package, 10 packages in a box) -1 box (of 10,000 pcs.) - 5130160S, ExpellPlus 5000 ml, sterile tips, 10h250 items . (250 pieces in package, 10 pakun s in the box) -1 box (only 2500 pcs.). Total 50 korobok.Krayina cardboard production: DK.Torhovelna Brand: CAPP.Vyrobnyk: CAPP ApS, Landbrugsvej 10 5260 Odense S, Denmark. "DENMARK0UA1001103848138.629927
27/Apr/20173917400090"1.Z`yednualni elements \ fittings \ PVC pipe for-11844sht: 227000322 Coupling collapsible PVC D.32 mm PN 16-50sht; 227,000,402 Coupling collapsible PVC D.40 mm PN 16-30sht; 227,000,632 Coupling collapsible PVC D.63 mm PN 16-50sht; 227,000,752 Coupling collapsible PVC D.75 mm PN 16-36sht; 227,001,102 Coupling collapsible PVC D.110 mm PN 16-2sht; 230,000,502 clutch knockdown of naruzh. rizb. odnostor. PVC D.50x1 1/2 "" PN 16- 45sht; 500,000,202 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.20 mm PN 16-400sht; 500,000,252 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.25 mm PN 16-200sht; 500000322 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.32 mm PN 16-1000sht; 500,000,402 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.40 mm PN 16-300sht; 500,000,502 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.50 mm PN 16-1200sht; 500 000 632 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.63 mm PN 16-480sht; 500,000,752 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.75 mm PN 16-400sht; 500,000,902 Elbow 90 ° PV C D.90 mm PN 16-200sht; 500,001,102 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.110 mm PN 16-210sht; 500,001,252 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.125 mm PN 16-144sht; 500,001,402 Elbow 90 ° PVC D .140 mm PN 16-180sht; 500,001,602 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.160 mm PN 16-15sht, 50 0002002 Elbow 90 ° PVC D.200 mm PN 10-10sht; 500,002,252 Elbow 90 ° PVC D. 225 mm PN 10-10sht; 502,000,322 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.32 mm PN 16-200sht; 502,000,402 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.40 mm PN 16-150sht; 502,000,502 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.50 mm PN 16-160sht; 502,000,632 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.63 mm PN 16-400sht; 502,000,752 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.75 mm PN 16-320sht; 502,000,902 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.90 mm PN 16 -75sht; 502,001,102 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.110 mm PN 16-108sht; 502,001,602 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.160 mm PN 16-30sht; 502,002,002 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.200 mm PN 16-4sht ; 502 002 252 Elbow 45 ° PVC D.225 mm PN 10-4sht; 504,000,322 Tee 90 ° PVC D.32 m PN 16-240sht; 504,000,502 Tee 90 ° PVC D.50 mm PN 16-400sht; 504,000,632 Tee 90 ° PVC D.63 mm PN 16-300sht; 504,000,752 Tee 90 ° PVC D.75 mm PN 16 -210sht; 504,000,902 Tee 90 ° PVC D.90 mm PN 16-54sht; 504,001,102 Tee 90 ° PVC D.110 mm PN 16-150sht; 504,001,252 Tee 90 ° PVC D.125 mm PN 16-48sht ; 504,001,402 Tee 90 ° PVC D.140 mm PN 16-24sht; 504,001,602 Tee 90 ° PVC D.160 mm PN 16-39sht; 504,002,002 Tee 90 ° PVC D.200 mm PN 16-2sht; 507 000754 Tee 45 ° PVC D.75 mm PN 16-4sht; 511,000,252 coupling fittings PVC D.25 mm PN 16-250sht; 511,000,402 coupling fittings PVC D.40 mm PN 16-100sht; 511 000502 Coupling D.50 mm PVC fittings PN 16-280sht; 511,000,632 coupling fittings PVC D.63 mm PN 16-270sht; 511,000,752 coupling fittings PVC D.75 mm PN 16-160sht; 511000902 Coupling D.90 mm PVC fittings PN 16-135sht; 511,001,102 coupling fittings PVC D.110 mm PN 16-112sht; 511,001,252 coupling fittings PVC D.125 mm PN 16-22sht; 511,001 Socket 402 fittings PVC D.140 mm PN 16-32sht; 511,001,602 coupling fittings PVC D.160 mm PN 16-48sht; 511,002,002 coupling fittings PVC D.200 mm PN 10-12sht; 511 002252 Coupling fittings PVC D.225 mm PN 10-8sht; 512,000,402 flanged adapter PVC D.40 mm PN 16-50sht; 512,000,752 flanged adapter PVC D.75 mm PN 16-70sht; 512,000,902 flanged PVC D.90 mm adapter PN 16-85sht; 512,001,102 flanged adapter P "TURKEY0UA1101903810.2112822.85231
27/Apr/20178310000000"1.Tablychka aluminum labeled" "FAKRO" "knocked convex Signs 120 -50 * 24 pack.."POLAND0UA209180161599.528314
27/Apr/201782034000001. cutter, bolts cutters, Punches and similar hand tools of base metaliv.Art.071463 30 Vykolotka to knock pin / Marking: SPLTPINDRIV-6MM-L150MM - number - 2 sht.Art.071463 31 Vykolotka to knock pin / Marking: SPLTPINDRIV- 8MM-L150MM - number - 2 sht.Art.071463 32 Vykolotka to knock pin / Marking: SPLTPINDRIV-10MM-L150MM - number - 2 sht.Art.071463 41 Punch / vykolotky to knock pin, complete - 6 pieces. / Marking: SPLTPINDRIV-SET-6PCS - number - 4 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand Brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & production Co.KGKrayina DE.GERMANY0UA1000102.57437.23211165
27/Apr/201790318034001.Kontrolni or gauges, electric ektronni that are designed to control the vymiryuvannyaabo and geometric parameters and vstanyuvlyuyutsya on motornyhtranspor tnyh vehicles (passenger car), knock sensor art.3925023500 -2sht. Knock sensor art. 392502B000 -4sht. Sensor polozhennyadrosselnoyi flaps art. 3517026900 -1sht. Steering position sensor art.934802E100 -4sht. MAP Sensor art. 393002B000 -6sht. The sensor parking sensors art.957202S000CA -2sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBIS. Country of origin: KR.Vyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBIS. .KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1252500.9264.58415166
27/Apr/20175703308800"1. Coverings for sports grounds:" "grass" "- knockout, tufted textile coating, made by introducing into the polymeric substrate polypropylene filaments: type 50 mm: GLC GRASS (DARK GREEN) GI EL SCREW dark green - 1724 M2, GLC GRASS DARK WHITE GI EL SI GRAZ dark white color - 40 m2 Country of production TR Trademark Nurteks Manufacturer Nurteks Hali Sanayi ve Ticaret AS. "TURKEY1764UA1251904333.3414592.98881
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Knock Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Knock Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""НАМТАР"""
Importer Address
40031 м. Суми, вул. Курська 147 Україна
Product Description
1.ruchnyy punch skin, designed to knock some malyu.........
HS Code 7326909890Value 10.13993471
Quantity 0Unit UA805180
Net Weight 7.8
Origin Country TURKEY

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