Ukraine Import Data of Knock Pin | Ukraine Import Statistics of Knock Pin

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of knock pin collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of knock pin imports.

Knock Pin Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Knock Pin

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of knock pin. Get Ukraine trade data of Knock Pin imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201782034000001. cutter, bolts cutters, Punches and similar hand tools of base metaliv.Art.071463 30 Vykolotka to knock pin / Marking: SPLTPINDRIV-6MM-L150MM - number - 2 sht.Art.071463 31 Vykolotka to knock pin / Marking: SPLTPINDRIV- 8MM-L150MM - number - 2 sht.Art.071463 32 Vykolotka to knock pin / Marking: SPLTPINDRIV-10MM-L150MM - number - 2 sht.Art.071463 41 Punch / vykolotky to knock pin, complete - 6 pieces. / Marking: SPLTPINDRIV-SET-6PCS - number - 4 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand Brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & production Co.KGKrayina DE.GERMANY0UA1000102.57437.23211165 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
11/Apr/201782034000001. cutter, bolts cutters, Punches and similar hand tools of base metaliv.Art.071463 30 Vykolotka to knock pin / Marking: SPLTPINDRIV-6MM-L150MM - number - 1 sht.Art.071463 25 Punch / vykolotka to knock pin / Marked SPLTPINDRIV-2MM-L150MM - number - 30 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & production Co.KGKrayina DE.GERMANY0UA1000101.8635.3410865
06/Apr/20178544300098"1.Komplekty wires for vehicles with connecting parts, not for industrial assembly of vehicles: 2101-3707080 GARGEN vysokovoltnyhprovodov tow-in packages 300sht. 2170-3724527 tow (extension) for oxygen sensor -10sht. 2123-3707080-10dzhhut high-voltage wires in the pack. -30sht. 245.3707090 / 100/110/114 dzhhutvysokovoltnyh wires in packages, 30sht. 1118-3724148 ignition coils, wiring 10pc. 21104-3724148 ignition coils, wiring 10pc. 2105-3724026-20 tow ignition system, 8 pieces . 11184-3724036 tow nozzles -5sht. 11186-3724036 wiring harness -6sht.2111-3724036 nozzles nozzles -20sht. 2112-3724036 tow nozzles -20sh t.21214-3724036 tow nozzles -10sht. Bank Wire 3302-3724150 for a / m "" Gazelle "" dv.406 "" - "" -2sht. Bank Wire 2105-3724070 for a / m 2101-2105, 2107 " "+" "-10sht.2106-3724070 Wire batteries for a / m 2106" "+" "- 2 pcs. 2108-3724080-10 Wire batteries for a / m 2108-21099,2113-2115" "-" "-2sht Bank Wire .31029-3724050 for a / m GAZ-3110 with dv.406 "" + "" -2sht. 2217-3724150 ProvodAKB for a / m "" Gazelle "" December uzovaya dv.402 -2sht. AH-369-1 Rem set-Block signal for vymykachuavariynoy 2104-2107, 2113-2115, with wires -20sht. AH-366-1 Remnabor-Block Vent heater switch for 1117.1118.1119, with wires -105sht.AH 366-3-Ram Block for set-Vent heater switch 2123.2170, with wires, 30sht. AX-366 set-Ram Block 4-pin contact (responsible part AH-308) zprovodamy -30sht. AX-435 Rem. set-Block for block Phare 1117, 1118, 1119, zprovodamy -10sht. AX-436 Rem. set-Block for block Phare 2170, with wires -20sht.AH-431 Rem. set-Block for email. and about DPDZ d / e with engin. pedalyu accelerate (8klap) with wires -30sht. AX-432 Rem. set-Block for el.pryvodu and DPDZ d / engin zel.pedalyu accelerate (piano fall board 16) with wires -20sht. AX-306 Rem.nabor-4 Kolodkabenzonasosa contact with the wires -20sht. AH-313-Rem.nabor Kolodkadatch.kolen.vala with wires -140sht. AH-320-Block Rem.nabor datch.masovoyivytraty air with wires -30sht. AH-316-Rem.nabor Kolodkadatch.temper.oholodzh.ridyny, with wires, 30sht. AH-311-Block Rem.nabor knock sensor, with wires -60sht. AH-315Rem.nabor-Block gauge polozh.drosselnoy flaps, with wires, 60sht. AX-337 Block Rem.nabor-speed sensor 1117,1118,1119, with wires, 20pcs. AX-312 Block Rem.nabor-speed sensor, a Hall sensor with wires, 210sht. AH-317-Rem.nabor Block gauge idle pace, with wires -75sht.AH-309 Rem.nabor-pads for nozzles pidkl.k 0280158502 bosh, with wires, 60sht. AH-310-Block Rem.nabor connection for nozzles with wires -105sht.AH Rem.nabor-324-Block zad.shvydkosti 1118, nesting 2 acc. With wires, 60sht. AX-308 Rem.nabor-Block for the fuel pump, fuel datch.rivnya, with wires, 20pcs. AX-331 Rem.nabor-Block for blokir.vybora linyii zadn.hoda (motor 1118), zprovodamy -30sht. AH-377-2 Rem.nabor-Block for vmymkachu zovnishnohoosvitlennya (Dimensions) 2113-2115, with wires -20sht. AH-509-Block Rem.nabor kdatch.det, temp.oh.rid., Air zad.hoda, nozzles for GAZ, with wires. -15sht.AH Rem.nabor-512-Block button for sklopi "RUSSIA0UA807170242.3424538.13857
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Knock Pin Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Knock Pin Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ"" Вюрт-Україна"""
Importer Address
04050,м.Київ, вул.Мельникова,12
Exporter Name ADOLF WURTH Gmbh & Co.KG
Product Description
1. cutter, bolts cutters, Punches and similar hand.........
HS Code 8203400000Value 37.23211165
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 2.574
Origin Country GERMANY

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