Ukraine Import Data of Kitchen Bowl | Ukraine Import Statistics of Kitchen Bowl

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of kitchen bowl collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of kitchen bowl imports.

Kitchen Bowl Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Kitchen Bowl

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of kitchen bowl. Get Ukraine trade data of Kitchen Bowl imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20176911100000"1.Posud dining room, kitchen with porcelain: - art. 33370 - Plate deep 26cm-156sht. - art.33369 -Tarilka level -156sht.- art.33004 -Tarilka 24cm 24cm flat -648sht.- art.00863 -Tarilka 29sm flat -456sht.- art.32985 -Tarilka deep 28cm-240sht.- art.33373 - Bowl 16cm deep -72sht.- art.00696 - Plate flat 24cm -48sht.- art.00851 - Plate deep 30cm-24sht.- art.33331 - Plate flat 24cm, purple -1sht. art. 33332 -Tarilka flat 24cm, brown -1sht. art. 33333 -Tarilka 24cm flat, gray -1sht.- art.33334 -Tarilka flat 24cm, blue -1sht .- art. 33335 - Plate flat 33cm, black / gold -1sht.- art. 00859 - Golden Plate deep 26cm -1sht.- at art. 33337 - Plate 25cm square, black / silver -1sht.- art. 33274 -Tarilka flat 24cm white -1sht.- art. 33275 - Plate flat 24cm, green -1sht.- art. 33276 - Plate flat 24cm, blue -1sht.- art. 33277 - Plate flat 24cm, pink -1sht.- art. 33278 - 200 ml cup of coffee, white -1sht.- art. 33279 - 200 ml cup of coffee, green -1sht.- art. 33280 - 200 ml cup of coffee, blue -1sht.- art. 33281 - 200 ml cup of coffee, pink -1sht.- art. 33282 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, white -1sht. Art. 33,283 Saucer coffee pidchashku 15cm, green -1sht.- art. 33284 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, blue -1sht.- art. 33285 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, pink -1sht.- art. 33286 - Plate flat 24cm, blue -1sht.- art. 33287 - Plate flat 24cm, green -1sht.- art. 33288 - Plate flat 24cm, red -1sht.- art. 33289 - Plate flat 24cm orange -1sht.- art. 33290 - Plate flat 24cm, yellow -1sht.- art. 33291 - 200 ml cup of coffee, blue -1sht.- art. 33292 - 200 ml cup of coffee, lime -1sht.- art. 33293 - 200 ml cup of coffee, red -1sht.- art. 33294 - 200 ml cup of coffee, orange -1sht.- art. 33295 - 200 ml cup of coffee, yellow -1sht.- art. 33296 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, blue -1sht.- art. 33297 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, green -1sht.- art. 33298 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, red -1sht.- art. 33299 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, orange -1sht.- art. 33300 - Saucer coffee cup under 15cm, yellow -1sht.Torhovelna mark: RAK PORCELAINKrayina production: AEVyrobnyk: RAK PORCELAIN EUROPE SA "UNITED ARAB EMIRATES0UA1251801183.032419.53011 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20176911100000"1. dishes and utensils or kitchen table with china, cup. Volume: 220 ml (mL) .art. Q75700260 - 624 pcs .; bowl. Volume: 450 ml (mL). Art. Q75700280 - 1098 pcs ., bowl. volume: 450 ml (mL). art. Q75700280 - 252 pcs., origin - KytayKrayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - KoopmanVyrobnyk - Koopman International BV. "CHINA0UA1251105082184.82883
27/Apr/20177323930000"1.Vyroby kitchen and other household stainless steel products for use in catering establishments, not for medical purposes: hastroyemkist metal. GN 1/6 65 art.116060-30sht; hastroyemkist metal. GN 1/4 65 Art. 114060-36sht; hastroyemkist metal. GN 1/1 100 art.111100-44sht; hastroyemkist metal. GN 1/1 65 art.111060-54sht; hastroyemkist metal. GN 1/1 40 art.111040-42sht; hastroyemkist metal. GN 200 art.111200-12sht 1/1, 1/1 cap metal.GN art.111000-70sht, polished metal bowl d 240 mm 3 liters art.082240-12sht, polished metal bowl d 280 mm 4,8 liters art.082280 -5sht, polished metal bowl with a side 40 d 0 mm 8 liters art.082400-4sht, polished metal bowl with a side of 600 mm d 27 liters art.082600-4sht, metal pan 320 d mm art.014323-3sht, metal pan art.014363-3sht d 360 mm; Metal Colander d with handles 360 mm art.071360-2sht; metal Stand for 6 art.349060-6sht bulletin; ".CHINA0UA209120288.532076.079485
26/Apr/20173924100000"1. tableware, kitchenware plastic, reusable, trade markaTUPPERWARE: cover" "UltraPro" "(800ml) art.11124131-18sht; UltraPro: 1,2l kryshkapryamokutna art.11125862-36sht, towel holders art.11103110-18sht ; zamisochne dish (7,5l) art.11105892-14sht; kokotnytsya "" UltraProTM "" (500 mL) art.11118891-108sht; container "" breath, "" (3L) art.11102865-8sht a cover kmenazhnytse "" Allegro " "art.11129315-66sht; Kuvshin '' charm '' (2,1l) art.11129524-960sht; Kuvshin '' charm '' (2,1l) art.11129524-1440sht; menazhnytsya" "Allegro" "art.11126929 -60sht, Milian (10L) art.11125572-200sht, multi-management (7l) art.11129849-48sht; base "" UltraPro "" straight okutna 3,3l art.11125863-36sht; art.11116171-56sht scoop, cup "" Allegro "" (5l) art.11128205-36sht; bowl "" Allegro "" (275ml) art.11059557-72sht, cup '' Tsvetenye "" (2.5L) art.11130488-112sht; Trademark - TUPPERWAREVyrobnyk- TUPPERWARE. "FRANCE0UA100110944.1077203.713211
26/Apr/20173924100000"1. tableware, kitchenware plastic, reusable, trade markaTUPPERWARE" "Carousel," "(3,9l) art.11117758-56sht; zamisochne dish (1L) art.11116671-45sht, cooling trays set in gift box (2 , 25l / 1,1l / 1l / 1l / 450ml / 450ml / container for ice) art.11131592-30sht, gift set bowls '' charm '' (1.3 / 2.5 / 4.3 / 7,5l) art.11132693-40sht, stand for kitchen utensils "," Disco "" art.11057519-18sht, press pyureart.11121716-300sht; rozdilochna board "" Pomoschnytsa "" art.11132375-48sht; servuvalnachasha (200 mL) 3pc art.11130345 -45sht; sk: dish (1,3l) art.11128629-30sht; sk: a bowl (1,1l) art.11128630-36sht, cup '' charm '' (2.5L) and t.11130553-144sht, cup '' charm '' (4,3l) art.11130552-70sht, cup "" Tsvetenye "" (550ml) art.11130491-90sht; Trademark - TUPPERWAREVyrobnyk - TUPPERWARE. "PORTUGAL0UA100110237.4592157.726138
26/Apr/20177013491000"1.Posud dining room, kitchen with hardened glass: Pan: 459A000 - 600sht, pan with lid: 208A000 - 1080sht; 465A000 - 240sht; 466A000 - 768sht; Bowl: 179B000 - 240sht; 181B000 - 924sht; 185B000 - 120sht, kit form for vyppchky with lids: 912S844 - 600komp; 912S910 - 240komp, salad bowls: 404B000 - 288sht, bakeware: 244P000 - 60sht; 406B000 - 420sht; 407B000 - 600sht; 407B000 - 2640sht; 408B000 - 600sht; 409B000 - 420sht; 410B000 - 360sht ; 411B000 - 384sht; 833B000 - 120sht, bakeware of the grid: 412U000 - 36sht; baking dish with lid: 206P000 - 60sht; 818B000 - 270sht; Trademark: PYREXVyrobnyk: International plant CookwareNa: International CookwareKrayina production: FR. "FRANCE11070UA20920015897.1230791.63386
26/Apr/201769111000001.Posud electrical dining, kitchen with porcelain, set emkostey Food (7 items) -2 pcs., Stand for palychok- 150 sht.Torhovelna Brand: PadernoFirma manufacturer: Sambonet Paderno Industrie S. p. A.kruzhka- 238 units, kuvshyn- 2 pcs, Gift set of cups (2 pieces) - 4 pcs set cups (4 pieces) - 4 pcs set cups (4 subject) - 4 pcs., Set of table 3 etc. (cup , saucer, tea) - 4 pcs., kettle, etc. 4 (cups, plates, bowls, tea) - 6 shtv. set (teapot and cup) - 2 pcs., maker of kryshkoyu- 2 sht.Torhovelna mark: Churchill The manufacturer: Churchill China (UK) LimitedKrayina production: CN.CHINA0UA500060207.12621.3601828
26/Apr/201773239300001.Vyroby ferrous metals. Dishes and household items made of stainless steel, stand stolova- 15 pcs., Bowl punshu- 6 sht.Torhovelna Brand: Paderno The manufacturer: Sambonet Paderno Industrie S. p. A.skovoroda- 1 sht.Torhovelna Brand: WMFFirma manufacturer: WMF AGvoronka pidstavkoyu- of 5 pieces. Nozhiv- holder for 4 pcs. Kuhonnyy- holder 7 pcs. Drushlyak- 5 pcs., Capacity for prosiyuvannya- 1 pc ., liyka- 5 pc. set molds (3 pcs) - 1 pc., capacity kuhonna- 16 pcs., stand kuhonna- 13 pcs. plyashky- tube for 12 pcs., kitchen grid of 60 x 40 sm 1 pc ., a flour sieve for 1 pc., to form bulochok- 5 pcs. vypichky- form for 32 pieces. zapikannya- to form 3 pieces. sheyker- 2 sht.Torhovelna brand: Paderno The manufacturer: Sambonet Paderno Industrie S. p. A.forma for vypichky- 2 sht.Torhovelna brand: Kaiser BackformFirma Manufacturer: WFKaiser u.Co.Gmbhhastroyemnosti- 10 pcs., Catering perforovana- 32 pcs. Yemnist- 20 pcs., Cover hastroemkosty- 10 pcs., Cover lotka- for 5 pieces. hastronomichnyy- tray 211 pieces. barna- stand 1 pc., to scoop lodu- 4 pcs., glass mirnyy- 12 pcs. sheyker- 2 pcs. spetsiy- shaker for 1 sht.Torhovelna brand: APSFirma manufacturer: Assheuer + Pott GmbH & Co.Krayina production: CNCHINA0UA500060444.141687.732185
25/Apr/201770134999001.Posud dining room, kitchen utensils, yakyyvyhotovleno silikatnoho of glass, mechanical manufacturing, unstable, nedekorovanyy, vases, ice cream, jugs, salad bowls, dishes of lemon for kryshkoy vases for fruits, sugar bowl, buckets dlyalodu, decanters, sets (+ jug 6stakaniv ) -vsoho 7246 sht.Vyrobnyk TOV'Posuda ', RU. Trading marka'Pasabahce '. .RUSSIA7246UA5000603190.834522.627291
25/Apr/201739241000001.Tovary Pet: Plastic, polymeric materials, utensils and cutlery table or kitchen: Art. 84676070 - SIPPY 4676 MEDIUM Drinking bowl vertical automatic plastic 600ml -24 shtTorhovelna mark FerplastVyrobnyk Ferplast SpAKrayina production SI.SLOVENIA0UA1010703.8462.74495808
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Kitchen Bowl Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Kitchen Bowl Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ"" ЮМІС УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
08202,Київська обл.м.Ірпінь,в.Миру, 1А, оф.14. Україна
Exporter Name Via Sukces Sp. z o.o.
Product Description
"1.Posud dining room, kitchen with porcelain: - ar.........
HS Code 6911100000Value 2419.53011
Quantity 0Unit UA125180
Net Weight 1183.03

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