Ukraine Import Data of Kids Mask | Ukraine Import Statistics of Kids Mask

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of kids mask collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of kids mask imports.

Kids Mask Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Kids Mask

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of kids mask. Get Ukraine trade data of Kids Mask imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
21/Apr/20173305900000"1.Zasoby hair care (not aerosol packaging in plastykoviyyemnosti): Mask for damaged hair Instant Recovery 7 Series AVONAdvance Techniques, 150 ml art.F4486900-180sht. (3kor.) Revolving maskadlya dyed hair color protection, series AVON Advance Techniques, 150 ml art.F4513400-180sht. (3kor.) Kids lotion spray to facilitate rozchisuvannyavolossya series Hello Kitty, 200 ml art.F5259200-2400sht. (50kor.) SPAZvolozhuvalna Herbal hair mask Steam Bath with extract of cedar pine ievkalipta series Planet Spa, 200 ml art.F6702200-72sht. (2 Cor.) Country of origin - ma PLTorhovelna pKa - AVONVyrobnyk - Avon Operations Polska Sp.zoo. "POLAND0UA1002106251574.060197 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): Children's Body Lotion Sweet Dreams with lavender aroma series Naturals Kids, 150 ml art.F0396200-520 pieces (8 corr) Moisturizing Lotion Conditioning Body which is washed off with almond seed oil "" deeply power '' series AVON NutraEffects, 250 ml art.F0673000-324 unit (9 corr) oil leg 3 in 1 with ekstraktomlavandy series Avon Foot Works, 50 ml art.F1188700-252 items (2 Cor) body Scrub "" Ripe strawberries "," series Avon Naturals, 200 ml art.F1238100-165 unit (3 Kor), two-phase tool for removing eye make up, series AVON Nutra Effects, 200 mlart.F1345300 -160 pieces (4 Kor); System 2-in-1 Eye iIdealnyyliftynhi, cream and gel series Anew Clinical art.F1445500-1512 units (corresponding to 24) V'yazkyytonik face against black dots series Clearskin, 100 ml art.F1517300-792sht ( 11 corr) anti-aging cream for hands, nails and cuticles with collagen tayelastynom Youth asset series AVON care, 100 ml art.F1566600-630 items (7 corr) moisturize thick cream basic care series Avon Men, 50 mlart. F1753000-280 unit (2 Cor); Cream for hands, nails and cuticles Intensive dopomohaseriyi AVON Care, 100 ml art.F1767600-2250 unit (25 Kor); Milk vmyvannyaDzherelna water and celandine series Naturals, 100 ml art.F2375200-432 unit (6 corr) Moisturizing lotion for feet "" exotic paradise "" series AVON FootWorks / Uvlazhnyayuschyy Lotion noh "" Эkzotycheskyy paradise "" series AVON Foot, mlart.F3481200-1400 75 pieces (10 Kor); Moisturizing cream "" Aloe and Cotton "," series AVON Naturals, 75 ml art.F3993400-4050 unit (45 Kor); Intensyvnozvolozhuvalnyy Body Lotion with bee royal jelly series AVON Care, 400 ml art.F4139700-30 items (1 Cor); Cream Souffle Body Series Ultra Sexy Pink, 150 ml art.F4558700-108 unit (2 Cor); Anti-Cellulite Body Lotion Freedom vidtselyulitu 5D, Series Solutions, 150 ml art.F5377500-130 unit (2 Cor); Pom'yakshuvalnyyi refreshing cream for hands, nails and kutykulы "" Green tea "" with an extract zelenohochayu series AVON Care, 100ml art.F5409800-360 unit (4 Kor); Face cream Aloe Shypshynata series Naturals, 50 ml art.F6528500-60 items (1 Cor); Day Cream Seabuckthorn dlyaoblychchya and bearberry series Naturals, 50 ml art.F6685700-300 units (5kor); Cream of corns, series AVON Foot Works, 75 ml art.F6734200-4200 units (30kor); Regenerating gel feet with peppermint essential oil series AVON Foot Works, 75ml art.F6758000-280 unit (2 Cor); Night cream care for feet with extracts of lavender, a series AVON Foot Works, 150 ml art.F6761300-162 unit (3 Kor); Foot mask with lavender extract hlynoyui series AVON Foot Works, 75 ml art.F6762100-280 unit (2 Cor) Foot Balm with mineral sea salt, series AVON Foot Works, 75 mlart.F6766900-840 unit (6 cor) ; Cream d / person "" rose petals. Glow "," 75 mlart.F7241800-90 items (1 Cor); Seductive Body Lotion passion fruit and peony, seriyiNaturals 200 ml art.F7790100-57 items (1 Cor); Scrub clean pores and skin, cepii Clearskin, 75 ml art.F7881500-840 unit (6 corr); Night cream oblychchyaVynohrad and wheat, Series N "RUSSIA0UA1002102665.8111458.55342
07/Apr/201733049900001.Zasoby cosmetic skin care yu not in aerosol packaging, not mistytprekursoriv and drugs: Beyond Phyto Aqua Water Pact 01 -100sht Light, Beyond Phyto Aqua Water Pact Naturalnyy- 02 100 pieces, Beyond Acnature SpotHealer 20ml- 135sht, Beyond Acnature Healing liquid 180ml- 126sht, Beyond AngelAqua Moisturizing Cream 45ml- SS 500sht, Beyond Kids Eco LOTION 250 ml- 100 pieces, Beyond Kids Eco Cream 200ml- 200sht, Beyon d Black tea age therapy Essential maslo30m l- 50sht, Beyond Ever Star Spot gel for Acne 20ml- 150sht, BeyondEverstar Shine Foam A / general use 150 ml- 150sht, Beyond HymalayaDeep Moisture Cream 55ml- 50sht, Beyond Hymalaya Deep Moisture Cream d / shkirynavkolo eyes 30ml- 300sht, Beyond L otus Aqua Bloom Cream 55ml- 359sht, Beyond Lotus Aqua Bloom Syrovat ka eye 20ml- 465sht, BEYONDPhyt o aqua CC Cream 50ml- 200sht, BEYOND PHYTO AQUA Toner 150ml- 150sht, BeyondRice Mil k Mild Cleansing Gel 300ml- water 150sht, Beyond Rice Milk Mild Ochyschuyuchaoliya Zbah achuyucha 20 0ml- 200sht, Beyond Rice Milk Mi ld Cleansing oil 200ml Easy-200sht, Bey ond Rice Milk Mild Cleansing Lotion 200 ml- 150sht, Beyond Rice MilkMild Foam f I face 150ml- 150sht, Beyond Timeless Cell Amplifier 150 mL, 100 pieces, Beyond Tim eless Cleansing oil 200ml- 150sht, Beyond True Eco OrganicTonik 150ml- 100 pieces, Bey ond True Eco Emulsion for face 130ml- 100 pieces, BeyondTrue Eco Cream 20ml- eye on vkola 100 pieces, Beyond HERB GARD EN MASKMaska Hibiscus 20 20ml- 00sht, Bey ond HERB GARDEN MASK Mask 20ml Peony-2000sht, Beyond HERB GARDEN MASK Mask Tea tree yne 20ml- 2000sht, Beyond HERBGAR DEN MASK Mask Black tea 20ml- 2500sht, Beyond HERB GARDEN MASK MaskaShypshyna 20 ml- 2000sht, Beyond INTENSIVE AMPLE MASK Ceramide mask 22ml -2500 pieces, Beyond INTENSIVE AMPLE mASK Collagen mask 22ml- 1400sht, Beyond INTENSIVEAMPLE mASK mask a multivitamin 22ml- 1400sht, Beyond I NTENSIVE AMPLE MASKMaska peptide 22ml- 2000sht, Beyond INTENSIVE AMPLE mASK Musk and the Propolis 22ml- 1800sht, Beyond INTENSIV E AMPLE mASK mask 22ml- Fitoplatsenta 20 00sht, BeyondMASK FROM JEJU mask Aloe 2 2ml- 1000pcs, Beyond mASK FROM JEJU mask Vodorosti22ml- 1500sht, Beyond mASK FROM JEJU green tea mask 22ml- 1000pcs, Bey ond MASKFROM JEJU Mass Green barley and 22ml- 1500sht, Beyond MASK FROM JEJU Musk aKameliya 22ml- 1500sht, Beyond MASK FROM JEJU mask 22ml- 1500sht Mandarin, BeyondMASK FROM JEJU Rape honey mask 22ml- 1500sht, BEYOND BABY ECO-Lotion 100 pieces, BEYOND HERB GARDEN MASK - Calendula - 200 0sht, BEYOND HERB GARDEN MASK - lotus 20 00sht, BEYOND Phytoganic Facial Foam- 100 pieces, BEYOND Phytoganic Cleansing Oil- 100 pieces, Beyond moisture sleeping pack- 100 pieces, Beyond Timeless Cell Moisturizer 130ml- 100 pieces, Beyond Revital Body Emulsion 45 0- 100 pieces, Beyond Black tea age mulsiya 160ml- 200sht Therapy, Beyond Black tea a ge therapy Essence 55ml- 100 pieces, Beyond B lack tea age therapy toner 160ml- 200sht, Beyond Ever Star Emulsiya140ml- 150sht, Beyond Ever Star toner 160ml- 150sht , Bey ond Everstar Shine Zasibdlya wiKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA100110284468155.44986
07/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): SPAOliya for cosmetic care of the Moroccan argan oil" "Treasures of the Desert" "series AVON Planet Spa, 150 ml art.F0127700-48 items (1 Cor) Kids Lotion dlyatila "" Sweet dreams "" with the scent of lavender series Naturals Kids, 150 mlart.F0396200-390 unit (6 corr), body Scrub "" Ripe strawberries "," series Avon Naturals, 200 ml art.F1238100-165 pieces ( 3 g co) two-phase withdrawal means for makiyazhuz eye series AVON Nutra Effects, 200 ml and rt.F1345300-520 unit (13 corr) Systema2-in-1 eye "" Perfect ynhi elevator, cream and gel Series AnewClinical, 20 ml art.F1445500 -7560 units (120 corr) Pom 'yakshuvalnyy zvolozhuvalnyykrem for hands, nails and cuticles, "" Tenderness Aloe "," August uu AVON Care, 100 mlart.F1584200-3600 w t (40 corr), Body Lotion, "" exotic coconut and carambola "" series AVON Naturals, 200 ml art.F1661000-1140 unit (20 corr); Zech ysnyyzvolozhuvalnyy hand cream, a nail and cuticles with glycerin, calcium and vitamin E series AVON C are, 100ml art.F 1767000 -2790 units (31 Kor); Intensyvnozvol ozhuvalnyy Cream for hands, nails and corner of Lee from bee royal molochkomseriyi A VON Care, 100 ml art.F1767500-810 unit (9 op k); Cream for hands and nails ikutykuly "" Intensive Care "" series AVON Care, 100 ml art.F1767600-1080 units (12kor); Loson- body spray "" Karam and exotic coconut Bola '' series AVONNaturals, 100 ml art.F2 549200-4620 unit (60 Kor); Mask for face-film zekstraktom caviar "" Luxury does not update "" series Planet Spa, 75 ml art.F3157300-2100 unit (35 Kor); Nyy softened cream stop series AVON FootWorks, 150 ml art.F3253500-2795 unit (43 Kor); At holodzhuyuchyy Lotion Spray Foot "" ychnyy exotic paradise "" series AVON Foot Works, 100 ml art.F3290200-847 unit (11 corr) Scrub IG n "" exotic paradise "" cepii AVON Foot Work s, 75ml art. F3412000-560sht (4 Kor); Ohol odzhuyuchyy Lotion Spray Foot "" Exotic second paradise "" series AVON FootWorks, 75 ml .F3481200-1820 art items (13 Kor); SPA Zvolozhuva Flax Mask "" Treasures of Brazil "" extract of acai, a series of Planet Spa, art.F4558500-700sht 75 ml (5 Kor); Lotion-with Prey Body "" Sweet plum and vanilla "," series Naturals, 100ml art.F4814000-3388 unit (44 Kor); Moisturizing Lotion Spray Face "" Aloe Cotton "," series AVON Naturals, 100 ml art.F5385800-770 unit (10 corr) Soothing and refreshing cream for hands, nails and kutykulы "" Green Tea "" Green zekstraktom tea series AVON Ca re, 100ml art.F5409800-1440 unit (16 corr) Perfumed body lotion series AVON Little Black Dress, mlart.F5450000- 1300 150 units (20 Kor); SPA Cooling Mask etc. A person with эkstraktomsemyan moringa seed Ki malayskoyi "" Toning Harmony '' s eriyi AVON Planet Spa, 75 ml art.F6060000-420 unit (3 Kor); Mask "" Shypshy on and Aloe "," series Naturals, 50 6577700-43 mlart.F items (1 Cor); Cream for the face "" Echinacea and white tea "," seriyiNaturals 50 ml art.F6678300-600 unit (10 Kor); Dohlya dovyy hand cream, nail ikutykuly "" Soft moisturizing "" for the whole family with catfish and led ekstraktomromashky series AVON Car e, and 100ml "RUSSIA0UA1002105604.4825235.08499
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Kids Mask Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Kids Mask Importer Sample

Date 21/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП ""Ейвон Косметікс Юкрейн"""
Importer Address
08325 Київ.обл.Борисп.р-н с.Щасливе Харків.ш-се,5 УКРАЇНА
Exporter Name AVON OPERATIONS POLSKA Sp.z.o.o.
Product Description
"1.Zasoby hair care (not aerosol packaging in plas.........
HS Code 3305900000Value 1574.060197
Quantity 0Unit UA100210
Net Weight 625
Origin Country POLAND

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