Ukraine Import Data of Keyboard Assembly | Ukraine Import Statistics of Keyboard Assembly

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of keyboard assembly collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of keyboard assembly imports.

Keyboard Assembly Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Keyboard Assembly

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/20179508900000"1 Simuyator virtual reality" "Stereolife eMotion" "- 1 pc., Novyy.Obladnennya equipped with entertainment content," "Metro 2015" "," "Veselыe Hills" "" "tower on the island" "" "Dean Park" "" "Rozhdestvenskaya history" "," "epinephrine" "" "Skateboard-Extra" "" "Hyhantskye Swings" "" "Bezumnыe race" "," "Speed ​​the wind" "," "Motocross", " "" Chudovyscha mine "", "" Water Park "", "" Baykerы "" "" Neveroyatnыe batutы. ' "disassembled for easy transport, dynamic platform: lower (stationary part) of assembly - 1 pc., top (movement) of assembly - 1. Stand in the management of Bor - 1 pc., Keyboard - 1 pc., Mouse - 1 piece, mounting fasteners - 1 set of keys for the assembly - komplekt.Shyryna 1 = 1.25 m., length = 2.35 m. height = 2.44 m. AC 220 V, 1.5 kW max. Vykorystoveyetsya entertainment. Packaging: cardboard koro3bky.Torhivelna mark - is clear. The manufacturer-PP "," Technologies Vertualnoy reality '', BY.. "BELARUS0UA5080302607093.872476 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Apr/20178473302000"1. Electronic memory modules designedto use mainly with automatic data processing machines: -Shleyf, 5V tablet FPC Main for PMP5870C, art. PMP5870C_FPC_MAIN-1am; -Materynska fee Tablet MainBoard 213,371 CPU: intel PMB9102 forPMT33313G / PMT33413G / PMT33513G, art.PMT33313G_C_MB-10pc; -Materynska fee tablet Main board Quad core sofia 3GR (3G (900 / 2100mhz) for PMT3757_3G_C_CIS / PMT3767_ 3G_C_CIS / PMT3777_3G_ C_CIS / PMT3787_3G_C_CIS / PMT3797_3G_C_CIS, art. PMT37773G_C_MB_ CE-10pcs, battery -Built 10000Mah / 3A 130m from the train assembly 5B for smartbukaBattery PL5267103P * 2P; 10000Mah / 3A 130m with 7 pin connector gap as 1.2mmwith external frame YD200 NV for PSB116A01BFW, art. PSB116A01BFW_BAT_V2-5sht; -Klaviatura in zbo and a touchpad for smartbook Module (Keyboard + Touch Pad) forPSB116A03BFW_MB, art. PSB116A03BFW_KB_PD_MB-5pcs, -Materynska fee Tablet PCBA Main M707TG-A for PMT3147_3G_C / PGPS7797, art. PMT3147_3G_C_MB-20pcs, trade mark: Prestigio; Manufacturer: Shenzhen Yifang Digital Technologies Co. Ltd, CN. "CHINA0UA2050202.01880.9501255
18/Apr/20178516900000"1.Chastyny ​​to electrical equipment" "Panasonic" ": - mod.ADF05E165, pulley to the bread maker, number -1sht.- mod.ADA25E165, assembly rotating mechanism to the bread maker, number -1sht.- mod.ADE97A107, connector (spindle) to the bread maker, number -2sht.- mod.ADA21E165 Part Bakeries (solenoid), the number -1sht.- mod.F630Y6Y40SZP, Membrane keyboard panel to the microwave oven, the number -2sht.Torhovelna brand: 'Panasonic'Vyrobnyk: "" Panasonic Corporation "" Country of CN. "CHINA0UA1002001.36162.28205235
18/Apr/20178517709000"1. Part numbers for service provider brand Sigma Mobile: - Motherboard / PCBA" ", Nb, 100 pieces. - Screen LCD 2.4 '', TFT, 240 * 320 pixels / LCD, K- st-150sht. - 0.08MP rear camera / camera, Nb-40sht. - rubber plug USB / USB rubber plug, Nb-40sht. - Screw caps USB / USB rubber plug screw, to-st- 40sht. - vibrating motors / Motor, Nb-60sht. - Internal speaker / Receiver, Nb-160sht. - External speaker / speaker, Nb-180sht. - The back cover on the battery / battery cover with rubber seal, Nb-30sht. - The back cover / back cover, Nb-50sht. - rear / back panel, Nb-50sht. - screw the back panel / Screws in assortment , Nb-200sht. - The front part of the body in the assembly of the keyboard / Front panel + keypad set, Nb-50sht. - Connector SIM-card / SIM connector "", Nb-30sht., - Connector SD-card / SD card connector, Nb, 20pcs. - Connector battery / battery connector, Nb-30sht. - Frame GSM antenna / GSM antenna bracket, Nb-30sht. - Vodonepron yknyy microphone / microphone, Nb, 100 pieces. - Pads for keyboard / keyboard DOME, Nb-30sht. - Panel LCD / LCD glass, Nb-60sht. - USB connector / USB connector, Nb-40sht. - 3.5mm audio jack / audio connector "", Nb-25sht. - waterproof membrane external speaker / Speaker waterproof membrane, Nb-150sht. - nylon dust external speaker mesh / Speake r dust net, Nb-120sht. - the camera / Camera glass, Nb-30sht. - Panel flashlight / Torch glass, Nb-30sht. - Module Flashlight / Torch LED, to-st- 50sht., - Package during phone material: PE, size: 80 * 180mm / Plastic bags PE, Nb, 10pc., trademark Sigma mobileVyrobnyk Shenzghen Xin Kingbrand Enterprises Co, production ltdKrayina CN "CHINA0UA1251006.1499384.6500705
11/Apr/20178536501190"1. Electrical equipment to a / c. To enable, interrupt, and you mykannyastrumu protection or communication or by imknennya electrical circuits, for a voltage not bilshyak 60V, buttons and switches clave shni not for the industrial assembly of motor vehicles yhtransportnyh to the a / m : P 147.M04.11 heater switch-120sht (torhivelnamarka, no data, producer-UP "" Yasma "" m.Mynsk, RB); P150M.25.52 peremykachrobochyh headlights 12V (p150M 25.16 lev. mark train) -300sht ( torhivelnamarka, no data, producer-UP "" Yasma "" m.Mynsk, RB), P 147.M04.29 peremykachsvitla (key) -580sht (trademark district emaye data producer-UP "" Yasma "" m.Mynsk, RB), P 150-19.44 keyboard switches pre-start pidohrivatelya (Yasma) -10sht (trademark, no data, producer-UP "" Yasma "" m. Minsk, Belarus) country of production-BY. "BELARUS0UA80720020.2910.5703246
11/Apr/201773182400901. Products made of ferrous metals, non-threaded, designed for the fixed connection of parts, keyboards, not for industrial assembly :, for agricultural machinery: 412241 Shponka-20pcs. Packed for wholesale. Producer CNHI INTERNATIONAL SA The CNH brand manufactured by PL.POLAND0UA5041701103.4090179
07/Apr/20178536501190"Electrical Equipment of 1 for protecting electric circuits, switches and circuit breakers (keyboards) to 12V voltage, not for industrial assembly :, to combine harvesters: Switch sklopidiyimachiv 92.3709-04.73TU 37.469.090-2006-30sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale. Producer OAO "" AVTOЭLEKTROARMATURA "" Trademark AVTOЭLEKTROARMATURAKrayina production RU. "RUSSIA0UA5041700.4541.18068543
06/Apr/201784733080001.Chastyny ​​to personal (tablet) PC and notebook is not connected zblokamy power: Keyboard to model NP-R522-XA01UA kat.№BA59-02486J -1sht., To Keypad model SM-T580 kat.№GH41-05105A -1sht., to Keypad model SM-T585 kat.№GH41-05105A -1sht., cover domodeli NT-R510-AA220 kat.№BA63-00607A -1sht. LCD panel assembly to modeliNP300V5A-S03UA kat.№BA59 -03157A -1sht. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-T815kat.№GH97-17729B-1pc., part of the body to the model SM-T715 kat.№GH61-09466A -1sht. .CHINA0UA1251101.127165.6996124
05/Apr/20178473302000"1. Electronic memory modules designedto use mainly with automatic data processing machines: -Materynska fee Tablet Main PCBA MB1019Q5_A33_V1_2 for PMT3111 / PMT3121, art.PMT3111_MB-3pc, -Materynska fee Tablet PCBAMain for PMT3137 / PMT3237, art .PMT3137_C_3G_MB-5pcs, -Dynamik tablet Speaker for PMT3027_WI, art. PMT3027_WI_SPK-3pc; -LCD screen 10.1 "" tablet LCD Panel 10.1 1024 * 600 TN for PMT3111 / PMT3121, art. PMT3111_LCD-3pc, -Klaviatura for assembly laptop Keyboard for PMP1012, art.PMP1012TDRD_KB_USRU-1am; -Shleyf, 5V FPC LCD for PMT33313G / PMT33413G / PMT33513G, art.PMT33313G_C_FPC_LCD-3pc; -LCD screen 10.1 tablet LCD Panel 10.1 800x1280 IPS forPMT33313G / PMT33413G / PMT33513G, art. PMT333 13G_C_LCD-5pcs; -LCD screen 10.1 Tablet LCD Panel 10.1 1024 * 600 TN for PMT3131_3G, art. PMT3131_3G_LCD-10pc; -Materynska fee Tablet Main PCBA M107TG for PMT3131_3G, art.PMT3131_3G_MB-10pc; -Materynska fee Tablet PCBA Main M707TG-A for PMT 3147_3G_C / PGPS7797, art. PMT3147_3G_C_MB-10pcs, trade mark: Prestigio; Manufacturer: Shenzhen Yifang Digital Technologies Co. Ltd, CN. "CHINA0UA2050200.54859.2201181
04/Apr/201785365011901. Electric Equipment of to protect electrical circuits, switches and circuit breakers (keyboards) to 12V voltage, not for industrial assembly :, for agricultural machinery: 87,347,940 switch-2sht.Rozfasovano for wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk CNHI INTERNATIONAL SATorhovelna mark CNHKrayina production US.UNITED STATES0UA5041700.12669.581318
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Keyboard Assembly Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Keyboard Assembly Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Name ФОП Лиманець Ігор Анатолійович паспорт МО439066 від 11.11.1997 вид. Суворовським РВ УМВС України в Херсон. обл.
Importer Address
73000,м.Херсон,с.Янтарне, вул. Чернявського,буд.9/7
Exporter Name "Частное предприятие ""Технологии Виртуальной Реальности """
Product Description
"1 Simuyator virtual reality" "Stereolife eMotion".........
HS Code 9508900000Value 7093.872476
Quantity 0Unit UA508030
Net Weight 260
Origin Country BELARUS

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