Ukraine Import Data of Key Ring Clip | Ukraine Import Statistics of Key Ring Clip

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of key ring clip collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of key ring clip imports.

Key Ring Clip Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Key Ring Clip

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of key ring clip. Get Ukraine trade data of Key Ring Clip imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
18/Apr/20179503002100"1.Lyalky depicting people (does not include electronic means tavyprominyuvalnyh devices for special purposes): - art. 105 733 070 Timmy doll" "skateboarder" "12 cm Timmy dressed as ziskeytbordom - 1536 pcs. - Art. 105737057 Evi doll with long hair and akses. 3 species Eve 12 cm zekstradovhym hair with clips, 7 akses., and the diamond the ring dlyadivchynky. 3 types Eve 2 with white hair and one with brown. - 960 pcs. - art. 105738831 doll Steffi " "Princess Charming" "29 cm doll in odyazipryntsesy with tiara, 6 zakolok hair brush, white hair, ekstradovhe 32cm, 3 types. - 240 sht..Krayina production - CN.Vyrobnyk - SIMBA TOYS HONG KONG LIMITED.Torhivelna mark - SIMBA.. "CHINA0UA100020284.86878.23031 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
13/Apr/20178302300090"1. Fittings and other fasteners, metal etc. to / from: Clip art.577732G000, 1pc., Art.816511P000 hatch lever, 1pc., Art.816521P000 hatch lever, 1pc., Insert the key art.819963R001, 1pc .; pacifier chain art.243862A000, 1pc., pacifier chain art.233674A030, 1pc., engine protection art.29110C5000, 1pc., Protection of the engine compartment art.291201R400, 1pc., Protection of the engine compartment art.291202S500, 1pc., ABS sensor ring art.4959029011, 1pc .; art.8581837000 clip, 10pcs .; art.0K01137184B bracket, bracket art.865662K500 .; 1pc, 1pc battery bracket .; art.371601M000, 1pc .; bumper art.865732K500 bracket, bracket 1pc .; rear bumper art.86613A2000, Cro 2 pcs .; nshteyn rear bumper art.866141H200, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.866992M000, 2 pcs .; art.866532K000 Bracket rear bumper, 1pc .; art.866143U000 Bracket rear bumper, 1pc .; art.64525D9000 wing bracket, bracket 2 pcs .; art.663274Y000 wing mounting, mounting bracket 1pc .; art.663174Y000 wings, 1pc .; bracket before it art.865542K500 bumper, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865532K500, 2 pcs .; Bracket front bumper art.865542K000, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.86614A2000, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865134Y000, 20pcs .; Bracket front bumper art.865170Z010, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865132P500, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865522K500, 2 pcs .; Bracket front bumper art.865532K000, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865141M300, 1pc .; Bracket rail stops art.565222L000, 1pc .; Towing hook art.091472B000, 1pc .; Art.812302J000 trunk opening mechanism, 1pc .; Overlay wing art.84169D9000, 2 pcs .; Guide art.83510D9000, 1pc .; Art.793803U000 door limiter, 1pc .; Art.84121D9001 protective panel, 2 pcs .; Art.793101G000 door hinge, 1pc .; Hood Loop art.791101M000, 1pc .; Hood Loop art.791103W000, 1pc .; Hood Loop art.791203W000, 1pc .; Art.552332G000 plate, 1pc .; Cork tray art.2151223001 engine, 40sht .; Art.812543S000 handle, 6 pcs .; Cup art.0K65A12116A valve springs, 8 pieces .; Shplintart.1430003257BQQK, 9sht .; Shtift art.819262L000, 10pcs .; Shtift art.1430108181, 1pc .; The union art.0SE0110730A, 1pc .; Hidronatyazhytel chain art.244102A000, 1pc .; Hidronatyazhytel chain art.243702A000, 1pc .; Hidronatyazhytel chain art.2441025001, 2 pcs .; Spanners tsepi art.244102F001, 1pc .; The base plate art.981602K000, 1pc .; Towing hook art.091470X000, 1pc., KIAVyrobnyk trade mark Kia Motors production CorporationKrayina KR "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10011020.414644.5513491
13/Apr/20178310000000"1.Cymvoly base metal with log otypom emblem and Victorinox Swiss: key-ring coupling, bulk 10 pieces per packing unit / Keychain Viktorinoks art.4.1835 -50sht. Belt hanger" "Multiclip" ", bulk 10 pieces per packing unit / suspension on the belt Multiclip art. 4.1858-10sht.Torhovelna brand: VictorinoxKrayina production: CHVyrobnyk: Victorinox AG. "SWITZERLAND0UA1002801.2282.91625537
12/Apr/201783024900901.Armatura fastening of steel, which does not contain svoyem consisting of radio equipment (transmitters and receivers or transmitters). Used in the home. art.M8155-4-1,5X30 key ring of steel nerzhaviyuchoy A4 turnover on 2 May 1 X 30 mmA4 -100sht. Art. M8247-4-3 Thimble with nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 3 mm A4 -150sht. art.M8247-4-5 Thimble with nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 5 mm A4 -50sht. Art. M8247-4-6 Thimble znerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 6 mm A4 -20sht. Art. M8254-4-5 swivel loop / loop iznerzhaviyuchoy 5mm steel A4 -10sht. Art. M8246-4-6C Talrep RING / hook TIP C M6-10sht steel A4. Art. M8248-4-10 cable with clamp nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 10 mm -10sht. art.M8248-4-3 cable with clamp nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 3 mm -500sht. Art. M8248-4-6Zatyskach rope with steel A4 nerzhaviyuchoy D = 6 mm -100sht. Art. M8248-4-8 Zatyskachtrosu of nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 8 mm -50sht. Art. M8331-4-4 clip sidelnyyDUPLEX of nerzhaviyuchoy steel A4 D = 4mm -20sht. Art. M8266-2-A Staple stationary type, with rounded nerzhaviyuchoy steel A2 45 h15mm -10sht.Torhovelna Mar Country: WASIKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Wagener & Simon WASI GmbH Co.CHINA0UA10007014.8263.8077905
04/Apr/20178206000000"1.Instrument universal hand combinations in a set for retail sale - 8 sht.Art .: FOR 933T1 / Set for removal and installation saylentbokiv (The set contains 20 cartridges, ext. Diameter 34 - 72 mm (2 mm increments); 2 reference disk used on cartridges. 4 bolt: M10, M12, M14, M16, length: 450 mm screws, 4 pcs .: R1.5 M10's, M12 x P1.75, M14 x R2.0, M16 x R2.0Dovzhyna: 470 mm, adapters, 2 pcs. Adapter 1: thread - 20 mm under the sleeve: O42-48, 54-60, 66-72 mm Adapter 2: groove - 20 mm under the sleeve: O36-42 , 48-54, 60-66, 72-78 mm plugs Dimensions: Golden: 44xO34; 46xO36; 54xO44; 56xO46; 58xO48; 66xO56; 68xO58; 70xO60; 78xO68; 80xO70; 84xO72; Silver: 48xO38; 50xO40; 52xO42; 60xO50; 62xO52; 64xO54; 72xO62; 74xO64; 76xO66)) / - 1 unit; Ref .: FOR 906T3 / set for ball joints The set includes: zyomnyk layer connections (plug) - 2 pc; zyomnyk ball joints universal - 3 pieces; / - 1 pc; Ref .: fOR 911G3 / tool set (The set includes: key with ratchet for piston rings - 3 pcs .; groove cleaning piston rings - 1 pc .; screwdriver; L- shaped key - 4 pcs.) / - 1 unit; Ref .: FOR 908G1 / tool set 8 units. (The set contains: Face head size: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17 mm Treschitka reinforced, shock Amplifier 1/2 "" DR 75mm, stroke Amplifier 1/2 "" DR 75 mm choke BRS M1 / 4 ""; Miniature oiler, plastic wallet) / (The set contains: clipping adapter, an adapter with a rubber tip adapter 10 * 1 mm adapter 12 * 1.25 mm adapter 14 * 1.25 mm adapter 18 * 1.5 mm plastic case) / - 1 pc; Ref .: FOR 4941 / toolset kombinov.1 / 2 '' - 1/4 '' 94 units. (The set contains: Head End 1/4 '' (4, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14mm) High End Head 1/4 '' (6, 7 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 mm) with nozzle head HEX 1/4 "" (3, 4, 5, 6 mm) head with a nozzle TORX 1/4 "" (T8, T10, T15, T20 , T25, T30), slotted nozzle head with 1/4 '' (4, 5.5, 6.5mm) with a nozzle head PH 1/4 "" (PH1, PH2); nozzle PZ 1/4 "" (PZ1, PZ2 ); head End 1/2 '' (10, 24, 27, 30, 32mm) high End head 1/2 '' (14, 15, 17, 19, 22mm) head candle 1/2 '' ( 16 21mm) Attachment 5/16 "" HEX (8, 10, 12, 14mm) Attachment 5/16 "" TORX (T40, T45, T50, T55); Attachment 5/16 '' PH screwdriver to shock ( PH3, PH4); Attachment 5/16 "" PZ (PZ3, PZ4); holder for rod 1/2 "" x5 / 16 ""; Treschitka 1/4 "" 36 teeth (rubber and the handle) Extension 1/4 '' 50mm, Extension 1/4 '' 100mm; Cardan 1/4 ''; vorotok-screwdriver 1/4 "" 150 mm; vorotok 1/4 "" plavayuchoyuHolovkoyu of 115mm, flexible shaft 1 / 4 ''; Treschitka 1/2 "" 36 Zubtsov (rubber handle) / - 2 pcs, Art .: fOR 908G13 / timing tool kit fixation (The set contains: lock camshaft 2.5 TDI, fyksator camshaft 4.9 TDI, accessories for installing camshaft gears, twist device for the crankshaft, lock the crankshaft 2.5 TDI, nozzle key) / - 1 unit; Ref .: FOR 928G1 / Timing Tool Kit fixation (The set includes: Mounting bracket for camshaft for diesel engines, 2 strips for fixing of camshafts and 2 distribution shaft lock "TAIWAN0UA10011051.31533.6008374
03/Apr/20178448490000"1.Chastyny ​​to kruhlotkatskyh machines HDN- 4, LSFS-4, LSL-6 (EIT tsyfichni details): commercial copier (CAM ROLLER (BRG.6001)), ar t. N4060004 - 1100sht; lever (SWINGINGLE VER (10 MM PIN)), art. N4060016 -200sht; pulley (BELT pULLEY), art.N4060012- 800sht; axis (SHAFT), art. N4060020 -400sht; yn arable lever (JOCKEYLEVER), art. N406002 2 - 30sht, the shuttle assembly (COMPLETE SHUTT LE BODY) - 16sht, the lower curve (BRAKE ARM), art. N4090110 - 60sht, arc shuttle (top tion) (SHUTTLEBRACKET), art. N4090108- 50 pieces a cover (cOVER), art. N4091508 -60sht; shpulderzhatel front (BOBBIN hOLDER (BRG.6000)), art. N4091502 - 200sht, sheaves holder back (BOBBIN hOLDER (BRG.600 0)), art. N4091512 -200sht; axle (aXLE), art. N4091507 - 50sht; axis (back) (AXLE (FIXED END)), art.N4091513 -40sh t; Conch yidnyy roller (CHONCHOID ROLLER), Art. N40 90,406 - 200sht; rolykchovnyka (SHUTTLE WH EEL (BRG.6001), art. N4090408 - 300sht; t ulka (SPACER), art.N4090418 - 50sht, Olt eccentric (EXCENTER BOLT) -element circle lotkatskohostanka designed fo I regulated wording of movie clip to the frame, art. N4090415 -200sht; Gal MA holder spring (SPRING STRETCHER), art. N4090911 - 20 0sht, bearing socket (BEARING OUSING), and Hg. N40231005 - 300sht; upper pulley (DEFLECTING PULLEY), art. N40245006 - 300sht; Copier (eccentric) (EXCENTER), art.N402 411001 - 16sht; funnel TRUMPET), art.N41 80120 - 10pc; ompensator (COMPENSATOR WI RE), art. N4110008 - 20000sht; MDP holder zhyny ompensatora (SPRING HOLDER), art. N 4110014 - 20000sht; konhoyidnyy Olyka (CHONC HOID ROLLER (BRG.609)), art. FS4090308 - 300sht; stopping lever JOCKEY LEVER), art .FS4060016- 60sht; alyy harness pulley (D EFLECTING PULLEY SMALL), art. FS4070624- 300sht; bandage (BANDAGE (BRG.609)), art. FS4080111 - 200sht; guide (FOLLOW ER GUIDE), art. L202412027 - 100 pieces; G K for thread (THREAD EYE), art.L202412016-2000sht; lever (LEVER), art. L202412019- 200sht; clamp (CLAMP ELEMENT), art. LE NO2241410 - 100 pieces; cholnyka body (SHUTTLE BODY), art. LSL6992218 -12sht; pol deviating pulley (DEFLECTING PULLEY), art.LSL6 071606 - 200sht; This holder inserting piles (INSERTION FINGER HOLDER), art.LSL69 92601- 400sht; Trademark: N manufacturer: M / S MOHINDRA SALER, AMRITSAKrayina production: IN. "INDIA0UA8070701585.38617581.01744
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Key Ring Clip Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Key Ring Clip Importer Sample

Date 18/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Сімба Тойз Україна"","
Importer Address
08342. Київська обл., с. Ревне, вул. Шкільна, буд. 5. Україна
Product Description
"1.Lyalky depicting people (does not include elect.........
HS Code 9503002100Value 6878.23031
Quantity 0Unit UA100020
Net Weight 284.8
Origin Country CHINA

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