Ukraine Import Data of Key Case | Ukraine Import Statistics of Key Case

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of key case collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of key case imports.

Key Case Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Key Case

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of key case. Get Ukraine trade data of Key Case imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni parts from plastic, Decorative any passenger a / m new art.77821-65J01-ZGH - EMBLEM SUZUKI-1am. art.78132-79J00-000 - ZAHLUSHKAMOLDYNHA-1am. art.84611-65J00-000 - Molding - tray under the passenger seat, 1pc. art.09409-08308-5ES -PISTON-1am. art.99000-79N12-191 - Key Case for 1pc. art.99000-79N12-189 -CHOHOL Key fluorescent-1am. art.99000-79N12-188 - Case for KLYUCHALYUMINESTSENTNYY-1sht.Krayina origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - SUZUKIVyrobnyk - Suzuki Motor Corporation. .JAPAN0UA2050201.24161.1779965 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178705908090"1.Motorni special purpose vehicles. Self-propelled agricultural sprayer new, Case IH, Model SPX 3230 Patriot (planning key PAT PAT3230, Configuration AGC) - 1 pc. Supplied with / understaffed: - automatic control options without value drops Aim Command FlexTM; - no option of automatic height control rod AutoBoom.- YGT043305 ID number, - serial number YGT043305, - chassis number YGT043305, - diesel engine number 001431210V dv.- 6700sm3 maximum capacity - 202Kvt / 270k.s., model / calendar year vyhotovlennya- 2016, the total number of seats - 1 tank volume working fluid - 3785l length shtanh- 30,5m, klirens- 132sm, for the purpose of import prodazhu.Vyrobnyk: CNH America LLC; trade mark: CASE IH; Country of origin US;. "UNITED STATES1UA12512010650156053.555
28/Apr/20172208307100"1.Napoyi containing alcohol: Scotch Whiskey, kupazhovani" "Johnnie Walker Red Label" ", (alcohol concentration of 40%) in glass bottles: 1800 cases (12 bottles yemn. 0.5 liters.) Overall: 21600 sq. / 4320litriv spyrtu.Viski 100% Scottish, kupazhovani "" Johnnie Walker Red Label "", (alcohol concentration of 40%) in glass bottles, 80 cases (of 24 bottles yemn. 0.35 l.) Total: 1920 sq ./268,8litriv 100% brand spyrtu.Torhivelna: "" Johnnie Walker "" Manufacturer: DIAGEO Global Supply Leven; Country of origin: GBNa bottles stuck excise tax stamps LHP AI type in the number -23,520 pieces.. "UNITED KINGDOM45888UA12522010875.8494930.77234
28/Apr/201785177090001.Chastyny ​​mobile phones equipped with a transmitter or receiver, Osnovnaelektronna fee to the model SM-B105E kat.№GH82-10197A -7sht. Mobilnyhtelefoniv parts, not containing incorporates a transmitter or receiver, Window domodeli SM-A7100 kat.№GH64-05377A -26sht., Window to the model SM-G570Fkat.№GH64-05984A -4sht., Window to the model SM-G920 Cat .№GH64-04536B -2sht., Window to the model SM-G920 kat.№GH64-04536C -8sht., PCB zustanovlenymy elements of the model SM-J7108 kat.№GH96-09606A -13sht., Elektronnaplata the model SM-N915F , kat.№GH96-07533A -2sht., Keypad modeliSM-to-G950F kat.№GH98-40968F 10pc., cover the model GT-I9195 kat.№GH98-34166B -1sht., to cover modeliSM-J500, cat .№GH98-37820A -8sht., cover the model GT-S6312 kat.№GH98-25487B-1pc., cover the model SM-N9 00 kat.№GH98-29019B -1sht., To cover modeliSM-B350E kat.№GH98-37411A -3sht., Cover the model GT-I9070 kat.№GH98-24666A-1pc., Battery cover to the model GT-I9100 cat .№GH72-64898A -2sht., Tray dlyasim card to mo Delhi SM-G935F kat.№GH98-39126A -8sht., Tray sim-cards domodeli SM-G935F kat.№GH98-39126B -5sht., tray sim-cards to the model SM-G935Fkat.№GH98-39126C -5sht., tray sIM card to the model SM-G935F, kat.№GH98-39126E -1sht., module assembly speaker to model GT-I8552kat.№GH59 -13172B -2sht., panel buttons to model SM-A310F kat.№GH64-05398C -5sht., panel buttons to model SM-J510FN kat.№GH64-05740A -1sht., panel buttons domodeli SM_A7100 kat.№GH96-09351B -5sht., Reason tor quartz to the model SM-A720kat.№2801-005154 -1sht. LCD module to model GT-I9195 kat.№GH97-16992A -1sht., RKpanel assembly to the model SM-J710, kat.№GH97-18855A -80sht . LCD panel assembly domodeli SM-J710, kat.№GH97-18855B -87sht. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-J710, kat.№GH97-18855A -128sht. LCD panel assembly to the model SM-J710 , kat.№GH97-18855B-74sht., speaker jack to train the model SM-G850 kat.№GH96-07463A -2sht., touch screen to model GT-S7390 kat.№GH96-06644C, 2 pcs., Part case the model SM-J500, kat.№GH98-37809A -7sht., Chastynakorpusa the model SM-N920F, kat.№GH98-37598A -3sht., part of the body to modeliSM-A310F kat.№GH98-38666B-11sht., Specific Part Su to model SM-A7100 kat.№GH98-38540B -2sht., Chastynakorpusu forward to the model SM-G570F kat.№GH98-40587B -5sht. Part korpusuperednya assembly to the model SM-A320F kat.№GH97-19732C -15sht ., loops of rozye'mom 5Vdo model SM-G935F, kat.№GH97-18542A -6sht.CHINA0UA12511020.94910353.96306
27/Apr/20172208303000"Malt whiskey 1.Shotlandske strength of 43% vol. Mistk.po: Glenlivet 18 YO gift pack0,7l. 120yasch.h6pl. 720pl =. = 216,72l / 100% sp .; Glenlivet 25 YO wooden case 0.7. 18yasch.h3pl. 54pl =. = 16,254l / 100% sp .; excise stamps like "" AI LHP "" pasted naplyashky - 774 sht.Krayina production - GBTorhovelna mark - GlenlivetVyrobnyk - Chivas Brothers Limited. "UNITED KINGDOM232974UA1251101156.6732357.03194
27/Apr/201782077090001.Instrument for milling. Case cutters made of stainless steel, without cutting plates included, does not contain natural or synthetic diamonds without diamond deposition with the installation key and molikotovoyu pastoyu.Vykorystovuyutsya for machine tools, type EMP13-100-B32-AN11-12 - 2 pcs., type SMP01-063x6-A22-SN12-06 - 1pc., type SMP01-100x4-K27-SN12-10 - 1sht.Torhovelna mark ZCC-CTVyrobnyk ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbHKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1101808.12947.5274547
26/Apr/20178206000000"1.Nabir bit, hexagon, drill and drill to the head end, 67 pcs. Of aluminum briefcase, art.106300 - 1 set, set and variable bit head screwdriver to disassemble for power. The set consists of bits 25 mm and 70 mm special purpose bits, 92 subject to an aluminum briefcase, art.106800 - 6 sets, set hand tool for retailers - "" Winter backpack "," consists of: kit locksmith tools in plastic case - 40 object (Hammer 300g - 1. ; key wrench 150mm - 1 pc .; Tape measure 3m x 16mm - 1 pcs .; Vice 180mm - 1. ; Stationery than sliding - 1 pc .; Phillips Screwdriver RN2h100mm - 1 pc .; Screwdriver grooving 5h75mm - 1 pc .; Scissors 195 mm - 1 pc .; Building mini level 230 mm vertical and horizontal vial puhirtsevymy - 1 pc .; Spare blades sliding nizha to the office in a plastic box - 10 pcs .; Gripping handle for a set of bits - 1 pc .; bits in a plastic box - 20 pcs .;) - 1 set; trykota zhni Thin Gloves 100% polyester, size 10 (XL ) - 1 pair; Box-dispenser with 80 wet wipes size 20x30 cm - 1 pc .; Backpack made of textile material 100% nylon - 1 pc., Art.909100 - 3 sets; brand name: KWBKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: KWB Tools Gmbh & Co. CG "CHINA0UA12513011.613200.3279384
26/Apr/20178421210000"1. Filters and filtration systems for water clearing air forgiveness: art. RX65139415 Systema6shi dchata reverse osmosis completed 25sht, art. RX75139415 Systema7shidchata reverse osmosis completed 5pcs, art. RX55249516 Systema5shidchata turn it 30sht osmosis completed; Art. RX75259516 Systema7shidchata turn him osmosis completed 4sht ; art. RP75139715 Systema7shidchata turn it completed 5pcs osmosis, art. RX-AFRO3-AQ Systema3shidchata Countdown tnoho osmosis equipped for 6 pieces akvarys tics, art. FHPRN12Korpus filter 10 '' to water 1/2 "" 24sht, art. FHPR34-B1_AQ. filter 10 '' ukompl ektovanyy 3/4 "" 48sht, art. FHPR34-HP1. ukomplektovanyy3 filter / 4 '' (plate key cartridge) 48sht, art. FHPR1-HP1. filter is equipped with 1 '' (plate key cartridge) 12p, art . FHPR1-3V_R. filter 10 '' 3-cell yyukomplektovanyy 1 "" 12p; art. FH10B1- B-WB. filter 10 '' to water ukomplektovanyy36sht, art. FH20B1-B-WB filter 20 '' to water and staffed 24sht; art.FHCTFFiltr standing kitchen 2 shidchatyy 10pc; Art. FP3-2. Enev 50sht filtratsiyitrohstup system; Art. AIPRO-1M-CL. Filter ling iynyy poliprop.12 "" x2 "" dosystem reverse osmosis th in the case 20pcs 1mkrn; Art. AICRO-QC Filter 10 '' and mineralizatsiyny in the case of zvor.osmosu 126sht; Art. AICRO-L-12 AQ.Filtr "" v alizatsiynyy zvor.osmosu in the case of 100 pieces; art.AISTRO second softening filter Linear 10 "" to the system in the case zvor.osmo sous 42sht, art. AIMRO-QC. Filter miniralyzatsiynyy 10 '' to the systems in zvor.osmo sous korpusi126sht; art.AIFIR2000 filter 10 "" x2 "" ionizer in the housing 2 pcs; art.FHPRCL12-B-TWIN Two filter housings 10 "" water to 1/2 '' on the plate with a key 3 pcs, Art. HHBB20B filtration system following three hstupeneva 20 "" BB with a frame 2man, piano fall board. 5pcs, trade mark: Aquafilter. Art. FHPR12-AQM filter is equipped with 1/2 "" 400sht, art. FH10B1_M-AQM filter 10 '' to the water stocked 1 "" 100 pieces; Art. FH20B1_L-AQMfiltr 20 "" UCO mplekt to water. 1 "" 100 pieces; Art. FP3-4-AQM. Ma filtratsiyichotyrohstupeneva systems with membr. 20pcs; Art. RX-RO6-AQM system 6shidchata zvorotnohoosmosu 20pcs completed; Art. FHPR1-AQM filter is equipped with 1 "" 100sht.Torhovelna Brand: Aquamarket.Krayina production: PL.Vyrobnyk: Aquafilter Europe Sp.zoo "POLAND0UA100210282416693.93416
26/Apr/20176302600000Toilet or kitchen linen of cotton. 1.Rushnyk (100% cotton) size 69h140sm 21 box, 3650 sht.2.Rushnyk hand and Faces, size 50h90sm 20 boxes, 4692 sht.3.Nabir towels (3 pcs. Included), size 30h50sm 7 cases, 1796 sht.Torhovelna mark - Mavigol.Torhovelna mark - Byido.Torhovelna mark - Star Kids.Krayina producer - Turkey. .TURKEY0UA50003032338890.749858
26/Apr/20176109100000Underwear, T-shirts muzhski (size 9-12), knitwear, cotton, 8 cases, 3420sht.Torhovelna mark - no danyh.Krayina producer - Turkey. .TURKEY3420UA5000302601591.200017
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП ""АВТО ІНТЕРНЕШНЛ"""
Importer Address
04073 м.Київ, Україна, пр-т Московський, буд. 22-А
Exporter Name Suzuki Deutschland GmbH
Product Description
1.Zapasni parts from plastic, Decorative any passe.........
HS Code 3926300090Value 161.1779965
Quantity 0Unit UA205020
Net Weight 1.24
Origin Country JAPAN

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