Ukraine Import Data of Jelly | Ukraine Import Statistics of Jelly

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of jelly collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of jelly imports.

Jelly Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Jelly

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201795030099001. Toys made of jelly-like polymer combined: lizun. .CHINA0UA500030367.81842.678064 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201795030099001. Toys made of jelly-like polymer combined: Lyzun. .CHINA0UA50003013266643.260164
28/Apr/20171806905000"1.Kondyterski sugar products (pills) containing kakao.- art.42501 BeanBoozled Bag 54g-4th ed - game" "Hidky beans" "- taste of baby wipes, blueberries taste" "Kozyavka" "popcorn with butter canning food for dogs, caramel popcorn, sorokanizhka, chocolate pudding, coconut, juicy pear, moldy cheese, peach, rotten eggs, strawberry jam, toothpaste, vomiting - 97,2kh. (75 cases in 24h54hr.) - art.42470 Spinner Gift Box 100g - 60kg. (50 cases in 12h100hr.). The game "" Spider "" - taste of baby wipes, blueberries taste "" Kozyavka "" popcorn with butter, tinned food for dogs, caramel popcorn, forty leg, chocolate pudding, coconut, juicy pear, moldy cheese, peach, rotten eggs, strawberry jam, toothpaste, and vomiting. Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, modified corn starch, flavorings, colorings (curcumin, tartrazine, "" yellow event " "E129, indihotyn, E133, sugar Kohler 4, E171, apple, purple carrots, hibikus) juice concentrate strawberry concentrate puree peaches, salt, regulators acids ness (fumarole acid, citric acid, sodium citrate), dark chocolate (sugar , kako liquor, cocoa butter, soy emulsifier, flavoring), coconut, concenter amla juice peach, glazing agents (beeswax, carnauba wax, shellak), cocoa powder, dextrin tapioky.- art.86117 Bean Boozled Misteri Dyspenser 99g - 23,76kh. (20 cases in 12h99hr.) Game "" Hidky beans "" - taste of baby wipes, blueberries taste "" Kozyavka "" popcorn with butter, tinned food for dogs, caramel popcorn, sorokanizhka, chocolate pudding, coconut, juicy pear, moldy cheese, peach, rotten eggs, strawberry jam, toothpaste , blyuvotVyrobnyk - JELLY BELLY CANDY CMPANY (THAILAND) LTD.Krayina production - THTorhivelna mark - JELLY BELLY "THAILAND0UA100040180.965601.195535
28/Apr/20179101210000"1. Clock mechanical watches are made of 750 gold inlaid with precious stones (white diamonds), and not encrusted with automatic pidzavedennyam that have embedded stopwatch included with the packaging box, the cover of the instruction, warranty card, certificate and booklet: Watches gold 750 gold 69.02 g., 1 hours ser.nomer 129, 179 3100-125B / 592 - 2 pcs; watches gold 750 gold 69.02 g., br.114 stones weighing 1,176 crt 1 ser.nomer265 clock 3100-125B / JELLYFISH - 1am, gold watches 750 Golden then 73.00 grams. br.78 stones weighing 1,176 crt 1 186 hours ser.nomer 3106-125B / 591 - 1am, clocks gold 750 gold 137.46 gr. 1 132 hours ser.nomer 3346-126LE / 93 - 1pc; trade mark - Ulysse NardinVyrobnyk: Ulysse Nardin SAKrayina production: CH. "SWITZERLAND5UA1251007.9863023.31439
28/Apr/20171704906500"1. sugar confectionery not containing cocoa: - Fruit jelly" "Jelaxy" '6 * 60 * 15 g - 172 correspondent. Shelf life - 05 / 2018.- jelly candy "" Jelaxy "" 12 * 600 g - 113 corr. Shelf life - 05 / 2018.Torhivelna mark - Elvan.Vyrobnyk - Elvan Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret AS, Turechchyna.- jelly candy "" Jellopy "" 12 * 36 * 15 Gr- 140 corporations. Expiry date - 05/2018. Trademark - Saadet.Vyrobnyk - SAADET GIDA PAZ. SAN. VE TIC. aS, Turkey. Each odynytsyazapakovana in original packing ovku. Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, lymonnakyslota, flavoring, coloring ky.Krayina production - TR.. "TURKEY0UA4081302649.64133.379819
28/Apr/20171704906100"1. sugar confectionery not containing cocoa: - jelly beans candy in the assortment: -" "Freshok" "12 * 24 * 15 g - 236 kor.-" "Freshok" "12 * 24 * 12 g - 263 kor.- "" Freshok "" 6 * 50 * 10 g - 938 correspondent. Expiry date - 11/2019. Each odynytsyazapakovana in original packaging. Ingredients: sugar, acid regulator ness, thickener, steorat magnesium, identi cal natural flavor production barvnyky.Krayina - TR.Torhivelna mark - MERTSAN.Vyrobnyk - MERTSAN GIDA VE IHT.MAD.SAN. VE TIC AS, Turkey.. "TURKEY0UA4081304742.456971.400021
28/Apr/20171704906500"1. The raw materials for use in the confectionery industry: ruminant animal shaped chocolates -" "Fancy gummy UKR" "Art. A331303. Represent jelly, consisting of fruit flavors. Not for retailers. Net weight: 5200 kh.Torhivelna brand: Candy PlusVyrobnyk: The Candy Plus Sweet Factory, sroKrayina vyrobnyytva: CZ. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA100110520014159.0517
28/Apr/201735030080901. Water-soluble animal glue (no casein, no fish) is a jelly-like substance gray-green color, which includes protein (protein) in the form of pellets packaged in plastic packaging for vakumnu 2,4-3,1kh . Does not contain mineral fillers, pigments and precursors. Suitable for bonding of paper products after dilution vodoyu- 1440,00kh. Suitable for children classes work. Trademark - Not available. Country of origin - China, CN. Manufacturer -BEIJING USLON TRADING CO., LTD. .CHINA0UA10011014402160.000057
27/Apr/20172309101100"1. Pet food, canned, packaged for retail, with starch content of 10%, not containing dairy products. Trade Mark" "SHEBA" ". BH13E SHEBA adult cats with chicken in jelly 12h85h - 622kh.Vyrobnyk" " UAB Mars Lietuva "". Country of origin - Lithuania (LT).. "LITHUANIA0UA125010622824.1100526
27/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): Tone cream ease Series Color Trend, MEDIUM, 30 ml art.F0135100-270sht. (1 Cor.) Tone cream ease series ColorTrend , LIGHT, 30 ml art.F0141200-540sht. (2 Cor.) Tone cream oblychchyaLehkist Series Color Trend, Light Medium, 30 ml art.F0194400-540sht. (2 Cor.) Tone cream ease Color Series Trend, Tan, 30 ml art.F0201900-270sht. (1 Cor.) Double elixir facial Rejuvenation. Perevahasyrovatka and oil series AVON Anew, 40 ml art.F0270200-240sht. (6kor.) Tonalnyykrem face cashmere LUXE SPF 15 Knife Beige second, 30 ml, art.F0374000-99sht. (1 Cor.) Body Lotion with almond seed oil Hlybokoe power series AVONNutra Effects, 400 ml art.F0676000-20sht. (1 Cor.), body lotion, face and rukz chia seed extract velvet softness and moisture series AVON NutraEffects, 400 ml art.F0677100-286sht. (13kor.) Intensive moisturizing cream souffle body royal jelly and bee vitiminom E series AVON Care, 200 ml, art. F0750000-99sht. (3kor.) Face cream enerhiyi.Doskonalist charge. Without delay equalization. Series AVON Anew, 30 ml art.F0832400-99sht. (1 Cor.) Cream Eye energy. Perfection. Series AVONAnew, 15 ml art.F0832900-162sht. (1 Cor.) Serum-wrinkle corrector series AVONAnew, 30 ml art.F0929600-55sht. (1 Cor.) Toning Mousse foot zoholodzhuvalnym effect of aloe juice, a series AVON Foot Works, 150 ml, art.F1159600-192sht. (4kor.) Cream under eyes Echinacea and white tea series Naturals, 25 ml art.F1209200-130sht. (1 Cor.) Toning Cream SPF 15 VVDoskonalist, AVON True Nutra Effects, Light, 30 ml art.F1674200-297sht. (3kor.) Toning matting BB Cream SPF 15 Perfection seriyiAVON True Nutra Effects, Light, 30 ml art.F1688600-495sht. (5kor.) Losyondlya body 7-in-1 Glow effect of flicker SPF 15 series Skin So Soft, 200 ml art.F1724900-315sht. (7kor.) SPA mask film for the face with flickering effect zaromatom tree iSyayuche TS Gold Series AVON Planet Spa, 50 ml art.F1785900-510sht. (3kor.) Two-phase tool for removing eye make up, seryyAVON Nutra Effects, 200 ml art.F2136700-420sht. (10kor.) Matting day kremdlya Face SPF15 Active moisture. Does not contain oils. series AVON True NutraEffects, 50 ml art.F2362000-180sht. (3kor.) Night cream Zaryadenerhiyi. Perfection SPF25 UVAUVB series AVON Anew, 50 ml art.F2362800-400sht. (10kor.) Corrective Facial syvoratka Even tone and strengthen AVONAnew series, like, 2 ml art.F2489800-3960sht. (5kor.) OblychchyaOnovlennya Night Cream, Anew series Reversalist, 50 ml art.F2522700-1600sht. (40kor.) Systemadlya Eye Updates SPF25, series Anew Reversalist, 15 ml art.F2522900-324sht. (3kor.) Velvet Facial tone series ColorTrend, Nearly Nude, 30 ml art.F2749900-270sht. (1 Cor.) Velvet tone for oblychchyaseriyi ColorTrend, Ivory Beige, 30 ml art.F2750500-270sht. (1 Cor.) Moisturizing "POLAND0UA1002102855.0222424.23034
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Jelly Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Jelly Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""МІРАТОН ГРУП"""
Importer Address
65012, Одеська обл., м. Одеса, вул. Лейтенанта Шмідта , будинок 19
Product Description
1. Toys made of jelly-like polymer combined: lizun.........
HS Code 9503009900Value 1842.678064
Quantity 0Unit UA500030
Net Weight 367.8
Origin Country CHINA

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