Ukraine Import Data of Iron Planter | Ukraine Import Statistics of Iron Planter

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of iron planter collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of iron planter imports.

Iron Planter Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Iron Planter

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of iron planter. Get Ukraine trade data of Iron Planter imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
19/Apr/20178432900000"1.Dysk sowing seed sowing art.A102717-32sht.Nasinnyeprovody vysivnohoaparatu art.A74932-1sht.shpyndelprykotuyuchoho wheel ripper art.N262082-1sht.Chystyky seed sowing apparatus art.AA37076-50sht.Dysk rozpushuvachasektsiyi steel shtampovanyyart.A72680-34sht.Dysk baking powder sektsiyisivalky stamped steel wheels art.A72680-8sht.Dysk prykotuyuchoho soil art.N281706-26sht.Dysk kolesaprykotuyuchoho soil art.N281706-29sht.Soshnyk art.N284025-2sht.Soshnyksivalky art.N284025-4sht.Kotushka sowing seed sowing machine, metaloplastmasovaart .AA26713-3sht.chystyk sowing wheel art.AA3722 1-96sht.Kryshka tukovysivnohoyaschyka sowing, sowing rollers art.AA39477-29sht.Uschilnyuyuchi sivalkykombinovani section (Plastics, rubber band) art.AA43898-14sht.Uschilnyuyuchi kotkyposivnoyi used drills combined (plastic, rubber band) art.AA43898-18sht.Kryshka box sowing apparatus art.AA53858-20sht.Dysk plastic marker stamped steel drills, spherical assembly of the hub ipidshypnykom art.AA5831 9-4sht.nakinechnyk nasinneprovoda art.AA67780-50sht.Vazhilchavunnyy cast, which mounted disc coulters sowing art.AA71196- 6sht.Vazhil cast iron, which with mounted disc coulters sowing art.AA71196-4sht.Vazhil cast iron, which mounted disc coulters sivalkyart.AA71197-5sht.Chystyk disc coulter drills rolled, stamped steel wheels art.AA79993-50sht.Vazhil copier sowing art.AA82684-2sht.Vazhil kolesakopira art.AA82684-3sht.Vazhil sowing wheel copier copier wheel art.AA82684-7sht.Vazhil sowing drills art.AA82684-4sht.Vazhil prykochuyuchoho sivalkychavaunnyy cast art.AN281170-10sht.Uschilnyuyuchyy wheel roller used drills vzbori (consisting of two plastic pivdyskiv , of ball bearings ihumovoh at bandage) for seeders art.AN282296-40sht.Dysk seed sowing apparatus sivalkydlya art.A52391-24sht.Nasinnyeprovid sweet corn planter, seed drill plastykovyyart.A56786-10sht.Nasinnyeprovid opener, steel opener art.A72825-6sht.Nasinnyeprovid seed drill, art.A72825-54sht.Tsapfa dyskarozpushuvacha steel, cast iron art.A75275-4sht.Tsapfa disk ripper, lytaart.A75275-8sht.Nasinnyeprovid iron, steel, art.A81406-10sht.Nasinnyeprovidstalevyy drills, drills art.A81407-11sht.Nasinnyeprovid steel , sowing art.A81407-9sht.Chystyk internal zahortachiv fertilizers s Fertilizer sowing John Dirmodeli 7200, stamped steel art.B35913-40sht.Z'yednuvach adapter fiksatsiyilapy cultivator art.N237614-40sht.Suport fixing springs paws cultivator, steel stamped art.N237746-12sht.Stiyka paws cultivator art.N237964-14sht. By s / d tehniky.Vyrobnyk: John Deere; Trademark: John Deere; Country of origin: US "UNITED STATES0UA1001201118.64319490.9521 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
11/Apr/201784329000001.Vazhil marker sowing roller art.AA41777-1sht.Uschilnyuyuchyy posivnoyisektsiyi art.AA35392-30sht.Chystykyvysivnoho sowing seed sowing apparatus art.AA37076-70sht.vyshtovhuvach aparataart.AA37348-84sht.Kotok uschilnyuyuchyyposivnoyi used drills art.AA39968-100sht.Zahysna lapanasinnyeprovoda Drill art.A48879-30sht.Vazhil clamp drive used drills John Deer steel vacuum shtampovanyyart.A50564-16sht.Zminnyy drive apparatus sowing seed John Dirmodeley 7200 and 1700, has 30 holes plastic, for standard fraktsiyikukurudzy art.A50617-8sht.Zminnyy drive vacuum Sowing at sowing device DzhonDir models 7200 and 1700, has 30 holes plastic, for standard fraktsiyikukurudzy art.A50617-12sht.Zminnyy vacuum disc sowing device sivalkyDzhon Deere models 7200 and 1700, has 30 holes plastic for standartnoyifraktsiyi corn art.A50617-8sht. Removable disk vacuum seed aparatasivalky John Deere models 7200 and 1700, has 30 holes plastic, dlyastandartnoyi coat art.A50617-36sht.Dysk tion of maize seed sowing apparatus sivalkydlya art.A52390-6sht.Dysk sweet corn seed sowing apparatus dlyavysivu sugar Second art.A52391-8sht.Dysk corn seed sowing apparatus dlyavysivu art.A52391-8sht.Dysk sweet corn seed sowing apparatus dlyavysivu art.A52391-8sht.Dysk sweet corn seed sowing apparatus dlyavysivu sweet corn seed over art.A52391-32sht.Fiksator apparatus, stamped steel art.A55343-20sht.Fiksator about sowing machine, stamped steel face insert art.A55343-2sht.Kolibrovani katushkovohovysivnoho sowing machine John Deere, plastic art.A57197-20sht.Zaslinkaplastykova, seed sowing machine type katushkovoho John Deere art.A58879-16sht.Plastyna camera seed sowing machine, steel art.A59031-2sht.Vazhil steel seed drills apartment art.A60074-2sht.Ekstsentryk steel, lever seed sowing apparatus art.A60831-2sht.Verhnya chastynavakuumoprovodu air supply sowing seeds, plastic shtampovanyyart.A61522-8sht.Nyzhnya of vakuumoprovodu coulter pneumatic drills, plastic stamped steel art.A61523-8sht.Kryshka seed sowing apparatus sivalkyart.A61525-24sht.Nasinnyeprovod art.A63188-11sht.Opora Cepphus sivalkyliva, steel art.A69139-60sht.Opora Cepphus drills, steel rights art.A69140-60sht.Stalevyy stamped disc ripper knife art.A72360-25sht.Vis sowing coulter seed drills apartment art.A79254-10sht.Vylka guide pruzhynyposivnoyi cast iron sections art.B175R -4sht.Dysk pneumatic seed aparatuart.H136478-80sht.Chystyk cast iron disc coulter right posivnoyisektsiyi planters John Deere model 450 art.N168994-100sht.Palets spring dlyarozrivnyuvannya soil cultivator for continuous tillage John Dirmodeli 1050 art.N188605-41sht.Sektor mechanism Chapter regulation byny seeding sivalkystalevyy stamped art.N219618-49sht.Sektor regulation mechanism hlybynyvysivu stamped steel drills art.N2196UNITED STATES0UA1001201274.4623276.74304
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Iron Planter Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Iron Planter Importer Sample

Date 19/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АГРІСТАР"""
Importer Address
61124, м. Харків, проспект Гагаріна, буд. 127-А
Exporter Name John Deere Gmbh & Co.KG EPDC
Product Description
"1.Dysk sowing seed sowing art.A102717-32sht.Nasin.........
HS Code 8432900000Value 19490.9521
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 1118.643
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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