Ukraine Import Data of Ion Chromatograph | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ion Chromatograph

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ion chromatograph collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ion chromatograph imports.

Ion Chromatograph Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ion Chromatograph

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of ion chromatograph. Get Ukraine trade data of Ion Chromatograph imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201790272000001.Sistema for preparative supercritical chromatography SFC100 Waters, art.1760029 54 1pc. Non-medical purpose, Chemical la boratoriyi.Vyrobnyk: WATERS GmbH.Krayina production: SShATorhivelna Brand: WATERS GmbH. .UNITED STATES0UA100010400222489.528 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20173002109900"1.Laboratorni diagnostic reagents dlyapostanovky imunofermentyh analiziv.-CBL163, diagnostic reagents CD33, MS X HU - 100 ug-1am; -CBL582, diagnostic reagents CD19, MS X HU - 100 ug, 2 pcs, (Monokanalne antibody purified ion chromatography Feathered presented in solution , as used for scientific purposes). "UNITED KINGDOM0UA1251000.33809.3531295
26/Apr/20179027200000"1. Chromatographs: Liquid Chromatograph LC-2040C 3D - Nexera-i PDA in the kty: 038-02031-06 Cover to the butyl -5pc, 228-45717-01 Kit for connecting the speakers 1pc, 228-18565-84 nut REQ (5 pcs / y.) -1 pcs., 228-45266-58 LC-2040C 3D - Nexera-i PDA-1 pc., 228-45268-58 Accessory kit LC-2040C 3D -1 pcs., 228-56867-41 With ' Integration HPLC FITTING 2 S-1, 223-07726-96 LabSolutions WS-Single PDA (Russian version) -1 pieces. Designed for qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples containing organic and inorganic compounds. Application: chemical, petrochemical, food , Ecological control, scientific research.-1 st. Liquid chromatograph LC-203 0 C Prominence-i C in the box: 228-45201-58 LC-2030 C - Prominence-i C-1, 228-45221-58 LC-2030C-1 set, 223-07700-96 LabSolutions WS - Single LC (Russian version) -1 pieces, 038-02031-06 Cover for butyl -5pcs, 228-45717-01 Kit for connecting speakers - 1pc, 228-18565-84 PEEC nut (5 pc. / Yp.) -1 pcs, 228-45405-42 Optional loop 2 000μl for LC-2030/2040 -1 pieces, 228-45621-41 High-speed cell assembly 2030UV-1pcs. Designed for qualitative and quantitative analysis of samples containing organic and inorganic compounds. Scope: chemical, petrochemical, food, environmental control, scientific research.-1pcs. Producer: Shimadzu; Trademark: Shimadzu; Country of production: JP "JAPAN0UA125060160.5835273.77088
25/Apr/201784822000001.Chastyny ​​and accessories chromatograph, flame ionization detector (FID) to the Agilent 7890 gas chromatograph complete with appropriate software 1 set including: flame ionization detector (PID) kat.№ G3462A, -1sht. 7693A injectors 16 samples kat.№ G4513A, -1sht.Avtosampler 150 samples kat.№ G4514A, -1sht.Spetsialne software OPENLAB kat.№ M8301AA, software -1sht.Drayver gas chromatograph kat.№ M8400AA, -1sht. .UNITED STATES0UA11019027.6561193.981097
25/Apr/201787088035981.Prilad for physico-chemical analysis: Gas Chromatograph Agilent 7890B 1 set including: Gas Chromatograph 7890B CAT № G3440B, -1 pieces. Injector Split / Splitless Cat. № G3440B 112, -1 pieces. Flame-Ionization Detector Cat. No. G3440B 211, 1 st.7650 Autosampler for 50 samples. Cat. No. G4567A, 1 piece. Special software OpenLAB CDS Cat.№ M8301AA, 1 st. Software driver for gas chromatograph no. M8400AA, 1 piece. Not for medical purposes, For a chemical laboratory, does not contain radioactive materials, is not a military-purpose product. .JAPAN0UA1000102618.924202.07293
25/Apr/20179027905000"1.Skladovi of ridynnohohromatohrafa not medical: WAT027324-column chromatographic-1pc.; WAT044480-chromatographic predkolonka, 2 pcs / up-grade 1up.Vyrobnyk Waters.Torhivelna WatersKrayina in chemical production IE.Vykorystovuyutsya laboratoriyahVsoho packages, 2 pcs.."IRELAND0UA1251000.3790.0055999
25/Apr/201729041000001.Soli sulfonated derivatives of hydrocarbons: Octane-1-sulfonic acid sodium salt (Octane-1-sulfonic acid sodium salt), to ion-pair chromatography LiChropur, 25 g art.1.18307.0025 - 5. CAS 5324-84-5, Formula C8H17NaO3S. Reagents for chemical analysis. Trademark MERCK. Manufacturer MERCK KGaA. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA1001100.1251137.238681
25/Apr/201784212900001.Obladnannya for filtering or purifying liquids. Not for medical purposes. Replacement of the system of sample preparation for chromatography. Filter elements in the form of 150 ml capacity have to drive membrane filter at the bottom Steritest EZ for vials, 10pcs / pack, art.TZHALA210- 4up. Used in industrial laboratories. Used in industrial laboratories. Manufacturer Millipore Millipore SAS trademark. Country of FR. .FRANCE0UA1251001.51141.043553
25/Apr/201738220000001.Reahenty diagnostic laboratory, ready, not medical devices for use in quality control laboratories, arsenic standard solution (Arsenic standard solution) CertiPUR, art.1.19773.0100 - 1. TLC plates SILICA GEL RP-60 18 F254S, glass, 10h20 cm, 50 pcs / packing., Art.1.15423.0001 - 1 pkg. pH-indicator paper into strips, pH 4,0 - 7,0 (pH-indicator strips pH2.0 - 9.0) MColorpHast, 100 strips / pkg., art.1.09542.0001 - 2 pack. A standard solution of calcium (Calcium standard solution) CertiPUR, 100 ml art.1.19778.0100 - 1. Perchloric acid in anhydrous acetic acid for titration in non-aqueous medium, the concentration of HClO4 = 0.1 mol / l (0.1 N) Titripur, 1 liter, art.1.09065.1000 - 5. Plates for TLC (thin layer chromatography) with sorbent SILICA GEL 60 Glass 10 X 20 cm, 50 pcs. / Pack. art.1.05626.0001 - 1 pkg. TLC plates for TLC Silica gel 60G F254 25 Glass 20 x 20 cm, 25 plates / pack. art.1.00390.0001 - 2 pack. Plates for TLC (thin layer chromatography) with sorbent SILIC A GEL 60 F254, glass 10 X 20 cm, 50 pcs / packing., Art.1.05729.0001 - 10 pack. Trademark MERCK. Manufacturer MERCK KGaA.GERMANY0UA10011050.8772238.408871
25/Apr/201790279050001. Part to the chromatograph, the analytical column connectors, art.554-2444, 4 pieces. Holder peredkolonky 10h4mm, art.DAIC00011,2sht. Peredkolonka CHIRALPAK IB-3 10 x 4 mm 3 mm 3 pcs. / Pack. art.DAIC81511, 3pak. Column CHIRALPAK IB-3 4.6 x 250 mm, 3mkm, art.DAIC81525, 1sht.Nemedychnoho destination for the chemical laboratoriyi.Vyrobnyk: VWR International GmbHKrayina production: Nimechchyna.Torhivelna mark: VWR International GmbH.GERMANY0UA1251003.23438.544721
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Ion Chromatograph Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Ion Chromatograph Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""МІКСЛАБ"""
Importer Address
03164, Україна, м. Київ, вул. Підлісна, 1
Exporter Name Waters Ges. m.b.H.,
Product Description
1.Sistema for preparative supercritical chromatogr.........
HS Code 9027200000Value 222489.528
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 400
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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