Ukraine Import Data of Intermediate Relay | Ukraine Import Statistics of Intermediate Relay

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of intermediate relay collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of intermediate relay imports.

Intermediate Relay Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Intermediate Relay

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
18/Apr/20178536490090"1.Elektrychna apparatus for automatically switching circuits for napruhy220V.Rele and contactors - electrical devices designed to komutatsiyielektrychnyh circles (hopping initial values) for given input zminahelektrychnyh or non-electrical quantities and for circuits and rozmykanelektrychnyh circles: the pointing relay RU21-1 UHL4, I n 0,5A, 3 s, z.p.shpylka-17sht, the pointing relay RU21-1 UHL4, I n 0.05 on 3, z.p.shpylka-5pcs, relays the pointing RU21-1UHL4, I Mr. 0,1A, 3 s, z.p.shpylka-6 pieces; RU21 relay the pointing UHL4, 220, 2z, z.p.shpylka-32sht, relay electrothermal current TRTP138 R U3, I nom.nsr. 71a-4 pieces, relay electrothermal current TRTP141 R U3, I nom.nsr. 110A-2 pcs; vkazivneRU21-1 UHL4 relay, 220V, 3 out, z.p.shpylka-22sht, the pointing RU21 relay -1 UHL4, I n 0.16, with 3, z.p.shpylka-54sht, the pointing relay RU21-1 UHL4, I n 0.25 on 3, z.p.shpylka-13sht; intermediate relay RP11 UHL4, 220, z.p.shpylka-6 pieces; promizhneRP18-64 UHL4 relay, 220, 4 1 (2) p-z.p.hvynt 4 pieces; voltage relay RN151 / 32 UHL4, z.p.hvynt-1am; relay of Int'l RP18-84 UHL4, 220V 50Hz, 2 3 (4) p z.p.hvynt-1am; intermediate relay RP25 UHL4, U n 220V 50Hz, 4 1 p, pp, 94sht; RP relay intermediate 23UHL4, 220, 4z1r, z.p.shpylka-58sht; RU21 relay UHL4 the pointing, I n 0.16, 50Hz, 2z, pp-24sht; RP8 UHL4 relays, 220, z.p.shpylka-12p; vkazivneRU21-1 relay UHL4, I n 1A, with 3, 6 pcs z.p.shpylka-; RU21 relay UHL4 the pointing, I n 0,025, with 2, z.p.utoplene-24sht; RU21 relay UHL4 the pointing, I n 0,5A, 2 of, pp-52sht; relevkazivne UHL4 RU21, I n 0.05 on 2, z.p.utoplene-24sht; current relay RT40 / 10 UHL4, pp-34sht; the pointing UHL4 RU21 relay, 220V, 50Hz, with 2, pp-24sht; vkazivneRU21 UHL4 relay, 220V, with 2, pp-24sht; RU21 relay UHL4 the pointing, I n 0.16, with 2, pp-24sht; current relay RT40 / 6 UHL4, pp-12p; PCB relay 13-18 UHL4, I n5A, pp 5pcs-voltage relay RNF1M UHL4, 50Hz, pp-3pc; AC contactor strumuKT6063 U3, U cat 380V, 50Hz, installation of rail-6 pieces timers RV01 UHL4, U n 100 (127), 220, 380, -110, 220, VV 0,1-50s, ZP screw-2pcs; promizhneRPU relay-3M-114 U3, 220, 2 of 2, the class A-6 pieces durability; promizhneRPU relay-3M-118 U3, 220, 5 of 3 years, A-class durability 27sht; RP18-14UHL4 relays, 220, 1 (2) 4 p z.p.hvynt-6 pieces; relays RP341 UHL4, pp-26sht; relestrumu DZT11 UHL4, 50Hz, pp-14sht; RV235 UHL4 timer, 100V, Tsrab. 0,5-9s, pp-40sht; timers RV235 UHL4, 220, Tsrab. 0,5-9s, pp, 10pc; RV248UHL4 timers, 220, Tsrab. 1-20s, pp, 10pc; RNT565 UHL4 current relay, 50Hz, pp, 20pcs, relays RP UHL4 23, 220, 4z1r, pp-40sht; intermediate relay RP25 UHL4, U n100V 50Hz, 4 1 p, pp, 20pcs; relays RP252 UHL4, U n 220, 5z, pp, 10pc; relays RP256 UHL4, U N 220V 50Hz, 5 C, PP-10 pieces; Relay strumuRT40 / 20 UHL4, pp, 10pc; current relay RT40 / 50 UHL4, pp, 10pc; RU21UHL4 relay the pointing, I n 0,016, with 2, pp-40sht; RU21 relay UHL4 the pointing, I n 0.05 on 2, pp-40sht; RU21 relay UHL4 the pointing, I n 0.25 on 2, pp-40sht; Relay strumuRT140 / 10 UHL4, I srab. 2,5-10, pp, 2 pcs; relay electrothermal current TRT-141M3110A-2 pcs; Ind relay "RUSSIA0UA1002101353.232582.03044 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
13/Apr/201785366990901.Roz'yem for mounting on DIN-rail and connection with intermediate relay series RE, 57.04,60.3, MY-4 relay ST6P, maximum current 5A art. PYF14A-E-1sht.Torhovelna Brand: OmronKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Omron Industrial Automation.CHINA0UA1002800.0423.372566958
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Intermediate Relay Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Intermediate Relay Importer Sample

Date 18/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Фірма ""Релеекспорт"""
Importer Address
03067,м.Київ,бульвар І.Лепсе,4
Exporter Name "ЗАО""Чебоксарский электроаппаратный завод"""
Product Description
"1.Elektrychna apparatus for automatically switchi.........
HS Code 8536490090Value 32582.03044
Quantity 0Unit UA100210
Net Weight 1353.2
Origin Country RUSSIA

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