Ukraine Import Data of Insert Ring | Ukraine Import Statistics of Insert Ring

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of insert ring collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of insert ring imports.

Insert Ring Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Insert Ring

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201769079080001. paving and tile flooring, stoves, fireplaces or walls keramichninehlazurovani: QR-598X598-1-DURO.NE DUROTEQ NERO GRES REKT. MAT. 59,8X59,8 G1WZ 1,788,484 - 16,11m2. QR-298X598-1-DURO.NESP DUROTEQ NERO ST OPNICA PROSTA MAT.29,8X59,8 G1 wz 1,788,485 - 21.45 m2. QR-298X598-1-DURO.NE DUROTEQ NERO GRESREKT. MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 wz 1788484- 12,87 m2. R-198X198-1-INWE.BI INWEST BIALYGRES SZ KL. MAT. 19.8x19.8 G1 WZ 1788485- 429 m2. R-198X198-1-INWE.BI INWESTBIALY GRES SZKL. MAT. 19,8X19,8 G1 WZ 1788484 - 132 m2. S-198X198-1-INWE.BI-MINWESTA BIANCO SCI ANA MAT. 19.8x19.8 G1 WZ 1788485- 638.40 m2.S-198X198-1-INWE.BI-M INWESTA BIANCO SCIANA MAT. 19.8x19.8 G1 WZ 1788487- 42,56m2. R-SOOX600-1-SONO.GR SONO GRYS GRES SZKL. MAT. 60X60 G1 WZ 1788485- 43,20 m2.MC-298X298-1-FLAS.GR-PF FLASH GRYS MOZAIKA c1eTA K.4,8X4,8 MAT.29,8X29,8 G1 WZ1788487- 100 pieces. SR-295X595-1-PIUM.BI PIUMETTA BIANCO $ C IANA REKT.29,5X59,5 G1WZ 1788487- 19,36 m2. PR-325X325-1-PIUE.BI PIUME BIANCO PODlO GA REKT.32,5X32, 5 G1 WZ 1788486- 5,08 m2. RR-298X598-1-TIGU .BR TIGUA BROWN GRES SZKL.REKT. MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 WZ 1788484- 1,25 m2. C-072X598-1-TIGU.BR TIGUA BROWNCOKOL MA T. 7,2X59,8 G1 WZ 1788484- 7 pcs. RN-298X598-1-TIGU.BRSP-M TIGUA BROWNSTOPNICA PROSTA NACINANA MAT. 29,8X59,8 G1 WZ 1788484- sht.l 6-300X600-1-TESS.ZEA TESSITA ZEFIR INSERTO A 30X60 G1 G1 WZ 1788487- 1 sht.S-300X600-1-LATE. BI LATERIZIO BIANCO SCIANA 30X60 G1 WZ 1788485- 36,00 m2.Z-300X330-1-SEMl.BRKP SEMIR BROWN KAPINOS STOPNICA PROSTA 30X33 G1 WZ 1788489-26 pieces. 1-E-600X600-1-CORA.-TU CORALINE PANEL TULIPANY 30X60X2 G1 WZ 1788490- 2 pcs. SR-295X595-1-PIUM.BI PIUMETIA BIANCO SCIANA REKT. 29,5X59,5 G1 WZ 1788490-5,28 m2. RN-0,3X1,2-1-TIGU.BESP-M TIGUA BEIGE STOPNICA PROSTA NACINANAMAT.29,8X119,8 G1 WZ 1788488- 1 pc. RS-600X600-1-PINl.BR PINI BROWN GRESSZKL.STRUKTURA MAT. 60X60 G1 WZ 1788488- 14,40 m2.POLAND143104UA20502021101.798093.882094 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201784212300901.Zapchastyny ​​for trucks. Equipment for filtering lubricants or fuel in internal combustion engines, Art.5801415504 oil filter insert - 10 sht.Art.5801516883 fuel filter - fuel filter 10 sht.Art.2992300 - 1 sht.Ne for military and dual vykorystannyaTorhovelna mark IVECOVyrobnyk IVECOKrayina production IT .ITALY0UA12506010.85601.9003932
28/Apr/20178483308090"1.Zapchastyny ​​for use in piston engines of automobiles: bearings for shaft-gas-distributing inserts., Trademark: PMC-ESSENCE.Vyrobnyk:" "PARTS-MALL CORPORATION" ". Country of origin: China.."CHINA0UA1001108.849215.895906
28/Apr/20178483308090"1.Zapchastyny ​​for use in piston engines of automobiles: bearings for shaft-gas-distributing inserts., Trademark: KOLBENSCHMIDT.Vyrobnyk:" "MS Motor Service International GmbH" ". Country of origin: Argentina.."ARGENTINA0UA1001100.2816.27707531
28/Apr/20178483308090"1.Zapchastyny ​​for use in piston engines of automobiles: bearings for shaft-gas-distributing inserts., Trademark: AA.Vyrobnyk: not vyznacheno.Krayina production: Korea Republic.".KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1001100.2128.051536765
28/Apr/201784313100001.Chastyny ​​assigned exclusively to the elevators: Rollers with ball and the axis of vyhlyadiboltu coated with plastics: Roller JT-154 -2500sht. Roller JT-176 -3500sht. RolykJT-177 -3500sht. Roller JT-178 -2500sht. Roller JT-179 -2500sht. Dvereynyzhniy plastic insert JT-906-5000sht. In the form of a butterfly bolt filled plastics. Used nyzhniychastyni elevator doors for them centering direction along lifta.Lubrikator threshold (LUBRICATORS) ARS-2000-600sht. In a container with metal fasteners used for dozovanoyipodachi lubricant on rails lifta.Torhovelna Brand: TPM ASANSOR MAKINAKrayina production: TRVyrobnyk: TPM ASANSOR MAK.OTO ITH.IHR.SAN.VE TIC. LTD STI.TURKEY0UA1001101606.4728807.52326
28/Apr/20178483308090"1.Zapchastyny ​​for use in piston engines of automobiles: bearings for shaft-gas-distributing inserts., Trademark: ADDAX-Q.Vyrobnyk:" "PARTS-MALL CORPORATION" ". Country of origin: China.."CHINA0UA1001100.52213.98416878
28/Apr/201784839089901. Spare parts (parts) for cars, metal products, molded composite no: Inserts (ring crank shaft) -6sht. Producer (brand): ELRING KLINGER AG (ELRING).GERMANY0UA4000301.0862.28924647
28/Apr/20178483308090"1.Slide bearings for shaft-type shafts, steel (made of ferrous metal): insert a connecting rod.CRP-134 -6pcs. Used in a Volvo excavator and loader. Producer:" Swedish Lorry Parts AB "," Swedish Lorry "trademark Parts "" Country of production SE. "SWEDEN0UA1250201.884.35144081
28/Apr/20173926300090"1.Detali accessories plastic to a / m" "BMW" ": Insert mounting bumper art.51111944540 -10sht, insert mounting pads, art.51131928778 -10sht, front panel, art.51487067242 -2sht, Box, art.51718186501 -10sht, insert-nut, art.07147122912 -20sht, insert-nut, art.07147201307 -30sht, Box-latch art.51717066229 -30sht; Vtrymuvach wiring sensors art.34521518166 -1sht, push the plastic nut, art.51711947419 -20sht; emblem "" BMW "", art.51148132375 -30sht, Cap Towing loop art.51112990204-1sht, Cap door panel, art.51419167014 -1sht; clip door handles, art.51419150340 -1sht; clip , art.51417325082 -3sht; For ipka, art.№: -5sht 34356794949; 11128514463 -1sht; -20sht 51337052945; 51417046415 -20sht; -50sht 51418224781; 51718184574 -40sht; 33181182957 -1sht; Splicing Unit tubes washer, art.61668374372 -1sht, dust ring, art.11281730532 -1sht; Kovpachokzatyskacha mirror art.51167698437 -2sht, roller cap protective art.12311713143 -10sht; Fixing pin, art .07147296886 -20sht; kriplennyabampera, KT, art.51122411407-1k-t; The lid of the luggage compartment art.41127003126 -1sht; Cover hnizdaprykuryuvacha, art.61346904008 -1sht; Cover rear-view mirror, art.51167078359 -1sht; The hood lining rack art.51439180572 -4sht; Ocisharniru protective cover, art.33177674694 -1sht; Cover the bottom of the panel, art.51757162322-2sht; Cover the nozzle headlight washers, art.51118048679 -1sht; Moldings roof art.51137410312 -1sht; Rip Rope lock art.51217325297 -2sht, Rip Rope lock art.51217325298 -2sht; Spacers during spring, art.83302364829 -1sht; Rearview mirror frame, art. 51168029243 -1sht; frame glass mirror art.51167266032 -1sht; Holder emergency sign art.51497383584 -1sht; trademark - "" BMW "" Manufacturer - Concern "" BMW "" "GERMANY0UA1002103.0671099.756813
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Компанія Кераміс"""
Importer Address
62416 Харківська обл.,смт Пісочин вул. Кушнарьова Є.П. буд.2А,кв.113 Є.П., 2А к. 113, Україна
Exporter Name """CERAMIKA PARADYZ"" Spolka z o.o."
Product Description
1. paving and tile flooring, stoves, fireplaces or.........
HS Code 6907908000Value 8093.882094
Quantity 143104Unit UA205020
Net Weight 21101.79
Origin Country POLAND

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