Ukraine Import Data of Inhibitor | Ukraine Import Statistics of Inhibitor

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Inhibitor Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Inhibitor

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201738249097901.Produkty that are mixtures of wines recho complex chemical structure tavykoryst ovuyutsya as additives in fountain solution for offset printing bezvmistu of otsiantiv (phosphate and organic acid salt sodium 5-15% glycol ethers ihlikolevi 10-20% Glycerol 5 15%, 2-propanol, 6% Additives (defoamers, stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors) 0-2% 40-65% water), no aerosol packaging: 840019 RedUfix AF - 880kh, 805,419 COMBIFIX XL - 200kg, 801,309 HYDROFIX B -100kh.Vyrobnyk - Hubergroup.Torhivelna mark - HUBERKrayina production - IE. .IRELAND0UA10021011802340.470127 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201740093200001. Spare parts for cars, rubber pipes with fittings, reinforced synthetic textile fibers of nezatverdiloyi vulcanized rubber: brake pipe, art.: C80004ABE-2 inhibitory sht.patrubok, art.: C81157ABE-3 sht.Torhovelna mark ABEVyrobnyk INTER CARS SAKrayina production PL .POLAND0UA4000300.469.743346249
28/Apr/201787083099981.Zapasni parts for cars, brake parts, pneumatic valve (brake), art.: PN-10021 - 1 shtklapan air (inhibitory), art.: PN-10343 - 1 shthalmivnyy valve art.: PN-10038 - 1 shtklapan air (inhibitory), art.: PN-10085 - 2 shtklapan braking, art.: PN-10187 - 7 shtklapan air (inhibitory), art.: PN-10189 - 7 shtklapan air (inhibitory), art.: PN -10156 - 4 shtTorhovelna mark PNEUMATICSVyrobnyk INTER CARS SAKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA40003021.22352.9701369
28/Apr/20173102800000"1. Fertilizers liquid nitrogen brand KAS-32 (aqueous mixture of urea (carbamide) and ammonium nitrate (ammonium nitrate) -6196,068tn Quality Score: Mass fraction of nitrogen,% - 32,2Masove ratio between urea and ammonium nitrate: 0 78Luzhnist in terms of free ammonia,% - 0,04Vmist inhibitor,% - TU 0,012Vidpovidaye 2181-107-00203766-2015.Dobryva contain only one nutrient nitrogen element- which is amide, ammonium nitrate and formah.Bez domishok.Krayina RUTorhovelna origin mark vidsutnyaVyrobnyk: AO "" Nitrogen Nevinnomissk "" bulk. "RUSSIA1995133896UA50406061960681374907.49
28/Apr/20173507909000"1. Enzymes class of hydrolases, DNA / RNA modifying enzymes for research in microbiology: Art.EP0701, Taq DNA polymerase Dream, 200 units. - 4 pieces; Art.EN0521, DNA-ase I, free of RNA al, 1000 units. - 1 pc; Art.ER0081, restriction enzyme BglII, 500od. - 1 pc; Art.ER1081, restriction enzyme BseDI (BsaJI), 300od. - 1 pc; Art.ER0491, restriction enzyme HincII, 500od. - 1 pc; Art.ER1881 , restriction enzyme HpyF3I (DdeI), 500 units. - 1 pc; Art.ER0811, restriction enzyme MboI, 300 units. - 1 pc; Art.ER1072, restriction enzyme MnlI, 1500 units. - 1 pc; Art.ER0731, restriction enzyme Mph1103I, 1000od. - 1 pc; Art.ER0671, Endonuklea by TaqI restriction, from 3000 - 1am; Art.ER0981, restriction enzyme Tru1I (MseI), 300 units. - 1 pc; Art.EP0751, reverse transcriptase Maxima H Minus (200od. / ml) 2000od. - 1 pc; Art.EP0452 , reverse transcriptase RevertAid H Minus M-MuLV, 5x10000od. - 2 pcs; Art.EP0752, reverse transcriptase Maxima H minus, 10,000 units. - 2 pcs; Art.F534S DNA polymerase Phus ion Green high-Fidelity PCR with high specificity 100od . - 4 pieces; Art.EO0381, Rybonukleaznyy RiboLock inhibitor, from 2500 - 3pc, Art.ER1201, restriction enzyme BseLI (BslI), 500 units. - 3pc, Art.ER0372, restriction enzyme Eco81I (Bsu36I), 2500 units. - 1pc; Scope: research in molecular biology and genetics, not health, not to manufacture drugs. "LITHUANIA0UA1251000.4782129.720735
28/Apr/201787083091981.Zapasni parts for cars, parts for disc brakes: KT brake pads, art.: C2X014ABE-2 inhibitory sht.dysk, art.: C35065ABE-6 sht.dysk braking, art.: C3W040ABE-8 sht.Torhovelna mark ABEVyrobnyk INTER CARS SAKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA400030105.92194.2251522
27/Apr/201787083099981.Zapasni parts for cars, brake parts thereof: KT brake cheeks, art.: GS8526-1 sht.k-ton brake cheeks, art.: GS8635-1 sht.k-ton brake cheeks, art.: GS8637 -1-t sht.k brake cheeks, art.: GS8652-1 sht.tsylindryk braking, art.: BWC107-2 sht.tsylindryk braking, art.: BWH373-2 sht.tsylindryk braking, art.: BWF145-2 items .k-ton brake cheeks, art.: GS8433-1 sht.tsylindryk braking, art.: BWD113-2 sht.tsylindryk braking, art.: BWD113A-2 inhibitory sht.tsylindryk, art.: BWD119-1 brake sht.tsylindryk , art.: BWF150-2 sht.tsylindr braking, art.: PMK574-1 sht.k t-mounting cheeks brake (t-install the brake pads ), Art.: SFK108-1 sht.k t-mounting cheeks brake (t-install brake pads), art.: SFK144-1 sht.k t-mounting cheeks brake (t-install brake pads), art. : SFK166-1 sht.k t-mounting cheeks brake (t-install brake pads), art.: SFK211-1 sht.k t-mounting cheeks brake (t-install brake pads), art.: SFK224-1 sht.k t-cheeks brake assembly (K- t install brake pads), art.: SFK225-2 sht.k t-mounting cheeks brake (t-install brake pads), art.: SFK237-1 sht.k- t cheeks brake assembly (KT installing brake pads ivnyh), art.: SFK249-1 sht.k t-mounting cheeks brake (t-install brake pads), art.: SFK87-1 sht.tsylindr braking, art.: PMK593-1 sht.tsylindryk braking, art. : BWF318-2 sht.tsylindryk braking, art.: BWH405-1 sht.tsylindryk braking, art.: BWH406-1 sht.k-ton brake cheeks, art.: GS8714-1 sht.tsylindryk braking, art.: BWD340- 2-t sht.k brake cheeks, art.: GS8768-1 sht.Torhovelna mark TRWVyrobnyk TRW KFZ AUSRUESTUNG production GMBHKrayina DEGERMANY0UA40003022.308311.2748684
27/Apr/20173102800000"1. Mineral fertilizers, metals, nitrogen: UAN-32 solution (Ammoniac mixture) in tanks, a mixture aqueous solution of urea and ammonium nitrate, the weight ratio" "urea / ammonium nitrate" "is 0,73-0,83 % total nitrogen mass fraction of 32.0%, equivalent to 100% of the basic substance is 298236,8kh nitrogen, alkalinity in terms of free ammonia - 6.5-7.5% mass fraction corrosion inhibitor - 0.5% 931990kh number. Party №942. ST 156667399-14. Applications: in agriculture for fertilizing vegetables, plants and flowers plodovoyahidnyh in all kinds Dec. ntu.Torhovelna not danyh.Firma brand manufacturer: AB "" Achema "". Country of LT. Lithuania.. "LITHUANIA2982368UA401010931990192891.1767
27/Apr/20172905110000"Technical Methanol (methyl alcohol) mark" "A" ", CAS number 67-56-1, GOST 2222-95. Weight - 53830kh (67,626 liters with 15hrad.S) in bulk. The main quality indicators: Mass fraction of basic rechovyny- 99.97%. appearance - colorless, transparent liquid without insoluble impurities. Density: at 15hrad.S - 796 kg / cm3. miscibility with water is mixed with water without traces of turbidity and opalescence. Temperature limits: - limit the boil - 64.4 deg. C - 99% of the product is distilled within 0.3 deg. C. Mass fraction of water - 0.02%. Mass portion of free acids based on formic acid - 0.0008%. Mass Island fraction of aldehydes and ketones based on acetone - 0.002%. Weight fraction of volatile iron compounds based on iron - 0.000001%. Testing of potassium permanganate - 78 min. Mass portion of ammonia and amino compounds in terms of ammonia - 0.000005% . mass fraction of chlorine - 0.00002%. mass fraction of sulfur - 0.00002%. nelytyuchoho mass fraction of residue after evaporation - 0.0003%. The specific electric conductivity trychna - 0.00002 cm / m. Mass fraction of ethanol - 0.001%. Color, Pt-scale koboltovoyu - 1 unit (Hazen). Designed for use as an inhibitor hidroutvorennya without further implement and does not apply to fuel. No trademark. Country of origin - RU. Manufacturer: AO NOVOMOSKOVSKAYA AKTSYONERNAYA company "," Nitrogen "," Russian Federation. "RUSSIA0UA9031305383020724.55
27/Apr/201787083091981.Zapasni parts for cars, parts for disc brakes, disc brakes, art.: C45028ABE-1 inhibitory sht.dysk, art.: C40510ABE-2 sht.Torhovelna mark ABEVyrobnyk INTER CARS SAKrayina production TW.TAIWAN0UA4000301429.29877299
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Inhibitor Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
04074 м.Київ, вул.Шахтарська, 9 Г
Exporter Name hubergroup Deutschland GmbH
Product Description
1.Produkty that are mixtures of wines recho comple.........
HS Code 3824909790Value 2340.470127
Quantity 0Unit UA100210
Net Weight 1180
Origin Country IRELAND

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