Ukraine Import Data of Industrial Fatty Alcohol | Ukraine Import Statistics of Industrial Fatty Alcohol

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of industrial fatty alcohol collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of industrial fatty alcohol imports.

Industrial Fatty Alcohol Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Industrial Fatty Alcohol

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
22/Apr/20173823700000"1. Industrial fatty alcohols." "Loxanol OT 5853 '' as a liquid, is a ethoxylated fatty alcohols. Lacquer-dye used in industry as agents for wetting and dispersing. Not in aerosol packaging, not for retail torhivli.Torhivelna Brand: LoxanolVyrobnyk: BASFKrayina production: DE. "GERMANY0UA100110400668.4784473 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/201734039900901. GX-3 lubricant. It is a liquid mixture of acyclic fatty caprylic alcohol (1-octanol, mass fraction 70%, CAS No. 111-87-5, molecular formula C8H18O), and phosphoric acid 2-ethylhexyl ether (octyl phosphate, 25% by weight, CAS No. 12645 -31-7, molecular formula C24H54O8P2). 1-octanol is manufactured in an industrial way by oligomerization of ethylene using triethyl aluminum with subsequent oxidation of alkylaluminum products. Quality indicators: clear liquid, insoluble in water, density - 0,879 g / cm3, boiling point - 185 * C, ignition point - 172 * C.Not in aerosol packaging. Will be used for own production needs as a lubricant in the manufacture of fiberglass parts by the method of pultrusion. .CHINA0UA7020205004333.014635
20/Apr/20173215190000"1.Zahysna printing ink for Intaglioprinting: 67814418 Printing metalohrafska green paint (7638 0748-12h25kh party, party 0745-13h25kh 7638, the party 2844-3h25kh 6638) -700kh. / Structure: 471-34-1 Calcium carbonate 18.15% ; 7727-43-7 barium Sulfate 17.65% 68458-35-5 16.00% alkyd resins, tung oil 8001-20-5 7.25%; 73138-45 Fatty acids montannyy wax esters of ethylene 5 45% 5567-15-7 Pigment yellow 83 4.30% gum resin 68152-57-8 3.50% 147-14-8 Pigment blue 15: 3 3.40% 65997-04-8 Rosin, modified fumarole kyslotoyu3,22% Polyethylene 9002-88-4 3.20% 64771-72-8 Paraffin (gasoline), regular S5-20 2.82% hydrocarbons, C11-C14, n-alkanes, izoalkany, cyclic scents or compounds (<2%) 2.82% hydrocarbons, C16-C20, n-alkanes, izoalkany, cyclic, aromatic compounds (2-30%) 1.70% 25322-68-3 Poly (ethylene glycol) 1, 20% 119432-41-6 2,4,6-Tris [1- (phenyl group) ethyl] fenyl- omega-hydroxy-poly (oksietylen) sulfate 1.12% 0.90% alkyd resins, wax 0.85 % 64147-40-6 Castor oil, dehydrated 0.82% 57-55-6 Propylene glycol 0.8% silicon dioxide 7631-86-9 0.60% 95-14-7 / 1 Benzotriazol 0.60 % 5280-68-2 Pigment red 146 0.58% 5131-66-8 1 -butoksi-2-propanol 0.56% 68439-49-6 Etoksilat alkyl alcohol 0.53% 111-90-0 Dietylenhlzholmonoetylefir 0.50% 64742-48-9 heavy oil hydrofining 0.31% 22464-99-9 Zirconium (IV) oxide 2 etylheksanoat 0.25% 13434-24- 7 Manganese (II) 2-etylheksanoat 0.40% 110-17-8 fumaric acid 0.16% 105-59-9 2,2'- Metylliminodietanol 0.16% 34590-94-8 Dipropilen glycol ether monometyl 0.10% isopropyl laurate 10233-13-3 0.10% /. 67828117 Printing metallographic blue paint (7638 0746-14h25kh party, party 0747-14h25kh 7638) -700kh. / Composition: calcium carbonate 471-34-1 27 81% barium Sulfate 7727-43-7 11.80% 68458-35-5 16.73% alkyd resins, tung oil 8001-20-5 7.30% 73138-45 Fatty acids montannyy wax esters ethylene 5.45% gum resin 68152-57-8 3.51% 147-14-8 Pigment blue 15: 3 0.92% 65997-04-8 Rosin, modified acid fumaroles 3.24%; 9002- Polyethylene 88-4 3.10% 64771-72-8 paraffins (petrol) vychayni S5-20 2.94% hydrocarbons, C11-C14, n-alkanes, izoalkany, cyclic, aromatic compounds (<2%) 2.73% hydrocarbons, C16-C20, n-alkanes, izoalkany, cyclic, aromatic compound (2-30%) 1.70% 25322-68-3 Poly (ethylene glycol) 1.20% 119432-41-6 2,4,6-Tris [1- (phenyl group) ethyl] phenyl group, omeh- hydroxy-poly (oksietylen) sulfate 1.12% 0.90% alkyd resins, wax 0.55% 64147-40-6 Castor oil, dehydrated 0,83% 57-55-6 Propylene glycol 0.8%; 7631-86-9 silicone dioxide 1.80% 95-14-7 / 1 Benzotriazol 0.60% 5280-68-2 Pigment red 146 1.63% 5131-66-8 1-butoxy-2-propanol 0.60% 68439-49-6 Etoksilat alkyl alcohol 0.18% 1.00% Dietylenhlzholmonoetylefir 111-90-0; 64742-48-9 Oil azhkoyi hydrofining 0.30% 22464-99-9 Zirconium (IV) oxide 2 etylheksanoat 0.21% 13434-24-7 Manganese (II) 2-etylheksanoat 0.33% 110-17-8 fumaric acid 0 16% 105-59-9 2,2'- Metylliminodietanol 0.16% 34590-94-8 Dipropilen monometyl glycol ether 0.10% isopropyl laurate 10233-13-3 0.10% 6358-30- 1 Pigment violet 23 0.20% /. For industrial use in industrial printing "GERMANY0UA125100140038738.6995
13/Apr/201734021300001.Poverhnevo-active proprietary yny industrial protsesiobrobky in the skin, not in aerosol packaging: BORRON DNC - 2700 kg. For chemicalcomposition is a product that contains water, a substance with a nonionic surfactant aktyvnymyvlastyvostyamy nature (alkoksylovanyy fatty alcohol). External yvyhlyad: clear viscous liquid, odorless. Use stovuyetsya for anything else except F or industrial use in the past and processing of the goods abodublyuvannya or fat ents or developing a skin. Drugs, psyhotropnirechovyny, precursors, potent and poisonous proprietary yny (drugs) vidsutni.Torhovelna mark TFL.Vyrobnyk TFL Ledertechnik.GERMANY0UA10109027006360.957462
06/Apr/201738231990001. Acid oil after refining, industrial fatty alcohols (not vaerozolniy package): oleic oil - 25,00kh.Vykorystovuyetsya in the production of layers-Lin and kinetic sand ditey.Torhovelna mark - no danyh.Krayina production - China CN.Vyrobnyk - BEIJING USLON TRADING CO., LTD. .CHINA0UA1001102535.74988689
05/Apr/201738237000001.Zrazok industrial fatty alcohols: Oleilovyy alcohol KOLLICREAM OA-1kg. / 2 plyashky.Vykorystovuyetsya a farm. industry as a solubilizer and эmulhator.Torhivelna mark: KOLLICREAM Manufacturer: BASF SEKrayina production: DE.GERMANY0UA100120117.04158711
03/Apr/20173823700000"1. Industrial fatty alcohols: Art. 50212114 LANETTE® O - 252 bags. The product isa mixture of fatty alcohols cetyl (C16) and stearyl (C18) with vmistomkozhnoho within 45% -55%, CAS 67 762-27-0. As impurities containing up to 3% C20 alcohols S14ta. used in the production of cosmetics and hygiene products and household chemical means. to the list of installed PKMU 770 of 06.05.2000 (in red.vid 18/01/2013) not odyt entrance, narcotic, psychotropic component contains taprekursoriv . The product without impurities, free of abrazyvnyhkomponentiv. not in aerosol packaging. Designed vlasnomuvyrobnytstvi for use in cosmetic and hygienic produktsiyi.Vyrobnyk - "" BASF SE "". Country of -DE, Nimechchyna.Torhivelna mark "" BASF SE "".. "GERMANY0UA10102050408890.635671
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Industrial Fatty Alcohol Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Industrial Fatty Alcohol Importer Sample

Date 22/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""БРЕННТАГ Україна"""
Importer Address
07443, Київська обл., Броварський р-н, смт. Калинівка, вул. Ігорева, 12
Exporter Name BRENNTAG Polska Sp. z.o.o.
Product Description
"1. Industrial fatty alcohols." "Loxanol OT 5853 '.........
HS Code 3823700000Value 668.4784473
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 400
Origin Country GERMANY

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