Ukraine Import Data of Indicator | Ukraine Import Statistics of Indicator

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of indicator collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of indicator imports.

Indicator Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Indicator

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20172710194300"1.VAZHKYY distillates, gas oil. Fuel for diesel, Class C - 272.388 TYS.L .; INDICATORS UNDER quality certificate: Mass fraction of sulfur IS 0.00078% Flash point 57.0 ° C, marginal filtration temperature - minus 13 ° C; density at 15 ° C TMPERATURI IS 835.6 kg / m3; fractional composition: volume of distillate at a temperature of 250 ° C is 43% vol .; VOLUME distillate at 350 ° C is 93 % vol .; 95% stripping at a temperature of 360 Celsius degrees MEETS THE REQUIREMENTS FOR TECHNICAL REGULATIONS TO gasoline, diesel, ship AND OTELNYH fuel.. "LITHUANIA0UA903020227607114049.32 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20173821000010Cultural 1.Seredovyscha for growing microorganisms: nutritional seredovyschazahalnoho purpose: (M028) Peptone Water Peptonna water 500g art. M028-500G-2 pcs. (M044) Dextrose Broth soup 500g sugar art. M044-500G -1sht. (M065) Deoxycholate Citrate Agar deoxycholate-citrate agar 100g art. M065-100G -1sht. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple Broth McConkie of bromocresol purple 500hart. M083-500G -10sht. (M099) Simmons Citrate Agar agar Simmons citrate 500hart. M099-500G -8sht. (M104) Candida Medium Medium with bismuth for hrybivCandida 500g art. M104-500G -1sht. (M1418) HiCrome UTI Agar, Modified 500g art.M1418-500G -1sht. (M202) Cary - Blair Medium Base (Transport Medium w / o Charcoal) 500g art. M202-500G -2sht. (M204) Buffered Glycerol Saline Base, OsnovaFosfatnoho buffer with glycerol 500g art. M204-500G -1sht. (M314) Tinsdale AgarBase basis Tinsdalya agar 500g art. M314-500G -4sht. (M352) CLED Medium (with Andrade Indicator) Lactose-tsystyyovyy agar (indicator Andrede ibromt ymolovym blue) 500g art. M352-500G -1sht. (M450) Tryptose Blood Agar Basewith Yeast Extract basis tryptoznoho blood agar with yeast ekstraktom500h art. M450-500G -1sht. (M882) Diphtheria Virulence Agar Base 500g art.M882-500G -2sht. (M972) Bile Esculin Agar agar gall-eskulynovyy 500g art.M972-500G -2sht. FD006) Campylobacter Supplement-I (Blaser-Wang) dlyakampilobakteriy additive, and art. FD006-5VL -1sht. (FD018) Middlebrook OADC GrowthSupplement art. FD018-1VL -6sht. (FD019) Middlebrook ADC Growth SupplementRostova additive for ADC Mycobacterium art. FD019-1VL -2sht. (M081) MacConkey Agarwith CV, NaCl and 0,15% Bile Salts AharMakKonki with Crystal and 0.15% of bile salts 500g art. M081-500G -4sht. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple BulyonMakKonki 500g of bromocresol purple art. M083-500G -6sht. (M130) Rogosa SLAgar, Agar Rogoza SL 500 grams art. M130-500G -20sht. (M198) Middlebrook 7H9 BrothBase basis Midlbruka 7H9 broth 500g art. M198-500G -1sht. (M199) Middlebrook7H10 Agar Base 500g art. M199-500G -1sht. (M770) Mannitol Motility Test MediumNapivridke medium with mannitol 500g art. M770-500G -1sht. (M826) Hugh LeifsonMedium Hugh medium-Leyfsona 500g art. M826-500G -1sht. (OD001) GI-plusupakovka 10 pieces of art. OD001-1PK -5sht. (RM002) Beef Extract Powder M'yasnyyekstrakt dry 500g art. RM002-500G-1am. (RM1049) Meat Peptone P Tire Meat peptone, Type R 500g art. RM1049-500G-1am. (FD014) Supplement (Perfringens TSC Supplement) Addition of tsykloserynomT.SC art. FD014-5VL -3sht. (FD068) Sulpha Supplement Selektyvnaya additive forallocation salmonellas art. FD068-5VL -5sht. (M103) Chocolate Agar Base 500g Osnovashokoladnoho agar art. M103-500G-1am. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple Broth McConkie of bromocresol purpurnym500h art. M083-500G -16sht. (M103) Chocolate Agar Base Base aharu500h chocolate art. M103-500G-1am. (M144) Columbia Blood Agar Base Base kolumbiyskoho blood agar 500hart. M144-500G -10sht. M463) Tryptone Broth (Tryptone Water) 500g art. M463-500G-1shINDIA0UA125100156.9048551.590001
28/Apr/20178703329010"ENTRY T / A under the Law №1389-VIII UKRAINE FROM 31.05.20161 -Avtomobil passenger -1sht.- make: SKODA; - Model: SUPERB; - so-called Identefikatsiynyy number, body number: TMBJF73T5E9043401; - Calendar year 10.02 .2014 p .; - Model year 2014 .; - Indicators odometer act according to customs inspection - 210,442 km.- chassis number, the so-called bodywork - engine cylinder capacity: 1968 cm3. - Total number of seats including the driver: 5 - Purpose: transportation of passengers on public roads - engine type: diesel - Category - M1 - engine room - no Dana x - Engine power: 125 kW - one that was in use - axle 4 x 2 - Color: Black - Number of doors 5: - Type of basket: Universal, contains in its structure transmitter - Date commissioning 28/02/2014 - Trade mark SKODA - Manufacturer: Skoda Auto as; - Country of CZ: - Available damage and signs of life: damaged paint coating lacquer and I, pollution cabin seats, front and rear bumper. "CZECH REPUBLIC1UA90101015799248.850148
28/Apr/20172701110000"1.VUHILLYA STONE, Anthracite" "AC". "MARK" "A". "SORT" "AC". "Class 6-13MM.HIMICHNI INDICATORS: -VOLOHA - 7.000% - Ash content - 8.80% - SULFUR - 1.08% - maximum content of volatile matter (on dry BEZMINERALNU basis) - 2.80% PURPOSE: To use a continuous loop AGGLOMERATIONS iron ore in the shop.. "RUSSIA0UA11007047500057797.99998
28/Apr/201728042100001.Arhon rare top grade - 18440kh. Quality indicators: volume fraction of argon - 99.99836 vol.% Oxygen - about 0.00036% nitrogen - 0.00058 vol.% Water vapor - 0,0007 vol.%. GOST 10157-79. The volume of argon in liquid form -13,24m3 in gas - 11,095.06 m3. .RUSSIA1109506UA110150184403773.413832
28/Apr/20172701121000"1.VUHILLYA STONE bituminous coking coal: - Coal concentrate mark" "to" ". Fraction (CLASS) 0-50MM.HIMICHNI QUALITY INDICATORS UNDER THE WITNESS: -VOLOHA - 9.0% - Ash content - 9.5% - Sulfur - 0.25 % - maximum content of volatile matter (on dry BEZMINERALNU basis) - 25.1% - the maximum calorific value (in terms of BEZMINERALNU moisture basis) - 8315.00KKL / kg (8445.00KKL / kg) .PRYZNACHENNYA: for metallurgical industry.. "RUSSIA0UA11007013880024289.99987
28/Apr/20172701129000"1.Vuhillya mark" "May", "class 0-50mm. Indicators for the working condition: total, 5.5% moisture content zoly- 10.1%, volatile matter yield -13.6% sulfur content -0 34% higher calorific value - 7190 kcal / kg. Air-dry state, moisture, 0.6%, 10.6% zoly- content output -14.3% volatile matter, sulfur content -0.36% higher calorific value -7,563 kcal / kg. Dry status: ash, 10.7% volatile matter yield -14.4% -0.36% sulfur content, higher calorific value of 7608 kcal / kg. Dry ashless status: out volatile substances -16.1% -0.40% sulfur content, higher calorific value of 8520 kcal / kg calorific value Nyzsha (working conditions) 6987 kcal / kg. GOST 10742- 71. Use as fuel in cement kilns - 69.1t;. "RUSSIA0UA400010691005251.599978
28/Apr/20179031809100"1.Prylady for measuring or monitoring the geometrical parameters (linear value), not electronic, for stationary installation, general-purpose, LED diameter 60mm (flat back cover) (0-10) h0,01mm, silver paste, yellow screen with logo ) art.514-063 - 700sht, Large indicator (0-100) h0,01mm diameter 80mm, art.514D-089 - 5pcs indicator (0-30) h0,01mm (flat back cover) art.515D -067 - 20pcs indicator (0-50) h0,01mm (flat back cover) art.515D-068 - 20pcs, Country of CNTorhovelna mark MIKROTEHVyrobnyk GUILIN MEASURING & CUTTING TOOL CO., LTD.. "CHINA0UA8071702127022.823949
28/Apr/20172521000000"1. Limestone fraction 20-50 mm, grade C-1.TU 0750-003-00186996-2011. Designated for the production of lime used in steel smelting Performance indicators: mass fraction of calcium oxide (CaO): 54.7% - 55.2%; mass fraction of magnesium oxide (MgO): 0.32%; mass fraction of insoluble residue: 0.48% - 0.97%; mass fraction of silicon dioxide (SiO2): 0.38% - 0.78 %, Mass fraction of phosphorus (P): 0.01%, 0.02%, mass fraction of sulfur (S): 0.01%, 0.02%, humidity: 0.40%. "RUSSIA0UA70005014794100489821.1672
28/Apr/20172701110000"1.VUHILLYA STONE, Anthracite" "AC". "MARK" "A". "SORT" "AC". "Class 6-13MM.HIMICHNI INDICATORS: -VOLOHA - 5.300% - Ash content - 8.00% - limit content of volatile matter (on dry BEZMINERALNU basis) - 2.80% - Sulfur - 1.09% PURPOSE: To use a continuous loop AGGLOMERATIONS iron ore in the shop.. "RUSSIA0UA11007027300033218.64005
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Україна, 02081, м. Київ, вул. Здолбуновська, б. 1, а/с 34
Exporter Name "АТ ""ОРЛЕН ЛЕТУВА"""
Product Description
"1.VAZHKYY distillates, gas oil. Fuel for diesel, .........
HS Code 2710194300Value 114049.32
Quantity 0Unit UA903020
Net Weight 227607
Origin Country LITHUANIA

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