Ukraine Import Data of Ik | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ik

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Ik Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ik

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20173923100000"1. Plastic Boxes: Toolbox" "Green box 12 '' with plastic organizer vkryshtsi TM sentence Toolbox" "Caliber 12" "plastic TMVIROK Toolbox" "Green box 15 '' organizer in the lid of the sentence plastykovyyTM Box tool "" Caliber 15 "" plastic TM sentence box dlyainstrument along with the organizer "" Green box 18 '' of the body ayzerom in the lid plastykovyyTM sentence box ik tool with an organizer in Cree shtsi "" Green box 22 "" plastic TM sentence box tool organizer of "" Ca liber 22 "" plastic TM sentence Toolbox with orhanay zerom "" Caliber 25 "" plastic TM sentence Box exposition TM sentence "" Erhoboks "", 120 x 158 x 238 mmYaschyk exposition TM sentence "" Erhoboks "", 180 x 238 x 398 mm Box exposition TMVIROK "" Erhoboks ""; 90 x 118 x 198 mm. "POLAND0UA2092002687.5663316.06259 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201773239300001. Domestic steel products from koroziynostiykoyinerzhaviyuchoyi: Flask, Art.: 61040 / 500sht., 61041 / 400sht., Trademarks - JACK DANIELS61032 / 200sht., 61039 / 300sht., 61037 / 1000pcs., 61033 / 3000sht., 61038 / 1000pcs ., 61049 / 1200sht., 61025 / 500sht., 61024 / 500sht., 61064 / 200sht., 61065 / 300sht., 61066 / 300sht., 61067 / 300sht., 61068 / 300sht., 61075 / 200sht., 61076 / 200sht ., set of 4 cups (in a case kozh.zam) art.61060 / 1600sht., set of 6 cups (in a case kozh.zam) art.61061 / 200sht., folding cup, art.61062 / 200sht., set: flask, 2 cups and knife in a cover (stainless steel, kozh.zam.) art.61020 / 50sht., Trademarks - no danyhVyrobnyk - LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD set: water bottle, cup and funnel 4, Ref.: 61009 / 120sht. , 61011 / 80sht., 61012 / 120sht., 61014 / 80sht., 61001 / 240sht., 61002 / 300sht., 61003 / 180sht., 61004 / 180sht., 61006 / 360sht., 61007 / 120sht., 61008 / 120sht. , 61036 / 180sht., 61044 / 120sht., 61069 / 180sht., 61070 / 180sht., 61071 / 180sht., set: flask, 3 cup and funnel (stainless steel) Ref.: 61072 / 180sht., 61073 / 180sht., Trademarks - GT stones ik - YONGKANG CITY GUOTAI STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINER FACTORYna production areas LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD set, flask, funnel and 4 cups (stainless steel) art.61016 / 240sht., Trademarks - JACK DANIELS set, flask, funnel and 4 cups (stainless steel) art.61031 / 120sht., Trademarks - JIM BEAM kit, water bottle, two glasses, and lighter Lake, art.61074 / 180sht., Trademarks - no danyhV robnyk - LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD Set: water bottle, 2 glasses, lighter, funnel (stainless steel) art.61077 / 20pcs., Trademarks - GT Manufacturer - YONGKANG CITY GUOTAI STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINER FACTORYna production areas LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD Flask in a cover (stainless steel, kozh.zam) Ref.: 61078 / 200sht., Trademarks - no danyhVyrobnyk - LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD61079 / 200sht., Trademarks - GT Manufacturer - YONGKANG CITY GUOTAI STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINER FACTORYna production areas LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD set of cups in a case 4 pieces (stainless steel), art. 61063 / 1000pcs., Trademarks - no danyhPopilnychka (metal) art.33116 / 180sht., Trademarks - Country ASHTRAY production - CNVyrobnyk - LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTDCHINA0UA5001003314.158191.199932
28/Apr/201785369085001.Elektrychni equipment that does not contain some kind of transmitters and pryymachi.Kabelnyy tip IKY 2,5 / 8 (art. - 1250sht. Kabelnyynakonechnyk IKY 2x0,75 / 8 (art. - 4000sht.Krayina production - DETorhovelna mark - KlemsanVyrobnyk - Klemsan Elektrik Elektronik SAN. Ve TIC. AS.GERMANY0UA1250204.264.50103419
28/Apr/201784182110001. Household refrigerators, compression, new, contain no ozone-depleting substances in packaging by the manufacturer, Model: IK 3520 miskistyu 347 l- 3 sht.Torhovelna Brand: LIEBHERR Manufacturer: LIEBHERR - HAUSGERAETE OCHSENHAUSEN GMBHKrayina production: DE.GERMANY3UA5000601861436.455097
28/Apr/20177208512000"1. Rent a flat plate of (carbon) steel alloy zavshyrshky600 mm or more, hot-rolled, neplakovanyy, uncovered, zavtovshkyponad 15 mm, not in coils. 14637-89,1577-93.19281-2014 Avail. TU 14-123-199-2012 .Marka: St0 letter size = 16h2000h6000mm 1516kh, Brand: St0 letter size = 25h2000h6000mm 2375kh, Brand: St0 letter size = 25h2000h6000mm 2375kh, Brand: St0 letter size = 25h2000h6000mm 2375kh, Brand: 09G2S 12 HS 55h2000h5500mm letter size = 4807kh, Mark 20 letter size = 25h1500h6000mm 1785kh; Mark 20 letter size 70h1200h4200mm = 3000kg; Mark 20 letter size = 70h1200h4300mm 3075kh; Mark 20 letter size = 80h1200h3500mm 5708kh; Mark 45 sheet face-p he 30h1500h5800mm = 8869kh; Mark 45 letter size 35h2000h6000mm = 3325kh; Mark 45 letter size 40h1500h6000mm = 2855kh; Mark 45 letter size 56h1500h6000mm = 4040kh; Mark 35 letter size 25h1500h5900mm = 1755kh; Mark 35 letter size 50h1500h6500mm = 7742kh; Mark 35 letter size = 80h1000h4300mm 3040kh; Mark 35 letter size = 80h1000h3100mm 2180kh.Torhivelna Brand: 'Amet' ik stones OJSC Ashynskyy Steel Works. "RUSSIA0UA1101206082237070.89665
28/Apr/2017303909000"1.Ikra chips in yastykah Frozen (Frozen Cod Roe) (GADUS MORHUA) - 2510kh / 3 trees. Pallets / 251kart. 10kg boxes in not in the primary packaging (food seasonings and additives available, production - February, March 2017, 24 mis.z shelf life date of manufacture). Markings on the packaging: Frozen cod roe in yastykah (GADUS MORHUA), country of origin, food and energy value, manufacturer, date of manufacture, shelf life and storage conditions, net weight, not containing GMOs Party fishing zone should be cooked before consumption, importer.Torhovelna mark "" not Data aye. ' "Producer" "A433 Iceland.'" Country of IS.. "ICELAND0UA11208025104135.020784
28/Apr/201716043200001.Ikra frozen herring (Clupea harengus) cleaned, yastykovoyi shell, for industrial processing for domestic production date of manufacture 02.2017r.terminprydatnosti -24mis. Net net weight without primary packaging 2520kh. .NORWAY0UA500120252013606.6271
28/Apr/20178704219900"1. Truck brand", "OPEL" ", Model" "VIVARO" ", identification number (body) - W0LF7B1B2EV606267, the total number of seats, including the driver - 3, intended for use on public roads (for freight) engine number (labeling) - M9R, engine type - diesel, cylinder capacity - 1995 cm3, capacity - 1,077 tons of weight in the case of maximum load - 3.030 tonnes, which was in use, wheel formula - 4x2, body type - closed box , available fixed partition between the cab and the load compartment are absent ikna in the side panels, there are no available seat mounting holes and install safety devices that are not in the back of body decoration and comfort features, the calendar year - 2013 model year - 2014, not made on the basis of a body of the car. ".GERMANY1UA20401019534219.651934
28/Apr/2017406908600"1. Cheese with fat content of not more than 40 wt.% And water content in terms of substance over naznezhyrenu 47mas.% But not more than 52 wt.%: Soft cheese" "Mozzarella" "in the pack. 2kg by Metro -art. 364281-480 kg. expiration date 27/06 / 2017r.Vyr-ik Spoldzielnia Mleczarska Mlekovita PL12171601WETorhivelna mark MlekovitaKrayina production PL.. "POLAND0UA1252004801859.838706
28/Apr/20177318169990"1.Vyroby of iron or steel, threaded, zvnutrishnim diameter of over 12 mm: M14x42, nut fittings, cl. 4, DIN 6334, BC art. 633414 - 5tys pieces; M27, hex nut, cl. 6, DIN 934 , PSU art. 934P27 - 18,88tys pieces; M30, hex nut, cl. 6, DIN 934, PSU art. 934P30 - 11,76tys pieces; M36, hex nut, cl. 6, DIN 934, PSU art. 934P36 - 2,94tys pieces; M48, hex nut, cl. 6, DIN 934, PSU art. 934P48- 0,5tys pieces; M18, hex nut, cl. 6, DIN 934, BC art. 934Z18 - 14,85tyssht; M22, hexagon nut, cl. 6, DIN 934, BC art. 934Z22 - 10,8tys pieces; M24, hex nut, cl. 6, DIN 934, BC art. 934Z24 - 11,52tys pieces; M30, hex nut, cl. 6 , DIN 934, BC art. 934Z30 - 9,6tys pieces; M20, Ike hexagon, cl. 8, DIN 934, BC art. 9348Z20 - 34,4tys pieces; M30, hex nut, cl. 8, DIN 934, BC art. 9348Z30 - 1,92tys pieces; M14, with plastic ring nut (nut ), cl. 8, DIN 985, BC art. -17tys 98,514 units, trade mark: Baufix; Producer: KINFAST HARDWARE (SHENZHEN) LTD.; consumption of production Country: CN "CHINA0UA1252301496613132.15288
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Ik Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""1001 ДРІБНИЦЯ"""
Importer Address
79060 Львівська обл, м. Львів вул. НАУКОВА, буд. 29
Product Description
"1. Plastic Boxes: Toolbox" "Green box 12 '' with .........
HS Code 3923100000Value 3316.06259
Quantity 0Unit UA209200
Net Weight 2687.566
Origin Country POLAND

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