Ukraine Import Data of Ice Tray | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ice Tray

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of ice tray collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of ice tray imports.

Ice Tray Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Ice Tray

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of ice tray. Get Ukraine trade data of Ice Tray imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178418999010"1.Chastyny ​​exclusively for use in household tavstanovlennya tehnikuVESTFROST, parts of refrigerators: Dveriholodylnoho 20744364-1sht love art, display panel 32028286-1sht art, art 32028972-1sht management fee, fee / Power 910WH- art 32029386-1sht, fee / Power 243 32029655-3sht art, fee management / 243 32029656-1sht art; Paraboloyidnyy reflector (VF GRAY) art42015346-20sht, flap / 391 42023869-5sht art; Overlay drawer refrigerator middle / 405 42039663-8sht art, temperature control knob / 370 art 42068390-1sht, Door shelf SW350M 42079277-15sht art, art 42079282-5sht Door shelf, drawer cover morozylnoh department / 405 had 42079291-15sht art, freezer box lid love / art 405 42079292-57sht; Ice tray / 405 42079294-10sht art, glass shelf lining on front / 405 42111881-150sht art, overlays on the glass shelf back / 405 Art 42111882-150sht, box refrigeration love / art 42111885-3sht 405, box refrigeration love / art 405 42111891-3sht, Container / art 823 42127817-2sht, Cree shka vegetable basket / 540T 42128225-1sht art; Bottle Rack Door / 566CUBE 42128397-1sht art; Container cooler / 640 42143873-1sht art; Trademark VESTFROST Producer VESTEL TICARET AS "TURKEY0UA12522071.88652.6098591 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178458190090"1.Verstaty tokarni horizontal cutting, without CNC: Screw OPTIturn TU2004V, art. -2sht 3,420,310; Screw OPTIturn TU2304V, art. -1sht 3,420,325; Delivery: The service tools, operation manual, chucks, tool carriers, tsentryuporni, safety enclosures, trays for chips, komplektyzminnyh gears, housings patroniv.Torhivelna brand: Optimum; Producer: Sturmer Maschinen GmbH, Germany, Kriyina production: CN. "CHINA0UA1101802442461.19412
28/Apr/20174016999790"1.Inshi articles of vulcanized rubber Icetray. Dimensions: 21,5h11h2 cm (centimeters) .art. 172 000 050 - 1392 pcs .; Icetray. Dimensions: 24,5h11,7h2,5 cm (centimeters). Art. 172000060 - 1392 pcs .; Icetray. Dimensions: 29,5h11,5h2 cm (centimeters). art.172000350 - 864 pcs., origin - KytayKrayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - KoopmanVyrobnyk - Koopman International BV. "CHINA0UA1251102391980.389171
27/Apr/20178302300090"1. Fittings and other fasteners, metal etc. to / from Castle belt art.888403U201WK, 1pc., Bracket art.253331D100, 1pc., Bracket art.253334Y000, 1pc., Bracket art.866342K070, 1pc., Bracket art.866352K070, 1pc., art.866362K070 bracket, 1 pc., rear bumper bracket art.866852F000, 4pcs., front bumper bracket art.866992M000, 2 pcs., Bracket rear bumper art.866144Y200, 1 pc., rear bumper bracket art. 866141Y000, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.86513A7000, 2 pcs .; art.865162T000 Bracket front bumper, 1pc .; art.865131M000 Bracket front bumper, 1pc front bumper bracket .; art.865812T000, 1pc .; art.86553B2000 Bracket front bumper, 1pc .; art.865512K500 Bracket front bumper, 1pc .; art.865522G000 Bracket front bumper, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865821W700, 2 pcs .; Bracket front bumper art.865141W200, 2 pcs .; wiper mechanism art.981102K000, 1pc .; Overlay art.841693W000 wings, 1pc .; Overlay wings and art.841593W000, 1pc .; Art.793801M200 door limiter, 1pc .; Art.793803U000 door limiter, 1pc .; Hood Loop art.791202P500, 1pc .; Planck radiator protection art.29150C5000, 2 pcs .; A device for removing plugs art.0K577B2100QQK, 1pc .; Cork tray art.2151221010 engine, 5pcs .; Prostavochna plate art.552232H000, 1pc .; Prostavochna art.552232H100 plate, 4pcs .; Handle opening hood art.8118034000WK, 1pc .; Handle unlocking the fuel tank hatches art.8157022002, 1pc .; Art.836502F000 door handle, 1pc .; Art.826503E051 door handle, 1pc .; Art.826614Y050 door handle, 1pc .; Door handles luggage art.812603W000, 1pc .; Art.091323B000 jack handle, 1pc .; Clamp art.565223X000, 1pc .; Art.1430003257BQQK pin, 20pcs .; Hidronatyazhytel chain art.245102F000, 1pc .; Hidronatyazhytel chain art.2441025001, 2 pcs .; Castle belt art.888303U201WK, 1pc .; Pacifier chain art.2446025001, 1pc .; Pacifier chain art.2442025002, 1pc .; Pacifier chain art.244202B000, 3pc .; Lock Lock art.0K72A72361-DS, 1pc .; Lock the door lock art.812102T000, 1pc .; Door handles luggage art.81755G5000WK, 1pc .; Bracket front bumper art.865182F500, 1pc .; The body of the fuel filter art.319252Y000, 1pc .; KIAVyrobnyk trade mark Kia Motors production CorporationKrayina KR "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1001109.395497.0052138
27/Apr/20178433900000"1.Chastyny ​​Grain and feed harvesting and threshing mechanisms for collecting and s / crops: Extension arm RSM- -1sht, RSM-guard -1sht; AXLE 44-60219B -10sht, housings RSM-10.01. 22.070V {5} -5sht, RSM-supporting housings -1sht, housings OBHVACHUYUCHYY -1sht-RSM, RSM-DOMOLOCHUYUCHYY DEVICE {1} -1sht, RSM-TRAY 10B.01.06. 220B -5sht {5}; Smudge -60sht, Extension -3sht, whip RIGHT {20} -40sht, whip LEFT {20} -40sht; PIDBARABANYE -1sht; FRAMEWORK bitters -3sht, housings 3518060-18430B-04 -5sht, housings 3518060-18430B-05 -5sht, whip RIGHT 70045A {20} -40sht, whip 70046A LEFT {20} -40sht; NADSTAV RSM-A {6} -6sht, RSM-cutter {1} -4sht, Lever RSM- {6} -12sht, Lever {6} -12sht, key-RSM-01 {2} -1sht, key-RSM-01 {2} -1sht; Producer: JSC "" Clover "", LLC "" combine plant "" Rostselmash "". "RUSSIA0UA1100401226.2955292.196631
27/Apr/201784145980901.Ventylyatory: Cisco equipment for service replacement, not for sale: art.A907-FAN-E =, ASR 907 FAN Tray With Filter Slot, block ventilation slot dlyapovirryanoho filter system Cisco ASR 9000seriyi, power up to 200W, voltage up to 50V provided by internal bus -1sht. Not zakomuflovani, unmasked, contain some kind of wireless receiver or transmitter notcontains means of encryption and satellite receivers, global navihatsiynyhsystem. Is a piece of equipment Cisco.Torhova brand Cisco Cisco Systems.Vyrobnyk Systems.Krayina production of CN. .CHINA1UA1002301.4919.2182475
27/Apr/20178464900000"1.Mashyna for cleaning diamonds" "ICE Prime Diamond Cleaner" "- 1 pc., Serial number 05-16-1067, part yakoyivhodyat: Plastic tray - 1 pc; dlyavody container - 2 pieces; container of vinegar + plastic cover - 1 pc; Plastykovyyutrymuvach accessory - 1 piece, large metal container - 1 pc; small metal container - 2 units, large plastic holder metal container - 1 pc; small plastic holder for metal containers - 2 pieces, plastic cover for the metal container - 2 pcs; Tweezers - 3 pieces; plastic syringe - 20 pieces; Sieve - 1 pc; funnel - 1 pc; large pla ykova stand for metal tubes - 1. Used for cleaning diamonds after processing of technical residues and dirt using porshku "" Diamond Cleaner "" It is not military products. For the convenience of transportation comes disassembled. Country of origin: IL. Producer : ICE STONES LTD. Trademark: ICE STONES LTD.. "ISRAEL0UA40101026.58383.333316
26/Apr/201783024200901. Fittings and fasteners of non-expensive metals for general purpose household furniture: art. 580851C150G0000C (580851C150G0000) metal box H-150, 500 mm, white - 10 compl. Card.5451200734200 ball point guide, 17/342 - 250 compl. Card. Ball-point guide 545145C730000, H-45mm. L-300mm PLC - 10 compl. Card. Ball-point guide 545145C740000, H-45mm. L-400mm PLC - 10 compl. Card. Ball-point guide 545145C750X00, H-45mm. L-500mm., Full extension, with PLC closing device - 30 compl. Card. 545082L14001020 (545082L14000020) directional roller white, 450 mm., PLC - 200 compl. Card.545082034001020 directional roller black, 400mm. - 1000 sets. Do not contain radio equipment in its warehouse. Packed in 59 cardboard boxes, 1 tray. .CHINA0UA204010605.332262.662967
26/Apr/20173924100000"1.Posud from plastics to form vypichkyart.: 88426-40sht; 88434-96sht; 88435-96sht, Salad Art.: 88750-48sht; 88756-24sht; 88763-144sht, Serving set art.: 88752-72sht, 88758 -72sht; 88764-72sht; nabirsklyanok art.: 88755-48sht; 88761-24sht, pitcher art.: 88759-24sht; 88770-72sht, set for dessert art.88765-72sht; doshkaobrobna art.: 88824-48sht; 88827- 72sht; 88830-72sht; 88823-36sht; 88826-48sht; 88828-72sht; 88829-48sht; 88831-48sht, silicone whisk art.88413-40sht; Icetray art.88437-48sht, trademark GranchioVyrobnyk Zhejiang Aishida Electric Co .Ltd.Krayina production of CN. "CHINA0UA100010714.691393.645394
26/Apr/20173924100000"1. tableware, kitchenware plastic, reusable, trade markaTUPPERWARE" "Carousel," "(3,9l) art.11117758-56sht; zamisochne dish (1L) art.11116671-45sht, cooling trays set in gift box (2 , 25l / 1,1l / 1l / 1l / 450ml / 450ml / container for ice) art.11131592-30sht, gift set bowls '' charm '' (1.3 / 2.5 / 4.3 / 7,5l) art.11132693-40sht, stand for kitchen utensils "," Disco "" art.11057519-18sht, press pyureart.11121716-300sht; rozdilochna board "" Pomoschnytsa "" art.11132375-48sht; servuvalnachasha (200 mL) 3pc art.11130345 -45sht; sk: dish (1,3l) art.11128629-30sht; sk: a bowl (1,1l) art.11128630-36sht, cup '' charm '' (2.5L) and t.11130553-144sht, cup '' charm '' (4,3l) art.11130552-70sht, cup "" Tsvetenye "" (550ml) art.11130491-90sht; Trademark - TUPPERWAREVyrobnyk - TUPPERWARE. "PORTUGAL0UA100110237.4592157.726138
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Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""МДА-ГРУП"""
Importer Address
Україна, 02140, м.Київ, вул.Єлизавети Чавдар, буд. 5- літера А
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​exclusively for use in household.........
HS Code 8418999010Value 652.6098591
Quantity 0Unit UA125220
Net Weight 71.88
Origin Country TURKEY

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