Ukraine Import Data of Hydraulic Wire | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hydraulic Wire

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of hydraulic wire collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of hydraulic wire imports.

Hydraulic Wire Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hydraulic Wire

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of hydraulic wire. Get Ukraine trade data of Hydraulic Wire imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20174009220000"1.Vysokonapirni hoses: 2SN50x1700 / SFLxHF-L / SFL poz.21 3-896-3008 / 03 -5sht., 2SN10x6500 / DKOL 18x1,5 / DKOL18x1,5 / 90 poz.17 3-896-3008 / 03 - 3pc., 2SN12x6500 / DKOL 22x1,5 / DKOL 22x1,5 / 90 poz.18 3-896-3008 / 03 -3sht., 2SN40x4000 / DKOL 52x2 / DKOL 52x2 / 90 poz.19 3-896-3008 / 03 - 3pc., 2SN32x4000 / DKOL 52x2 / DKOL 52x2 / 90 poz.20 3-896-3008 / 03 -3sht., 2SN16x700 / DKOL 26x1,5 / DKOL 26x1,5 / 90 poz.61 3 OCH-20020 2 / 2 -4sht., 2SN16x700 / DKOL 26x1,5 / 90 / DKOL 26x1,5 / 90 poz.72.1 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht., 2SN16x1500 / DKOL 26x1,5 / DKOL 26x1,5 poz.72.2 ; 72.3 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -4sht., 2SN25x1500 / DKOL 36x2 / DKOL 36x2 poz.59.2 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht., 2SN25x2000 / DKOL 36x2 / DKOL 36x2 poz.59.1 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht., 2SN32x1300 / DKOL 45x2 / 90 / DKOL 45x2 / 90 poz.57.1 ​​3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht., 2SN32x2000 / DKOL 45x2 / DKOL 45h2 / 90 postures .57.2 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht. with soft vulcanized rubber, with fittings and a Language not a metal wire. By hydraulic crusher for iron ore.. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA112100181.56875.923224 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201784562000001.Nastolnyy stonok WIREX250-1sht to restore f (f regrinding and polishing of natural and synthetic diamonds. Specifications: operating range of diameters machined f 0,1-3.5 mm. Ultrozvukovyy generator 150W * 56kHts, air cooling, the rotational speed of f -123ob / min hydraulic shpindel.Vykorystovuyetsya exclusively civilian industry..INDIA1UA110180503305.750119
26/Apr/20178421990000"1.Filter elements: CR171C10R - 10 pcs .; CR171F10R - 10 pcs., Filter elements, from several layers of steel wire mesh with microfiber filler (fibers), I used in hydraulic systems of industrial equipment. OTT manufacturer spa Production system - IT. Trademark OTT spa. "ITALY0UA8071709.6235.415273
26/Apr/20178505909000"1. Common components of hydro avlichnyh hirnychohoobla ground connection that work at pressures up to 630 bar: electromagnet of copper wire vhermetych nomu case coreless (mahnitoprov ODA) for komplektuvannyaelektromahnitnyh Hydac valves for oil and hydraulic sy tems: dlyaproportsiynyh spool valves Coil 24 PN-18 -50-1836 -4sht .; reels dyskretnyhklapaniv 24 Coil DN-40-1836 - 10 pcs. not a commodity to create weapons, military and missile yi.Ne contains in its skladivyprominyuva are saying, radio equipment, receivers before and vachiv and radioaktyvnyhelementiv.Torhivelna Brand: HYDAC.Vyrobnyk: HYDAC GMBH.Krayina production: DE.. "GERMANY0UA2050202.78500.9073353
24/Apr/201787085099981. Production of ferrous metals. Made of steel combined method. Designed for the assembly of agricultural machinery-73-12.O JAG99-0075 head gasket 36812548 - 1pc-73-12 JAG99-0075 Gaskets-1pc-637771.01 JAG08-0263 sleeve rear beam - 5pcs-637779.00 JAG02-0184 reducer bushing finger braids - 25sht-637714.0 637714.0 Vtulka- 10pc-649431.01 JAG08-0270 steering bushing (50 * 53 * 40) - 10pc-655143.01 JAG08-0264 plug - 5pcs-683371.01 JAG08-0232 plug - 50sht-522181.31 JAG01-0039 Rip spit - 50sht- 617227-G JAG05-0002 Overlay pneumatic bitters JAG PREMIUM - 6 pcs-629046.01 JAG03-0072 Conical steel Ring - 10pc-629047.01 JAG03-0090 Conical steel Ring - 7sht-643660.00 JAG02-0033 gearbox housing about spit harvesters - 1sh -650900.00 JAG04-0170 Planck avtokontura selection - 10pc-Z32690.01 JAG21-0044 press a spit - 250sht-1307280C3.01 1307280C3 press a spit - 100 pieces-H127801.01 JAG21-0094 press a spit reaper H127801 - 84sht-644019.01 JAG03-0080 Bushing Cone - 5pcs-239339.0 239339.01 Rings - 10pc-600049.00 JAG05-0148 protection of wooden bearing - 1pc plug-614979.01 JAG02-0158 stars - 2 pcs Rip-626748.01 JAG01-0044 spit harvesters - 50sht-650903.00 JAG02-0264 Planck fasteners - 10sht- 754324.01 JAG05-0322 threshing rotor blades - 10pcs-752874.00 JAG05-0324 threshing rotor blades - 25sht-754325.01 JAG05-0323 threshing rotor blades - 10pcs-500053.01 JAG01-0042 press a knife - 50sht-608548-G JAG05-0011 of Overlay iynoho bitters - 16sht-608549-G JAG05-0006 Overlay pneumatic bitters - 16sht-663157.00 JAG05-0096 Overlay pneumatic bitters - 1pc-630748.00 JAG01-0164 Planck braid reinforcement - 10pc-756620.00 JAG05-0391 threshing rotor blades - 10pcs-756621.00 JAG05- 0392 threshing rotor blades - 10pcs-736688.00 JAG05-0319 threshing rotor blades - 50sht-752879.00 JAG05-0320 threshing rotor blades - 25sht-736689.00 JAG05-0321 threshing rotor blades - 50sht-643659.00 JAG02-0032 gearbox housing - 2 pcs-661712.01 JAG05-0183 support springs - 604981.0 604981.4 100 pieces, sealing plate - 2pcs cover-643658.00 JAG02-0083 gear - 1pc wire-176523.1 JAG05-0121 support for zhalyuzevoho pen sieve combine 1000mm - 50sht-180627.00 JAG06-0031 Rip dotysku sleeve - 2 pcs Stopper-712660.00 JAG02-0191 of povitryavidvodom - 5pcs-670142-G JAG01-0015 Planck mounting head spit JAG PREMIUM - 2 pcs Rip-610491.00 JAG02-0002 with thumb screw two-piece ball and plastmacovoyu - 50sht-602561-G JAG03-0009 hydraulic tip - 5pcs-039389.00 JAG03-0087 tip speed hydraulic - 10pcBELARUS0UA20509049228501.478709
24/Apr/20178433598500"1. Common components of hydro avlichnyh hirnychohoobla ground connection that work at pressures up to 630 bar: electromagnet of copper wire vhermetych nomu case coreless (mahnitoprov ODA) for komplektuvannyaelektromahnitnyh Hydac valves for oil and hydraulic sy tems: dlyaproportsiynyh spool valves Coil 24 PN-18 -50-1836 -4sht .; reels dyskretnyhklapaniv 24 Coil DN-40-1836 - 10 pcs. not a commodity to create weapons, military and missile yi.Ne contains in its skladivyprominyuva are saying, radio equipment, receivers before and vachiv and radioaktyvnyhelementiv.Torhivelna Brand: HYDAC.Vyrobnyk: HYDAC GMBH.Krayina production: DE.. "UNITED STATES1UA20502028509412.972762
20/Apr/20178307100090"1.Zapasni parts for combines, flexible pipes of iron or steel: Pipeline left (metallic systems combine fitynhamyhidravlichnoyi) art.0000788380-1sht, pipeline rights (Mealevyy of fitynhamyhidravlichnoyi systems combine) art.0000788400-1sht; pipeline (Mealevyy of fitynhamyhidravlichnoyi system Harvester) TANK-FILTER art.0007991211-2sht; pipeline lubricants (hydraulic systems combine) art.0009418370-1sht, wire for lubricants (hydraulic systems combine) 5X1X6000 + -0,5art.0009418380-3sht; Producer: CLAASTorhovelna brand: CLAASKrayina production : DE. "GERMANY0UA1251802.52175.3001689
18/Apr/20178456100000"1-machines for sheet material removal with a laser beam -system laser cutting CNC TRULASER 3030 (L20) = 1 SHT.SERIYNYY NUMBER A1220A2288TRULASER 3030 - Mark; -type L20 2017. ISSUE. NOVA.POSTAVLYAYETSYA disassembled. COMPOSITION: MACHINE bed, automatic shuttle desktop, PORTAL LM, exhaust fans, cooling devices; high-frequency electrical, control cabinet (CNC) hydraulic device, LASER DEVICE, a set of adaptations to change PALET.TRANSPORTER Cleaning Milk FRAGMENTS AND WASTE In the bunker. SYSTEM laser cutting CNC Series TRULASER 3030 (L20) does not apply to turning, milling, grinding and wireless Machine for ELECTRO-spark TREATMENT BECAUSE intended for thermal sharply with a laser beam of sheet metal billets and pipes. SPEED AND ACCURACY PROCESSING achieved by rolling IS THE PORTAL LMYAKYY multi-welded construction that moves on direction VLYAYUCHYM roller and ball bearings and has BEZZAZORNYY DRIVE "" Reiki-pinion "" On both BOKIV.POTUZHNIST LASER - 3200 Vt., Network - 400 V / 50 Hz., Installed capacity - 73.0 kVA., The control voltage - 24 volts, AIR inlet pressure (MAX.) -12 BAR.; NITROGEN inlet pressure (MAX.) -33 BAR .; inlet pressure of oxygen (MAX.) -21 BAR.; NUMBER gas used l / hour (CO2 / N2 / HE): 1/6 / 13TOCHNIST positioning LASER + _ 0.05 mm Maximum speed positioning (PO axes X; Y) (mm / min.): 140MAKSYMALNA manufacturing WEIGHT LETTER - 900 kg .; The maximum thickness of the workpiece of carbon steel (MM) - 20MAKSYMALNA THICKNESS workpiece NERZHAVIBCHOYI STEEL (MM) - 12MAKSYMALNA THICKNESS billet aluminum alloy (MM) - 8MAKSYMALNYY diameter of the machined tube (mm) - 370 minimum diameter of the treated tube (mm) - 15 markings on A PRODUCT: TRUMPF; TRULASER 3030; TYPE L20; Serial number, year; Laser power; CHAIN; Inlet pressure; TRUMPF MASCHINEN GRUSCH AG; SHVEYTSARIYABUDE used for cutting (cutting out) the details to the C / D technicians with metal sheets with thickness up to 20 MM.VYROBNYK - firm TRUMPF MASCHINEN GRUSCH AG; Country of origin - SHVEYTSARIYA.TORHIVELNA MARK - TRUMPF "SWITZERLAND1UA90101012767683413.3381
14/Apr/201740092200001 Sleeve made of vulcanized rubber with fittings: High pressure sleeve 2SNO12x1100-PN13B-HMG M20h1,5 - 12 pc. High pressure washer 2SNO12x2300 NMHM20x1,5-NMH M20X1,5 90 * - 6 pcs. High pressure washer 2SNO12x1100-NMHM20x1,5- НМГ М20х1,5 90*- 6 шт.Рукав високого тиску 2SNO12x2050-PN13B-HMГ М20х1,5 90*- 6 шт.Рукав високого тиску 2SNO12x800-PN13B-HMГ М20х1,5 - 6 шт.Рукав високого тиску 2SNO12x1300-НМГ М20х1, 5-НМГ М20х1,5 90*- 6 шт.Рукав високого тиску 2SNO12x3650-PN13АB G1/2-PN13B - 6 шт.Рукав високого тиску 2SNO12x700-PN13B-HMГ М20х1,5 - 12 шт.Рукав високого тиску 2SNO12x1830-PN13АB G1/ 2 - 6 шт.Рукав високого тиску 2SNO12x3000-PN13АB45(180) - 18 шт.Рукав високого тиску 2SNO12x900-PN13АB90 G1/2-PN13B - 6 шт .Rukav pressure 2SNO12x3200-PN13HB-PN13AB45 - 6 sht.Rukav pressure 2SNO12x3200-PN13AB45-PN13B - 6 sht.Rukav pressure 2SNO12x1800-PN13AB45-PN13B - 6 sht.Rukav pressure 2SNO12x800-PN13B - 6 sht.Rukav pressure 2SNO8x1400-PN08AB1090-PN08AB10 - 3 sht.Rukav pressure 2SNO8x65 0-PN08AB1090 - 3 sht.Rukav pressure 2SNO8x450-PN08AB10 - 6 sht.Rukav pressure 2SNO19x1100-PN20AB25-PN20AB2590 - 3 sht.Rukav pressure 1SNO32x2500-PN32AB-PN32AB90 - 3 sht.Rukav pressure 1SNO38x2100-PN40AB-PN40AOB90 - 3 sht.Rukav pressure 2SNO12x1600-PN13AB90 G1 / 2-PN13AB45 - 12 sht.Vykorystovuyetsya to transport hydraulic ridynVnutrishniy layer: synthetic rubber, resistant hydraulic fluids, braid of high steel wire, sheath - resistant to abrasives. At the ends of straight fittings / under 90 °. Material: galvanized steel / yellow chrome plating .Pakuvannya - a wooden pallet without packing. Producer - OAO "Belpromympeks." Trademark - OJSC "Belpromympeks." Made - BY.BELARUS0UA508030189.31910.673417
13/Apr/201784879090001 piece of equipment with no electrical connections, insulators, contacts, coils, wires or other electrical components to hydraulic promyslovohoobladnannya: cylinder MB A4VS 250/30 art. R910988749 -1sht. Distribution plastynaEA4XSO 250 / 30R art. R902412209 -1sht.Torhovelna Brand: Bosch RexrothKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Bosch Rexroth AG.GERMANY0UA10029015.8451163.410953
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Hydraulic Wire Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Hydraulic Wire Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПІІ ПрАТ ""Запорізький залізорудний комбінат"""
Importer Address
71674, Запорізька обл., Василівський р-н, с.Мала Білозерка, Веселівське шосе, 7км.
Exporter Name ALTA, a.s.
Product Description
"1.Vysokonapirni hoses: 2SN50x1700 / SFLxHF-L / SF.........
HS Code 4009220000Value 6875.923224
Quantity 0Unit UA112100
Net Weight 181.5

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